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Hello and welcome to this presentation designed especially for you.

Since you are viewing this presentation, you are
probably at the beginning stages on the exciting journey towards the completion of your degree. Within the next few
minutes, you will receive information on how your assigned advisor at IRSC can help you achieve your academic and
career goals.


What will your advisor do for you?
Our goal is to provide academic and transfer advising to our students, as well as information on a wide range of
topics that are essentials to the college experience. We partner with our students to provide guidance for academic
success and degree completion


Your assigned advisor will help you establish a program objective that aligns with your career goals. At IRSC we offer
a variety of program options that can lead to exciting career in areas such as business, science, health science,
education and public service just to name a few. Your advisor will help you narrow down the appropriate program to
match your career goals.


So you might be thinking ‘What if I'm undecided?’ Your advisor will help you select courses based on your metamajor. A meta-major is a collection of programs that have a common or similar subjects to help students seeking an
associate degree choose their major.


Once you have determined your program of study, your advisor will help you create a guided pathway. Your guided
pathway is the roadmap to the completion of your degree and makes registering for classes very simple.


Your advisor will also connect you with a wide range of resources to support you on your academic journey.


The Academic Support Center is an amazing resource that provides free one-on-one tutoring to IRSC students. The
ASC student offers tutoring in English, math, science and health science as well as writing assistance. No
appointment is necessary. The ASC is located at all of our campuses and you can stop by anytime they are open.


But don't worry if you need assistance when the academic support center is not open, IRSC students have access to
free online tutoring 24 hours a day. seven days a week through Smarthinking. If you need homework help live
tutoring or someone to review your writing Smarthinking is a convenient and effective economical way to increase
your success. Smarthinking is embedded into each student’s blackboard page just log into blackboard click on course,
select tools from the menu on the left and then select Smarthinking on the bottom right.


The IRSC reach out system will help you if you experience difficulty in your courses. River support provides access to
resources to help you overcome obstacles to your success. If your instructor notices that you are
experiencing challenges in a particular class, he or she will notify your assigned advisor. Your advisor will then
contact you to determine a plan of action to help get you back on track. In addition, through the IRSC website, you
can access the River Support Online Resource Guide and browse the collection. Resources both throughout our
campuses and throughout our community help provide support both academically and personally.


The Career and Transition Services Department at IRSC is designed to educate and assist students implement their
career plans. The available services include: workshops, job fairs, career forms, career counseling appointments,
resume assistance, job searches, as well as career exploration and assessment.


River Life is your source for getting involved on campus, through River Life you can keep up-to-date on activities and
events, join student organizations, network with other students and college departments, track community service
hours easily, and access leadership development opportunities. You can log into River Life with your student ID and
pin through MYIRSC and select River Life under quick links.


What else will your advisor do for you? Well, we keep you on track. We don't leave you alone. Periodically
throughout your degree program we will touch base with you to make sure you're on track to your ultimate goalgraduation.


But to help us stay in touch with you, it is very important that you activate and regularly check your Riveramail.
Rivermail is a primary source of communication at IRSC and you don't want to miss any important information.


Another very important tool for your journey is your student dashboard. You can access your student dashboard at
anytime by logging into MYIRSC.


If you log into your dashboard and the page is blank, click “Customize Page” to select your preferred format


You can find a wealth of information on your student dashboard.


Through your dashboard, you can also visually track your degree progress with your pie chart, which will display the
percentage you have left for completion.


Another way to track your progress is with your interactive degree audit. Which can also be accessed through your


It is very important to utilize all available IRSC resources and monitor your progress to maintain satisfactory academic
progress. In order to continue receiving financial aid, you must maintain a 2.0 cumulative grade point average and
successfully complete at least 67% of all classes in which you have enrolled.


As you are approaching your destination of graduation, we prepare you for the next step by helping you apply to one
of our bachelor degree programs, assisting with transfer progress to a university, or directing you to the resource that
will prepare you to apply for a job after graduation.


How do you find your advisor? Just log into MYIRSC and on your student dashboard you will find your advisor contact
information in the righthand column.


We make it easy for you to schedule an appointment online. Just click “visit my webpage” at the bottom of the “My
assigned advisor” box.


From the advisor webpage, select “schedule an appointment” then “book now’. It's that simple!


So schedule an appointment today, and come and see us! We are here to help you reach your goal.