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Sir Cumference Script

4th Grade Monday -Wednesday

Page 3
Scene 1: In the hills/outdoors
Narrator 1: Long ago in a land known as Camelot, there lived many knights
and ladies. Their ruler was a mighty but gracious man named King Arthur.
During many years of peace and good harvests, the people lived happily
with nothing to worry about.
Narrator 2: The trouble began when they saw the army of their neighbors
to the north gathering at the border. ( circumscriber army enters, marching
with swords and shields from the stage. Down steps, pause formation in
front of stage, proceeds to the audience to back of the gym) (Marching
sound effects)
(Sir Cumference, Sir Lancelot & Sir Gallahad enter stage right. Looking
through their telescope they see the Circumscriber army in the distance.
(Back of gym))
Sir Gallahad: (looking through the telescope) Sir Cumference! Come, look,
Sir Lancelot: (Looks through the telescope while Sir Cumference makes his
way over) Oh no! The Circumscriber Army is gathering at the border of our
land! It looks like they are preparing to make war!
Sir Cumference: (Takes turn at telescope) We must ride back and tell King
Arthur immediately! He will know what to do.
(Sir Cumference, Sir Lancelot & Sir Gallahad ride off stage/ exit stage right)
(Galloping sound effects)
Page 4
Narrator 1: (While background scene changes) The Knights rode as fast as
they could to the Kings castle. (galloping sound effects)
Scene 2: In the castle
Narrator 2: Sir Cumference lived nearby so, his family came with him.

Narrator 1: (Lady Di and Radius enter stage from the right) Sir Cumference
was married to Lady Di and they had a son named Radius.
Page 5 ( No dialogue only picture )
Sir Cumference: (radius leaves stage right) (Talks in a scratchy voice) My
throat hurts because I have to shout to be heard across the long rectangular
table. Everyone including the King is miserable as well. What should we do
about this?
Lady Di: (Lady Di asks questionably) Well, why dont you just fix the shape
of the table, to make it easier for you to be heard by everyone.
Page 7 (no dialogue only picture )
Scene 3: Sitting in front of fireplace, in castle.
Page 8
Sir Cumference: (asks questionably) How can we do that?
Lady Di: Well, you could cut the table in half. There are two long sides and
two short sides. If you cut it in half, there will be two halves side-by-side;
you will have a table with four equal sides. Lady Di holding a scroll, to show
Sir Cumference the diagram)
Natalya Tristin
Page 9

Inside the castle

Sir Cumference: Lady Di what a great idea!

Geo get in here now!
Geo: Sheesh stop rushing me sunshine!

Page 10 inside castle

Narrator: the next day the new table was ready. Then another problem
Sir Torre: Oh come on! Another problem this is getting ridiculous!
Sir Galahad and Gawain :( whispering about Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift).

Sir Galahad: would you be quiet already!

King Arthur: sir Galahad thanks for having some sense.
Sir Galahad *cough cough* I know right.
King Arthur: we came here to talk about defending our land not to talk about
the newest celebrities.
Sir Galahad: blah, blah blah, blah blah.

Page 11 Inside castle

Narrator: After the meeting king Arthur told sir Cumference...

King Arthur: this was the worst one yet! Fix it this instant!
Lady Di: well duhhh! Just cut it in a diagonal way and put the two halves
together to make a diamond. The king could sit at the sharp end thats
probably going to poke him and you could sit at the other end so the knights
wouldnt be in any tight corners.
Page 12 still inside castle

Sir Cumference: what a good idea Lady Di. GEO!!!!!!!!!

Geo: come on pops youre older than me and you need a break so give me
one too. Anyways the table youre talking about is called rhombus in
carpenter class.
Sir Cumference: I dont care just have the table ready by tomorrow kid.
Narrator: the next day the diamond...
Geo: rhombus!
Narrator: Rhombus whatever! As I was saying the next day the rhombus
table was ready.

Lancelot, Gawain: wow thats amazing. I couldnt have done better

King Arthur: this point is poking my belly. We are supposed to be
discussing peace and Taylor swift and what not but this thing
makes me feel like that isnt going to happen.
Page 13 In castle
King Arthur: Knights have sword play and try not to hurt each other
would ya?
Sir Cumference this point is sticking into me and I kinda of feel like
fighting. Fix this table NOW!!
Sir Cumference: w-w-what I thought it was perfect and- you know
what never mind I will fix it sire.
Page 14 in jousting field

Narrator: that afternoon he stood by the field and watched the

others was a beautiful day with blue skies and flags
flapping in the breeze. Sir Gawain flag was blue with a white cross,
sir Lancelots flag was green with lions, and Sir Torres flag was
green with an eagle.
The flags were all similar in shape: they were all triangles.
Sir Cumference : a triangular table is just what we need.
Narrator: That afternoon Sir Cumference stood by the field
watching the other knights joust. All of their tents had a triangular
Sir Cumference: (looked up at the tents flags) Thats it, a
triangular table! I have to find Geo.
Page 16
(Sir Cumference found Geo and explained about the new table)
Geo: If we cut the parallelogram in half, which would leave two
triangles. One triangle might be too small.

Sir Cumference: Geo, lets think some more.

Page 17
Narrator: Sir Cumference then went to discuss shapes with Lady Di.
Lady Di: Yes, the triangles would be too small, cut the corners and
make an octagon.
Sir Cumference: Why, that is a great idea!
Page 18

Scene: Castle

Narrator: When the knights sat at the octagon table, each knight
wanted a side like their own kingdom. Who would share a side with
Page 19
King Arthur: Knights, let there be order. Remember we are here to
defend our land from the Circumscribers. Sir Cumference, call Geo
and tell him to build a table shaped like an egg. Then we might
behave more like a flock.
Narrator: Sir Cumference drew up plans for Geo to work on.
Geo: This table will be harder to make because it has no edges. I
will begin now.

Airi Jaramillo and Cordelia Hunter 4M-W

Sir Cumference pages: 21-26
Scene-Castle Page: 21 Narrator 1: The knights at the end of the oval
table bumped into the King as they raised their goblets. No one had enough
room. Some of the knights began to argue.
Knight: [Arguing] Stop pushing me!
Other Knight: Watch It!
Next Knight: Hey!
King Arthur:[shouted] STOP! All leave me until tomorrow, except for Sir

Page 22 Sir Cumference: Once again I am discouraged.

Radius: Father, when I have a problem I cannot solve, I do something else
for a while. Why dont we go for a ride?
Narrator 2: That afternoon, Sir Cumference, Radius, and Lady Di went riding.
No one said much until Radius shouted,
Radius: [shouted] Father, look! A tree has fallen over!
Sir Cumference: So it has. [Observing] Hmmm
Page 24 Radius: Dont you see father? Theres your table!
[Action] Narrator 1: Lady Di got off her horse for a closer look. She
stood on her tiptoes and stretched her arm up as high as it could go. Her
fingertips just met the upper edge of the trunk.
Lady Di: It should be big enough.
Lady Di: This part is as tall as I can reach, and the wood seems to be of
good quality.
Sir Cumference: Hey Geo, come over here. Cut a cross-section of the trunk
to make into a table top. Leave the bark on the outside edge. I like the
rough feeling.
Page 25 Narrator 2: Geo and his helpers sawed through the huge tree
trunk. Then they hoisted the heavy slab into an oxcart, and off they went to
Geos workshop.
Geo: I should work all night building the new table.
[Action]Page 26 Narrator 1: When the knights met the next day, the
table was finished. Everyone was content. No one was poked in the
stomach, and no one felt squished. Everyone had an equal position around
the table.
Knight: I think that the best way to be friends with our neighbors is to
try to make peace with them.
King Arthur: I am so pleased that we finally found the correct table, we
should celebrate this, tonight
Arianna and Chloe

Scene: in castle
Page: 27
Narrator: Everyone was enjoying the music, dancing, and feasting,
suddenly the music stopped. Messenger: (rushed in and handed a
sealed parchment to King Arthur.)(he whispered) Your highness the
circumscribers are not planning an attack.
King Arthur: (raising his goblet he said) Ladies, knights, and guest. I
have victorious news. The circumscribers are not planning an
attack. They want to only measure the area of their kingdom. There
will be peace in our land.( everyone cheered heehaw)
Page 28
King: (he raised his hand for silence)(he bellowed) SILENCE. To
honor these knights that gather at this table to save our kingdom
(he gagged) (even though they didnt do anything) let them
henceforth be known as the Knights of the Round Table. Let us
thank sir Cumference lady di their son radius. They made this this
table possible.
Were congratulating lady di of Ameter because, she has a reach
equal to the distance across the table. We will name this
measurement for her we will call it um the oh yeah the diameter!
Pg.- 30
Lady Di: thank you Im Awesome!( She bowed)
King: sit down Mrs. Di. Im proud of Radius to. Someday he`ll
become a (finger quotations)
Fine knight. He`s small but has elevated ideas.
Everyone: cheered.
Random :people: Boo!! Um I mean yay?!
King: lets call this small measurement from the center of the circle
to its edge the radius.
Pg.-31 Finally,
let us not forget (he gagged remember) our clever Sir Cumference.

Since it was his idea to leave the bark on the outside edge of the
table. We will name the outside edge of any circle after him let us
call it the um circumference.
(Sir Cumference) bowed low to the king a little too low.
Sir Cumference: ouch!! My back
King : shush
Narrator : everyone rose from their seats and began booing and
cheering and whistling and dancing with their feet . It was the
happiest celebration that anyone could remember.