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~ I am an active participant; I have a positive attitude. ~ I am respectful of others, their thoughts, materials, and space.

~ I have all of my materials ready.
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Weekly News from Bethesda Elementary
February 26, 2016

Important Dates

Classroom News

Thank you for attending
teacher conferences
last week. It was great
to meet you all! Below is
a summary of some
things we discussed.
Students must read and
discuss (or write
about) their reading
for 30 minutes
every night.
Students must practice
multiplication facts
(with flashcards or
online games) for 10
minutes every night.
Homework (math,
reading, spelling) is

Required every night,
along with 3 parent
Homework is a review of
things we have
already learned in
class and an
important part of
preparing for the
Georgia Milestone
Students have the
chance to ask for
help with homework
at the end of the
day and during
Homework is never
graded, and
challenging concepts

2-29-16, Monday
7:15 AM Cardio Club
2:45 PM Sparkles Club
are reviewed in class.
Students can find books 3:00 PM English Club
3:15 PM Basketball Club
on their reading
6-7:00 PM Black History Tribute
level in our class
3-1-16, Tuesday
library, the Media
7:15 AM Cardio Club
Center (Mondays),
Presidential Primary Voting No
or on PebbleGo
visitors for lunch. Student are
Books (online
served a sack lunch
student portal).
3-2-16, Wednesday
Students can correct
Read Across America Day
and re-submit work
7:00 AM Coding Club
on which they
2:45 PM Clubs: Cheer & Garden
scored below 73%.
2:45 PM Student Council
Parents and students
3:15 PM After School Tutoring
are encouraged to
3-3-16, Thursday
visit my website
7:00 AM Clubs: STEM & Spanish
3:00 PM Reader’s Rally Club
3:15 PM After School Tutoring
5:00-8:00 PM Chick-fil-A
fundraiser Night 4965 Sugarloaf
4:30 PM Girl Scouts

3-4-16, Friday
Spirit Day
7:00 AM Music Clubs
3-8-15, Sunday
Daylight Savings Time—Set
your clock forward one hour

Bethesda News

Why: Title I schools tailor programs
based on the needs of their
students and parents. This survey
is your opportunity to share what
you need when it comes to
educating your child.
What: The survey is used by GCPS
Title I Office and by Bethesda’s
Title I Planning Team in
Parent Involvement Policy
School Parent Compact
Calendar of Parent Events


Arts Night
Coming Soon!

There is an English and Spanish version .

Class Mission

March 13th
Before going to bed, set
your clocks forward2016
1 hour
for daylight
savings time!


Weekly Cafeteria Menu
2-29-16—Chicken Drumsticks, Mac’n Cheese, or
Black Bean Pizza
3-1-16— Sack Lunch —Chicken Nuggets or Veggie
Bean Burger
3-2-16—Cheese Pizza, BBQ Sliders, or Veggie
Teryaki Burger
3-3-16—Mozzarella Cheese Sticks, Black Forrest
Sub, Veggie Sunflower Burger, or PBJ
3-4-16—B4L Pancakes & Sausage, Fish Nuggets,
or Veggie Black Bean Empanada
Served Daily :
Assorted Vegetables, Salads, Fruit & Milk

Cell Phone: (817)-437-0317

School website: www.