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TEACHER: Miss Alexis McClure

DATE: Thursday, February 4

CLASS: English 8

UNIT: Grammar

LESSON OBJECTIVE: Students will be able to identify a sentence’s mood by determining the
verb to be indicative, imperative, interrogative, conditional, or subjunctive.
State or National Standards:
E08.D.1.1.3 Form and use verbs in the indicative, imperative, interrogative, conditional, and
subjunctive mood.
 Apply the understanding of verb moods to sentence creation and writing skills.
 Interpret the mood of a sentence through the mood of the verb.

Phase/Time Frame

The Teacher Will

The Student Will


Begin Prezi Presentation:
~First section is making an
inference on moods.
~Watch clips of characters
displaying different moods
~Ask students what moods they
thing are present in the clips

~Name moods
~Watch clips and identify the
mood present in the clip


~Go through the presentation
dictating what each mood is and
how they are used.
~Play assigned clips as examples of

~Follow along with presentation
taking notes in the fill-in-theblank worksheet.
~Attempt practice worksheet to
identify moods.


~Verb Mood Charades
~Split class into two teams
~Player from each team will draw a
mood from a hat and can only
speak in that mood.
~Teammates have to guess the
mood (without notes)
~When teammates guess correctly
the person who guessed will go up
and take a turn.

~Verb Mood Charades
 Description

~The team with the highest amount
of correct answers will win the
~Teacher will monitor teams to
make sure they are correct and are
answering fairly

Sufficient and Revealing Evidence of Understanding: Check off and briefly explain.
Informal Check: X –Practice worksheet on notes will be checked as a class.
Quiz/ Test:
Academic Prompt:
Performance Task / Project: X –Verb Mood Charades

Special Needs: (Briefly describe the modifications/accommodations you made for special
needs children in your classroom.)



~Fill-in-the-blank note sheet
accommodates ESL and SPED students.
~Images and videos help associate
meaning to information.
~Physical activity helps connect with
kinesthetic learning.

Assignments for Next Class:
The next day students will be presented with a mini-lesson on appositives and prepositional
phrases. They will then spend the period rotating in stations of verb moods, appositive phrases,
adjective prepositional phrases, and adverb prepositional phrases completing practice

Resources Used: Prezi, Verb Moods worksheet