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Sales 1

Paul Lawrence Sales
Professor Jillian Joyce Ong Tan
English 1
11 October 2015
I want to share my experience as a dormer.
Actually, I never seriously entertained the idea that I would be living in a dormitory
when I was accepted in this university: it was only when my father bid me goodbye when I
realized that I would be spending my next four years living almost on my own. This made
me think that living in a dormitory is like a prelude to my self-independence at the latter
years of my life. Currently, I am assuming that being a dormer would really teach and show
me how life works in a certain scope.
I would like to talk about my first impression about my dormitory, describe the diverse
community that it has, and compare my dorm to our house in my province. Basically, the
essay would not be really about the dormitory per se, but it would be rather about how the
dormitory helped me realized that I am growing old now, that I should be able to act
maturely, and that I should be able to adapt to a given situation as quickly as possible
because as I see it, this is how life generally works. In a nutshell, this essay is about how the
dormitory indirectly helps me to gain self-improvement everyday.