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A program or programme (in management) has at least two senses:

1. A collection of projects that is directed toward a common goal. (e.g. The NASA
space program)
2. A broad framework of goals to be achieved, serving as a basis to define and plan
specific projects.

In British English, "program" is often used with a technical meaning (like computer
program), whereas the spelling "programme" is used in the sense of "collection of
managed projects". See at American and British English spelling differences.

Programme Manager is a title commonly used in the UK for someone who manages a
collection of projects. This middle management position is responsible for both
instigation and delivery of projects.

This meaning of programme is the probable source of the colloquialism "get with the
programme" (meaning, keep to a predetermined plan and don't raise side issues or deviate
tangentially. Also with punning alternatives on other meanings of programme, "get with
the brochure", "get with the leaflet", "get with the pamphlet", etc.).