Similarities between meiosis I and meiosis II
Both are nuclear division Prophase I & II- nuclear membrane break down - nucleolus disappear - spindle fibre re-forms Telophase I & II- nuclear membrane re-formed - spindle fibre break down

Differences between meiosis I and meiosis II

PROPHASE I DNA replication Homologous chromosomes pair up Crossing over Diploid (2n) PROPHASE II No DNA replication Do not pair up No crossing over Haploid (n)

METAPHASE I Bivalent line up at the spindle equator METAPHASE II Individual chromosomes line up separately at the spindle equator

ANAPHASE I Centromere not divide Chromosome move to opposite pole ANAPHASE II Centromere divided Chromatid move to opposite pole

TELOPHASE I Total of 2 haploid daughter formed TELOPHASE II Total of 4 haploid formed



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