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Yu 1

Xiao Wen Yu
Professor Butler
Political Science 001
6 February 2016
Midterm Project Part 1: Message & Media
Obama Ad #1:
What do you see in the video? Describe images or texts.
Within this particular Obama ad campaign that I watched, there are clear images of Obama
sitting down at a dining table with a portrayed middle class family, stating in a voiceover, his
suggestions for a long-lasting and resilient economy by strengthening our middle classes. In this
short scene, there is a single blue subsection with white texts that briefly describe one of
Obamas concepts. The use of the color blue here clearly symbolizes that he is part of the
Democratic Party. Additionally, there is a scene with Obama inside of a library, possibly
discussing issues in regards to education and any improvements that should be made. The images
of the many books and binder hint at education. There are also many short video clips of Obama
inside manufacturing warehouses, giving out hugs and handshakes to the workerspossibly
indicting that he wants to improve manufacturing and create more job opportunities. Again, there
are several blue colored subsections with white texts stating his main points. There are also clear
images of solar powered technology, suggesting that Obama would like to invest in a more
innovative way to power the U.S. The video concludes with a black backdrop and white text with
the word Forwardsummarizing Obamas ultimate goal, if elected President. As I repeatedly
watched the ad campaign, I noticed that the colors blue, white, and red occur (more blue and
white than red, however). These colors clearly signify both the Democratic Party and ultimately
What do you hear in the commercial? Describe voices, music, background sound effects.
Obama initiates the commercial by stating you have a choice to make, placing emphasis on
the word you. He does this to allow the viewers to feel as though they too have a role in
Americas political structure. In a sense, he is encouraging all his viewers to engage in the
upcoming election by placing a vote in. He also briefly mentions the opposing parties plans and
then introduces his own plans for the U.S. and explains how his plans will benefit the economy
while Romneys will only further damage it. Obama also utilizes simple, easy to follow language
to make his points so that the all viewers are able to understand his Democratic stance. His voice
throughout the video sounds very sincere; he wants his viewers to believe that he truly cares
about the nations economy and that his plans are going to be beneficial. The music selection in
this ad also depicts deep care and sincerity as well. When Obama is describing Romneys plan,
the piano music is low and quite steady; however, once he begins to describe his own plans, the
music suddenly become very uplifting and upbeat. The music portrays a sense of things are
looking up in this campaign video, which Obama entices his viewers to believe.

Yu 2
What do you think the commercial producers want you to feel or think? What makes you say
I believe that the commercial producers want us to believe that with Obama as president, many
economical, educational, and technological elements will indefinitely improve. The ad portrays
Obama as Americas saviorthat he will bring things forward in our economy whereas Romney
will only push things back. The producers want the viewers to believe that Obama is the only
person who can provide American citizens with a thriving economy and overall nation. Not only
that, but the title of the video is The Choice, clearly suggesting that Obama is the one for our
nation. I say this because of the many statements that he makes within the ad campaign. One
statement that truly depicts this is when Obama is contrasting his own plan and Romneys plan.
He states, Governor Romneys plan would cut taxes for the folks at the very top, roll back
regulations on big banks, and he says that if we do our economy will grow and everyone will
benefit. But you know what? Weve tried that top-down approach. Its what caused the mess in
the first place. The producers want the viewers to view Obama as the person who solve all our
economic problems and lead us toward prosperity.
Do you think this ad is effective? Why or why not?
To me, this ad is quite effective because Obama provides the viewers with both his own plans
and Romneys plans. He lets the viewer become aware of what the opposing side is suggesting,
and in return, provides us with his own suggestions. He does not bitterly attack his opponent
which suggests that he is genuine and that his ultimate goal is to better our economynot just to
become President. The videos main idea is not about Obama, but about what he plans to do for
us as nation and what he can do to benefit and improve our economy.
Link to campaign video:

Obama Ad #2:
What do you see in the video? Describe images or texts.
In this particular campaign video, former president Bill Clinton is the lead spokesperson. Again,
the same reoccurring colorsblue, white, and redare in this video. This indicates both
Clintons and Obamas role in the Democratic Party. However, in this video, short clips of
children participating in the classroom are shown as Clinton narrates one Obamas concepts for
improving our students education. There also additional clips of construction workers out on the
job, indicating more job opportunities as well. There are also split-second clips of the U.S. flag
during Obamas speeches and in the classroom scenes. Obama is also seen having a small chat
with a family that is not Caucasian, possibly suggesting that Obama favors many different ethnic
groups. He is also shown in many photos making eye-contact with potential voters, shaking their
handsreally engaging in what our citizens have to say.
What do you hear in the commercial? Describe voices, music, background sound effects.
During the commercial, Clinton is heard associating Obamas plans with his own plans when he
was President. He wants the viewers to know that Obamas plans will be able to create millions

Yu 3
of new jobs and turn deficits into surpluses, just as Clinton did from 1993-2001. The music
within the video is similar to the music in the previous video; it creates an uplifting and upbeat
mood throughout the entire video which also enlightens the viewers. To me, the music is
depicting a message that something great is coming your way. Clintons voice throughout the
video is also soft, yet loud enough to clearly understand. The language he used as well is easy to
follow and the viewers are able to understand the claims that are being made in the campaign
video. He makes it point to mention that Obamas plans are very similar to his planshe points
this out in the beginning of the ad and in the end to ensure that the viewers hear it.
What do you think the commercial producers want you to feel or think? What makes you say
I believe that the commercial producers want the viewers to have trust in Obama in that he will
deliver all the claims in his campaign. With former President Clinton as the lead spokesman in
this ad campaign, they are able to let the viewers associate Obama with economical success
(similar to the economical success Clinton brought to us during his terms in office). The
producers depict Clinton as a proud supporter for Obama, in hopes of Clinton supporters
supporting Obama in return. Therefore, in a way, the video is attempting to bring in more
support for Obama by having Clinton in his campaign video. I say this because Clinton makes it
point to mention his own success in the beginning of the commercialagain, familiarizing his
plans with Obamas future plans. The producers also want the viewers to believe that Obama has
got it right, that his plans are going to allow for prosperity in the economyhence, the title of
the ad campaign Hes Got it Right.
Do you think this ad is effective? Why or why not?
In my opinion, I believe this ad is effective as well because the former President, who has a
reputation for creating over 22 million jobs and creating surpluses, is supporting a candidate that
has similar view points. It gives the viewers a chance to think to themselves and say if Clinton
was able to provide us with the economic advancement that he did, maybe Obama can too. With
the short clips of children who are excited about learning, the music, and Clintons participation,
I believe that it will probe many potential voters interests.
Link to campaign video:

Romney Ad #1:
What do you see in the video? Describe images or texts.
Within this campaign video, there were many scenes of which Romney was giving out speeches
as why he was best suited for Presidency than Obama. A majority of the scenes are shot from a
side of Romneys face and in his car, suggesting that he is an average American driving around.
The car that is being driven around, though no logo is shown, does not seem too expensive
portraying that he is just like every U.S. citizen who is not getting around in expensive cars. I see
images of multiple American flags being waved, many short clips of Romneys speeches, and
many shots of the press. Romney is speaking to both large and small crowds of people, shaking
their hands, laughing, and socializing. There are also multiple brief white texts that state

Yu 4
Romneys accomplishments such as the Olympic Games of 2002, scandal crisiss, and financial
crisiss. Several Mitt Romney: Believe in America signs are being held in his speech scenes,
blue and red Romney flags being waved, and more U.S. flags as well. Ann Romney, Mitt
Romneys wife, is also in several clipsportraying that he is a loving and dedicated husband.
What do you hear in the commercial? Describe voices, music, background sound effects.
During the commercial, Romneys voice is heard both live and during recorded speeches. His
voice is very stern, and very serious. I hear a lot about his accomplishments rather than what he
is able to contribute to our economy and a lot about what he has in as governor of Massachusetts.
The music seems a bit reminiscent, sort of taking the viewers on a journey of what Romney has
achieved. However, toward the end of the video, the music starts to become a bit more
enlightening as Romney approves the message. The background sound effects also depict a sense
of sincerity as well. I hear Romney speak about his many experiences with balancing budgets
and putting endowments and how that will benefit him making providing American with a better
future. I also hear reoccurring statements in regards to rebuilding the American that we once
built for ourselves, building a better future, and believing in America.
What do you think the commercial producers want you to feel or think? What makes you say
I believe that the commercial producers want the viewers to know that Romney is able to
accomplish great elements as the commercial seems to touch upon a lot of his successes. The
producers also want us to know that he know how to balance budgets and how he is able to aid
the U.S. in ensuring that our money is being spent well. They want to us to feel as though
Romney would be the right person that will balance out our money and bring us out of debt. I say
this because the video talks a lot about how Romney was able to balance a poor budget in
Massachusetts and cut their spending, it leads the viewers to believe that what Romney was able
to do for Massachusetts as governor, he is able to do for America. The producers want the
viewers to have faith in Romney and believe that he will be able to rebuild America the way it
once was before the stock-market crash, the deficits, etc.
Do you think this ad is effective? Why or why not?
In my opinion, I believe that this ad was effective and no effective at the same time. It was
effective because it definitely did show Romneys strengths in regards to money, balancing
budgets, etc; however, that was all the commercial was able to provide. It left me with questions
such as: what will Romney specifically do to help rebuild America? How will the experiences
that he gained from becoming governor of Massachusetts help him better our nation? What
problems, in his opinion, should we really work on to improve our economy and nation? After I
repeatedly watch the campaign video, I was left with more question than answers as the video
was mainly about Romney rather than his plan for the nation.
Link to the campaign video:

Romney Ad #2:

Yu 5
What do you see in the video? Describe images or texts.
In this particular campaign video, there are short clips of an Obama ad campaign video titled
Clear Choice which is being attacked by the narrator. There are several images and short clips
of former President Clinton calling out Obama in regards to future presidential plans for the
economy. These clips show a static animation over them, indicating that these are older clips of
former President Clinton. There are also images of Obama with a line graph over his photo
showing signs of a declining economy. I am also able to see some white texts with the
statement Obama Economy Even Worse on the side of Obamas photo, intending to attack
Obama and his plans. These are also clips of Clinton marking the words Give me a break in a
speech that he made back in 2008 in regards to Obama which is repeatedly played throughout the
remaining duration of the video. Subsequently, there are brief white texts that state 23 million
Americans struggling for work and The Middle Class Falls Further Behind.
What do you hear in the commercial? Describe voices, music, background sound effects.
Within the video, I hear a lot of bad talk in regards to Obamas plans. The voices in this
particular campaign ad are informative; however, the language that is being used is very serious
and stern. The music selection throughout the campaign video is a soft piano melody, with little
to no uplifting beats as the narrator is speaking. There is a single background effect as the
commercial begins to play Clintons clip, which is meant to reveal stunning information to the
viewers. I hear the narrator calling Clinton a good soldier for helping Obama in the video
Clear Choice, but then quickly cutting it the clip of Clinton almost slandering Obama back in
2008. There are also sounds of short static as the commercial reveals statistical data in regards to
the worsening economy.
What do you think the commercial producers want you to feel or think? What makes you say
The commercial producers of this campaign video want the viewers to believe that under
Obamas leadership, the economy is becoming worse. They want us to believe that Obamas
proposed plans are not going to benefit neither the economy or the nation as they repeatedly edit
the clips of Clintons stating Give me a break! The expression give me break is being said
over and over and overthe producers want the convey this message that we should not believe
everything that is being told to us by Obama as it is complete nonsense. I say this because the
producers are somewhat trying to have to viewers step back and think wait a minute, if Clinton
said these bad things about Obama back in 2008, arent these newer and better claims that he is
now making in 2012 about Obama only because they are on the party? The producers want the
viewers to know that Clinton is only supporting Obama due to the fact that they both side with
the Democratic Party. By doing this, Clinton is only helping to ensure that the Democratic Party
takes another win.
Do you think this ad is effective? Why or why not?
In my opinion, I think campaign video is both effective and ineffective at the same time because
it probes the viewers to rethink a couple of things. It is effective because the video campaign
ensures the viewers that Clinton is only supporting Obama now because they are in the same
partythat he is only doing this for Obama just so the Democrats can take another win.

Yu 6
However, this campaign video is ineffective at the same time because the Romney is only
verbally attacking Obama rather than telling the viewers how the economy will succeed under
his leadership. I feel as though this campaign video is only intended to anger potential voters and
make them bitter towards the Obama campaign.
Link to the campaign video: