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Good evening and thank you for this opportunity to speak. | am Gerry Weiss of precinct 8. Full disclosure: | am a candidate for the Charter Commission. | am also a former member of the Amherst Select Board and as such | am interested in your proposal to add a second question to the ballot. | think the best course of action would be that you not try to draft ballot questions to lea public desires for outcomes, and instead trust the commission to do its work property, including seeking public input. There are many options for the commission to consider, so asking the Public to weigh in on one element before all the other variables have been identified creates a false impression of a democratic process while actually limiting the public's choices and prejudging the work of the commission. Neither a yes or a no on the potential advisory question is useful as either limits the commission's ability to find creative consensus building solutions. | believe itis critical for the SB to remain neutral on this whole matter; your proposed question 2 greatly compromises your neutrality as it does not accurately reflect the petition language. ‘Thank you Grny Wares Puppel, Debra Janet MeGowan Monday, February 22,2018 17:43 AN Select Boars Subject: Aang & Question 2 on Town Meeting Dear Select Board, am writing because I was started to lean thatthe Select Boards considering adding 2 Question 2 to the ballot, ASI Lndestand it, the Select Board is considering adding the non-binding question: “Should the Charter Commission, I formed, pursue aiternatives to the Representative Town Meeting form of government.” Im nat sure the Intended purpose ofthis question but it may inzdvertently create the appearance that the Select Soardis advocating forthe end of representativeTown Meeting. 'am sure this is not the Select Board's goal. As you all know, lst two Town votes nt to change the Charter and end Town Meeting wer very dlusvein our community. It is easy to str up hard feelings on this Issue, | strongly suggest thatthe Select Soard not include Question 2on the ballot ~ or add mare questions to get a much more detailed understanding ofthe thoughts of voters. These addtional questions could include ones about ending the Select Board, ending the town manager postion, going toa paid mayor, moving the School Committee under a mayer, «going back toa standing Town Meeting, making Town Meeting smaller, and soon, incuing the many ather variations ‘oftown government in Massachusetts towns Frankly, it seems to me that all thes issues are properly the work ofthe Charter Commission. i's the Charter {Commission's purpose to work closely withthe Amherst community a listen carefully to community concerns about the functioning ofall ranches of town government. The Commission must research causes and options, offer options back to al residents, notjust voters. Then if the Commission agrees, it may choose to put changes tothe Charter on the town ballot. The more neutral and open an falr-minded tis proces, the better for al of us asa community. Ifthe Charter Commission seeks more input from Amherst voters there seems to be ample time ta put non-binding {questions on future batts. Thank you fr taking the time to consider my thoughts. Janet McGowan Town Meeting member, Precinct 8 Charter Cammission candidate, Puppel, Deby Frank Gati Moncay, February 22,2016 7:93 AM See Hoard ‘the ballot question wording onthe Charter | think that it wl be dfcut to word the question well ue to how te signatures were gathered, Early in the signature tathering | was told thatthe purpose ofthe chartor was to eliminate town mesting. ater friends some of whom signed the petition were told the purpose was to discus al aspects of town governance. think both possible need to be addressed in the wording ofthe question; indeed the goa of the petitioners ito end town meeting but many other possible changes are possible that might effect committees, who appaints them, the select boar is numbers, how elected the role ofthe town manager and how (ses selected, relationships with the school, etc. Frank Gat ct. 8 Cy