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What She Said

What She Said

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Published by: Jose Enrique Dubon Cruz on Apr 18, 2010
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I recall everything we said You said we couldn·t be And empty silence Is all we left here.

But your eyes tell me the rest You took away myself Left me with no pain And empty heart half-way done.

I couldn·t bare the rest So in a moment I left Somehow you couldn·t find me I stop and rest for a while

A beautiful melody I hear I·m sorry you said It was all dark back in the time In a moment I understood it all

This wasn·t a mistake No false judgment, prepare It all work out for the best I·m in peaceful rest.

But my heart is suffering Can·t even feel sadness I·m at rest I·m nothing left

Want to share with you the rest I have the rest to tell I·m halfway done My pan has risen again.

Her memories still awake me In a desire to have her A desperate time for leaving There·s nothing alive to heal me.

In my crying heart She sees in me She took the best of me

Somehow I recall everything you said. You said we couldn·t be And so we did So we did.

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