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The Bryans in Rwanda

February 2016


Prayer Requests & Praises

Pray for KICS as we seek Praise God our family is
healthy and safe. Pray for
teachers and also for
permits and logistics of wisdom as we parent. Pray
our school as it expands. that we would raise Elias to
love and follow God.

Continue to pray for peace

in Burundi, and for their
country to find stability.
Pray for Uganda who just
went through elections.

Update on KICS
A Major Need for
Teachers and 3rd
Grade Presentations
As we mentioned in our newsletter
last month, KICS is doing much
expanding next year. We are in
need of Christian educators to fill
spots for pre-kindergarten through
second grade. Please spread the
word as we are eager to fill these
positions with highly qualified
teachers to meet the demands of
our community. Who do you know
that would make a great addition

to the KICS staff? Please have

them check out or
email me for more information.
Fun in Grade Three
This past week was met with much
anticipation from third graders at
KICS. Students worked hard to
research their famous peoples
lives, accomplishments, and
legacies. They also had to make

connections to show how their

people shared characteristics of
Jesus. Students loved dressing up
as their person and were all very
brave to speak in front of their
classmates and parents.
By the end of week, students
identified with their famous person
so much that I had spelling tests
from Eleanor Roosevelt and
Nelson Mandela. Students did
such a wonderful job!


The Bryans in Rwanda

February 2016

More Family in
TOP LEFT: We loved getting to
have my Dad here in Rwanda this
month! Elias has now met all of his
grandparents. My Dad was a huge
help, and he and Elias really
enjoyed spending time together. It
was great showing him around
dedicated at Christs Church
Rwanda today! Read more below.

Baby Dedication
We continue to be grateful for the
health of our family along with
Gods constant provision. Today
was Baby Dedication Sunday at
our church here in Kigali. We love
our church and have been apart of
it since we each came to Rwanda.
It was so special to have Elias
dedicated to God and make
promises as his parents to raise
Him in the way of the Lord. We
felt supported as the congregation
agreed to help us and the other
families in this endeavor.
At my baby shower in June my
Aunt Kathy gave me a special gift.
It was a baptismal stole that my
Grandma Maggie had made. She
sewed and embroidered baptismal
stoles for our church when we

were growing up and before she

died she made many extras for her
future great-grandchildren. It was
so special for me to hold that this
morning before putting it on Elias.
I pictured my grandma sewing it
and holding it in her own hands. I
love that Elias got to wear it during
the baby dedication ceremony
today. My grandmas devotion to
God lives on as her legacy. I love
and miss her always. -KB
Summer Thoughts 2016
Although its not quite March, we
begin to look forward to summer
around this time each year. We
dont have to ache for the weather
like some of you (its 82* and
sunny here now), but we
continually long for reconnecting
with family and friends.

Thank you!
As always, thanks for reading our
newsletter and keeping up with
our family and ministry. Please
take note of the prayer requests
and praises and join us in prayer.
Let us know how we can be
praying for you as well.
With love,
Douglas, Kerry, & Elias
For more info or to donate:
B.P. 6558 / Kigali, Rwanda
At nearly four
and a half
months old, Elias
newest trick is
sitting up tripod
(or gorilla) style.
Were proud of
our big boy!