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Distilling Alcohol.Anthony Spinelli.

This article is about heat range in distilling alcohol.It has nothing

to do with making a still, or teaching you how to make a still.When you
distill alcohol the first drip will start at about 140 degrees fahrenheit.
This first drip is methanol alcohol and it is not used for human consumption.
Discard the methanol..Never drink this!
The second dripping will occur at about 170 degrees fahrenheit..This is ethanol
alcohol..After two or three runs through the still it will be 95 percent pure.
This is to strong for human consumption. This must be diluted down to 40 or 50
percent alcohol strength to drink.You can use it to make other alcohol drinks
such as Lemonchello,Anisette,or homemade vodka.Just remember that alcohol
is habit forming and should only be used in moderation......
Anthony Spinelli..