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Instructor: Andrea Dennis

Subject: 7SS
Date: April 2nd 2012
Title of Lesson: Confederation
Duration: 45 mins
Learning Outcome(s):
7.3.4 explain the political structure of Canada as a result of Confederation
Starter: 20 mins
Political Cartoon: Confederation Baby
1. Decoding and Understanding the Political Cartoon
(With the entire class)
Define "political": that which is concerned with public affairs or government
Define "cartoon": a sketch or drawing that interests or amuses by portraying
persons, things, political events or situations etc. in an exaggerated way
What's your emotional reaction to this cartoon? Does it make you laugh, or feel angry,
sad or concerned? Do you feel only one emotion or several at the same time?
Identify the message or main idea in the cartoon that triggered your emotional response.
Decode the message by using the following method:
(With full class participation or small-group discussion)
Show students a political cartoon and ask them to answer the following questions:
1. Scrutinize the characters. Can you name them by drawing on your knowledge of
local and world events?
2. Examine the characters' attire and other visual clues. For example: facial
expressions: does the character's face convey anger, fear, intrigue etc.?
complexion: describe the character's facial appearance (clean-cut and shaven,
scruffy etc.)
body expression and appearance: describe the character's physical appearance
(slouched, arms waving frantically, small stature, broad and bold body etc.)
attire: what is the character wearing? (suit and tie, underwear, hats etc.)
exaggeration of facial or physical characteristics: compared to a photograph
(e.g., chins, mouths, bulging eyes, long noses etc.)
3. Identify objects you see in the cartoon (buildings, fences, something the character
is holding). Notice words on the objects and background features (sky, walls,
4. Discuss the main ideas expressed in the cartoon's text. Is there a common theme?
Pulling it together Do categories 1-4 complement each other? If so, how? Identify the
main issues. Are they local, regional or global? Do you notice any use of stereotypes or
relevant symbolism?
Modifications to starter:

Modification Needed

Guided Instruction for all

Skills to be taught: 25 mins
Choose a colony
Create a poster either supporting or opposing confederation
The poster must include:
1. Which colony you represent
2. Your decision to support or oppose confederation
3. Three or more reasons for your decision (based on the values/beliefs of that colony)
4. One or more photos
**Spelling and Grammar will count
Information worth 6 pts
Spelling and grammar worth 2 pts
Neatness and Appearance worth 2 pts
Students will work independently on creating their poster for the remainder of class
Day 2 extension
Students will be grouped according to colony and will discuss with their decisions and
reasoning for their decision with the people in their group (15 mins)
This will allow students to share knowledge and resources with one another
Students will be given the remainder of the period to finish their poster

Modifications to skills:
Kyle G

Modification Needed
Help narrowing down the research
and putting information into his
own words

Kyle H
Insure he is staying on task, may
need to be separated from group
Materials/Technology Required:
Websites: (Poster Templates) (Research)

Notes from previous classes (Mon & Tues last week)

Differentiated Flexible Learning Activities:
(guided instruction, practice, reinforcement, consolidation, extension of
key ideas, independent work)

Direct Instruction: What is a Political Cartoon/Explanation of poster

Guided Instruction: Examples (cartoons and posters)
Independent Work: Research and Brainstorming for poster
Group Work: Discuss and Share poster information with colony groups
Modified Activities:

Modification Needed

Check for Understanding (Formative Assessment)

Poster Marking Rubric:
Information worth 6 pts
Spelling and grammar worth 2 pts
Neatness and Appearance worth 2 pts
Reflections, Closure Activity, Exit Slip
Sharing Posters with the rest of the class (when complete)

Reflection on Lesson and Suggestions for Improvement

-Students seemed to understand the basics of what was happening in
the political cartoon, could analyze physical characterizations and
general ideas
-Research started off confusing for students. Need more guidance in
how to sort through information