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o Muslim Sister !

Editorials Of the magazine "Banaat-e- Aisha ~"

Name of the book: 0 Muslim Sister!

Written by: Maulana Muhammad Masood Azhar

Translated by: Rasheed Ahmad Masood

Composed by:


Muhammad Naeem Tahir

Micro-Tech College of Computer Sciences Chishtian

Written by:

Maulana Muhammad Masood Azhar Translated by:

Rasheed Ahmad Masood



No. of copies:


Maktaba Hasan

1 st, 2003




1) Preface

2) I nt ro duct ion

3) The first gift for sisters

4) Three sons of Islam

5) Attrocities to women and duties of Bannat-e-Aisha i9

6) Congratulation to Bannat-e- Aisha i9

7) Extinguish this fire

8) Ten Lessons

9) Beneficence of Amma Aisha i9s Training

10) American Terrorism on Afghanistan and five resposnsiblities

of Banaat-e-Aisha i9

11) Blessings of Jihad against Amarica

12) The Present situation in the light of ten Quranic Teachings

13) Circumstances are changed not Idealogies.

14) Continuation of Jihad is a sign of the Lord being plesed.

15) Only those be disappointed who have no Lord.

16) A few inevitable obligations of the Bannat-e-Aisha i9

17) The postal system

18) A new book.



The sacred word Banaat- e- ksha;" its elf casts so sharp a sp ell over the man as soon as he reads or listens to it that his thoughts b egin to fly fourteen hundred years back and thus the first fo cus 0 f the eyes catches sight 0 f the sec ond to none figure Harrat ksha;" who s e unflinching faith, splendid achievements, high morals, go od manners, deep religious devotion, piety and purity, bashfulnes s and mo desty, deep love and devotion to learning and teaching, extremity 0 f intelligenc e and shrewdnes s,

elo quenc e and rhetoricism in conversation, s elf-p 0 s s es sion and

6-10 11-14 15-21 22-28 29-38 39-48 49-58 59-70 71-81


92-102 103-113 114-125 126-132 133-139 140-145 146-151 152-161



sp ecial education and training under the kind sup ervision 0 f the affections and c ompas sions 0 f the prec eptor 0 f mankind Hazrat Muhammad ~. She

self-c onfidence, extreme retentive memory, solid knowledge of Muslim jurisprudence, firm and exact decisive power, courage, boldnes s and

is that fortunate and sagacious woman who s e curriculum 0 f readin g was

fearle s sn es s , sac rific e and un s el fis hne s s, g enero s ity and valour begin to

revealed from the skies which was designed and arranged by Allah, the

Creator 0 f the univers e. The point 0 f meditation is what would have been

shin e lik e p earls on th e heart I s ey e an d ill um in at e like candle s in th e darknes s 0 f life. The sec ond fo cus casts its glanc e up on her husband, the chief of the Prophets (!J.-\.;~, the Lord of the holy messengers (!VI~ ac complished model for humanity, preceptor 0 f manners and morals,

the status 0 f the great character, magnific enc e 0 f the attribute s 0 f learning and morality, and height 0 f the perfection 0 f P ers onality who ha d undergone

these three blessed and sacred factors in order to obtain education and

spiri tool guid e 0 f man, mento r 0 f the uni vers e, teac her 0 f the t eac hers,


It is a fact that every mother wishes to educate and train her

mercy for both the worlds, beloved 0 f Allah the .Almighty and caus e 0 f creation Hazrat Muhammad ~ who s e attributes and miracles cannot be

daughters in a way that not only her own p ers onality but als 0 all the go 0 d

committed by anyone to the pap er and who s e towering p ers onality

traits that can be found in the world 0 f po s sibilities, may be reflected in her being s 0 that she may look a c om plete mod el 0 f effeminacy. C ertainl y, Hazrat hsha;" , the mother 0 f all the true Muslim ladies who is emb ellished

outshines all the perfections and standards of the models of humanity. The third fo cus 0 f eye catches sight 0 f her high -ranked esteemed father who is

the cave companion, the post-rider, the devoted lover, the first Muslim, the

with all the sterling traits 0 f head and heart, als 0 yearns to see all 0 f her own attributes in all her sons and esp ecially in daughters.

The great Mujahid, G haazi - e- Hind, Ameer - e-J aish who is endowed

first Caliph, the incarnation 0 f exquisitenes sand cutenes s Hazrat Siddique- e- Akbar who is sec ond to none in love and devotion to the Holy Prophet ~. And in the same way, the fourth one automatically fo cus es

with the qualiti es 0 f thought, sp eech, imagination, perc eption, app rehen si on, saga ci ty, wis d om an d for esi gh t Hazrat Maulana Mas 0 0 d

up 0 n the re fulg enc e 0 f gui danc e, th e f oun tainhead 0 f dis c emment an d prudenc e, the s ourc e 0 f verity and truth, the revealed book 0 f Allah i. e., the Holy Quran whom Hazrat hsha;" had made the syllabus 0 f her studies and motto 0 f her life.

Hazrat hsha;" is that lucky woman who was b om and bread in Hazra t Si ddiq ue- e- Akab arl s;., hou sean d got elementary ed uc atio n from

Azhar (may his bles sings be forever) is worthy 0 f congratulation s who, in order to start education and training 0 f Muslim sisters on the lines suggested by Hazrat Aisha ;., for the education 0 f her real daughters; started a

reformative movement and training mis sion i. e., the publication 0 f a sacred and blessed Magazine "Eanaat-e-Aisha ;"11 in this age of apostasy of learning,

there. She is that mo del lady who, during her adoles c enc e and youth, got


II Banaa t- e- Aisha ;"11 translated into English (It is hop ed that it will provide an inc entive to many other people to do the same task in many other languages of the world) . F or this sacred task, his pro found deep - sighted eyes glanc ed at Mr. Rasheed Ahmed Masood, a professor at Goverrunent College Chi sh tian, to trans late the see di to rial s in to Engli sh in a very culture d, refined, easy, direct, e10 quent, simple, comprehensible and literary language. The said Pro fess or has a vast experience of many year s of wri ting artic 1e s for Ma gazin es, and als 0 help boo ks and Grammars for Matriculation, Intermediate and Degree clas s es. In this field, he is very pop ular with the teach er s as well as stud en ts . Mo re over, he has great pas sion for go 0 dnes s, piety and sinc erity for others. He is endowed with fear 0 f Allah, s ervic e 0 f His creature and s ervic e for I slam. H enc e, he not only took on this responsibility but also shouldered this responsibility duly. In this translation, he has tried to maintain the real spirit 0 f the writings on the one hand and has made utmo st efforts to trans fer the editor' s intonation, power 0 f expres sion, pas sions and feelings and power 0 f efficacy on the other hand. May Allah grant this sacred effort 0 f the said Pro f es s or with ac c eptanc e and als 0 grant him powers to do many 0 f such other go 0 dnes s es.


Muhanunad Anwar Jameel, Assistant Professor, Govenunent College, Chishtian.

distraction 0 f thought, and social and moral deterioration. The depth 0 f his feelings, the grandeur 0 f ardour, the style 0 f writing, the mode 0 f expres sion, the power 0 f addres s and the pas sion 0 f reformation with which the resp ected Arneer has edited the editorials 0 f the Magazine, is worthy 0 f him only. These editorials are an unruly flood of true values of compassion, sympathy, sincerity, se1fles snes s, fear 0 f Allah, love 0 f the Lord, deep affections for the Holy Prophet, taste for worship, piety, purity, true Faith, b 01 dne s s, f earle s sn es sand pa s s ion for Jihad. The s e pas s ionate1y ris ing waves not only embrac e the harb ours 0 f the reader' s thoughts and insight and broaden the range 0 f his thinking and imagination but als 0 create in him the pas sion for sacrific e, the urge for action, the enthusiasm for jihad and persuasion to practical work with a lightening rapidity. The efficacy of his sp eec hand writing can eas i1 y bees timat ed fr om the rus h 0 f letters written by the sisters to the Editorial Board. A ghmp s e 0 f thes e letters is evident from the editorials.

As the daughters 0 f Hazrat Aisha;" are not only the readers 0 f the Urdu language but als 0 tho s e 0 f all other languages 0 f the world. Henc e, it is the right 0 f every sister who may be living in any corner 0 f the world and sp eaking any language, to reform hers elf by taking part in this reformative movement b ecaus e Hazrat Aisha;" who is the mother 0 f all the daughters 0 f the Muslim Ummah, wishes to reform and educate all 0 f her daughters. Only with this pas sion in view, the venerable Arneer Muhammad Mas 0 0 d Azhar thought 0 f inviting all the English sp eaking sisters to this sacred reformative movement. F or this purp 0 s e, he decided to get the editorials 0 f


daughter or sisters. She develops warm and passionate love with her husband and children. As Allah has endowed her with the capacity of efficaciousness, he has also blessed her with the quality of influencing others. As she conquers her husband wi t h her s wee tan d kin d t e m per and her c 0 que t ry, she influ enc es he r chi Id re n m any tim es bette r tha n it du e to the deep abiding bond of motherhood. That is why a thinker says "The ha n d that ro cks th e c rad le is the han d that ru I es the world." And only that woman can be the true ruler who is properly educated and trained.

She gets the opportunity of remaining the maiden teacher of her children for four or five years. The children also get the chance of being her sole disciples one by one and get education and training in her kind and compassionate lap. Hence, the education and training of the new generation depends mainly upon woman.

Worthy Ameer Hazrat Maulana Muhammad Masood Azhar started and ignited the movement of Jihad in an age when the whole pagan world is against it single-mindedly and is plotting and conspiring to wipe it out. For this purpose, he began to make efforts for the revival of Jihad, domination of the Muslim Ummah and promulgation of Islamic System through speech,




It is said, "If you educate a man, you educate an individual; if you educate a woman, you educate a family." The saying still holds good. The reason is that man gets busy in earning his livelihood and in other affairs of life after getting education and training. Therefore he is left with neither any opportunity nor leisure to work for the correction and reformation of the other members of the society. On the other hand, Allah has created woman totally different from man. When she grows up and emerges as a wife or mother leaving behind the stage of



In this way, they are becoming the cause of reformation and correction of a number of Muslims sisters. Keeping their utility in view, the honourable Ameer thought of including the English reading sisters in its circle of reformation. It is hope d that this editorial book will further be translated into many other languages of the world.

F or this purpose, the respected Ameer ordered me to translate the book "0 Muslim Sister! II into English so that the English speaking community may also get benefit from it and reform itself. Considering it a great auspiciousness and a source of winning Allah's good-will, I have made this humble attempt to convert it into English trying to maintain the real spirit of th e writi ng s. Now, the En gl is h trans lati on of the boo k is in your hands. Each quality which it bears is due to the grace and blessings of Allah the Almighty and each defect which it bears, is due to the translator. May Allah grant this book with acceptance and make it a source of reformation and correction of the Muslim Sisters and my salvation.

Prof. Rasheed Ahmad Masood

Government College~ Chishtian.

wr i tin g, 0 r g ani z at ion and J i had t r a in i n g . For t his sam e purpo se, his far- si ghted eye s fell up on the da ug hte rs of th e Ummah and decided to make them the true daughters of Hazrat Aisha ~

In his view so long as education, training and correction on the part of women is not started, no real progress can be possible, no success can be achieved and no reformation of the society can be effective. Keeping this object in view, he started the publication of the monthly "Banaat-e-Aisha ~II which won laurels and appreciation beyond limits because the sisters gave it a warm reception with open arms. The number of its volumes, its po pu la rity and th e letters written by the s iste rs afte r acti ng upon the teachings of the magazine and reforming themselves is a clear proof of the passionate response of the sisters.

The book in hand "0 Muslim Sister! II is a beautiful selection of the editorials of the monthly "Banaat-e-Aisha ~II. These e dito ria Is have be en writte n by th e ve nerab Ie Amee r with his spe ci ai, devotion and sincerity of purpose. They are no doubt literary masterpi ece. The literary ting e in them an d mea nin gfuln ess has embellished and enhanced the depth of feelings sand ardour of the author and has made them effective and forceful in a charming manner.



was considered the emb 0 diment 0 f sanctity and mo desty . But that sister in her tum would inspire enthusiasm and zeal in her brothers. T he mothers used to recite Epics of Jihad (Holy War) while they suckled their babies. They thems elves prepared their young one s for the batUe- field. At that time, the brothers would be the warriors and the sister s us ed to be their supp orters and guards.

Sweet and sacred words 0 f love were us ed to serve as a subtle and

tender deep -ro oted bond between Allah and His people (men and women). Both the husband and the wife would be faithful to each other heart and soul. But alas! T hat golden age has now b ec ome a far - fetched fable. The memories 0 f that glorious and enviable time seem day-dreams in this age 0 f shameles snes s and debauchery. Our sister who us ed to be the mo del 0 f mo desty, contentment, patienc e and sanctity is now b ec oming an unfortunate picture 0 f avidity, c ovetousnes s , avaric e and the worst symb 01 of c owardic e. Now this mirror 0 f mo desty and piety is b ec oming fo ggy and misty and is ab out to crash. The Allah-worshipping girl who writhed the whole night in prayer s to have communion with Allah, is now anxious to have a glanc e at men rather the matter has gone to 0 far at some plac es. Some 0 f the Muslim ladies fell so deep in the dirty trench of modem civilization that they became totally blind to bashfulnes s and modesty and cons equenUy the daughter 0 f Amma Ais ha ;., became the centre 0 f attention of the 0 b scene eyes. Then this moat 0 f dirt kept deep ening even more. And now the situation has b ec ome so dis gusting that it has b ec ome very difficult for us to address this so-called Muslim woman with the word 'Sister'. One



Brothers have always been pres enting co sUy and pric eles s gifts to their sisters. This best gift used to be Islamic system and Islamic society. They would have aquired at the cost 0 f their life and 0 ffer it to their sisters. It was then that the sisters, even staying at their homes would enj oy security, p eac e, honour and all the other bles sings 0 f both the world s. If sometimes, they had to come out 0 f the four walls 0 f their hous es, no eye could dare treas on. The veil (Sharaee Parda) was so great a rec 0 gnition 0 f the pious woman that every eye would pay resp ects to her and every arm would b ec ome her guard. Owing to this gift 0 f the brothers, every woman



(faith), this b ewitching and pious chain pro c eeded ~th the declaration 0 f the IIJaish-e-Muhammad~ ". Then, again, giving pro ofs of their modesty

is not inclined to term this lie entious woman as sister. Still we call her ~th

the sacred word sister under the obligations of deep bond of "Kalima" and

and pas sions 0 f deep faith, women revived their chastity, honour and

compas sions 0 f the heart. Would that she may retrac e her step s ! W oul d

grandeur 0 f I slam. The Mujahid brothers are thankful to tho s e sisters and henc e before pres enting to them the I slamic system and I slamic culture, they are 0 ffering them this first gift, the monthly "Banaat- e- Aisha ~I (daughters 0 f Ais ha ) so that our sister s, in the reflection 0 f this mirror 0 f Banaat- e- Aisha ;.,

that she may realize her dignity!

I think the brothers should be mo stly accus ed for what has befallen and is befalling the sisters. Frankly sp eaking, the brothers did not 0 ffer any sacrific e. They neither gave them the great pres ent 0 f the Islamic social

may better their pres ent and future. Correct and strong faith, pas sion for

system nor even safeguarded their mo desty, nor even bothered to remain

Eemaan, control over mundane desires and ready to pres ent every kind 0 f sacrific e for D een is the motto 0 f the monthly "Banaat- e - Ais ha ;., II . It

vigilant with regard to their sanctity, but they thems elves became lic en tious and vulgar. They themselves smothered the faith of their sisters. They

reminds every sister 0 f her glorious past. It reminds every daughter 0 f the piety 0 f Amma Aisha ~

became faithles s instead 0 f being sinc ere brothers who pres ented the TV,

VC R, satellite channels, internet and digest s before their sisters and pushed

This small gift is for tho s e sisters who are 0 ffering thems elves for

them into the co - educational institutions.

Fedai (martyrdom) operations, who are 0 ffering their jewellery and prop erties and who are again burning in the alembic 0 f the love for Allah. This is the first leap. I f the sisters value this gift, a fum, pure Sharaee (Religious) system will follow it as a sec ond step. Under this step, all the

B eware, tho s e who stand on the way, blow whistles and us e the

sacred words 0 f love and kindnes s for impious and nefarious aims, cannot

be called Muslim brothers. It was thes e brothers who outraged the mo desty

of the Muslim sisters till their pious pas sions were gradually converted into

daughters and sisters will be able to initiate an effort for the future of their E ema an r emainin g within th e limits 0 f S hariah an d this stru ggle will con tinu e till the realizatio n 0 f th e real goal. And In sha Allah, Hazrat ksha's;" daughters will at last be able to follow her in her footsteps. Accept

animal desires. Where could the poor sisters take refuge in this situation? Ther e were lu sty 1 ic en ti ou s eye s, trea cherou s hand s, gr eed y, dirty fac es everywhere. When they approached someone taking him for a saint, their

hearts were even more s ore to see the sordid situation there. 0 Allahl How

this gift pleas e! Pray for your Mujahid brothers and keep in mind, this is

worst the actions under the guis e 0 f D een! ~ '.J ~, t., J ill ~ l

In this pathetic situation, the brothers who ro s e from the field 0 f Jihad app eared before their sisters as the last ray 0 f hop e and Eemaan

the inc eption 0 f a sacred movement. Henc e, mo desty and veil should not be dis carded at any cost. Rememb er, you need not us e the telephone and talk



duties to p erfonn so that they may be attached to the holy task 0 f Jihad. Ivlany 0 f them have demanded 0 f starting practical training for Jihad. While some 0 f the ladies have expres s ed the desire to lend a helping hand in the maintenanc e 0 f the memb ers 0 f the families 0 f the IvIartyrs. Some ladies want to 0 ff er their s ervi c es in s p e ec hand writin g . Th es e is su es and offering s are for collective s ervic es while ac cording to the letters rec eived, man y 0 f th e la die s have start ed performing imp ortan t ta sk s co nc e rning


with ghayr-mehram (from whom parda (veil) is done). You need not mingle with them in the dec eption 0 f D een. Give your heart to Allah, stamp it with staunch faith then s ea1 it and come shoulder to shoulder with us in the natural speed of this movement which appears very slow.

Rememb er, by violating the injunctions 0 f Shariah, we can neither pleas e Allah nor run a sacred movement. He who brings you in the op en company out of the house, cannot be your brother. Nevertheless, if the incursion 0 f the infidels (kuffar) and unc ongenia1ity 0 f the situation make you follow your brothers to the battlefield, it will be ab s olutely fair rather inevitable.

The duties 0 f both the brothers and sisters are totally different in their nature. So submit yourselves to Islam and Shariah for Allah's sake. Keep it in mind that even the great deeds done after one' s desire are abj ect and mean to Allah and little deeds done against onel s will but ac cording to Allah's injunctions are very noble and honourable to Allah. The monthly II Banaat-e-Aisha ~II is the outset of the movement of the Banaat-e-Aisha ~.

A Muslim sister who lives in Britain has started looking after the dep en dant s 0 f th e Martyrs. A s ist er in At to ck ha s start ed the work in connection with Jihad and training 0 f children. Ivlany 0 f the ladies have started to collect contributions (Amwal) for the Mujahideen. Some 0 f the ladies have started making efforts in educating family memb ers. On the other ha nd, many 0 f th e la di es ar e very en thu s ia s ti cally runnin g the campaign to free their families 0 f the vic es 0 f unveiling, TV, VCR, satelh te channels and many other evils. Some ladies are working for the circulation of th e Magazine II J ais h" and are al s 0 di stri bu tin g rec or ded cas sette s 0 f sp eeches . Ivlany 0 f the ladies, with lic enc ed ammunition, have recieved rifle training from their brothers and husbands. The pas sion was worth seeing on the eve of "Eid-ul-Azha". Ivlany of the ladies in Karachi kept a strict watch over the skins 0 f slaughtered animals un til the Majahideen 0 f J aish reached to collect th 0 s e skins. Besides all thes e, some ladies have als 0 served the J aish with the help 0 f go 0 d writings and us eful sugge stions. A few parts 0 f this written as s et have been published in the fortnightly IIJ aish".

Beef this inc eption up so much remainin g within the limits 0 f Shariah that the movement may take its start soon and the griefstricken eyes of the Muslims may soon be able to watch the scenario 0 f Eemaan and blis s.

Another Task to Perfonn

I have the honour to read letters -v;,;rritten to me by a numb er 0 f sisters. Ivlany 0 f them insist on canying out F edai (martyrdom) op erations . Some curiously ask if martyrdom is ordained only to men. A few ask for



Now, as the magazine "Banaat- e- PUsha;':'1I for our sisters has been

published, it is hop ed that the writing power 0 f my sisters will be

em b ellis h ed ev en m or e. Keeping in view the s inc er e co - op erati on and

pio us 10 fty pas sio ns 0 four Mus lim si sters two app ea1s are to bema de.

"First, consider yours elves the regular memb ers 0 f the movement "Banaat- e - PUs ha ;':'11 • Sec ond give us us eful suggestions in connection with

its organization and memb ership, but be sure that the letter is written neatly

and precis ely" . In the same way, we are als 0 thinking and consulting the

need 0 f Jihad training for women on a very limited and safe scale. As many of the demands 0 f Shariah are to be kept in view in this regard, therefor e

wha tever the de cis io n is to bema de, will b e mad e in keeping with the


injunctions 0 f Shariah. Be always prepared to ac c ept any decision made by the Markaz (Head Quaters) instead 0 f making your own sp ecific mind. The


The sec ond edition 0 f the monthly "Banaat- e- Aisha ~I was under the

other individual tasks mentioned ab ove should pleas e be continued. One dut y s ho ul d bead de d i. e. c irc ulatio n, ad vertis ement an d s ervic e 0 f the monthly II Banaat- e- Aisha ~I .

pro c es s 0 f preparation; all the staff were busy in it s completion that sudden news caus ed the tears to trickle from the eyes. Three intrepid, ventures ome, pious and courageous commanders of "Jaish-e-Muhammad ~ II were

martyred at the hands 0 f the polytheists near the demolished Ba bri Masjid. Brother H uzaifa from Khairpur (Sind), Abu T alha fro m Mehra bp ur an d

F aizaan Pamla fr om Laho re have won th e digni fi ed goal whic h every Muslim yearns for. How high-ranked Muslims were thes e three Muj ahid een? What were their targets in India? What are their past



p ers onal guards. I t was the height 0 f his love and loyalty Mth me that he, like a furious lion, would p ounc e up on anyone who opp 0 s ed me. I had to

achievements? You may learn all this in the next edition. T he burden 0 f grief may p erhap s lighten till then and I may pluck up courage and energy to

advis e him time and again. I enj oyed great comfort and p eac e due to him, but I did not know that he would prec ede me to such an extent. Witnes sing his martyrdom aVilaY from the country, I feel that I should have b een his

write ab out thes e three princ es 0 f I slam.

Commander Huzaifa was one 0 f my sinc ere mo st companions and

well- wishers. His mother, his wife and two inno c ent children may certainly

guar d rather than he. Who s e chivalro us ab s enc e is felt by his father, mother, brothers and sisters like us whereas he hims elf has gone to eternal

be mis sing him like us. All 0 f them are lucky enough to have relationship with an enviable man like commander Huzaifa. Brother Ab dul Aziz Brohi

sleep and by the grac e 0 f Allah, he hims elf M11 now be enj oying the taste of Allah's hospitality.

The caravan 0 f "Jaish- e-Muhammad ~ II, after the demis e 0 f

alias Commander Huzaifa is now among the martyrs. Weare looking up on him and his glorious deeds Mth enviable eyes. Enough spac e on the pages of the monthly "Eanaat- e- Aisha ~I is available for tho s e sisters and mothers

thes e spirited fellows, is shedding tears 0 f grief and is visite d by a s ens e 0 f

who want to send congratulatory mes sages to the memb ers 0 f family 0 f this

10 s s and lonelines s. All 0 f thes e three comrades were a real as s et 0 f the

organization. They held such an esteemed plac e 0 f loyalty and sinc erity

great hero.

Commander Abu Talha who lived in Mehrabpur (Sind) was a

that they could be entrusted Mth any duty 0 f I slam.

gap left by them and provide us suc c our to ac c omplish their mis sion. 0

beautiful, goo d- nat ur ed, di gni fi ed and m us c ular y oun gman. He held a sp ecial rank among the instructors at the Training Camp. Although only one year back he married, but the battlefield 0 f J iliad always remained dear to him. He had been yearning for martyrdom even during the days 0 f his

o Allah! Thes e brothers 0 f ours have been martyred in the prime of their youth. 0 Allah! A cknow1edge their martyrdom and fill the wide

Allah! Our hearts are s ore and eyes are shedding tears. 0 Allah! You are witnes sing every thing. We are resigned to fate. Patronize us in this hour of trial, lighten our sorrow and soothe our hearts with the vengeanc e 0 f our martyred brothers and completion 0 f their mis sion.

o the daughters 0 f Aruma Ais ha""! 0 the sisters 0 f the Muslim

merrim ent s 0 f marria ge . He Vila s a livin g exam p1 e 0 f Eemaan (faith), sinc erity and piety. His parents, wife and a numb er 0 f dis cip 1es like us are

mis sing him greatly whereas he hims elf is in the heights 0 f martyrdom.

Brother F aizaan Paamla was a tall, dignified, stout, contented, and

Ummah! Thes e three brothers 0 f yours have been suc c es s fu1 and glorious

adventurous Mujahid. After my releas e and till his departure to India, he remained my companion through thick and thin. During all this P erio d, he would sacrific e his sleep, respite and comfort and remaine d the chief my

and have met their Lord. Huzaifa (Ab dul Aziz Brohi) us ed to sob and cry



hous e may be ever pres ent in her eyes; the magazine which may make the blisters at Harrat Fatima's;" hands and her high position visible to her, which may tell her the tales 0 f Harrat Zubair;" being nourished in the lap 0 f Harrat Safia ;., and that 0 f 1bn - e- Zubair ;., in the lap 0 f Harrat Asma" 0 yes, it is the magazine which might instil Eemaan (faith) in our sister' s heart and the light 0 f mo desty in her eyes; the magazine which may bring her out 0 f the narrownes s and filth 0 f thi s world and remind her 0 f the dimensions and

for the sake 0 f an im pris on ed si st er in In dia. He wa s the p ortf olio 0 f modesty and valour. Same was the case with Abu Talha and Paamla. Such

brothers are not born daily. Humanity has to wait for centuries. 0 my

sisters! Rais e your hands and pray, "May Allah acknowledge their rrartyrdoml May Allah provide succ our and sustenanc e to the memb ers 0 f

th eir familie s ! Ma Y Allah b 1e s s the Mu slim U mmah with their better sub stitute! May Allah provide s olac e to our injured souls after affecting

enj oyments 0 f the hereafter, which may put an end to her c owardic e and

their vengeanc e and effecting completion 0 f their mis sion by us ! Ameen.

teach her the lesson of courage and valour. 0 yes! It is the magazine which may make our saintly sister dis card detective and susp ens e novels and other

Bles sings and Thanks!

ob scene digests by whos e reading, the hearts rot and thoughts are

In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful.

The first edition 0 f monthly "Banaat- e-Aisha;"11 won great

distracted. The magazine which may sprinkle the fragranc e 0 f Jihad in the four walls 0 f the hous e, the magazine which may remind the ladie s 0 f the 10 fty heights 0 fwhere Surah Nisa was revealed in their honour and the faith (Eemaan) 0 f two women was pres ented as a mo del for the people 0 f the whole world. Harrat Aasia's Eemaan under the tyranny and oppression of

popularity, beyond our expectations by the grace of Allah the Almighty. No

doubt, we demand ac cording to our limited range 0 f thinking while our

Great Lord grants us ac cording to His greatnes s. May Allah bles s us with the powers to 0 ffer gratitude and appreciation at it and we may be able to

Pharaoh is sparkling in the V ers es 0 f the Holy Quran and is telling the

render our due for His b1es sings and try to avoid any kind 0 f dis 0 b edienc e.


pas sionate voic e 0 f '""~, '-' ~ d~ ~ ~, ~.J n (0 my Lord! Grant me

a hous e in heaven.) to tho s e who s ell their Eemaan for the sake 0 f mortal

It was our earnest desire to publish a truly pious and chaste magazine for our sisters. A magazine which may claim the betterment 0 f dis c ours e and purity 0 f action, the magazine which may truly reflect the Muslim sister, the magazine which may invite the Muslim sister to bow only before one Lord and give her the mes sage 0 f defending hers elf from every kind 0 f humiliation, the magazine which may take her to visit Medina Munawara so that Amma Aisha1s;" chastity and character and her royal mud

mundane benefits. Yes! This call is alive even today. Alas! The Muslims of to day get their daughters married to Pharao h s 0 f the time for the sake 0 f sky -s crap per s. The Pharaohs who earn by foul means and practis e tyranny, annihilate the Sunnah 0 f the Holy Prophet #, who give up prayers and grow wors e than the pigs.



deman d. If thi s sit uatio n continue s , it is hop ed that monthly "Banaat-e-Aisha ~I will soon beat the fortnightly "Jaish-e-Muhammad ~ ".

In thes e sorrowful circumstanc es, a few sisters and daughters pray like Hazrat ksha~. This magazine is the voice of those sisters and is also a

Our chaste mothers, sisters and daughters are worthy 0 f prais e, countles s

sal ute fr om th e Muj ahi deen to th eir b rav ery . Hazrat Mariam I s Eernaan,

bles sings and heartiest gratitude at the appreciation 0 f this gift.

courage and virtue in the midst 0 f the distracted society and tyrannical rites of the Jews is als 0 the mes sage 0 f the Holy Quran. Would that the Muslim

woman who is fond 0 f unveiling her s elf before men, learn ales s on from Hazrat IvIariam's Eemaan and the ladies who are fond of useless and futile

gossip on the telephone with men, may ponder over Hazrat IvIariam's voice

~ ~

as 1& L_,_-.o~_};_U~_}J..:. ~r. Only then the meaning and an unlimited

utility of the veil will be revealed to her. Not only to speak of unveiling her self, sh e will even develop dis gu st to let her v oi c e be heard by any ghayr-mahram (those from whom veil is compulsory). No doubt, the woman who enj oys communion with Allah in the darknes s 0 f the night, will

neither have any need and leisure to see others, nor let others see her and

listen to them rather she will be greatly perplexed when she is to leave the hou s e un der any obligatio n. S he avo id s talkin g with gha yr (unkno wn

people) even in the hour 0 f need. Only then, the hidden feminine qualities

of wo man will come to th e view with who s e mention th e Holy Quran,

Hadith an d th e book s 0 f His to ry are repl et e. Thi s magazin e bas ed on

knowledge and Jihad, action and character, vision and les son, wis dom and advic e, facts and incidents and grand mes sage was published for the first

time last month. T he mothers and sisters ac c epted it with so great love and

enthusiasm that we had to publish it again to meet its demand within the country. Every time, the stock became Nil while there was still a pressing


step? Who is being played and forc ed to play? Who is being crushed and made to crush? Who is being us ed to perform hair-raising and blo 0 d- curdling sin fu1 action? Who is being dec orated and ornamented for the disobedience of Allah? Who is being sold and bought and is being made the 0 bj ect 0 f ridicule at every step? Who is wronged, constrained and oppres s ed everywhere? Pill 0 f thes e questions have only one answer, that is IWOI\lW-l", yes, Allah made woman a s ourc e 0 f grac e, bles sing, tranquility an d p eac e but she is the mo st oppres s ed 0 f all now -a- cays. Tho s e who have eyes, should watch with op en eyes, thos e who have ears, should listen attentively, tho s e who have hearts, should 0 b s erve with op en heart that the tyranny infli cte d on wo man is c learl y vis ibl e everywher e. Yes! T hes e cruelties are heart-rending and hear -piercing. In fact, thousands 0 f women have not remained women at all. They have b ec ome toys for the entertainment 0 f the tyrants. They are a mere 0 bj ect and a warning for the perverted souls.

Europ e has been the enemy 0 f the woman for thousands 0 f years.

Firstly, Europ e considered her a b east and then snatched away all her rights and called her a filthy being. This cruelty continued for centuries. Then Europ eans made woman a vulgar thing and now she has 10 st everything after undergoing ever new afflictio ns . They snatched away from her the hous e where she ruled, the husband who was loyal to her, the father who loved her dearly, the brother who safeguarded her, the s on who called her O! Mother, the daughter who was her help er , the street which was her castle, the relations who were her protectors, the veil which was her grac e,



) ...


Who is the mo st oppres s ed 0 f all in the pres ent day world? Who s e name and identity has been snatched away? Who is being victimis ed mo st of all? Who is being trapp ed mo st 0 f all and now has been made a trap? Who s e piteous cries and sighs are renting the skies? Who is sometimes forc ed to smile and giggle; sometimes to weep and groan, sometimes to sing and dance, sometimes to be scandalized and sometimes to repent? Who was a bles sing till yesterday and has been termed as a nec es sary evil now -a - day s? Wh 0 was ele gan t and grac e ful till yes terday an d is now regarded as the greatest affliction? Who is being rap ed and robbed at every


of thes e cruelties. Every calamity from AID S to dures s, lab our to op en humiliation is imp os ed up on her and the poor woman is about to be smashed groaning under the burden 0 f thes e calamities.

The Africans ac c epted the servitude 0 f Europ e. The woman there ac c epted this calamity as pro gres s. And the situation has now grown so heinous that the Africans are c omp elled to lead a life wors e than animals. The hi st ory 0 f th ecru el ti es infli ct ed on wo men by the I nfi de1s is very painful and nev er ending. It is ev en mo re so rro w ful that no w Mu slim women thems elves have started lending a helping hand to thes e in fidels. It is just like a hunter who ensnare s a few birds, enslaves them and mo difies even their natural instincts and at last, a time comes when that preyed bird forgets its nation, b ec omes an agent 0 f that hunter and lends a helping hand to the huntsman in entrapping the other memb ers 0 fits lot. In the same way, our women who have fallen a prey to the mechinations 0 f the infidels, have 10 st their feminine dignity and natural status, have b ec ome the agents of the hunters and have taken on the duty 0 f causing humiliation to other women. Thes e troub1e- stricken rather accursed human-monkey s, fa1 s e- smile d, arti fic ia lly - gi ggl ed, pain te d- fac ed, half -nake d and re stles s women can be seen everywhere in the s cho 01 or college, market or street delivering emphatic 1 ec tur es a gains t narr ow - minde dne s s, cons erva tis m, Maulviat (Muslim divinity) and D een (I slam). She starts dis cus sion with the Maulvie (Muslim scholar), then she turns to narrow -mindednes s, then emphas i ses on the demands 0 f the 21 st century and at last she will talk ambitiously of Europe and America's stepping on the moon. Afterwards,


the s elf-sufficiency and modesty which was her emb ellishment, the contentment which was her kingdom, the enduranc e which was her weap on, the gravity which was her dignity, the res olution which was her cavalcade, the courage which was her c onveyanc e and determination which was her highway. Alas! So great a 10 ss! Now, nothing more than the lusty lic entious eyes and busines s like offerings has remained for her. The cruelties 0 f the Europ eans have left woman go 0 d for nothing. The real men tali ty 0 f th e white hunts man who always talks emphatic ally 0 f th e women's rights and their emancipation is manifest from his maltreatment with woman in the wars. From Japan to Bahrain and America to Europ e, thes e white infidels made woman the target 0 f their lustful desires in their wars and battles and subj ected millions 0 f women to s exua1 drudgery like animals for their soldiers. Thes e nations who are ignorant 0 f the sanctity 0 f the mother and sister and in whom nothing 0 f humanity is found, firstly maddened woman, dragged her out 0 f her hous e and then humiliated her as much as po s sible and afterwards us ed that woman as a bait to entic e other women.

Now, woman is no more than an 0 bj ect to pastime with. Not to sp eak 0 f great things, even wash or bath soap cannot be s old without her picture on it. They made this bles sing 0 f Allah so great a trouble that now they thems elves are repenting. Their civilization, as a p enanc e for oppres sing women, is rapidly pro c eeding to suicide. A baffling and terrific glimp s e 0 f such tyrannies 0 f the white man can be seen in Africa where woman is suffering from thes e painful oppres sions. One shudders to think



c entre 0 f sin ful ac ti on and ev ery sh op 0 f b etra yal. The infid el s have in n 0 cu1a te d woman with suc h an inj ec ti on 0 f utilitarian is m, gre ed and c owardic e that now she is committing every kind 0 f sinful action for the sake 0 futilities. She is found ever ready whether she has to pro strate before the graves or temples, to kis s the feet 0 f an immo dest and immoral p ers on called peer ( saint), to work with any ghayr -mahram or b ec ome the victim 0 f lusty lic entious eyes. She regards everyone who takes her out 0 f her home as her well-wisher and she regards anyone who gives her the Quranic advic e to stay at her hous e as her enemy. It is only women who fill up the cash - boxes at the shrines or the pockets 0 f the se fakes.

In th es e a fflic ti ve circums tan c e s, a numb er 0 f d uti es have b een imp 0 s ed on the daughters 0 f Amma Aisha ~ . 0 my trustworthy, honorab le and chaste sisters! Get ready for hard work for the sake 0 f protecting I slam and the op pre s s ed w om en. Gi ve up alto g eth er idlen es s, neglig enc e and c owardlines s. You have a numb er 0 f dres s es sewed. Now, pleas e stop it for the sake 0 f I slam. Only four or six dres s es are sufficient for you. What have you got after losing yourselves in the lustre of Jewellery. Stop this business now. The lifeless gold and silver are not the object of your life. You have wept much for a hous e 0 f your own while the real chain of bles sings for the pious woman starts after going to the grave. Only one ro om is sufficient for you. I f you pleas e your Allah sitting here, it will be sufficient for you than the high castles where Allah's wrath is effected. You have fo ugh tan umb er 0 f ba ttles as mother -in -law an d daught er -in -law, husband' s sister and brother's wife. Tell me plainly what have you got

she dis cus s es the oppres sions 0 f the T aliban and then resumes the talk 0 f the pleasant future or self-dependence and the deception of not accepting the servitude 0 f men. And, if the situation is favourable, there is an op en call to immodesty and a betrayal to the way of restlessness and anarchy.

The s e foul- smelling wom en who are lea ding a beastly life after 10 sing the splendour 0 f their D een, are now breaking in other IS hous es. New sp ap ers , magazines, journals, T. V ., film s, VCR., sat ellit e channels and internet are at their beck and call. The Christian IvIis sionary Institutions and powerful NG 0 I S are at their back. Being lic entious, they are free 0 f every kind 0 f limitation including mo desty and in this way~ their obnoxious ideas are spreading everywhere. Thes e women, after mis guiding many 0 f our Bangla deshi Muslim sisters, have snatched away their chastity as well as wealth of Eemaan (faith). Pili! The serpent of immodesty and Christianity has stung a numb er 0 f Bangla deshi women and has rendered thousands 0 f them homeles s and ignominious. This raging and unruly flo 0 d of the NG 0 I s is now flowing to Pakistan. Social work, rights for women, res earch on D een, the institutions like safety hous es, the so - called political leaders pro duced by the Jewish organization "Free-Masons" and their semi-religious or political parties are the hunting plac es on who s e altar the faith and characters 0 f the daughters 0 f Amma Ais ha ~ are being slaughtered. Thes e NG 0 I S are p ois 0 ning the surroundings so much so that in the delusion 0 f II bright future" , many women are forsaking I slam, es caping from their hous es, learning filthy arts and now see the veil and four walls 0 f the house a calamity. There is always an unruly crowd of women at every



belief in a small difficulty and submis sion before advers e circumstanc es is beyond the dignity 0 f a Muslim woman. Examine your deeds after

exc ept filth in the heart? Renunciate thes e battles for the sake 0 f Allah so that Allah may grant you the p ower to fight with your enemies. You have

str ength ening b eli ef and r efo rm th em well. I ncu1c ate in yo urs el ves the

had a bitter taste 0 f the envy with your co - wives and at the same time you

readine s s for the obligation s, firm determina tio n to avo id the f orbi dden, o b s ervanc e 0 f Sunnah and Na wafil, inc1ina tio n to c harit y and alm s, the

have had the enj oyment 0 f ruling solely over your husbands. What b enefi t did it give to you for the world hereafter? What honor did it confer on I slam in this world? Nothing, but this jealousy made you weak, indigent and help1es s.

Believe in one Allah and pleas e leave all this. You apply a numb er

res 01 ution to avo id extravagan c e, gre ed an d vexation for De en. There

should be only one intention doing all the pious deeds and that is the intention to pleas e the real Lord. And rememb er, the intention to ac quire fame, wealth and high posts is repro bated and impious. Firstly, all 0 f you should b ec ome true daughters 0 f Amma PUs ha;" i. e. you should develop unflinching faith 0 f the Holy Prophet IS ~ wife Amma PUs ha ;., who always preferred the love for Allah. After Allah the Almighty, her love and fidelity were for the Holy Prophet ~. She was afraid 0 f Allah only and the fear 0 f

of items 0 f make up, use every dirty lotion, condensed distemper and precious powder but what do you get from them? Can you follow in the fo otstep s 0 f Amma Khadija" , Amma PUs ha;" and Amma Fatima;". Never! Never! But thes e things have harmed your grac e and have made you an artificial piece. You come out of your houses without any liability. What

Allah had removed from her heart the fear 0 f His creatures. She 0 bserved

do you get? Nothing at all! There is only greif and anxiety out 0 f the

not only the obligations but als 0 the Nawafil at night and suprero gatory fasts. She was so bashful that when Ameer - ul- Mumineen Hazrat Umar was buried in the maus oleum 0 f the Holy Prophet ~ she stopp ed visiting her

hous e. Alas ! if you had reformed and bettered the environment in the hous e, the light 0 f your character would have spread over heaven and earth. o daughters 0 f Amma PUs ha ;.,! I t is high time for work and all work needs

husband's and father's graves. Piles of wealth and riches were under her feet but she did not like to keep them with her even for a night. She would deal out gold and silver among the poor but she hers elf lived only on dty bread and oil. She had a go 0 d taste for knowledge which always kept her busy

prepara ti on as trainin g is es s ential for Jihad, s tart yo ur ed uc atio nand

training on this very day. Rectify your faith. There is no one but Allah who

removes difficulties or satis fies the needs. Learn to beg 0 f Him only and be devoted to Him. The love for the Holy Prophet ~ is a part 0 f our faith, 1 et

and saved her from the love of the world. She was holy and pious, the

it perc olate into your bones.

Holy Quran itself describes her piety. She was the addressee of the Holy Quran and she acted up on its teachings heart and soul. When the Holy

Pro cure bashfulnes s in your eyes following the ways 0 f the Holy Prophet ~. Strengthen your belief like a mountain. Relinquishing one' s



Hazrat Aisha", be thankful to Allah and be prepared for a great lab our and struggle. I f, Allah forbid, you are still not the daughter 0 f Hazrat Aisha", do not delay, death is imminent and no one is an exc eption to it. P erform ablution, say prayers 0 f rep entanc e, extend your hands, shed tears recalling Allah IS bles sings and your sins and pray anxious ly like a drowning p ers on, II 0 Allah, my sins may be great but not greater than your mercy. 0 Allah l I want to be your slave only. I am much dis grac ed after des erting Your path. o Lord! Who caus es suc c es s only with a kind 10 ok, have a merciful 10 ok at me and also make me the daughter of Hazrat PUsha;". Ameen!

Quran ordered her to remain within the four walls 0 f the hous e, she forgot even the gate 0 f the ho us e. Aft erward s, when sh e had to come 0 ut in connection with Jihad, she was in the forefront in the battlefield. She submitted herself to Allah's will, She never preferred any of her wishes to the injunctions 0 f the Holy Quran becaus e her heart, eyes, tongue, intentions and deeds were pious. The lady who has finnnes s 0 f b e1ief, greatnes s 0 f aims and unfailing piety, is the daughter 0 f Hazrat PUs ha;" . Thes e are the only terms for participation in Banaat- e- Aisha ;., . I t is not difficult to fulfil them rather it is an august deed.

o my sisters! This is the only right path for you. The people who are inviting you to this path are not desirous of any powers, p ohtical superiority or leadership rather they are inviting you to become the memb ers 0 f "Banaat- e- Aisha ;"11 . Thes e are the Mujahid een who desire not this world but martyrdom, who do not like the p ohtic s in vo gue but Cali phat e, who do not want to s ee you retr 0 gr es s but at th e height s 0 f pro gres s and who do not require 0 f you any worldly c onc ern but there is mo desty in their eyes and bashfulnes s in their hearts and they are guiding you to the heights at which Sura Nisa was revealed. Thes e brothers in the battlefield need only the bles sings and suc c our 0 f their pious and mo dest sisters.

Examine yours elf with op en eyes this very day whether you are the da ught er s 0 f Hazra t PU sha ;., or no t. C he ck the pi et Y in your hearts, the finnnes s in your b e1ief and justnes s 0 f your deeds, the grandeour 0 f your intentions and the res olutenes s 0 f your aims. I f you are the daughters 0 f



daughters and sons us ed to s end their pocket money to the Mujahi deen. He had J ihadi .Ahade eth (traditions 0 f the Prophet ~ ) ins crib ed on the walls

of the mo s que so that, anyone who pas s ed by the mo s que might read them

and understand the shortest way to Paradise i.e. "Jihad Fee Sabeel-Pillah".

This is such a short way that Paradis e its elf advanc es to welc om e the man ass 0 on as he step s on this path. Maulana was b1es s ed with go 0 d luck and martyrdom and his blood als 0 b ore out his deep religious faith, whereas in thi s ag e 0 f waywardnes s, mo st 0 f the p e op 1e she d their bl 0 0 d in sin fu1

actions and their energies are sp ent on pleasing the people but inviting Allah's wrath. Thus the soldier of Jaish-e-Muhammad ~ and sincere brother of Banaat-e-P..isha ~ of this era bereaved us forever.

We were still und er this sh 0 ck that a b om b was pla c e d at 0 ur publishers 0 ffic es in Karachi. The cowardly and ab noxious enemy filled



gunp owder in the leaves 0 f the Holy Quran and it explo ded on the books and cas s ettes which unite and urge the Muslim s for Jihad and remind them of this forgotten 1es s on. Thank Allah, the Mujahideen who worked there had gone out a few minutes before otherwis e they would als 0 have 10 st their


Labour is bearing fruit

The J aish - e- Muhammad ~ had to undergo a numb er 0 f tests and

lives in this explo sion.

trials one after the other a few days ago. The terrorists martyred one 0 f our

Th ese publishings are tormentin g the enemies greatly. Previously, one 0 fits 0 ffic es was als 0 bomb ed. The enemy has p erhap s develop ed the mis giving that he will be able to frighten and cow - down the Mujahideen

sinc ere, scholarly, brave, pious and practical-minded fellow with his

with the help of such cowardly and ugly misdeeds and will succ ee d in

innonc ent Hafiz- e- Quran son (Anas) in Karachi. Harrat Maulana Ab d ul Maj ee d Pat el met martyr do m re ci ting th e word Allah! Allah! 1 ea ving behind him his pious wife, three go 0 d-natured daughters and thousands 0 f

bringing this pro clamation 0 f I slam to an end. He is sho cked b ecaus e the book named "Fadaail-e-Jihad" which shatters away the guiles and deceits of

other b ereaverd people. He would earnestly pray for martyrdom. He was a practical man. I slamic and J ihadi atmo sphere prevailed over his hous e. Hi s



invitation rather due to such tactic s; this call will gain even more strength, ele ganc e and grand eur . It is path eti c that thi s brutal attack Vila s mad e through the leaves 0 f the Holy Quran. Henc e, the heart is s ore and stricken.

Would that the Muslims had acted up on the teachings 0 f the Holy Quran! Would that they had moulded thems elves ac cording to it! Would that they had answered the Quranic call for Jihad! I f the Muslims had done so, no tyrant could dare fill gunpowder in the Holy Quran. Now the Muslims have b ec ome mundane beings, fashion lovers and cowards after forgetting the teachings 0 f the Holy Quran, so the tyrants dared play such ins o lent devilish trick s with the Holy Quran.

There Vila s a tim e when the Mu slim mo th er s would wrap their young ones in the Quranic light and the teachings 0 f the Surah Anfaali rsr:

Jt;.;I) and Surah Baraat( .,,::...I..{UY) would infus e thundering power and rapidity in their arms. Henc e, no one dared 10 ok at the Holy Quran with nasty eyes. But when the mothers dis carded reading and comprehending the Holy Quran rather they b egan to feel pride in b ec oming Air H 0 stes s es I and b egan to enj oy being unveiled, there were b om to them cowards who could not confront the Infidels. Thes e 0 fspring were p owerles s, helples s, anti -reli giou s and cowards who s old their D een for a few coins.

Maulana Ab dul Maj eed Pat el VilaS martyred a few days ago. The Publishing hous e 0 f J aish fell prey to a bomb explo sion. The efforts to involve the young men of the J aish into the alembic of terrorism and sectarianism were ignited. The sensual and s elfish enemies 0 f Jihad, with the help 0 f their paid agents, were activated. Under thes e circumstanc es,

IvI:irza Qadiani into piec es, is supplied from this publish er and cons equently, the Muslim 0 f to day has again start ed understanding the true spirit 0 f Jihad. The teaching 0 f this book has been started in the mo s ques and academies and the universal mes sage 0 f Jihad is spreading not only in Pakistan but als 0 in the other countries. The book "F ourty Dis eas es 0 f the Jews II shows the pious path 0 f I slam to the Muslims. The books on Jihad which have put the J ihadi mes sage 0 f the Holy Quran before the Muslim Ummah in simple words, are supplied from here. The result is that not only men but als 0 women are anxious to show their valour in the field 0 f Jihad. Thes e ladies are 0 ffering their sons and Jewellery for the grandeur 0 f I slam and protection 0 f the Muslims. Moreover, millio ns 0 f cas s ettes rec orded with sp eeches on Jihad which are guiding the Muslims to the way 0 f honour and greatnes shave been spread all over the world. Thes e rec orded sp eeches are als 0 protecting them from the dis eas es 0 f irreligiousnes s. neghgenc e and c owardic e. The enemy has not been able to stop this mes sage 0 f Jihad despite his best efforts becaus e this message is the call not only 0 fan individual but the sc ent of the blo od of martyrs which can neither be suppres s ed nor wip ed out. This is the mes sage 0 f the Holy Quran who s e pr ot ec ti 0 n Allah ha s taken 0 n Hims el f. Cons eq uently, the enemy ha s b ec ome petulant and is attacking the books and cas s ettes, but he do es not know that this pro clamation do es not beggar books and cas s ettes. Rather in my opinion, thos e bo oks and cas sett es are bles sed enough to have the honour 0 f bearing the mes sage 0 f Jihad. This call is the voic e 0 f emotions and a bawl des c ended from the skies. Bomb explo sions cannot stop this



precious gift 0 f the Muslim Ummah.

I was at war with thes e doubts and fears and praying to Allah, when

cares and worries piled up on me and a few 0 f them b egan to haunt and frighten me like an anac onda in the form 0 f such questions: Will the pious

the time for Asr (early evening prayers) approached. After the prayers,

army 0 f the J aish come to an end? Will the bles sings and li quid prayers 0 f

general visiting started. The visitors were very few so when the gathering was ab out to break up, suddenly I caught sight 0 f a brightly lit fac e vvith a white bright beard, light complexion, bright charming eyes and artles s pure inno c enc e on his old wrinkled fac e. He was looking at me with love. I

thousands 0 f mothers and sisters go a waste? Will the mis sion of the

mart yr s remain inc om pI ete? Will thi s c la s s who earn es tl y in vi te s the Muslims to the Sunnah 0 f the Holy Prophet ~ fall a prey to conspiracies and intrigues? Will this brave army who has b ec ome a nightmare for the

said, "How do you come here? Have you any busines s? II Hearing this, he

enemies, be defeated at the hands 0 f the hyp 0 crites? Will this mo del 0 f

sto 0 d up and I came to know that he was disabled. One 0 f his hands was bandaged and the other had a crutch in it. I supp orted him and asked him

mo d est y and pro tag onist 0 f tempting li ght which in tr 0 du c ed the sa cr ed word 0 f Banaat- e- Aisha ~ in this age 0 f immo desty, b ec ome dim? Will this

the purp 0 s e 0 f his visit. He replied saying, "N 0 purp 0 s e; only visiting and

adventurous and iron hande d group who protected mothers and res cued

meeting. I had come to Multan. I thought that I should meet you in Bahawalpur. II I thanked Allah. During the short course of discourse, it was

oppres s ed pris oners, be entangled in national problems and be ruined? All thes e questions and doubts were pricking and stinging me and my eyes ro s e

revealed that this white-bearded bent backed, wrinkled - fac ed old man was very lucky and bles s ed as two 0 f his sons had tasted martyrdom. He hims elf had remained a dis ciple 0 f Shaikh - ul- I slam Hazrat Madill at Darul- Ulo om D eo band. When I was looking at him with enviable eyes, he said, "May

to the sky and the hands were lifted up for prayers.

This is the tro op that 0 ffered the blo 0 d 0 f 150 youngmen for the Kashmir movement and forty intrepid martyrs for the Afghan movement all

within a short period 0 f one year; the group with who se footsteps, the

Allah bles s you! You have done a great honour by is suing all 0 wanc es to the familie s 0 f the martyrs. I have been rec ei ving the allo wane e for tw 0

II You are lucky and als 0 tho s e people who s e fortunes have been ac c epted by

oppres s ed Muslim mothers and sisters were enc enraged; the clas s which gave lovely reli giou s gifts like fortnightly J aish - e- Muhammad ~ to the brothers and the monthly Banaat-e-Aisha ~ to the sisters. The platoon whose "Fedai" (men yearning for martyrdom) gave a new colouring and freshness

months and in this Vilay, we are living happily and c omfortably" . I said,

Allah for the cho sen people like you. We are only mediators but still abashed that we have not been able to perform our duty fully. II When I asked about the bandage on his hand, he said that it VilaS an injury. I said,

to the Jihad and a clas s under who s e flag Allah gave thousands 0 f men and

women the opp ortunity to visit Madina. Will such a group be emaciated aft er c on fro nting calamities on e after th e other? 0 Allah! Pr ot ect this



liveliho 0 d and sexual satis faction a short while ago, are now filled v;Jith love for Allah and the yearning for martyrdom. 0 the Daughters 0 f Mother Ais ha ;.,! Congratulations to you! The effects 0 f your lab our are b ec oming

"We shall send yo u to Kara chi if yo u like wh ere yo u will get better treatment". Hearing this, his eyes brightened with pleasure and said, "Is it

po s sible? II I said, II The companions 0 f your martyred sons consider it a

manifest. The jewellery 0 ffered by you has not gone to waste, but you are

great favour and honour to serve p ers ons like you. When you come to Bahawalpur, a Mujahid will acc ompany you to Karachi where the Jaish - e- Muhammad ~ has made arrangements for treatment 0 f the injured and the si ck. Many a lucky do ctor is attached to the J aish - e- Muhammad ~, they cure the patients free 0 f cost. In Particular, sp ecial care is taken

rec eiving the go 0 d wishes and bles sings 0 f the reverend p ers ons who s e sons

have been ac c epted by Allah and martyred. 0 my sisters! It is due to your lab our that 150 families 0 f the martyrs are now receiving monthly

allowances. Dozens of the injured are under treatment today. Stop for a

whil e an d p on der, II H ow great a bl es sing martyr do m is! II This is the bles sing for which the Holy Prophet ~ prayed time and again. 0 my

in treating tho s e who were injured in Jihad. Mulana Ab dullah Shah Mazhar

who is our administrator in Sind, is working sp ecially in this resp ect.

sisters! You are lucky that you have b ec ome the patrons 0 f thes e great

That venerable old man, praying for us, went away with the

people who have been bles s ed by Allah with martyrdom.

promis e to come again and I was surrounded by doubts and fears. Allah

Today, the mundane woman feels pride in b ec oming an air h ostes s

knows how many auspicious p ers ons are feeling comfort due to the J aish

and the centre 0 f lecherous eyes. Y ou have b ec ome the butlers and patrons

and how many des olate hous es have been rehabilitated. We do not know

of the families 0 f the martyrs. Allah - 0 -Akbar! How great go 0 d luck! The woman who was addres s ed till yesterday as 0 Mother! 0 Mother! By the martyrs, is now content only with a few coins donated by you. Will the

how many pious people are b es eechingly praying among a chain 0 f tears for the J aish. My heart echo ed, II 0 the traders 0 f darknes s ! Make as many

efforts as you can but you cannot put out the candle which is cooling and

martyrs forget their parents and tho s e who us ed to serve their families on the day 0 f Judgement? Never! Never! 0 great sisters 0 f the Muslim

refreshing the hearts 0 f thousands 0 f the heirs 0 f martyrs. Beware, a pious group 0 f the holy people has entered this field. Its circle 0 f work will go on widening by the grac e 0 f Allah. It will keep bles sing the people who 0 ffer

Ummah! Bles sings are being showered on you sinc e the time you have adopted the pious character 0 f "Banaat- e - Ais ha ~I and her duty.

sacrific e in it with different kinds 0 f affluenc es. II

LD ! T here is a pile 0 f letters lying in front 0 f me which bears

Whether it be the name of the "Jaish" or "Banaat-e-ksha;"" now


witne s s that p 0 s iti ve effec ts 0 f religio us a wakenin g amo ng w om en are

the series 0 f credenc e has taken its inc eption and the Muslims have started

dis c ernible over the whole world. You enj oy this conduct. May Allah bles s

understanding the motives 0 f their lives. The people, who were dying for



departed one do es not know how to read and write. Henc e, I, Zafar Shaheed's mother, am writing. I am thankful to you for remembering us at the hour when we were very hard up. By the grac e 0 f Allah, we have rec eived the cheque from you, I am extremely thankful to you. What can I give you exc ept bles sings. Thank you very much that you rememb ered us at the hour when we were hand to mouth and were praying to Allah for sustenanc e. IvIany thanks to you from all 0 f us. IvIay Allah bles s you! Acknowledge our compliments!

The well- wishers, Father & Mother, Shaheed Zafar Iqbal.

you Vilith P ers everanc e!

Now, before me is the letter of a lucky mother of a martyr. In it, the mother is all gratitude apparently to me and actually to tho s e ladies who donat ed their ornaments to J ihad ~ who pla ye d a vi tal ro le in ed uc atin g memb ers 0 f the family; who bles s ed the J aish Vilith their silent c orro b oration and cho s en prayers ~ who said, II Yes II to the call 0 f the Mujahideen and made thems elves Banaat- e- Aisha ~ with regard to faith and action.

Here is a lett er, read it pl ea sean d 0 ffer gratit ud e to Allah for acknowledgement of your labour. Keep it in mind that this letter is written not by an ordinary woman but a martyr's mother. How painfully a mother delivers a baby! How lab oriously she 10 oks after him! When he grows up, she do es not s end him to earn money but s ends him to the battlefield to pleas e her Lord. There, the son protects the honour 0 f his mother's up brin ging, fi gh ts manly and is martyred. After a sh ort peri 0 d 0 f hi s martyrdom, monthly allowanc e begins to reach that mother. She picks up the p en and commits thes e few words to the pap er with her old hands and gives the mes sage to the "Banaat- e- Aisha ~II that the cooling and soothing effects 0 f their lab our are reaching her. Now examine the contents:

o daughters of Aisha~! You have read the letter. You will certainly have felt pleasure and s olac e by providing happines s to the moth er 0 f a martyr. Now gear up your labour so that arrangements for the education and training 0 f the children 0 f martyrs and treatment and habitation 0 f their families may be made. Beef up your work so that the Jihad movement for the grandeur 0 f I slam and protection 0 f the Muslims may be activated even more. It will be a great bles sing to a woman who wishes to b ec ome a true Muslim and works for D een after removing the love for the world from her heart, dis cardin g fas hio nand giving up sin ful ac tio ns . 0 Allah! B les s everydaughter 0 f the Muslim Ummah Vilith this grac e. Am een

Khankah Do gran, April 6, 2001.

As slam- o-Alaikum


We are hale and hearty here and wish for you the same. You will say that a woman is writing a letter. The fact is that the father of the



piec e 0 f writing was a religious call to youngmen. Its eems as if it was waiting for the inception of the publication of Banaat-i-ksha~. Now this writing is extracted from the book "Muskaratay Zakhm" (under c ompilati on) and is being pres ented for publication with the hop e that its message will be acted up on. At that time, I had addres sed only the youngmen. Now all the ladies are also its address ees because this polytheistic fire cannot be extinguished without the sinc ere co - op eration 0 f the whole family. Here is the article written behind bars:

"Extinguish This Fire.11

In the near past, a man who lived in a village in the Indian Provine e of Ra ji sthan, died. His heirs seemed to have pledged an oath to revive the custom 0 f II SA T I II but they were afraid 0 f the government and the p olic e. Henc e, well-armed guards were app ointed around the whole village and all the routes to the village were blo eked. Afterwards, the young widow 0 f the dec eas ed was pinioned with rop es alon g with her dead husband and was thrown into the fire to burn to ashes.

This cruel and brutal rite is regarded as a divine worship in th e Hindu religion. The Indians als 0 witnes s ed similar incidents in the past such as eight wives 0 f a IvIaharaja (king) were burnt with him. With the pas sage 0 f time, this rite did not remain in vo gue. The preva1enc e 0 f I slam in India als 0 played a great role in it.

The status which I slam gave to the wife, exercis ed a go 0 d in flu en c e on the whole 0 f India. Later on, the governmental laws als 0 became a



N earl y five year s ag 0, I, with tho us an ds 0 f other c onvic ts , was impris oned in the Indian p ris on 0 f Tihar. The maj ority 0 f the pris oners were the people who had committed the crime 0 f burning their wives to death for bringing les s dowry with them. We heard ever new such incidents and were shuddered. We could see this burning fire reaching the bodies 0 f our Muslim daughters als o. In tho s e days, the newspap ers published a news that a Hindu died and his wife was als 0 burnt with him to ashes. This

custom is called II SA T I II in Hinduism.

Keeping such incidents in view I wrote an article on the rapid and common preva1enc e 0 f the evil custom 0 f Dowry among the Muslims. This



IvIadina and see the graves 0 f the companions 0 f the Holy Prophet 3 ~ many 0 f th 0 s e were dug during the life time 0 f the Holy Prophet 3. Then

hindranc e in the performing 0 f this rite. Still the ortho dox Hindus are still

worrie dab ou tits c on stant imp lemen ta tio n in ev ery no ok and corner 0 f

visit any tomb in India or Pakistan, you will find a big differenc e between

India. Although, the custom 0 f II SA T I II cannot be performed op en1y due to

them. In Delhi, I happ ened to see a temple and a tomb which were standing opposite to each other. The only difference between them was that one had idols in it and the other had a magnific ent maus oleum. There were hanging yello wand blue pi ec es 0 f c1 oth. 0 ut sid ether e were fl ower sh op sand

the restrictions 0 f the government, yet the ratio 0 f burning 0 f women for bringing les s dowry has greatly increas ed. Dozens 0 f women are burnt

daily. Such culprits in Indian jails are much greater in number than others.

Most 0 f the tenets 0 f Hinduism are prone to crush and diss ect

ins c ens e sticks. There were mugs and retorts 0 f chro ot and hemp on the

mankind which bring ab out only dis grac e and humiliation. T he Hindus are very flexible and adaptable people, they mix up every where due to their adap ta bili ty . As their reli gi on is ba sed mer ely on fa bl es an d fic ti on s without any solid foundations, they, without any hesitation, ac c ept many 0 f

do ors. There were Majawars and as cetic s with unkempt beard sand mou sta ch es ~ carrying big ro s aries, 0 b la tio ns , gift s and box es meant for

them. Ob serving such a sight, the heart is sore and we have to say

sorrowfully how horrible revenge the Hindus have taken from our simple people. I slam made thousands 0 f idol- worshipp ers bow before Allah. As a

the principles 0 f other religions which are ac cording to their wishes and

as pirati on s. They develop c 10 s e r elati on ship s with other religio ns and

revenge, the idol- worshipp ers persuaded thousands 0 f the Muslims to bow

hen c e trans fer ed many 0 f their 0 wn po lythei sti c idea sand rituals to the unlettered people of thos e religions. For example, there was no idol worship in B uddism. It was the Hindus which made idol (statue) worshipping very common among them. They entered their religion very humbly and trans ferred their own wickednes s to them.

In the same way, they exercis ed deep influenc e on the uneducated group 0 f the Muslims. They intro duc ed some basic mis c onc eptions among

before graves. (~'.J ~n t. '-, ill t."

There is nothing 0 f this sort in Islam. Firstly, the Hindus

thems elves started the practic e 0 f pro stration at the graves 0 f the Muslims.

Then they launched the propaganda 0 f fulfilment 0 f their vows an d needs, in this way they lured the Muslims to pro strate before others than Allah. Not to sp eak 0 f this only, they trans ferred many 0 f their bas ele s s creeds to the Muslims. M1 the polytheists whom we have happ ened to meet, claim,

them to pacify the fire of their anger. Although they could not make the

II God is one and He is the Creator 0 f all. There are a few cho s en people

Muslims pro strate before the idols, yet they suc c eeded in pro strating them

who s e implorations He cannot turn down or put 0 ff. We ours elves are great sinners and cannot approach God directly. That's why, we please

before the graves. While in I slam there is a very strict prohibition 0 f fairs on the graves and shrines. I f you go to the Holy Cities 0 f IvIakka and



oppression on women and the curse of dowry.

Caste system and clas s - distinction has been deep ro otedly in vo gue among the Hindus to a painful extent. Ac cording to their sacred books, the Brahmans were born from god's mouth, the Khatarie's from the arms, the Vaish from the belly and Shudars from the feet. The land was the po ss ession of the Brahmans and the Shudars were their slaves. The Shu dars or Dalats wer e that maj 0 ri ty sect amo ng th e Hind us wh 0 were considered wors e than animals. The well from where they drank water was considered impious, and utensils which they us ed for eating were regarded as filthy. Their entry into the temples was prohibited. They had been deprived 0 f many other human rights.

Keeping this severity 0 f circumstanc es in View, "BABA MvlEEDK..t..R" the leader of the Dalats, advised all the Dalat Hindus to give up their reli gi on and embrac e I slam. This decision struck the Hindu leader Gandhi J ee like a thunder bolt. He knew that the Brahmans were very few in number. If all the Dalats gave up Hinduism, the Brahman's will become a small mino ri ty in I ndia. Hen c e, Gandhi J ee went 0 n hung er strik e and persuaded the Hindus 0 f the high rank to grant a few rights to the Dalats. As a result, the Dalats were given the name 0 f "Hari Junn II which means god's offspring. They were also granted some other so-called few rights. In this way, they caus ed a division among the Dalats. The only target and stres s was that the Dalats should not tum into Muslims. At last, II B AB A MvlEEDIITR" changed his decision. He, with ten thousand people, embrac ed Bu ddism as a religion whereas other Dalats adopted the name 0 f

thes e holy people so that they may rec ommend our cas es to God. I dols are nothing but merely a s ourc e 0 f conc entrating attention. II Same is the cas e with our people who are influenc ed by polytheistic germs. They als 0 say, "Access to Allah is impossible without saints and seers. II The Hindus offer such a mis conc eption even 0 f God as is beyond des cription. Same are the ideas 0 f our people influenc ed by them.

Islam has never degraded the beloved ones of Allah. Its only injunction to all people is to beg merely 0 f Allah. Saints only direct and guide us to our Lord. They never levy any tax on us for our guidanc e to Allah, rather they show us the direct route to have acc ess, but these mis c onc eptions are to be regretted. Would that the Muslims may understand the reality!

When we witnes s ed the Hindu celebrations 0 f D eva1i and Holi, we came to know 0 f the reality 0 f the tradition 0 f crackers and scintillating sticks on the eve 0 f II Shab - e- Baraa t. II In the beginning when we us ed to notic e the scene 0 f fireworks on the eve 0 f Shab - e- Baraat, we would think, II They do not have even the remotest relation with I slam. How did thes e things gain ground among the Muslims? II As an answer to it we can say that there are two po s sibilities. Either the Hindus instigated the Muslims on it or the Muslims tried to c omp ete with them and as a result, it became a regular, deep ro oted tradition.

The Hindus promulgated not only thes e few polytheistic traditions among the Muslims but als 0 trans ferred their two great social evils among a big sect 0 f the Muslims; one is the division into caste system; sec ond is



Hazrat F atima ~ II, but I am talking 0 f the oppres sive dowty which, with its extended ho 0 d, is ever stinging our society. This dowry is rec eived on

orders and conditions. The names and numb ers of dowry items are

"Hari Junn" and in this way, they remained in the Hindu religion where humiliation has become their lot. IvIr. Gandhi had to save his religion and he suc c eeded in it, otherwis e who could mould and pacify the Brahmans

mentioned. Its cost is estimated. Then it is judged and analys ed. I t is weighed acc ording to the weight of their own social status. The girl's honour or humiliation is determined ac cording to its lustre. T ell me what is the justification 0 f this cruel tax in I slam? I t is a fashion 0 f the wealthy class who make a show of their wealth and status in the name of Dowty. As

and the Pandi ts.

It is sad asp ect 0 f the matter that this practic e gained ground among the Muslims als 0 and this clas s - distinction spread in every no ok and corner of the Muslim world. Cons equently, the Muslims forgot the Quranic

pronounc ement that trib es and nations are only for i dentificati on. II Only

a result, this portent plunder s a numb er 0 f hous es .

In Arab ia, the father 0 f the dau gh ter is not w orri ed ab ou t any dowry. He is rather satisfied that he is offering his daughter, he needs not offer any other thing. All the arrangements are to be made by the gro om. With us, the father 0 ffers not only his daughter but als 0 gives money and

that P ers on is honourable among you who is pious and virtuous II . It means

that only the subj ects obedient to Allah are resp ectab1e.

The Muslims are, in fact, a great nation which promulgates an

I slamic system in the world. I f it its elf is divided into group s like lithe better and the wors e, the high and the low, II how can it do great deed s. It is

even begs and b es eeches only for a small hous e for his daughter to live in. I t is a pity that men have b ec ome so mean that they dec orate their hous es with the wealth brought by women I f they had a small ray 0 f bashfulnes s

sorrow fu1 that th e s e thin g s have gain ed firm fo un dation s am on g th e

Muslims. Sometimes, I think that nationalism, territorianism and patriotism are winning over I slam, but soon I beg pardon 0 f Allah on this devilish

and manhood in them, they would never have desired for women's wealth.

Neither Eemaan (faith) nor modesty exists anywhere. If someone offers dowry with pleasure, it is a different matter. They should also see to

thinking. I t is certain that I slam can never 10 s e grounds. The people with guided hearts and sane thinking will follow only the laws 0 f I slam not the s10 gans 0 f the nationalists and territ 0 rianis t.

it that their practic e does not c omp el the poor to commit suicide. The Holy Prophet ~ had great love for his daughter. He could pray to Allah to

In order to shatter the whole fabric 0 f our social life, the Hindus

intro duc ed the custom 0 f dowry and oppres sion to women. Cons equently,

c on vert the Uh ud mountain int 0 go ld an d th en give it as do wry to hi s daughter, but He ~ was thinking 0 f all the daughters 0 f the Ummah. He

we were lured by the infidels and neglected the holy ways 0 f I slam. You

gave his da ught er only tho s e artic1 es a s do wry whi ch even th e poore st

will say, IIHow has I slam prohibited us from giving dowry while the Holy Prophet ~ hims elf gave a few items 0 f dowry to his beloved daughter



thes e days. We have heralded the call to give the start. Let us see who comes forward and takes on the resp onsibility 0 f purifying the sacred D een of the Holy Prophet ~ from the evil traditions 0 f the nasty infidels and

parents can als 0 give.

o Muslims! 0 lovers 0 f Allah and the Holy Prophet ~! Take the


initiative and upro ot this Hindu cruel tradition to extinguish the burning alembic s so that a numb er 0 f daughters may be saved from being an unbearable burden on the shoulders of their parents and the Muslim

als 0 see who extinguishes this pyre which is more dangerous than the fire 0 f

daughters may be weighed not in the scales 0 f dowry but in the scales 0 f their doings and character. I know, the girl folk can do nothing in this

regard. The boy folk will have to take the initiative to upro ot this evil

traditi on. All the rich and the poor should is sue an emphatic pronouncement that they want only the bride not the dowry. The parents of the boy should forbid the parents of the girl to give dowry. If the parents of

the bride persist, the parents 0 f the bridegro om should refus e to take it and say, II You can give your daughter throughout the rest 0 f her life. Avoid it

please on the wedding day and do not inflame this furnace in which thousands 0 f youths are burning to ashes. II I f the parents 0 f the boy s do not agree, the bridegro oms thems elves will have to take this leap. And

rememb er, do not 10 s e the opp ortunity in your marriage b ecaus e marriage is

generally arranged only onc e in life.

In the same way, we shall have to launch a campai gn for the sake 0 f the widows to upro ot the Hindu tradition. Keep it in mind that there is no infamy in marrying a widow or a divorc ee woman. Our Holy Prophet ~

married only widows and divorc ed women. I f we p onder over it and decide

to act up on the injunctions 0 f I slam, we will get real p eac e and satis faction when thousands 0 f youths are burning in the fire 0 f polytheistic customs


grand companions 0 f the Holy Prophet # :-

Harrat Abu Huraira;" , Harrat Abdullah Bin Umar;" , Harrat Abdullah Bin Ab bas;", Harrat Ab dullah Bin Zubair", Harrat Ab dulalh Bin J afar ;." Harrat Ab dullah Bin Khabab ", Harrat Raa fe Bin Khadij;", and Harrat Aslam ;.,.

After getting education, he started teaching at the IvIasjid- e- Nab vi Shar e ef. He satiated the thirst 0 f the pursuers 0 f knowledge in such a way sitting in the Riaz- ul-J annah, that he was acknowledgd the literary Imaam (Leader) 0 f the Muslims. He had a great res emblanc e to his grandfather Harrat Siddique- e- Akbar ;., and he had develop ed in hims elf the same kind 0 f habits, so much so that people b egan to say, II This youngman res embles Harrat Siddique- e- P.kbar;" more than his own childern II In the last year 0 f his life, when he went out to perform the holy pilgrimage and he felt that the time 0 f his death had ap pr oa che d, he gave the fo 11 owing p iec es 0 f




advic e to his son:

IIVVhen I die, shroud me pleas e in the clothes with which I us ed to say prayers i. e. a shirt, a tehband (a large piec e 0 f cloth) an d a shawl. This same was the burial dress of your great grandfather. When you bury me in the grave, you should return to your home; do not stay at my grave to say, He was a man 0 f letters. He was a man 0 f parts. No doubt, I am nothing. II

How did this Imaam 0 f learning and piety achieve this high statu s?

That pious lap in which he was brought up had greatly influenc ed it. Yes, the famous theolo gian and Imaam like Harrat Qasim, was brought up by his Aunt Harrat Aisha;". How did she rear this orphan child? Its enviable and best glimp s e is pres ented in the words 0 f Harrat Qasim hims elf. He says:

Harrat Qasim is the nephew 0 f Harrat Amma Aisha ;., and is one 0 f the seven resp ected theolo gians 0 f IvIadina. He was sec ond to none in the fi el d 0 f learnin g, gaining, in tellig enc e and piety. He ha d a vaile d the company 0 f the companions 0 f the Holy Prophet #. He touched so great


heights 0 f knowledge and foresight that Hazart Umar Bin Ab dul Aziz (may

Allah be pleas ed with him) had to say ab out him, II I f it had been in my powers, I would have made Qasim Bin Muhammad the Caliph 0 f the

Muslims. II

He got the major proportion 0 f his education staying in the IvIasji d- e- N abvi # . He narrated Ah adith with referenc e to the following



Then she recited Allah's Hymn. I never heard a man or a woman speaking so eloquently and sweetly. She said:

"When my father was killed in Egypt, my uncle Hazrat Ab d -ul- Rahman Bin Abi Bakr to ok me and my younger sister to IvIadina.

II 0 my brother, sinc e when thes e two children have been with me, I

Nos ooner did we reach Madina, our Aunt Hazrat Aisha sent someone to

see you remain estranged with me. By Allah, I did not do it to prove my

summon us to her and brought us up in her lap. I did not find any mother or

sup eriority to you, nor do I have any mis giving ab out you nor do I

father as kind and benevolent as she was. II

understand that you will show any negligenc e with regard to thes e children. But you have a numb er 0 f wives. Thes e two children are very small. They

II She us ed to feed us with her own hands. She hers elf did not eat

cannot do their work thems elves. I feared that your wives would find such things in thes e children that they might develop ab omination towards them and they might not educate and train them happily and properly. I saw that

with us but ate only the remnants 0 f our meals. She would take so great care of us as the suckling mothers take care of the weaning baby. She

would wash us and comb our hair. She would dres s us in neat and clean

white clothes. She would always exhort us to the go 0 d deeds and make us

I could take better care 0 f thes e children than your wives.

practis e go 0 dnes s. II

Now as both of them have grown up, and can do their work thems elves, you can take them away if you like. II Hazrat Ab d -ul-Rehman Bin Abi Bakr ~ to ok us to his home. II

II She us ed to persuade us to give up evils. It was her routine that

she made us learn the Holy Quran by heart ac cording to our capacity and made us grasp the Ahad eeth (traditions) 0 f the Holy Prophet # ac cording


Hazrat Qasim says, "When I was at my uncle' s hous e, I could not

forget the affections and training at Aunt Aisha's ~ house. Hence, I used to sp end a few days with my Aunt Aisha ~, the rest few with my uncle. II Although Hazrat Qasim did leave his high ranked Aunt Ais ha ~ yet

to our grasping power. II

II She was even more kind to us on the eve 0 f Eid and gave us more

things to eat. On the Arfa night, she would shave my head and wash me

he could never forget the memories 0 f the affections and training at that hous e. Onc e, he narrated this memorable tale to his friends and dis cipl es:

II One day I said to Hazrat Aisha ~, II 0 mother! Let me see the Holy Prophet # and his companions I graves. II Hazrat Aisha ~ removed the veil

and my sister. On the Eid morning, she would dres s us in new clothes and s end us to the mo s que to 0 ffer Eid prayers. II

"When we returned after 0 ffering prayers, she would collect us and offer sacrific e 0 f the animal in our pres enc e. II

II One day, she made us wear new clothes. Then she plac ed me on

from the graves. I saw that the graves were neither very high from the ground nor to the level 0 f the surfac e 0 f the earth. They were made 0 f the

one knee and my sister on the other and sent for her brother Hazrat Abd-ul-Rahman~. When he came, she paid him compliments respectfully.



of dis eas es. But the truth is that mothers I laziness, negligenc e and eas e -loving have weakened and sickened the children. Y ou see how Harrat Ais ha ;., , the mention 0 f who s e high position has des c ended from the skies

red stones which us ed to lie scattered in the courtyard 0 f the mo s que.

I asked, "Where is the grave 0 f the Holy Prophet ~?" She

and books are replete with the incidents 0 f her worship, is washing, bathing and cleaning both thes e children, feeding them with her own hand s and changin g th eir c 10 th es . Would that ev ery m other might look after her children in that way!

iv. Anuna Aisha's ~ Imparting Religious Education and

nodded to it. Saying this, two big tears rolled down her cheeks. She suddenly wip ed tho s e tears away so that we might not notic e them. Then


she showed the grave 0 f my grandfather Harrat Abu Bakr and that 0 f

Harrat Umar;".

The Banaat- e- Aisha ;., should read thes e tales carefully again and

again. T hey will l earn many les sons whi ch will bring th em thr ough the

Training to Children:

You have read that Amma Ais ha;" would teach the children

labyrinths 0 f life. Let us have a 10 ok at the results 0 f this incident. i. Anuna Aisha I s ~ Kindne s s to the Orphans:-

Amma ksha;" always remained busy in learning and worshiping

goodness and good deeds and she made them practise them regularly. She tried to develop in them hatred against evil s and taught them the metho ds to avo id them. Would that ev ery child might get thi s goo d lu ck that his

Allah. By bringing these children up, she set a grand example for the Muslim Ummah. Would that there may exist such ladies as may supp ort and bring up the orphans.

mother might persuade him to go 0 dnes s and save him from wickednes s,

otherwis e, the situation is b ec oming very dis c ouraging and dangerous thes e

ii. C omp as sion for the C hil dre n:-

day s. The mothers th em s elves ar e inv 01 ve d in sinful ac ti on s and they

Thes e days, ladies do not like even to touch the children 0 f others.

exerc is e its ba d infl uenc eon the ir children. S om e ladie s inv olv e their

They abhor and s c om cleaning their ViJ3Ste etc. whereas I slam orders kind treatment with relatives and persuades us to show affections for children. Harrat ksha;" had been cast in the mould of Islam. That's why she acted upon all the injunctions of Islam happily.

ill. Anuna Aisha I s ~ Sp e cial C are for the Children:-

children in the vic es 0 f watching TV and listening to songs and in this way, they ruin their future. The inno c ent child is an exc eption to ac c ountability

and he is not held resp onsible for thes e sinful actions. The childs mind and heart are like a blank slate, the impres sion 0 f any go 0 dnes s or evil done

before him is imprinted on it. Some ladies take their children to the market and go s sip with the shopkeep ers in their pres enc e. A few ladies always expres s their ingratitude to Allah, quarrel with other memb ers 0 f the family

N ow -a - days, the women have dis carded taking interest in looking

after the children particularly educated ladies consider it below their status.

As a result, small children fall a prey to a s ens e 0 f deprivation and a numb er



talkers, and the germs 0 f self-aggrandisement and self-love are born in them. Henc e, it is nec es sary to tinge the children in the religious colouring

from the very beginning. And they may be stres s ed to recite the Holy vers es of the Holy Quran and learn ab out the Sunnah 0 f the Holy Prophet ~ . Their c hil dho 0 d sho uld be guar ded again st every harm fu1 thin g b ec aus e

and even backbite in the pres enc e 0 f their children.

You have rea d in the in ci dent wher e Hazrat Qa sim says abo ut Harrat hsha;" that she always persuaded them to go 0 dnes s and urged them to inculcate aversion against vic es and made them learn the Holy Quran and Hadith by heart acc or ding to their capacity and grasping power. The Muslim lady 0 f to day should follow this go 0 d example 0 f Harrat Aisha ;.,. If she do es so, she will, by the grac e 0 f Allah, be able to feel pride in her

childho 0 d is the foundation. Howes s ential the c orrectnes s and firmnes s 0 f

foundation should be, is known to every sane p ers on.

Iv. Hazrat Aisha I s ~ C onvers arion With Her Brother:

How did Amma Aisha;" convers e with her angry brother to

children on the day 0 f judgement.

V. Hazrat Aisha's Inculcation of Love Of Worship in

pro pitiat e him? Thi s co nversa tio n t eac hes every sis ter how to con vers e


with her brother. She paid him regards, recited the Hymn 0 f Allah,

expres s ed her go 0 d wishes and love for him and then came to the point 0 f

Shaving children's head on the night of Arfa, washing and bathing them, s ending them to 0 ffer the Eid prayers and slaughtering animals before


them are not nec es sary for children. Thes e same children are to shoulder

Vii. Hazrat Aisha I s ~ Re c on cilia ti on With Her Brother:-

In order to rec oncile with her brother, Harrat hsha;" convers ed

the resp onsibilities 0 f D een on growing up so the wis e people develop in them the awareness 0 f go odness and worship 0 f Allah from the very

with him very elo quently and sweetly b ecaus e the relationship between the brother and the sister is very sacred and holy. They share a numb er 0 f mutual rights and this is settled through exp erienc e. If there is unity among the brothers and sisters, there prevails the atmo sphere 0 f P eac e and calm

childho 0 d. We should als 0 pay sp ecial attention to it. Thes e days, the taste

over the hous e and cons equently, no enemy can harm them. Allah forbid! I f the brothers and sisters have daggers drawn with one another, and there

for crick et, us el es s game sand im pu denc e to ward selders is d ev el op ed amo ng the chil dr en. Hen c e, th ey remain ne glig en t 0 f their dutie sand resp onsibilities throughout their lives. They b ec ome cricket fans and keep wasting their time.

In the same way, the children are taught impudenc e at

develop s fury, enmity and ins ensibility in their hearts, the family is ruined.

homes. They are enc ouraged at their foul and abusive conversation. Their

We can c onc lude from the wor ds 0 f th e inc ident that Hazrat Ab d -ul- Rahman;" was not exasp erated but some complaints and mis givings

imprudent attitude is exhibited before every visitor with pride and elation. This tendency is very bad. The children b ec ome 10 quacious, liars and idle



Ix. Hazrat Aisha IS .. Love For The Holy Prophet 4 :

were lurking in hi s min d. Amma Ai s ha;" sent for him, talk ed to him, removed the mis givings and clarified the whole matter to him with a crystal

The trickling of tears from her eyes while p ointing to the maus oleum, was the expres sion 0 f her love for the Holy Prophet # who s e effect remained alive for ever. There is a very good lesson for every Muslim wife in it.

clear c oncienc e.

Sacrifice of a Poor Sister:

In this way, no one was either dis grac ed or insulted rather their status was rais ed to a great extent. I f all the brothers and sisters deal with each other in this way, the fire 0 f dis cord between the brothers and sisters can easily be extinguished. The meaning 0 f a Hadith is that if the inmates of the hous e show kindnes s to one another, the whole hous e go es under the protection 0 f Allah Who provides them sub sistenc e beyond limits.

Viii. Hazrat Ais ha IS" Reverenc e For The Holy Prophet 4:-

This incident als 0 shows how greatly Hazrat Aisha;" resp ected the Holy Prophet#. Normally, long company 0 f married life reduc es resp ect and honour, but resp ect for the Holy Prophet # in the heart 0 f Hazrat Aisha;" kept increasing with every passing day. Hence it was the reward of this resp ect that she enj oyed the company 0 f the Holy Prophet # till the last moment 0 f her life.

The Holy Prophet # married several times after his marriage with Hazrat Aisha;" . Still there was no narrow -mindnes s or reduction in resp ect for the Holy Prophet #, b ecaus e she knew that he # was doing all this in compliance with Allah's injunctions. His only motive in marrying was to provide sub sistenc e and supp ort to the widows and religious benefits to mankind at large. Henc e, Hazrat Aisha;" tolerated her co - wives happily and she kept her resp ect for the Holy Prophet # free 0 f any kind of selfishnes s.

x. Hazrat Aisha Siddiqua IS" Pari enc e:-

Hazrat Aisha;" wip ed away her tears at onc e, while the women 0 f to day weep in c omp etition shedding cro c 0 dile tears and make a sh ow 0 f their bereavement. Hazrat Aisha;" oc cupied a very high position of fortitude. Noone can comprehend the severity 0 f sho ck she suffered due to the sad parting 0 f the Holy Prophet #. Instead 0 f making a show 0 f her grief to the people, she develop ed firm relation with Allah. I f the Muslim daughters come to understand this, the mourning, wailing and ingratitude may come to an end.

o Allah! Bles s the Banaat- e- Aisha;" with the powers to act up on the golden example of Amma Aisha1s;" character. Ameen! 0 the Lord of the Martyrs and the Mujahideen!

These days, poverty like leprosy is regarded as an infamy. Hence the poor remain ever busy in complaining and showing ingratitude whereas poverty is not an infamy or ignominy at all. I f the poor, in spite 0 f poverty, perform go od deeds, pay gratitude to Allah when they see the po orer


bullets are shot in the heart 0 f the enemy, I will achieve the greatest bles sing of the world. Pray for us, may Allah grant us the strength and capacity to help the Mujahideen!

Re sp ec t ed b ro ther! In vo ke to Allah to grant my hu s band the knowledge and strength to take part in Jihad and ac c ept him for His D een! And ac c ept hearty congratulations on the birth 0 f the young Ab dullah Bin Mas 0 0 d. May Allah grant him a long life and give him the powers to follow you in your fo otstep s ! Ame en.

May Allah keep your kindnes s and affections to us to the day 0 f judgement, Ameen! Forgive me for the errors in the letter. It is my first letter.

Was salaam, Your sister,

Wife 0 f Saghir Ahmad, Land hi , Karachi.


people, and sp end a few coins in the way 0 f Allah, He fulfils their needs and provides them p eac e and s olac e which the rich people cannot buy even if they sp end thousands 0 f rup ees.

A few hours ago, a poor lady in Karachi, sent all her jewellery for the sake of Jihad. Her husband's monthly income is about Rs. 2500 which is equal to nothing in a city like Karachi. This contented and thankful lady , instead 0 f showing ingratitude, taunting her husband with low inc ome and begging 0 f people, donated all her jewellery for the sake of Allah's Deen. The Lord does not deprive those who donate in His way. May Allah bless this great sister with go 0 d reward and shower His sp ecial bles sings on all the members of that family. Thus this invocation is due to all those sisters who are trying to determine and reform the history 0 f the Muslims with the help 0 f such religious deeds. Here are the emotions 0 f the sister who sent the jewellery.

Reply to the letter:

Resp ected sister , Wa A1aikum Salam.

Your religious sentiments and great gift are enviable. May Allah ac c ept them! Ameen.

Was salaam

Resp ected Brother Moulana Muhammad Mas 0 0 d Azhar, As salam - 0 - Alaikum.

May Allah protect you and all your companions! Am e en!

The invo cations 0 f all our sisters are due for you and tho s e who sacrific e for I slam. May Allah bles s you and all the Mujahideen with so great p ower and strength that Kashmir may be lib erated and the Islamic system may be enforc ed! Am een!

o my brother! I am a poor sister 0 f yours. I cannot pay much.

This minor gift is my wedding jewellery, pleas e ac c ept it. I am sure if a few



have died a b ehever (Muslim). It means that he is the dis ciple 0 f the Holy Prophet's 3 disciples. His father Hazrat Zubair;" is that great man who held up the sword for Islam first 0 f all and Allah sent him salutations through the Holy Prophet3. He is the Holy Prophet's 3 cousin and is

one 0 f the ten p ers ons who were bles s ed with the go 0 d news 0 f salvation during their lifetime. Hazrat Asma" (daughter 0 f Abu Bakr) is the lady who was blessed by the Holy Prophet 3 with the title of "Zaat-ul-Nataaqain''.

Hazrat Urwa's grandmother is the Holy Prophet's courageous aunt Hazrat Safia;". His maternal grandfather is Hazrat Siddique- e- Akbar ;., . NI


thes e relations are imp ortant, but Hazrat Urwa was coloured only in the

colouring 0 f his maternal Aunt, Hazrat Aisha;" who s e one remark brought Hazrat Urwa (may Allah bles s him) from the narrownes s and darkne s s 0 f the world and led him to the great expans e 0 f the next world.

One evening, four beautiful and holy young men - Hazrat Ab dullah Bin Zubair:r/, Hazrat M usab Bin Zubair ~ , Hazrat Urwa Bin Zubair:r/ and





Ab dul Malik Bin IvIatwan were sitting near the Rukn - e- Yamaani 0 f the

Holy Kaaba. M1 0 f a sudden, the topic 0 f their dis cus sion was turned to a particular point. The topic was the expression of one's heart's desire and imploration to Allah for its fulfilment. M1 were 10 st in meditation and their

You have read the memoir s 0 f the paternal nephew 0 f Aruma Aisha ;.,

in the previous edition. Today the sacred, interesting and didactic memoirs of her maternal nephew shall be pres ented.

cordial desire s w ere soon on their lip s.

Divine favour descends with the memoirs of Allah's pious slaves.

Hazra t Ab dullah Bin Zu bair (may Allah bl es s him) sai d: "My

Minor sins are washed away and we are endowed with the courage to avoid

desire is to be the ruler 0 f Hijaz and to setup the holy Caliphate there. II Hazrat M u sab (may Allah bles s him) said; "My desire is to be the


big sins. Hazrat Urwa Bin Zubair is a T aabaee (a suc c es s or to the Holy

s ole ruler 0 f Kufa and Basra. II

Prophet's companions). Taabaee is the lucky Muslim who has enjoyed the company of the companions (Sahaba) of the Holy Prophet 3 and may



free from the troubles and mis eries 0 f the world. How strange it is that the pres ent day mothers and AWltS involve and entangle their children in the mud, marsh, dirt, anxiety and worries 0 f the world. Amma Aisha ~ knew

Hazrat Ab dul IvIalik Bin Marwan (may Allah bles s him) said; "My wish is to establish Caliphate on the earth after Hazrat Muaawia Bin Abi Sufiyan ~ ".

that worldly thinking was so great a trouble which should not be imparted to the 0 ffspring. The man who adopts the thinking 0 f the world hereafter,

All the three had expres s ed their cordial desires but Hazrat Urwa

was mute. When all the three c omp elled him to expres s his cordial desire,

b ec omes indifferent to this world. As a result, the world kis s es his feet with

Hazrat Urwa (may Allah bles s him) said; "IvIay Allah grant your worldly

humilia ton, but the cho s en people 0 f Allah even then do not let it enter their

desires with auspiciousness. My desire is to be a Practical Scholar. People


may rec eive from me teachings 0 f the Holy Quran, SWlllah 0 f the Holy Prophet # and the injunctions 0 f D een. In this way, I may pleas e Allah,

This les s on 0 f Amma Aisha ~ led Hazrat Urwa (may Allah bles s him) to success. Hence, he devoted all his energies and capacities to Allah's

suc c eed in the next world and get paradis e. II

D een, learning and Jihad. Within a few days, he was considered one 0 f the


Hazrat Urwa had so great indifferenc e to Caliphate that he did not

great theolo gians and adorers 0 f Allah in IvIadina. He heard Ahadith from the great companions 0 f the Holy Prophet # and narrated them with their re ferenc e. Be si de s Amma Ais ha ~, there ar e many 0 th er nam es 0 f hi s prec eptors like Hazrat Ali ~ , Hazrat Ab d-ul- Rehman Bin Auf~ , Hazrat Zai d Bin Saabit ~ , Hazrat Abu A yyub An saari ~, Hazrat Us aama Bin Zai d ~ and Hazrat Abu Huraira ~ .

like it while Caliphate is als 0 a service of D een, but as it also has

connection with worldlines s, he was not attracted to it. His indifferenc e to

the world, and his ab sorption in the next world was due to the education and training 0 f his Aunt Hazrat Aisha ~ . He us ed to tell his companions the incident 0 f Amma Aisha. His companion Hazrat Muhammad Bin

This status 0 f the fortunate dis ciple can easily be estimated from the grandeur 0 f his great prec eptors. I t was due to his position in learning

MWlkadar (may Allah bles s him) says, II Onc e, Hazrat Urwa met me. He held me by my hand and said, II 0 Aba Ab dullah II I said, II Yes. II He said,

II Onc e I went to Amma Aisha II She said, II 0 my beloved son! II I said, 110


that the just rulers like Hazrat Umar Bin Ab dul-Aziz sought his

suggestions with regard to learning, but he was not content with his

Mother, I am here to serve you. II She said, IIBy Allah, we sp en t even forty nights at the hous e 0 f the Holy Prophet # and no fire was burnt in the

learning rather he mad e thi s kno wl ed ge us eful, pro fi tab le an d secure

hous e. (neither a candle nor the hearth) . II I said, II 0 my dear mother! How

through his action. He would very 0 ften 0 b s erve sup erero gatory fasts. He would sp end the whole night awake reciting the Holy Quran. He was fond

did you live then? II She said, "We lived on dates and water, II .... II


Hazrat Urwa comprehended the mes sage 0 f Amma Aisha and was



secrets of Allah's philosophy and benevolence may have been revealed and he knows that sp ending money is much better than its storage.

So long as his fortitude is c onc erned, Allah had bles sed him abundantly with this great bles sing. He was the son 0 f a great Mujahid and the blo 0 d 0 f Jihad ran in his veins. Let us read a faith-increasing incident 0 f his patienc e. This incident may als 0 bles s us with many things.

Governor (Ameer) Walid Bin Abdul Malik, during his Caliphate, invited him to come to Damas cu s. He ac c epted the 0 ffer and went there with his elder son. The Caliph received him warmly. He was already very fond of his visit s and company. The Caliph and the Damas cun's were showering their pas sions 0 f love on him that the hour 0 f his trial started. This test was both with regard to his offspring and his body. His son went to Walid Bin Ab d -ul-Malik' s stable to see his hors es. One 0 f the hors es went out 0 f control and hit him so hard that he died on the sp ot.

Nos 0 oner had the grieved father Harrat Urwa buried his s on than there app eared a b oil on his fo ot and as a result, the thigh became swollen. The Caliph sent for physicians but the malady was incurable. Henc e, the physician s decided to cut away the thigh so that the p ois on 0 f the s ore may not spread through the rest of the body. An expert surgeon was sent for. He, with a sharp knife to cut the m u sc1e and a saw to cut the b one, reached at onc e. The physicians suggested to give him an intoxicating drug so that he might not feel the pain of the cutting. He said, "I cannot use this prohibited thing for my safety. II The physicians said, "Then we will give you the medicine which may caus e you s ens eles snes s. II He said, II I do not

of 0 ffering prolonged prayers. During day time, he us ed to recite one fourth of the Holy Quran and during the night, he us ed to recite the rest 0 f the same quantity in prayers. His relation with the Holy Quran was so firm that it remained his life long routine from childho 0 d to death that he completed its recitation in two days. Only onc e, throughout his whole life, did this routine break.

Recitation 0 f the Holy Quran, company 0 f the Companion s ~ and the training 0 f Aruma Aisha ~ had made him indifferent to the whole creation. He had learnt the skill 0 f how to beg 0 f Allah. Onc e, when he saw a p ers on offering short prayers, he sent for him and said, 110 my nephew! Don't you need anything from Allah? B Y Allah, I beg everything 0 f Allah in prayers whether it is salt or any other minor thing. II

One 0 f the emblems 0 f true and sinc ere relation with Allah is that man b ec omes generous and patient. It means that he do es not c onc ea1 from the creatures which Allah gives him. Rather he sp ends it generously to thank Allah duly for His bounties. When Allah snatches away something from him and tests him with some mis ery, he remains patient and do es not develop any mis giving or complaint against Allah.

Harrat Urwa had been granted with both 0 f thes e bles sings. He was both generous and patient. He owned a big garden in Madina. He constructed a wall around his garden to protect the trees and fruits. When the fruits rip ened, he demolished the wall at many plac es so that people might easily enter the garden and eat from its fruit and also take away whatever they liked. No doubt, only that p ers on can do soup on whom the



came to the Caliph. One 0 f them was a blind p ers on. When the Caliph desired to know the reas on 0 f the 10 s s 0 f his eyes, the blind man said;

II 0 leader 0 f the Muslims! Noone among the trib e Banu Ab s was sup erc eding me with regard to riches, family circle and 0 ffsprin g. Onc e, I, V?ith my riches and family, landed at a low lying encampment 0 f my nation.

like any part 0 f my body to be cut without feeling pain an d henc e do not want to remain devoid 0 f remunerations for pain. II Seeing this unusual situation, the physicians were surpris ed and sent for a few people. Hazrat Urwa said, IIVVho are thes e people? II The physician said, II Thes e people will hold you when you pull back your fo ot due to the pain b ecaus e that pulling back will be very harmful to you. II He said, II I do not need them. I will then do the job by the repeated invocation to Allah's name for which you have

All 0 f a sudden, there was so fierc e a flo 0 d as we had n BIer witnes s ed

before. This flo 0 d swept av;,;ray all my wealth along with my family. I was left with nothing except one camel and a newly born baby. The camel was very rebellious. It also fled av;,;ray. I laid the baby on the ground and made after the camel. Hardly had I c overed a short distanc e when I heard the cries of the baby. When I turned back, I saw that a wolf was tearing and swallowing the head of the baby. I ran back to rescue him, but the baby had breathed his last and met his Lord. Then I returned to the camel. When I

brought them.

The surgeon b egan to s ever the flesh and then the b one. There was 11;1"';',.;. jJl)1 jJll on Hazrat Urwa's lips. When the leg was being severed, the

invocation to Allah's name continued on his lips. Then some oil was heated

approached near it, it hit me so hard that my forehead cracked and my eyes wer e 10 st. All thi s hap p ene d within a night an d I was d ep rived 0 f my family, riches and eyes. II When the Caliph heard his story, he ordered his courtiers to take him to Hazrat Urwa so that he might come to kn ow that there exist more trialed people in the world than he.

Hazrat Urwa hims elf was very patient. When he came to Madina,

in order to stop the b1ee din g. When it v;,;ras wrought to the boiling point, Hazrat Urwa' thigh was dipped into it. This was the time of affliction when due to severe pain, Hazrat Urwa could not recite a few parts 0 f the Holy Quran. This was the only interval in the routine 0 f the recitations 0 f the Ho1 y Q uran. When he rec overed after the op eratio n, he ask ed for hi s severed fo ot and it was brought, he played with it lovingly and said:

"The Being who sent me with your help to the mo sque in the shadows 0 f night, knows well that I never went to any prohibited plac e or did any prohibited action walking with your help. II

Caliph Walid Bin Abdul Malik had great perception of the troubles

he said to the memb ers 0 f his family; II You need not worry seeing me. Allah bles s ed me with four sons. Then He to ok av;,;ray one 0 f them and I was left V?ith the rest 0 f the three, I am grateful to Him. In the same v;,;ray, Allah gave me four hands and feet. Then He to ok av;,;ray one 0 f them and I was left with the other three. I am even thankful to Him at it. I swear by Allah, He

which his venerable guest had undergone. He always tried to cons ole him in every possible v;,;ray.

In tho s e days, some people belonging to the trib e Banu Ab s (V f)




II Get knowledge and subj ect your actions to it so that you may give

rec eived very little from me and stored a huge for me. He tested me only onc e in life but He granted me safety and security time and again. II

it due regard. I f you are among the low 0 f your nation, Allah will, no doubt,

exalt you to greatnes s due to your knowledge. II


II Always sp eak go 0 d 0 f others. Cordiality should always play up on

The people of IvIadina would come to console their spiritual leader.

The b est words 0 f cons olation among them were tho s e 0 f Hazrat Ibrahim Bin Muhammad. He addres sed:-

your face. II


Hazrat Urwa lived all his life uniting the people with Allah and

making them indifferent to thi s world. He hims elf acted up on what he said.

II Congratulations to Abu Ab dullah! One 0 f your sons and a part 0 f your body pro c eeded to Heaven before you. If Allah likes, the whole will

His indifferenc e to the world was so great that when he was breathing his

follow the parts (it means the rest 0 f the body will als 0 go to Heaven).

last, he was fasting. The memb ers 0 f the family suggested him to break the fast but he did not agree. He left this world fasting, it is hop ed that he

Allah has kept safe in store for us the thing which we needed i. e. your knowledge, Islamic law and your society. Allah will benefit both you and

opened the fast with sweet and c old water in the Heaven.

us through it. Allah is the protector 0 f your rewards and remuneration and

Now, in this age 0 f s elfishnes s, the life 0 f the beloved nephew 0 f Amma Ais ha ~ is the best mo del for the daughters 0 f Hazrat Ais ha ~.

guarantor 0 f your judgement. II

This incident 0 f Hazrat Urwa has many les sons for the Muslims.

Solution s to the worries 0 f thi s world for man lies in the fact that he should

IvIay Allah grant us the p ower to understand it! Hazrat Urwa us ed to render

develop thought for the world hereafter and try to be c ompas sionate to the Umma h 0 f the Holy Prophet 3.

many us eful piec es 0 f advic e to his children and dis ciples. F or example:

(l) "My sons! None 0 f you should 0 ffer the thing to Allah which you

Th e s e days, people are facing ever new calamities. The ro ot caus e

feel ashamed 0 f pres enting it to the honourable memb ers 0 f the nation. No

of thes e trou bl es is that they have mad e th e w orl illy benefit s th eir only object and target of life and have forgotten the Hereafter completely. Not to

doubt, Allah des erves esteem and resp ect mo st 0 f all. II

The ladies who give the stunk and dis carded things for the sake 0 f

sp eak 0 f other things, even worship is done for the sake 0 f the world and

Allah and pres erve go 0 d things with them, must learn ales s on from this advic e. In the same way, the people who say prayers in s oiled clothes an d

go 0 d deeds are done only to emb ellish this world. Contrary to it, this world

is totally mortal and faithles s. He, who feels attracted by this world, has to rep ent at last. There is only mortality and perdition here. Henc e, if man mak es thi s world the 0 b j e ct 0 f his life will ever remain di s gra c ed an d

feel ashamed 0 f going to a celebration with tho s e clothes on, should als 0 get

admonition. No doubt, Allah's grandeur demands of us to be more and

more careful in the cas e 0 f Allah.




humiliated. So, why should we not make Allah's good will and attainment of the next world our 0 bj ect 0 f life. We should worship and do all go 0 d deeds for it. In this way, the quality 0 f genero sity will develop in us. We shall be bles s ed with patienc e and fortitude. There will be a light in our hearts which will enlighten us and will als 0 reach other people through us. For Heaven's sake, free yourselves for a few moments from the imbroglio of this world, bow before Allah and meditate for a while on the transienc e 0 f this world. This will Insha - Allah lead us to the highway 0 f the next world where there is resp ect and p eac e, co olnes s and light, where we will be the humble slaves 0 f the Lord and He will bles s us with His love. Where we will store virtues at all times; where we will get rid 0 f the dirty darknes s 0 f las civiousnes s and sensuality; and we will not be humiliated like beasts only to satis fy our sexual urge.

If Amma Ais ha I s ~ trainin g can reveal all the s e s ec ret s to her nephew, why should we remain devoid 0 f it. Amma Aisha ~ is our mother als o. H enc e we can reap benefits 0 f her teachings and training.




and 5 responsibilities of Banaat-e-Aisha

D ear sisters! 0 spirited daughters 0 f Amma Aisha! All 0 f us are now sitting comfortably in our hous es while in our neighb ourho 0 d, tons 0 f gunp owder, mis siles and bomb s are being dropp ed on our Afghan brothers and irmo c ent children. The mis siles which shed blo 0 d 0 f the courageous and spirited Afghan Muslims, pass through the skies of our country. The seas 0 f the Muslim countries are safe harb ours to the American ship s. The Airp 0 rt s 0 f Mu slim co un trie s are 0 p en for emerg enc y landin g 0 f their



of Pakistan.

A few voluptuous tyrants put on uniforms and kept oppres sing the Mus lim s 0 f Bengal till y est erday . They rap e d th e re sp ectab1 e girl sand turned the inno c ent children to orphans. Then the sighs 0 f the oppres s ed rent the skies and our country was broken into two due to the portent 0 f the drunken rulers until we as well as Bangladeshi Muslims were left alone. The Indians held festivities at it and meanwhile, the cruel agents of Christianity who had exploited our poverty, dropp ed in with daggers on both the countries and started preaching Christianity. Now, thousands of Ben glades hi Muslims have been deprived 0 f I slam and have reached the marsh 0 f Christianity, where there is neither p eac e 0 f mind nor suc c es s in the Hereafter.

The same sc ene is being rep eated thes e days, but even more hein 0 us 1y an d dang er 0 us 1y . Th e Afghans ar e brave M u j ahi d een and staunch Muslims. They are emb e11ished with the exc ellenc es 0 f migration and Jihad. They are endowed with the b1es sings 0 f mo desty and s ens e 0 f honour. They are dear to Allah and have sacrificed their lives, property and everything els e. They are still bent up on the enforc ement 0 f the ordinanc e of I slam. They have given shelter to the Arabian princ es to protect them from the atrocities of the kuffar (infidels) and hyp ocrites. They have revived the Sunnah 0 f the Ansaar (help ers) 0 f Madina. They have refus ed to yield before the Infidels. They have purified Afghanistan 0 f the vic es so much that there is neither cable network, unveiling, plundering or looting there. They have beautified thems elves with the love of Allah and

plane s. The heart 0 f a country 1ik e U zb ekistan, welc ome s warml y th e impious and nasty soldiers. This is the country where lmaam Bukhari's City B ukhara an d Th e 01 0 gian A b ul- Lai s S amarkand i IS city Samarkand is situated.

o my sisters! The truth is that America IS fit 0 f frenzy would have died its own death at the hands 0 f its natural c owardlines s if our Muslim countries had not sided with America. America is terrified and has grown coward due to her worldly pro gres s . She sees her future surrounded in dan gers, but all th eMus lim c oun tries, their armed fo rc es, th eir 0 il an d capital are op en for her help in order to wip e out the Afghan Muslims.

Think for a while, you will have your heart in your mouth due to the intensity 0 f the situation. The Arab countries supply fuel free 0 f cost to the planes which drop bomb s on the beautiful, irmo c ent Afghan children. The Muslim countries provide sea-ports to them. The voluptuous rulers, traders and Landlords 0 f the Muslim countries pay the pric e 0 f these bomb s and mis siles in the form 0 f their vo1uptuousnes s. I f an American soldier is inj ur ed durin g b om bing, the Airp 0 rt s 0 f J ac ko ba bad an d P a sni an d the Muslim crew there proudly exc el in s ervic e in providing him medical aid.

By Allah, all this is nothing els e for the Muslims than humilia tio n, disgrac e and ignominy. The sighs and cries of the inno cent Afghan children are renting the skies. The lamentations 0 f the oppres s ed are going beyond the skies. We, Pakistanis, are equally resp onsib1e for the mas sacre of our Muslim brothers due to our c owardic e, lethargy and dastardlines s. This is certainly so heinous a crime which has undermined the foundations



troubles and mis eries. We deprived them 0 f the Quranic teachings, we do the d them in the West em dre s s fro m th eir very childh 0 0 d and thr ew them in the fumac e 0 f an English education. Whom will thes e children obey 0 n growing up esc ept the British. We polluted our hous es with sin ful actions and regard ed the dis ob e dienc e 0 f Allah as fashion and entertainment. The children brought up in thes e same hous es and educated in thes e same s cho ols are the rulers now, who are unable to dis c em Allah I S Omnip otence. Hence, they are pro strating before the Infidels and are making their country a fit target of Allah' s torment. What els e can be exp ected 0 f people who danc e before the TV, take liquor and walk with s exy ges tures lik e the pigs and regard b ashles sn es s as fo rwardne s sand las civiousnes s as broad-mindednes s?

A three year old innocent girl "Rehmat" whose parents have been martyre d in the Ameri can t erro ris mask s all th e moth er sand si st ers in Pakistan: T ell me, what is my fault? Why do you nourish such sons and bro th er s whom sup port th e Jews and th e Chris tian s in mas sa crin g the Muslim s? Why do you keep bringing up hyp 0 crites in your hous es till now, to whom I slamic values b ear no imp ortanc e in c omparis on to the busines s of usury, who regard the fear of America as greater than Allah I S Omnipotenc e. Who s e energies and capacities are sp ent in killing, threatening and suppres sing their Muslim brethren. Who are very hard to their own nation and very kind and mild to others. Who regard their own sovereignty as "national interest" and for this sake, they s ell their faith, pride and sense of honour. Tell me please 0 Pakistani sisters! Do you

dec orated their hearts with the splendour 0 f J iha d. They sai d, "Allah-o-Akbar" (Allah is the greatest of all). They laid down every thing to enforc e it. They coloured and sc ented themselves in the tinge 0 f the civilization and b eauty 0 f Madina, thro wing away the filth and stench of Europ e. They mentioned the name 0 f I slam and made their utmo st efforts to enf or c e it p ra ctic ally. The Afghan wo men sup ers ed e m en an d men sup ers ede their women to 0 ffer sacrific es in the 0 b edienc e 0 f Allah. This pas sion 0 f theirs made Afghanistan the furtres s 0 f I slam in this age. They remained hungry and thirsty but did not sell their honour, their self-respect, their ego and their religion. They cho s e to live in mud hous es but did not let their nation entangle in the loans on interest. Thes e lovely people 0 f Afghanistan are worthy 0 f prais e and adoration. They are so chaste and virtuous that eyes are cooled by paying a visit to them so much so that kis sing their s oiled feet can be regarded as great luck, but we Pakistani IS enc oura ge d their enemi es rather than ap pr ec ia ting and ap plaudin g the Afgans. We provided a channel to the mis siles thrown on them and cons equenUy, we were ranked among the killers 0 f a lofty and pious nation.

o my sisters! This situation is to be lamented and regretted. The fact is that we are feeling hateful of ourselves now. We have rendered such training to our countrymen that when they are flattered by the enemy, they readily strike a cheap bargain 0 f their faith for the sake 0 f some timely respect.

o my sisters! I f we had nourished and trained true Muslim children in our hous es, we would not have fac ed such a dark day of atro cities,



sake. It is so sorrowful that this same group are our rulers, this same group is calling for Allah's torment which untill now was on hold.

o Allahl Protect us and the whole Pakistan from this torment. 0 Allahl All 0 f us are criminals. IvIany people among us are als 0 there who with Afghans are b ec oming the target 0 f terrorism. Thank Allah l The role of the J aish is prais eworthy and commendable in this regard. J aish do es not b eliev e, nor takes part in pro c es sions and s10 gans - chanting, but still the enemy's imp 0 sing restrictions on it shows how great deeds the J aish can do.

o Allah! Do not tonnent us due to our rulers, politicians and voluptuous 1 eaders. We are exonerated to their wrong decisions. We are shedding tears at the troubles 0 f our chaste and honorab1 e Afghan Muslims. o Allahl 0 ur chaste and pious sisters and mothers sp end whole nights on prayer rugs sighing and crying. 0 Allahl Weare not the supp orters 0 f the Infidels. We are helpless in our own country. Our rulers are making wrong us e 0 f their powers. 0 Allahl B les s us with the p ower to p erform the duties due on us. Ameen.

o my dear sisters! What can we do on this occasion? We should ponder over it and regard the rest of life as precious and do the duties imposed upon us.

(I). Our first and foremo st duty now is to give up sinful actions, beg rep entanc e, worship Allah devoutly, shed tears and implore Allah for the I slamic state of Afghanistan, Hazrat Ameer - ul- Mumineen, T aliban Islamic movement, J aish - e- Muhammad, all the Mujahideen and Pakistan. This is not the time to be negligent rather to awake and pray. On this occasion, TV

nourish only such a generation in your lap s who is shoulder to shoulder with the Infidels in order to destroy the only pure Islamic country Afghanistan and to end the I slamic government there? The blood 0 f the Afghan martyrs ask, II 0 Pakistani sisters! What wrong have we done to you? I s it a crime to provide shelter to a proud and pious Muslim Sheikh U sama Bin Laden? II

On the other hand the coward, voluptuous, bashles s and bas eles s Pakistani rulers apprehended two great sons 0 f the nation; Yousaf Rarnzi and Aima1 Kaansi, handing them over to the Infidels. Thes e lions now wait for their deaths in the American pris ons .

I t is regretful that all the Pakistani forc e is us ed against their own countrymen. Pill the terror, greatnes s and awe 0 f the Muslims was washed away after handing over thes e true Muslims to the kuffar and as a result the Infidels have been enc ouraged. Henc e, they have b egun to demand U sama Bin Laden; while the Indians have started to demand Muhammad Mas 0 0 d Azhar. Will Usarna be handed over to the polytheists? Can Muslim sisters, daughters and mothers tolerate it? Is U sama the memb er 0 f an heirles s nation? Only for this crime, America is spreading terrorism in Afghanistan and Pakistan is co-operating with her blindly to curry favour.

Would that we had some solid ground and a reply to satis fy our Afghan brothers and sisters! 0 bashful and chaste Afghan sisters! Weare the real convicts; we are abashed. We reared such individuals whom are loyal n either to th eir Lor d nor to the Muslim s. They d eman d only th e fulfilment 0 f their worldly desires. They can s ell every thing for their own



Muslims. Now, voic es are being rais ed, IIVVby are the J aish people sitting silent and pas sive? Why do they not take part in the demonstrations and

and unveiling should be eliminated, idlenes s in prayers should be removed. Supererogatory fasts should be observed, repeated innvocation of Allah's

pro c es sions? Why do they not co - op erate and work shoulder to shoulder

go 0 d names should be made our routine, the last quarter 0 f the night should

with the Afghans? II I am sure, our sinc ere sisters will not be affected by this us eles s idle talk b ecaus e they know that only the J aish has rend ered full

be em belli she d with re ci tatio n 0 f th e Holy Quran and charity and ahn s should be increas ed. Keep in mind, if the I slamic state of Afghanistan do es

co - operation with the Taliban throughout this crisis and even now J aish - e- Muhammad 3 is facing and sharing American terrorism shoulder

not remain safe, what will be the us e 0 f the Muslims to remain alive? What

is this life if it do es not protect I slam?

to shoulder with the Taliban. America's imposing restrictions on it and


The sec ond resp onsibility is to co - op erate with the I slamic state of

India's raising a hue and cry against it is in itself a clear proof that it is still a cause of torment to the enemy.

o my sisters! It is the time 0 f trial. The common united power 0 f a

Afghani stan in every po s s ib le way. Not e that the re quir ed numb er 0 f Mujahideen has reached there and thousands 0 f others are waiting for their turn. You (Muslim Sisters) should prepare the men folk for practical Jihad

numb er 0 f countries is working collectively to end up the leader ship 0 f the J aish. The Infidels are leaving no stone unturned to wip e out the very being

and als 0 collect money, beddings, medicines and other required items for

of the Jaish. If, in this situation, you (sisters) fall prey to the fals e propaganda of the so -called Muslims instead 0 f facing the enemy and

the Mujahideen.

(I II). The third duty is to try to reform the individuals in your circle who

strengthening the J aish, your IIF edai II brothers who s e flesh has been minc ed

opp 0 se the T aliban ~ 000 are still singing in prais e 0 f America even in this hour 0 f trial. Make them realis e with your own action and character, how

to piec es, will certainly 10 dge a complaint against you to Allah.

We have (Pillah be thanked) adopted practical way s out rather than earning ch eap p 0 pulari ty an dare d oin g 0 ur duty fully. Yo u, all th e Banaat-e-Aisha ~ , should remain united and attached with the Markaz and

great a fault they are involved in and how they are ruining their lives in the

H ereafter . In this connection, you will have to work steadfastly b ecaus e the pro fanity worshipp ers and American paramours in our country, are a great

caus e 0 f humiliation to us.

work by the SWe3.t 0 f your brow to strengthen it.

(IV). The fourth is to rely completely on the Markaz (headquaters) in this


Th e fi fth is that in thi s si tua ti on, if the enemy s c or es vic to ry

critical juncture. The people who are spreading different doubts and fears ab out the J aish - e- Muhammad are under the influenc e 0 f propaganda from the Infidels and tho s e who want to emaciate the sacred movement 0 f the

(apparently) and suc c eeds in harming the leadership 0 f the J aish, you should not be disappointed. Jaish-e-Muhammad 3 is not the name of an




organization, but that 0 f an ideolo m . Whether the J aish and its leadership remains alive or not, you are to live as "Banaat-e-Aaisha;':' ".

The unflinching faith, firm theory 0 f J iliad, invincible mo desty and high religious character is the mes sage given to you by your brothers. You are to protect this mes sage and spread it throughout the world remaining in the limits 0 f S hariah. It will be our u tm 0 st e ffo rt to keep J aish - e- Muhammad working in the same way~ to maintain the publi cati on of the magazine Banaat- e-Aisha;':' and to continue other tasks of the movement and religion. I f duty calls and we are to sacrific e thes e things, we shall, by the grac e 0 f Allah, not hesitate. At that time, you can read the pr evi ou s arti c le sand edit 0 rials whi ch will p r ovi de you with en ough instructions to work, manage and continue the work in future b ecaus e I slam and its mes sage are to remain alive at any cost, all the rest is mortal. You are to remain firm on I slam in every situation, you are to live and die for it and not to let your faith, ideolo m and character suffer a 10 s s. Now, I slam will certainly ris e with its full lustre and splendour, but this job is demanding and asks a lot 0 f sacrific e. Let us see who is ac c epted and acknowledged for this sacred task before the others? 0 Allah! The movement Banaat- e- Aisha ;.:. has been and will be only for You. So protect it pleas e! Am een!



Today, I am to give my chaste, proud and courageous sisters the latest news and t ell them ab out the current situation b ecaus e it is certain that the kind-hearted Muslim sisters will be greatly worried and anxious. I hop e that, by the grac e 0 f Allah, pas sion will replac e anxiety; aversion against K ufr will replac e worries after the revelation 0 f the true situation. Pleas e read a survey 0 f the latest situation.

The greatest deceiver (dajjal) of this age "America" started bombing Afghanistan on the night of Octob er 07, 2001, this horrible bombing continues till the pres ent day i. e. N ovemb er 1 0, 200 1. Americ a



perc ei ving th e fa ct "The Dying Sun C anno t Be the Lord. "" Henc e. American awe and terror is gradually diminis hing from the hearts 0 f the people and they are comprehending Allah the Almighty' s power, strength, o mnip otenc e and His divine help with the true religious people. Now, the Americ an dollar is devaluing, the Pun eri can so ci ety is pining awa y, her ec on om y is fa cing ever new 10 s s es an d th e Ameri cans are th em s elves feeling sorry 0 f being Americans.

2. The group s who make the Muslims irreli giou s, have always been sp reading venom a gain s t th eMu slim s ch olars and M uj ahi de en . Th e Muslims naturally love the Holy Quran, henc e the man who has Quranic knowledge b ec omes dear to the Muslims. The agents 0 f the Infidels create repugnanc e in the common Muslims against the scholars who have ac quaintanc e with Quranic teachings. As they want to spread 0 b s c enity, nudit y, immo d es ty an d pagani sm am ong th eMus lims, th ey, fir st 0 f all revile the true scholars so that the Muslims may be detached fro m them. Then it b ec omes somewhat easy for them to lead them astray. Thes e people who try to lea d th e Mu slim s as tray, firs t 0 f all spr ea d th e pr op agan da against the scholars that America is at their back. Americ a provides them dollars, motor vehicles and even hous es. Hearing this, the so - called Muslims develop an aversion against the scholars and the Mujahideen and they, without thinking, fall an easy prey to thes e heretic s.

I rememb er well that in the beginning, there was the same kind 0 f propaganda against the T aliban that America ha d generated and nourished them. At that time, many 0 f the so - called thinkers without any true

was under the delusion that after a few days I fero cious bombing, she will be able to forc e the proud and courageous Afghans to give in and establish a purely Americanis ed government in Afghanistan. Fortunately, the situation is to tally opp 0 si te and Americ a is yet una bl e to s core even one perc ent suc c es s in her target. However, the Muslims have claimed a numb er 0 f benefits from this new World War. For example:

1. America met a 10 s s 0 f millions 0 f dollars in the bomb explo sion on World Trade C entre and Pentagon. She was still unable to make go 0 d this 10 s s that her detriments in this war started. The s e detrim ent s are al s 0 estimated not in millions but in billions. A strange unrest and disrup tion pr evail 0 v er Americ a. P e 0 pl e have start ed va ca tin g hi gh buildin gs . Anthrax has spread awe and uneasines s everywhere. The Americans sleep has beem driven off due to the fear 0 f exp ected vengeanc e attacks in reaction to the American attack on Afghanistan. A cc ording to the newspap ers sleeping pills in the medical stores have been s old out. All the pride and coquetry 0 f the country which pronounc ed ~ ~, ,_..L.J L.' (I am thy great Lord) and whom our Muslims were worshipping, has reduc ed to a mis erable state. America was one 0 f the greatest idols in the world by who s e worship people were buying for thems elves hell.

Our people mis - shap ed even their shap es and changed their BC es for the sake 0 f America. They deserted the holy path of Madina and followed the nasty paths 0 f America. They considered America invincible and als 0 that suc c es s lay only in being Americans. T hes e days, when this statue has b ec ome hollow and is ab out to crumble down, the Muslims are



dollars, he do es not even like to spit at them. Thes e people ar e mis - stating that America had been buttering-up and enc ouraging Ameer - ul- M umineen Mulla Muhammad Umar, whereas Ameer - ul- Mumine en never needed any

knowledge proved T aliban to be American agents and the credulous people were greatly influenc ed by their propaganda. In the same way, when I was

releas ed by the sp ecial bles sings and grac e 0 f Allah, there was the same

such currier like America?

kind 0 f slo gan that America and India had a hand in this releas e. The

N ow millions 0 f Muslim men and women are ready to lay down their lives for our Ameer - ul- M umineen. The Muslim ladies are sacrificing their j ewellery for his protection. Arneer - ul- Mumineen has been the friend of Allah and the enemy 0 f America. Even to day he is pronouncing

people who launch such propaganda are thos e who have made their app earanc e and b earing like tho s e 0 f the Americans. The execrable sounds of danc es and songs always echo in their hous es and their lives are seen in

the grip 0 f the torment 0 f sinful actions. Thes e people invite the Muslims

Allah-o -Akbar under the volleys of bombs. Same is the cas e with the J aish - e- Muhammad, they als 0 are friends 0 f Allah and fo es 0 f America.

to immo des ty and unveiling, divert th em from the holy fo ots tep s 0 f th e Prophet ~ and his holy wives ~ and exc el in every act 0 f dis 0 b edienc e to

Henc e thousands 0 f Muslim men and women are ever ready to serve it.

Allah. Inspite 0 f all thes e nasty actions, people are dup ed by their slick tongues when they blame the scholars and Mujahideen that they are supp orted by America. Now, the gushing storm 0 f this propaganda has died

Yes! American friends are the people who populated the cinemas and dep opulated the mo s ques. American paramours are th 0 se who forc ed the daughters 0 f Amma Aisha ~ to unveil thems elves and danc e on the stage.

its own death. Lo ok! On whom is America as sailing thes e days? Whom is

American companions are the individual s who feathered their nests, erected

India demanding again and again? Who are being bomb ed thes e days? Who are fighting the holy war against America to day? And who are kis sing and licking the Americ an I s feet?

high buildings and then filled tho s e hous es with impious instrum ents and

items 0 f sinful action s. American supp orters are people who spread

immo desty, nationalism and materialism among the Muslims in the name 0 f broa d-mind edn es s and mo dem e duc ati on. American b elov eds are th 0 s e

o Muslim sisters! It is now very easy to distinguish between

day and night like wild b easts in the pursuit 0 f unlawful acts and slaughter

friends and fo es. Thes e people are telling lies that, till yesterday America was supp orting U sama Bin Laden. I t is a clear cut slander, Sheikh U sama came to Afghanistan as a common Mujahid in his very adoles c enc e. After that he progres sed (by the grac e and suc cour of Allah) and became the

who regard the poor worse than do gs, dis grac e them and cons equenUy invite their own damnation. American loyali sts are the people who stray

Allah's commandments for a few coins. American supporters are the folk who consider the poor mean and abj ect, weigh Muslim daughters in the

leader 0 f the Mujahideen. Allah has bles s ed him with so much wealth and comm unio n with his 0 wn self that not to speak 0 f ac c epting Americ an



mankind is their motto. Thes e people who put on gorgeous clothes and app ear civilized, are more cruel than wild beasts. They provide butter to

currency 0 f dowry and make fun 0 f the poverty 0 f the meek. American fidels are the fellows, who regard their arguments as weighty after reading

their do gs but do not even tolerate to provide a stale piec e 0 f bread to the

only a few Urdu books, then reproach the scholars and try to harm I slam.

children 0 f th eir p 00 r t en an ts. They are the loot er sand tra ders 0 f th e chastities 0 f inno c ent women. They have mortgaged the whole nation at the

Ameri can co mp anio ns ar e th e fo 1k who s ell human being s to fill their pockets, beat them, ruin their health and bring about inequality in society.

hands 0 f the Jews and the Christians. Beware, now it is high time to get rid of thes e people to strengthen your relation with Allah the Almighty and to value and applaud the Mujahideen. If we do so, we will, by the grac e 0 f

American friends are the men who are cowards and do not come out for

J iha d, rather they r egar d the fi gh t a gain st Pun eri ca as their extin cti on. Thes e people are outwardly p eac e-lovers, but actually they want to imp 0 s e

Allah, get rid 0 f America and her devilish companions.


Another advantage that the Muslims scored in this war is that the

America up on the Muslims.

Pill thes e group s 0 f people influenc ed by American germs, i. e. the immoral and corrupt politicians, brib ed, corrupt and cruel 0 ffic ers, beastly

status 0 f the Muslim nation has mu ch rais ed now. A short while ago, the

Muslims were begun to be considered a coward and venal nation. A high rankin g American 0 fficial went to the extent to say ab out Pakistanis that thes e people will s ell even their mothers for the sake 0 f a few dollars. This

landlords, blo od thirsty peers and seers, unjust and immodest traders,

materiah sts and time server b eauro crats are spread all around us. One feels

comment was made when the government of Pakistan handed over a

ashamed 0 f calling them with the word "MAN". They are al VoMjs busy sp ending their time undermining and ruining the Muslims and sucking their blo 0 d. They are all prais e for Americ a, they are waiting for the terminatio n

Muslim citizen 'Aimal Kaansi' to America. A feudal (tribal) political lord of

D era G hazi Khan ha d r end ere d full coop era ti on to Pun eri ca in arr estin g

of the T ahban government in Afghanistan so that they may be able to wip e

him. Moreover, not only Pakistan but mo st 0 f the Muslim countries als 0 sided with the Infidels to torture their Muslim brothers on the orders 0 f

Seeing all this, it seemed that the Muslims had been deprived 0 f the II I slamic system 0 f fraternity" which the Holy Prophet ~ had established

out the religious people from Pakistan. Pill thes e tyrants us ed to addres s the scholars and Mujahideen as American agents till yesterday, but today they thems elves are pro strating humbly before America.

o my Muslim sister! Rec 0 gnize thes e tyrants and never betaken in


by their slick tongue s. Thes e days, Afghan children are being slaughtered

in Madina. Puneer-ul-Momeneen' s firm stand against the Infidels and hyp 0 crites, for the sake 0 f a Muslim brother, shows a new ray 0 f hop e

but these people are busy in singing, dancing and merry-making. These s ens eles s people are the slaves 0 f their carnal desires and smothering 0 f



the Muslims have seen the true fac e 0 f America, they are renouncing every

which has again granted I slam the same dignity it des erves. Moreover, a mad pursuit 0 f thousands 0 f Muslims to Afghanistan, the march 0 f the old,

kind 0 f sinful action and are reverting wi1 dly to Allah. They have broken

musical instruments, eradicated the TB 0 f TV from their hous es and made

the young and the children from allover the world to Afghanistan

arrangements for 0 ffering prayers and reciting the Holy Quran. A flo 0 d 0 f

regardles s 0 f the bombing there. Muslim ladies I sacrific e 0 f their jewellery

ab omination against America in Saudi Arabia is gushing forth. N ow men

fo r J iha d and many w om en I s de sire to partic i pa te in Jihad, are all the

regard having beard sand women regard ob s erving veil as an auspiciousness. Even Allah's dis ob edient people are shedding tears of

bles sings 0 f Jihad which has created a new awarenes s and a s ens e 0 f honour

among the sleepy Muslim nation. It is certain that when the Muslim ris es,

regret. They are rep enting and sighing in the darknes s 0 f the night and

no one can hinder him from dominating or conquering others.

emb ellishing their lives for the next world.


Another advantage 0 f the pres ent day Jihad against America has


Allah has endowed many 0 f the Mujahideen with the bles sing 0 f

been exp 0 s ed in a way that Allah has granted a numb er 0 f Muslim men and

martyrdom due to this Jihad. Till now, more than eighty brothers 0 f

women with the p ower and capacity to rep ent 0 f their sinful actions. A

Banaat- e-Aisha have been martyred in the American bombing. Ten

Muslim's repenting of his sinful actions is no less a bliss than conquering a

Mujahideen in Kabul and B agram, fifty five in the Darra - e- Sauf and sixteen in IvIazar Sharif have obtained the high rank 0 f martyrdom. A number 0 f

country A numb er 0 f bits 0 f information are being rec eived from the Arab

an d Non - Arab, E uro p ean an d As ia n c oun trie s that the Mu slims have

imp ortant commanders als 0 include them. We have not is sued the list 0 f martyrs to the pres s and media but have certainly 0 ffered it to Allah the

reno WlC ed the Pun eri can pr 0 du cts, American dres s , American sty1 es an d

Almighty. Our hearts are sore at their separation and martyrdom, but we 10 ok at them with envy at their attainment 0 f such a high rank. The Holy Prophet ~ has given glad tidings 0 f double reward to the Mujahid who is

shap es, and are adopting I slamic civilization and culture. The situation till yes terday was that all 0 f Pun eric an filth was cons id er ed a fas hi on an d bles sing, manners and teachings 0 f the Holy Prophet ~ were regarded as backwardnes s and cons ervatism. F or example, eating while sitting on the

martyred at the hands 0 f the Jews and the Christians. Thes e companions 0 f ours have, by the grac e 0 f Allah, obtained double reward and have reached a

Some 0 f thes e martyred companions have left behind them their

ground was backwardnes s and grazing her e and ther e like animals was pro gres s; 0 b s erving veil was backwardnes s and walking immo desUy was develop ment.

In short, Allah forbid, the Muslims had preferred America to Madina everywhere. This thing was very harmful to the Muslims, but sinc e

high rank in paradis e. The vengeanc e 0 f their blood is obligato ry on us and

completion of their mission is our dire responsibility.



I f they do so, they will, by the grac e 0 f Allah, be bles s ed v;Jith the reward 0 f the Mujahid who fights against the kuffar in the forefront.

newly married brides, we congratulate thes e sisters. II Allah will not 1 eave you helples s. Your husbands were great people. Instead 0 f dying for the attainment 0 f worldly pursuits, they died for the sake 0 f D een and became immortal. Now the protection of their dignity is your duty. If you remain firm in your faith, yo u will, by the grac e 0 f Allah, be ble s s ed with the bles sings which a common woman cannot even imagine. Your husbands had been awarded only thes e few years to live. If they had not been martyred in Afghanistan, even then they would have left this mortal world at the fixed time. So, pleas e do not regard it as an ill-luck but consider it a go 0 d luck that Allah has bles s ed you with a relation ship with His cho s en


This world is mortal and all 0 f us are to leave it. The people, who are c oronated with the crown 0 f martyrdom, score a great sue c es s. Moreover it is certainly committed that Allah provides sp ecial pr otection to the memb ers 0 f the families 0 f the martyrs and the pious people. Pleas e read the incident 0 f Hazrat Musa (LV ~ and Hazrat Khizr (LV ~ in the fifteenth portion 0 f the Holy Quran how Allah is app ointing His two dear prophets on the construction 0 f a wall 0 f the two orphans 0 f a pious p ers on. It is Allah's firm and strong system, but the man who himself expresses ingratit ude, dis 0 beys Allah, bee 0 mes im pa tient and begs 0 f other s than Allah, is deprived 0 f His sp ecial bles sings.

We congratulate all the memb ers 0 f the families 0 f the martyrs and advis e them to be patient. We request all the Banaat- e- Aisha ~ sisters to 10 ok after the memb ers 0 f the families 0 f the martyrs more than their own ones.



might know the hyp 0 crites, unto whom it was said: C orne, fight in the v;,ray of Allah, or defend yourselves. They answered: If we knew augh t of fighting we would follow you. On that day, they were nearer to disbelief than faith. They utter with their mo uths a thing which is not in their hearts. Allah is b est aware 0 f what they hide. Tho s e who while they sat at home, said 0 f their brethren (who were fighting for the caus e 0 f Allah): I f they had been guided by us, they would not have been slain. Say (unto th em 0 Muhammad): Then avert death from yours elves if ye are truthful. II (The Family of Imran 166 -168).

Thes e vers es give us answers to a numb er of questions. The befalling of calamity on the Muslims on the day of the "Battle 0 f Uhud" was a trial. Allah the Almighty was distinguishing between the true Muslims and the hyp 0 crites. The hyp 0 crites were holding festivities when their lives were saved. They were als 0 beside thems elves with joy at the 10 s s 0 f the Muslims and were saying that if they had followed their advic e, they would have been saved. Thes e hyp 0 crites have been allowed to es cap e death for ever if they were truthful. The scenario which thes e vers es are pres enting is that on the one side, there were wounded and plundered Muslims who had to fac e mis eries apparently and on the other side, were the safe and sound hyp 0 crites who were making fun 0 f thes e wounded and afflicted Muslims and feeling pride in their sagacity and wis dom. The Quranic ver s es were revealed in the background 0 f this same scene and a clear pronounc ement was is sued that the wounded Muslims need not worry and the safe and sound hypocrites need not be happy. The question arises here: What else




A few sacred vers es 0 f the Holy Quran are being pres ented to the Muslim sisters. Thes e vers es will be 0 f great help in understanding the true situation in the midst 0 f the 0 b scene nois e 0 f coloured newspap ers and, by the grac e 0 f Allah, will help in determining the future c ours e 0 faction. Pleas e read the truth from your great and loved Lord and feel happy how us efully He guides us at every step. Allah the Almighty says in the Quran:

1. II That which b efe11 you on the day when the two armies met was by p ermis sion 0 f Allah; that He might know the true believers; and that He



increas ed the faith 0 f them and they cried: Allah is sufficient for us! Mo st exc e11ent is He in whom we trust. So they returned with grac e an d favour from Allah, and no harm touched them. They followed the go 0 d pleasure 0 f Allah and Allah is of infinite bounty. It is only the devil who would make (men) fear his partisans. F ear them not, fear Me, if you are true believers. II (The family of Imran 172 -175).

A few things have been explained in thes e vers es.

i). The true believers do not fear the armies and power 0 f the Infidels.

It is only the devil who frightens the Muslims 0 f the strength 0 f the kuffar.

The Muslims should give the pro 0 f 0 f their true faith and not fear the Infidels but fear only 0 f one Allah.

The Muslims should not be dej ected and should not 10 s e heart at a slight defeat and affliction.

Allah says at another plac e:

4. IIHow should I fear that which ye setup beside Him, when ye fear





The Muslims who trust in Allah and stand firm in the battlefield even after rec eiving wounds or meeting defeat for the time being, are victorious.

can the Muslims do than being sorrowful, worried and disapp ointed while a large numb er 0 f Muslims have been slain. The answer to this question is revealed from the skies in thes e words:

2. II Think not 0 f tho s e, who are slain in the way 0 f Allah, as dead. Nay, they are living. With their Lord, they have provision. Jubilant (are they) b ecaus e 0 f that which Allah hath bestowed up on them 0 f His bounty: rej oicing for the sake 0 f tho s e who have not joined them but are left behind: that there shall no fear come up on them neither shall they grieve. They rej oic e b ecaus e 0 f favour from Allah and kindnes s and that Allah wasteth not the wage 0 f the believers II (The family 0 f Imran 169 -171)

It is clearly said in these vers es that true jubilanc e has been awarded only to tho s e who have been martyred by the Infidels. Another happines s is for tho s e who although were not martyred yet sto 0 d firm in the battlefield. Sure enough the hyp 0 crites will not be able to es cap e a dreadful death. However, they have been deprived 0 f the death which should be called eternal life. N ow the true believers can easily decide who scored suc c es s and who sto 0 d plucked.

This is the matter 0 f the world hereafter while true p eac e 0 f mind is given only to tho s e who fear only Allah and are not c owed down by the awe of any paganisticpower. Allah the Almighty says:

3. "As for those who heard the call of Allah and His messenger after the harm b efe11 them (in the fight) for such 0 f them as do right and ward 0 ff ( evil), there is great reward. Tho s e unto whom men said: Lo! the people have gathered against you, therefore fear them. But (the threat 0 f danger)

not, so setup beside Allah that for which He hath revealed unto you no warrant? Which 0 f the two factions hath more right to safety? (Answer Me that) if ye have knowledge. Tho s e who believe and 0 b s cure not their belief by wrong doing, theirs is safety; and they are rightly guided. (Cattle 82 - 8 3).

This is Harrat Ibrahim's (!V ~ address to his nation in which he



Deen (religion) and its righteousnes s and henc e they invite death for thems elves in this way. Allah the Almighty answers it that it is not delusion but trust in Allah. The man who has faith in the 0 mnip otenc e 0 f Allah and believes that whatever happ ens from Allah, is totally correct an d justified, b ec omes soc ourageous and brave with regard to the D een.

This vers e was revealed on the eve 0 f the battle 0 f Badr when only three hundred and thirteen (313) Muslims with a few cro oked and broken swords were going to fac e an armed and powerful army 0 flO 0 0 Infidels. Seeing this situation the hyp ocrites had obj ected. The Holy Quran answered clearly.

The defeated and limit ed minded writers and intellectuals 0 f the present day also make fun of the Taliban in the same way. Some people scoff at the T aliban by talking 0 f enumerating swallows in the skies while th e oth er s are c allin g them narr ow - mind e d an d im pru den t. There is sufficient answer in this vers e for thes e foulmouthed people. Tho s e who have made the Jews and Christians their go ds and lords cannot answer thes e vers es. Allah the Almighty says:

6. II 0 ye who believe! Take not the Jews and Christians for friends. They are friends one to another. He among you who taketh them for friends is ( one) 0 f them. Lo! Allah guideth not wrong doing folk. And thou s eest tho s e in who s e heart is a dis eas e rac e toward them; saying: We fear lest a change 0 f fortune should befall us. And it may happ en that Allah will vouchsafe ( unto thee) the victory or a commandment from His pres enc e. Then will they rep ent 0 f their secret thoughts. II (The Table Spread 51- 5 2)

has stated the standard of success, peace and self-confidence. No doubt, only that p ers on is suc c es s ful who s e belief is secure and he has the right to expres s his p eac e 0 f mind. The p ers on who regards others as powerful as Allah the Almighty and adulterates in his faith, des erves no suc c es s and peac e 0 f mind. Keeping this standard in view, this can easily be un ders to 0 d that th 0 s e wh 0 ar e kill ed saving their E emaan (b elie f) ar e suc c es s ful and glorious and tho s e who s ell their belief and are saved for the time being, are plucked. It als 0 comes to be known from this vers e that the true believers are not afraid 0 f the infidels, their might and their go ds. Seeing this situation, the hyp 0 crites are firstly surpris ed: II 0 f what stuff they (true believers) are made that they fear neither 0 f death nor defeat, nor Infidels nor their p ower" . This surpris e 0 f the Infidels sustains for a while then they come down to their inb om wretchednes s and begin to make fun 0 f the Muslims who believe in Allah the Almighty and 0 ffer a challenge to the infidels as Allah says:

5. "When the hyp 0 crites and tho s e in who s e hearts is a dis eas e said: Their religion hath deluded them. Who putteth his trust in Allah (will find that). Lo! Allah is mighty, wise. (Spoils of War 49)

Hazra t Shah Sahib writ e s : S e ein g th e bra very 0 f the Mus lims, th e hypocrites began to censure in this way. Hence Allah said, lilt is not pride but trust in Allah". "(Mauza-ul-Quran)

Hazrat U smaani writes, II Seeing a small clas s 0 f the Muslims, their hel p1e s sn es s with so great bravery an d b 01 dne s s, the hyp 0 crites and the po or - faith ed Muslims b egan to say that thes e Muslims are deluded by their



Allah is Vilith the steadfast. And call not tho s e who are slain in the Volay 0 f Allah "dead". Nay they are living, only ye perceive not. And surely we

Read the ab ove mentioned vers es again and again, a numb er 0 f

facts will be exp 0 s ed to you. I f you cannot do the whole reading, pleas e

shall try you with something 0 f fear and hunger and 10 s s 0 f wealth and lives

read only the marginal note of the "Tafseer Usmaani" and then analyse the

and crop s; but give glad tidings to the steadfast. Who say, when a

pres ent situation. Then the truth 0 f every word will be visible to you. II I f

misfortune striketh them: Lo! We are Allah's and Lo! Unto Him we are

we do not side Vilith the Infidels, they will turn our country to ruination. We

ret urning. S uc hare they on wh om ar e b1 es sing s fro m th eir Lor d, and

We learn from thes e vers es that Allah tries the true believers with

know that supp orting the Infidels is wrong but in the hour 0 f life and death, even the unlawful thin g b ec om es lawful. If we do not sid e wi th the s e Infidels, we will have to live in caves II . Some people, during the life time 0 f the Holy Prophet # , als 0 us ed to regard the es s enc e 0 f this situation as the vicis situde 0 f mis fortune that if they did not side with the Jews, they would fall a prey to the vicis situde 0 f mis fortune. It meant that they would

mercy. Such are the rightly guided". (The Cow 153-157)

different kinds 0 f mis fortunes. This proves that befalling 0 f calamities is not against ones Eemaan (faith). Henc e, the people who talk 0 f the trial that b efe11 the T aliban and doubt their belief, should thems elves p on der over

their belief, b ecaus e in thes e vers es, tho s e believers have been called the

als 0 fall a victim to the calamity that b efe11 the Holy Prophet and his great

guided ones who show patienc e when mis fortunes from Allah befall them.

companions. In the same Volay, the cowardly people 0 f this age als 0 believe

Now, the T aliban have als 0 showed such patienc e and there is not a single


II Oh think ye that ye will enter paradis e while yet there hath no t

that the people, who talk 0 f true I slam, will soon be wip ed out. Nothing 0 f this sort did ever happ en in the past nor will, by the grac e 0 f Allah, happ en in future. Tho s e people will certainly have to rep ent who are effacing each and ev ery in junctio n 0 f I slam and it s mark 0 nly to save th eir live sand

word 0 f complaint on their lip s rather they are steadfast in the battlefield

even after rec eiving injuries. At another plac e, Allah says:

come unto you the like 0 f (that which come to) tho s e 0 f who pas s ed aVolaY before you? Affli ction and adversity b efe11 them, they were shaken as with earthquake till the mes senger (0 f Pillah) and tho s e who believed along with him said: When cometh Allah's help? Now, surely Allah's help is in sight. II

country for the time being and are working against their Muslim brothers in ord er to 0 btain th e impi ou s money 0 f the Infidels. Now, this questio n arises: "Allah has promised His Divine help for the true Muslims. If the T ahban had been true Muslims, they would have been victorious and not

Hazrat U smaani explains thes e vers es: I t is mentioned ab ove that

have to fac e retreat, martyrdom or injuries II . To answer this mis giving,

the Prophets and their Ummahs have been tortured by the enemies. Now it is an ad dre s s to the Mu slim s wh ether th ey wi sh to ent er the Para di s e

pleas e read as Allah says:


"0 ye who believe! Seek help in steadfastness and prayer. Lo!



that neither battle against the non - b ehevers is a bad thing nor the befalling of calamities a new thing. I t is a wonder that in the existenc e 0 f so clear

whereas they have not fac ed the affliction which had befallen the previous Ummahs. They fac ed hunger, dis eas e and awe 0 f the kuffar so much till the Holy Prophet and his Ummah, became so helples s and meek that they began to say, Let us see when, the help which Allah has promis ed, will des c end. II

vers es, how, many 0 f the Muslims opp 0 s e Jihad and pas s satirical remarks

at the Taliban's timely retreat. May Allah lead all the Muslims to the right

path! Ameenl

Now, the whole scenario, in the light 0 f the Quranic teachings is clear to us. 0 ne question is still uns olved and that is what we should do in

VVhen the situation became so tens e, Allah IS greatnes spaid

attention and ordered to be vigilant. "Do not worry, Allah's help has come. o Muslims, do not be crest fallen at the worldly troubles and domination 0 f

this situation? The Holy Quran gives its very satisfactory answer. Allah the

the enemy. Show forbearance and remain steadfast". (Tafseer Usmaani).

Almighty says:-


"As for those who heard the call of Allah and His messenger after

This thing becomes clear from this brief explanation that calamities, troubles and fear 0 f the enemy have been befalling the Holy

the harm b efe11 them (in the fight) ~ for such 0 f them as do right and ward 0 ff ( evil), there is great reward. II (The Family 0 f Imran 172)

Prophets and their companions; and all the Muslims who des erve Paradis e

In the battle 0 f Uh ud, the Muslims had rec eived mental and

will als 0 fac e it. Now, after the exp 0 sure 0 f this fact, who can say that in Afghanistan, Mujahideen's timely retreat and the losses they met, is a proof

physical injuries, but the instant the fight ended, the Holy Prophet rec eived the news that the enemy was reverting and marching to Madina to make the fierc est and fateful attack on the Muslims as they want to wip e out the Muslims completely; he 3 ordered the Muslims to advanc e and make

of the fact that Allah's succour is not with them. If some one says so, what

will be his ideas ab out the Prophets in the past. We can only pray to Allah to give the Muslims the perc eption 0 f D een. F or further clarification 0 f this

P oint, pleas e examine another vers e:-

after the enemy. Hearing this order, many 0 f the seriously injured companions 0 f the Prophet 3, setout at 0 nce. When the Infidel army tried to frighten them, their zeal and zest was ignited even mor e. The Holy Quran prais es thes e injured Mujahideen. Now, we the Muslims are again

9. IIAnd with how many a Prophet have there been a number of

devoted men who fought (b eside him). They quailed not for aught that b efe11 them in the way 0 f Allah, nor did they weaken, nor were they brought low. Allah loveth the steadfast. II (The Family of Imran 146)

injured. Only that P ers on will be suc c es s ful and glorious who, inspite 0 f

We come to know from this vers e that the Prophets 0 f Allah and

being wounded, follows the orders 0 f Allah the Almighty and His mes senger 3 and continues Jihad against the Infidels. However wors e

their pious companions kept fighting with the Infidels. Different calamities als 0 b efe11 them in that fight but they always remained steadfast. We learn



the circumstanc es are, we are to remain attached vvith our Lord and our dear Prophet~. We are to keep the task of Jihad alive and continue our efforts against every vic e and evil. IvIay Allah grant us steadfastnes s !





Do you rem emb er th e 1a st writing which wa s p ublis hed in Th e II Banaat- e - PUs ha ;"11 before my arrest? It was II T en Quranic Les sons II for the

sisters in the light 0 f the pres ent circumstanc es. That article was written

during my short stay in Karachi. The IvIagazine was published, a few 0 fits

copies were in my vehic le and I was arrested along with thes e. The vehic le was thoroughly searched, but what could the searchers find in the

belongings 0 f a broken-hearted pas senger? At night, an 0 ffic er demanded

p ermi s s ion to read the rna gazine, I answered II Wi th pl eas ur e. II He sat



Let not the devil disappoint me by keeping me in darkness ab out the situati on. The next day, I was provided with a newspap er and then after two days a Radio was als 0 provided. Allah is great, very great, the greatest of all.

before me and b egan to read the editorial. He itch ed his head again and again and at last said, "Did you write this? II Then it automatically came on hi s lip S, II All th e thing s said are co rr ec t but - - - - - - - - Yes. II then, I was handcuffed.

A sp eech was being broadcast in a separate c ell in the IvIianwali pns on. I had some perc eption 0 f the circumstanc es. The sp eaker seemed in great anger. On January 12, 2002, the c old frosty night, horrifying lonelines s, pierc ed and chipp ed walls, black iron gate, an old b ed, a prayer rug, a numb er 0 f depres sions, injured feelings and stains 0 f loyal blo 0 d --- -- -- -- the sp eech was at such a point that the breath 10 st its balance. Restriction was imp 0 sed. I did not know what els e was not nullified.

The night was pas sing, the Radio was silent, but thoughts were still awake. One thought was what will be 0 f my dear "Banaat- e - Ais ha ~ "? After that, p erhap s I went to sleep b ecaus e Allah is Omnipres ent.

The Jail was that 0 f my own country but the circumstanc es were totally alien. The sympathizers always remained fearful 0 f their highers (offic ers). I was told on the very first day that all the links were dis connected. No newspap er, no radio. "We want to provide you with thes e items but are helples s. We have great resp ect and love for you but we have no power or authority. We are government servants, helpless and pow er1e s s . II It was stran ge that they were h el p1e s s b ef or e th eir hi gh er authorities but I bowed before the highest authority, the all Omnip otent; the Omnipres ent; and stretched out my hands in prayers.

o Allahl Although I am very weak yet am attached to Your D een.

One day, the headline of the "Nawa-i- Waqt" struck me like a thund er bolt. The nam es 0 f th e journal s which wer e banne d, had been printe d in it. The name 0 f II Banaat- e- Aisha ~I als 0 included them. I had with me only my brain, two empty hands and prayer. A few tears were still susp ended in my eyes, I was already dej ected, this news just added fuel to the fire, but Allah protected me 0 f disapp ointment. I recalled the wailing implorations 0 f the mothers and pious pas sions 0 f the sisters an d then in my narrow cell, onc e again, my hands were rais ed and the head bowed.

Thirteen months 0 f detention were sp ent at three plac es. There were certain up s and downs in the circumstanc es. IvIany times, the clouds of releas e app eared but always tentalized me. I to ok up the p en many time s to write down something but never felt inclined. I came to know that by the grac e 0 f Allah, the monthly Banaat- e- Aisha ~ was being published regularly. This news br ou gh t j ub ilanc e to me and I thank ed Alla h the Almighty. I happened to read one or two volumes and was pleased.

Someone told me that the sisters had started 10 sing interest in the IvIagazine and henc e the numb er 0 f its publication had dropp ed. This news was very surprising and troubling. There were two extremes; formerly, there was a flo 0 d 0 f religious pas sions and devotion to the IvIagazine and now the pres ent deteriorating state 0 f affairs.



have ~th them the full rec ord and history 0 f their failures. T hey know that

IvIay Allah bles s my companions with auspiciousnes s! Who continued the publication 0 f this religious and reformative magazine under

it is beyond their powers to extirpate, stop or weaken this ab solute

obligation. In the past, the flo 0 ds 0 f the Infidels, the Jews, the Christians,

very adverse circumstances. When I rec eived the II Seerat Numb er II (volume dedicated to the life 0 f the prophet 3 ) 0 f the magazine, I could not help putting forth a few suggestions. After that, relatives, friends and

the Tartars an d th e E ur op eans flo we d vio lenUy . All were claima nt 0 f providenc e and divinity in them. All 0 f them wanted to extirpat e Jihad and for this purp 0 s e, they did all they could, but with what results? All 0 f them

companions b egan to push me to start writing articles and editorials, but what could I write and how could I? Our nation could not fac e a so - called

were flowed in it, wip ed out or shrunk to their own mis erable ho les. On the

other hand, not to sp eak 0 f Jihad, they could not even wash away the glisten and smell 0 f the blo 0 d 0 f martyrs. The Jihad and Mujahideen wer e always pus hed int 0 the dan ger ous bonfires. All th e Mu slims and no n - M us lim s

tim ely an d tran si en t de feat and h enc e began to invit e depr es si on sand

b egan to come under the mis giving that the name 0 f Jihad had been eras ed

nouri sh di sa pp ointment. I n actual p ra ctic e, th ey ha d los t nothing, but wonderfully, tho s e who had 0 ffered sacrific es 0 f lives and prop erties and were 10 eked up in jails, were contented and resigned. Tho s e who s e clothes

completely, but after a short while, Jihad again b egan to laugh and smile, roar and challenge, glisten and glitter.

were not even soil ed, b egan to rais e a hue and cry 0 f depres sion and to

c ensure tho s e who were putting forth practical work. In this darknes s 0 f

During their failures, the opp onents 0 f I slam have learnt the

disapp ointment, the Muslims made many mistakes and carried out many

formula that they thems elves cannot harm Jihad but only, if they us e the Muslims as a to 01 ~ and that if only a small group 0 f Muslims gets ready to opp 0 s e Jihad, they will be suc c es s fu1 to some extent.

tyranni e s. Alas! They wo uld not have don e s 0 if th ey had read the teachings 0 f the Holy Quran. In this situation, I could write only a few articles, but the dis connected relation with Banaat- e- Aisha ~ could not be

Th e M uj ahid een are thieves, burglar s , terro ri st s, ma teriali st s, mundan e, liars and co war ds . Th ey colle ct con trib uti on sand emb ezz1e

restored in the thirteen months 0 f impris onment.

Do you recall the announc ement that had res ounded after eleventh

them. They have collected J ewellery from women and have erected their own sky - s crapp ers. They are voluptuous, government agents and tools 0 f the Agencies. They have been b ought and brib ed. They have b ec ome wanton, vulgar and immo dest. They are Indian and American agent s. They harm the caus e 0 f I slam and Pakistan. All thes e a cqusations ro s e like the

September 2001, "We will extirpate and wipe out Jihad completely. II The

extirpation meant that such circumstanc es were to be created in which the

Muslims thems elves might bec ome the fo es of Jihad, although the opp onents 0 f I slam have been trying to end up and upro ot Jihad for the last 1421 years yet they are always disapp ointed and dej ected. So, now they



so warm a rec eption and answer to the call for Jihad. Such examples were very rare in the past. The Muslims 0 f every kind, colour, rac e and territory were racing madly towards Jihad which was bringing them out 0 f the deep trenches of differences and collecting them under the flag of unity. There was a strange stonn of frenzy. The mothers themselves began to send their children to the battle field. The sisters would sing Epic s and lullabies 0 f J iha d to their b ro th er s. Th e wives thems elves start ed preparing their husbands for it. A strange and b1es s ed religious atmo sphere prevailed over everythin g. There were fero c iou s and unruly tro op s 0 f the II F e dai II and Jihad was connecting the pres ent 0 f I slam with its past. What was all this? Was it not Allah's blessings on the Mujahideen? Was it not the Muslims I goo d luck and go od fortune? Was it not the fruit 0 f the Mujahideen's sinc ere efforts and sacrific es? I f it is, think for a while whether Jihad has been s oiled within one year and the Mujahideen have b ec ome sola s civious and lecherous? Never! Never! By Allah, Never! This fals e ab omination again st Mu jahi de en ha s been pro pa gated to wip e 0 ut J iha d. 0 nly this aversion practis ed so great atro cities which a common Muslim can never even imagine.

The pr es en t camp ai gn agains t J iha dis multi - dimens io nal with many stages. At the first step, Jihad and the Mujahideen are the target. If (Allah forbid) it suc c eeds (which it will c ertainly not), the next stage will be to hit on the armed forc es and weap ons 0 f the Muslim countries. At the third step, ending up 0 f all the Muslim rulers (although they ar e so - called) and their governments will be the target. I t is their plan to us e the Muslim

airs 0 f the a Uantic 0 c ean and prevailed over the minds and hearts 0 f the cre dul ous Mu slims. R esultantl y, the co mmo n Mus lim s b egan to spread venom against the Mujahideen.

Alas! The silly and simple-minded Muslims could not even apprehend the Infidels I underhand games and propaganda. On the other hand the Infidels knew well that Jihad could not be extirpated until tho s e who invite to Jihad were disreputed and dis grac ed. Henc e they, flung filth on tho s e 0 f whom they were afraid 0 f, to defame them so that no one might listen to their speeches and attend to their call and as a result, their cordial c ompas sions might not be able to awaken the Muslims. A lot 0 f Capital was devoted only for this purp 0 s e. Efforts were made to erect a big dam 0 f imputations, notorieties and ac cusations against the echoing and challen ging call for J iha d s 0 that p e op I e might th ems el ve s break th e cas s ettes 0 f Jihad, tear up the books and spit spitefully i. e. they thems elves might hit their own eyes and minc e their own hands with their own teeth. In this way, the enemy s job b ec omes very easy to wip e out such unarmed nations.

The voices of "Al-Jihad", IIAl-JihadII everywhere, the Mujahideen gov ernmen t 0 f Afghanis tan, Jihad in Pal estine, Che chn ya and Kashmir, pure Jihad movements in many other plac es, the rush 0 f J ihadi books, the flow 0 f Jihadi cass ettes and a large numb er 0 f publications 0 f J ihadi magazines. . .. All this happ ened after centuries but with so great forc e that the enemy were stunned. There were J ihadi congregations 0 f millions 0 f people. There us ed to be great hustle and bustle in the training centres and



This group has als 0 started feeling horror of Jihad and the Mujahideen. It is holding them responsible for all their troubles and

mas s es and their rulers as their to ols to wind up Jihad and wip e out the Mujahideen so that a horrible civil war and bloodshed among the Muslims

. .



Impatienc e is being propagated among the emotional Muslims that

may start.

Now, three tricks are being tried at the Muslim mas s es.

all has ended up and the game is 10 st leading to "ris e and do something fair

or foul. II This sect is causing 10 s s to Jihad and the Mujahideen due to th eir futile pas sionate talk and emotional step s. Thes e are the people who attack

(i) Fear

(il) Depression (iii) Impatience.

the minorities (a few Christians) and their Churches in the country. While


The fear of death and destruction is being spread among the

in religion, there is no justification 0 f such attacks, nor the problems 0 f

weak - hearted people. They are being told to realized that if they name Jihad, retain any relations with the Mujahideen or talk 0 f their sovereignty,

I slam and Muslims are going to be solved by killing helples s and unarmed p eop 1e. The real enemies 0 f I slam are not going to be harmed and haras s ed through such unlawful and immoral activities.

A lot 0 f lab our is being rendered for the Muslim rulers besides the

they will b e ruine d an d wi P ed 0 ut. Mor eo ver, thi s thin g is als 0 b ein g

inculcated in them that all the troubles to the Muslims are befalling only due

to Jihad and the Mujahideen. They are being taught that 0 nly Jihad and the

mas s es. They are under heavy pres sure and are being c omp elled to work

Mujahideen are hindranc es in the way 0 f their rapid ec onomic development.

against Jihad and the Mujahideen. The purp 0 s e 0 f this pres sure on the

Owing to fear, awe and c owardic e, this group 0 f the Muslims has turned into a bitter fo e 0 f Jihad.

rulers is not to restore and establish p eac e in the world, or to put thes e

countries on the way to pro gres s , n either to strengthen their government but


The disapp ointment "What will happ en now? II is being propagated

the only wish 0 f the opp onents 0 f I slam is to launch horrible bl 0 0 dshed among the Muslims. After that, they thems elves want to watch the sights 0 f their ruination sitting at a safe distanc e. Both the Palestinian Organization H amas and Yasir Arafat are dangerous to the opp onents 0 f I slam, but their trick is that apparently they back up Yasir Arafat. They ensure him 0 f their

among the Muslims who have some religious sparkle and pas sion in them.

I slamic government 0 f Afghanistan has ended. Iraq is going to be attacked.

Pakistanis Atomic Programme is in danger. The Kashmir movement is

breathing its last. The Palestinian Intifada movement is sobbing.

Anti - I slam i cpo wers are invin ci bl e. Th eMus lims are weak, h el p1 es s,

love, fri en ds hip and c 0 - op erati on and then, a s a pric e 0 f thi s 10 ve an d

depres sed, p ower1es s and disp ers ed etc. etc. Henc e. now, there is no way

friendship, they will suck the blood 0 f the memb ers 0 f Hanas. Now, if a

out than to save ones own life some how or the other.



Jihad done to them? Keep in mind that the kuffar (infid els) have gained

fight between M - fatah and Hamas breaks out, the killed individuals on both the sides will be the Muslims. Their deaths being a caus e 0 f blis s and comfort to the devilish powers. In this way, thes e devilish powers will get

p ower not due to Jihad but b ecaus e mo st 0 f the Muslims have turn ed their

backs on Jihad. Henc e, the ro ot caus e 0 f our troubles is not participation in

Jihad but de s erting it. Have you forgotten th e Ho ly P rophet' s # commandment, II I f you dis card Jihad, humiliation and dis grac e will be

rid 0 f the group which is mas sacred and butchered in this fight. Still the

Infidels will not tolerate the victorious group b ecaus e they are an enemy to

imposed upon you". Can we, the Muslim (masses and rulers) not tell the world emphatically, "Jihad is our Allah's commandment and our Prophet's

Sunnah? We cannot give it up. As you enjoy the right to defend yourselves

all Muslim s. This was only an example, you can apply it to every Muslim country including Pakistan.

Jihad is purely an Islamic obligation and worship. Allah has

and s ecur e power, we als 0 des erve this right in the form 0 f Jihad. II

The Kuffar are to be humiliated and victory has been ordained to I slam. Noone has been able to extirpate Jihad before this nor will anyone be able to do so. There is a fixed time with Allah for every matter. What is the us e 0 f impatienc e, fear and disapp ointment? Allah is Omnipr es ent and

mentioned it in hundreds 0 f vers es in the Holy Quran and the Holy Prophet # has des crib ed it emphatically in thousands 0 f ahadith. This duty will continue till doomsday. It is certain and every person knows that Jihad has

no remotest link with terrorism.

The whole Muslim Ummah agrees that the man who denies Jihad,

He is the Help er 0 f the Muslims. I f we die, we shall go to Allah who is our

turns atheist. However b est efforts the Muslim rulers and mas s es may make to extirpate Jihad, they cannot suc c eed b ecaus e it is a part and parc el 0 f our

Lord. He is helping us on every step, but we cannot dis c ern the suc c our des c ending up on us due to our fear and depres sion.

faith (I f they des ert Jihad their faith is doubtful). Will they dis card even the

We shall have to come out 0 f the devilish trap s 0 f fear, disapp ointment, impatienc e and depres sion. We shall have to talk boldly

Holy Quran for the sake 0 f this mortal life? Rememb er! Soon this demand

with the whole world, "I f you want p eac e, let us dis c ours e up on the

from the infidels v;MI be made, II The Muslims should omit the Jihad vers es from the Holy Quran otherwis e they will be wip ed out. II

Will this demand (Mlah forbid) als 0 be ac c epted? Are we not to die? Are we not to fac e Allah the Almighty on the day 0 f Judgement? Have we forgotten that the Holy Prophet # was wounded in Jihad? He will

pro blems 0 f the Muslims. You cannot end up I slam and Jihad by shedding blo 0 d 0 f the Muslims and throwing bomb s on children. Rather this thing is

paving the way for your own ruination and digging your own grave s. II

o my sisters, a true Muslim never changes his ideolo gy under the unc ongenia1ity 0 f the circumstanc es and never dis cards his belie f. He fac es

come on the day of judgement with that wound fresh on his body. Can the candidates of the Houz-e-Kausar deny and oppose Jihad? What wrong has



and fights Vi1ith the circumstanc es and stands suc c es s ful and glorious.

Pro fani ty is a li e an d ev ery lie is weak. Paganis m is s puri ou s and all

spurious is to be wip ed out. There 0 c curs ris e and fall in circumstanc es

app ar ently, but Mus lims I ide 01 0 gi es are firm as ro cks. I have r ec eived letters 0 f a few Muslim sisters. I am thankful to them that thes e sisters are surprisingly firm in their ideas and beliefs. (~}!JI F }!J ~I" t L )

Efforts were als 0 made to instigate and mould thes e sisters against

Jihad. They did not des ert their brothers and in this hour 0 f trial, they did

not side with the tyrants who did the nefarious job 0 f imp 0 sing imputations and ac cu satio ns again st M uj ahi de en. The s e hon orab 1e an d c oura geo us


sisters have proved that a Muslim changes the circumstances not the


ideo1 0 gie s.

May Allah b1es s thes e sisters with abundanc e 0 f b1es sings worthy

of His Being. This is the auspiciousnes s 0 f the prayers and pious religious

is a sign of the Lord being pleased

pas sions that I was granted the courage and strength to write a few lines for the monthly Banaat- e- Aisha ;.,.

A child was weeping and some other people were als 0 sobbing.

The child' s wailing voic e was calling "Allahl II "Allahl ". Then I heard cries

and sighs behind me. I had not the courage to turn around and see them because the child's cries had also turned my heart accordant with him.

All this happ ened at eight in the evening nearly three or four days ago. We were coming to Bahawalpur from Karachi. The BB C nBIVs was

being broadcast on the radio. An innoc ent, injured child, a newly b10 s some d flo wer 0 f th e Ummah 0 f th e Holy Pr op het ~ , an heir1es s



th e hypo crit es that th ey con si der every calamity befalling them. The mis siles and bomb s were being shelled at Afghanistan. At that time, our

infant baby to billions 0 f Muslim mothers, a brother to millions 0 f sisters, a fragrant ro s e bound in the sacred bond 0 f ~ jJl J I jJ was injured due to the American mis siles and was weeping and crying. Pill the Mujhaideen sitting

intellectuals were shaking and trembling sitting in Pakistan. They were

taunting the Afghans 0 f being imprudent but they thems elves were pro strating and saluting the tyrants in ab s entia. I t is wonderful that the Afghan Muslims kept smiling even under the volleys 0 f thes e bomb s and mis siles. At last, they wreaked vengeanc e on them at To ra B ora and then at

Now, when the bombs and missiles are dropping on Iraq, our

in the vehicle were al so feeling the pangs and stings 0 f pain. Then all the pas s engers als 0 b egan to shed tears with that injured inno c ent child. Allah knows who els e may not have shed warm tears. Would that the tyrants had apprehended the mes sage 0 f thes e tears! It is a fact that when the weeping people begin to make others weep, it takes no time in b ec oming cipher 0 f the super. A short while ago, a building was the centre of International trade. N ow there is only a des erted glo omy piec e 0 f land named II ground

Shahi Kot. Now, sup er p ower in their eyes, is that rat for who s e prey, they

excel one another.

intellectuals are perspiring in Pakistan. Iraqi Muslims are causing


perspiration to the tyrants while the shadows 0 f fear are b ec oming thicker and grimmer here in Pakistan.

o Allah! Grant true I slamic faith to the people who call thems elves Muslims. Make the lump 0 f flesh throbbing in their chest, the heart 0 f the Muslims. Endow the Muslim nation with the love 0 f your meeting and visi t. Rid our nation 0 f the evil 0 f fear and c owardic e. Ameen.

A numb er 0 f Muslims are suffering from a great illusion and henc e regard some 0 f the so - called powers as invincible. This dec eption 0 f the

eyes has made the Muslims mental slaves to tho s e so - called sup er powers.

They have forgotten that they are the Ummah 0 f the Prophet 0 f wars and Jihad but are now yielding and giving in for nothing. Curs e this media, would that Internet may ruin! Their portent has dis c ouraged, paralys ed and

The b 0 snian war was very cumb ers ome for the Muslims.

Mas sacre, raping and rras s graves were falling on the minds and hearts 0 f

made coward the Muslim Ummah. Whatever was left undone, has now

been done by the Urdu writers. When they try to collect the data 0 f power

the Muslims like bolts 0 f lightning. The existenc e 0 f a Muslim state in the heart 0 f Europ e was intolerable to the white. They carried out so intens e tyranny, which the sparks 0 f their vengeanc e kept enhancing for centuries.


and might, they present the sensual Infidels as ~.J~ LJ. Then the

voluptuous and coward group s begin to b eat the drum 0 f P eac e and the intellectuals sitting in their hous es, begin to tremble at the thunder 0 f the

The white Infidels considered Bosnia to be a country cut 0 ff from the world of I slam. Pill the area around her was under the 0 c cupation 0 f the tyrants.


o what great sorrow is at our lot! The Holy Quran has said ab out


that the prejudic ed Hindu intellectuals were astounded.

Millions 0 f Muslims rep ented 0 f their sinful actions and reverte d from the life 0 f debauchery and hyp 0 crisy to piety. A s ens e 0 f religious honour als 0 aro s e in women. So, now there is a large numb er 0 f such true Muslims in India ab out whom it is said that they are the new Mus lims as a result 0 f the demolition 0 f Babri Mo s que. They are practical and honorab1 e Muslims who are ready to lay down their lives for I slam.

The Muslims 0 f south Asia were arous ed due to the auspiciousnes s of Jihad in Afghanistan and Kashmir. The Chechnian and Tajikstani Jihad movement awakened the Middle Asia Muslims. The Bosnian Jihad develop ed a s ens e 0 f honour and action among the Muslims 0 f Europ e. Warmth in the b100 d of the Indian Muslims became visible due to the demolishing 0 f the Babri Mo s que, but the Arabian Muslims were still 10 st in deep slumber. Hence, the spark of Jihad in them was on the whole extinct. The governments there hated rather were horrified by the word 0 f Jihad. The lucky Arab s who had been ordained Jihad, had to pro c eed eith er to Afganistan, Bosnia or Chechnya.

Now, it seems that the lot 0 f the Arab s is changing. The lamentations 0 f the Arab martyrs have suc c eeded in kno eking at the heights of the skies and drawing attention of their Lord. The Iraqi Jiha d has inflamed a s ens e 0 f religious honour among the Arab s. The sparks 0 f honor hidden in the cons cienc e 0 f the Arab s are ab out to get rid 0 f th e ashes 0 f vo1uptuousnes s. The Arab s are now writhing and weeping in rep en tenc e to go to the battlefield. They are ab out to break all the shackles and revert to


Who would go there and listen to the cries 0 f the Bosnian Muslims? Unaware of the sense of honour the Muslims hold, the blood-thirsty-wolves rushed at the weak Bosnian Muslims, but all 0 f their dreams were thrown to the ground when the Mujahideen from all over the world, particularly the Ara bian peninsula, rushed to Bosnia wildly and madly f eeling the pain 0 f the Bosnian Muslims. They eras ed the b orders and trampled the lines 0 f the map s under their feet. The s10 gans 0 f II AlJ ihad! AlJ ihad ! II b egan to res ound in the heart 0 f Europ e. When Jihad atmo sphere prevailed over the earth, the angels and Divine suc c our in the skies als 0 became ac c ordant with them. Then, at last, there prevailed over Europ e such atmo sphere 0 f true belief (Eemaan) and s ens e 0 f honour that in the twinkling 0 f an eye, the lives 0 f thousands 0 f Muslims were changed. The negligent and lethargic Muslims ma de Jihad their Motto, grew bear ds an d rep lac ed jeans with S unnah clothing. No doubt, the Bosnian Jihad became a caus e for religious reform in the Muslims and revival 0 f the grandeur and power 0 f I slam.

On Dec emb er 06, 1992, Babri Masjid (mo s que) situated in Ay 0 dia, in the Indian Provine e of Utter Pardesh, was demolished. This 0 c currenc e was no les s than a horrible storm for the Muslims. Millions 0 f Muslims came on the roads, thousands 0 f them pledged to lay down their lives. Mo re than two tho us and Mus lim s wer e mart yre d. All thi s was very sorrowful. This incident estranged the Muslims from p olythei sm and drew them nearer to I slam. The unthoughtful Muslims who had made friends with p olythists and had estranged thems elves from I slam, at onc e, revers ed and then there was so strong a movement for the s ens e 0 f I slamic honour



taken up arms and come to the battlefield. The time 0 f death and decree 0 f fate are inevitable and unalterable. but martyrdom is not death. It is life whether an individual or a nation fac es it. Buildings keep being constructed and demolished. Anyone who comes in this world is to go. Only the lucky ones are bles s ed with the life 0 f Jihad and killed as rrartyrs. It is such a great b1es sing that if the whole world is sacrific ed for it, the bargain still stands cheap.

This is not the time to fear, show c owardic e and to be suppres s ed by the awe and terror of the power of the kuffar. You (the Banaat-e-Aisha ) should turn to Allah, rep ent 0 f your sins, populate and lighten the darknes s of th e ni ght with yo ur prayers, si ghs and imp 10 rin gs . Yo ur M uj ahid brothers are awaiting your prayers and sympathies.

their golden past.

Compliments to the martyrs and soldiers 0 f Iraq who gave a new light and life to I slam with their blood. Formerly, the light 0 f D een had reached Baghdad from the holy cities 0 f IvIa.kkah and Madina. Now, the same light 0 f Jihad is reaching the holy cities 0 f Makka and Madina from Baghdad, Afghanistan, Bosnia and Chechnya.

Salah-ud-Din Ayubi's country is again becoming the graveyard for the evil ambitions 0 f the Christians. Now, every Muslim is standing by the Iraqi Muslims. 0 Allahl We are pres ent, help the Muslim Ummah. What will be the result 0 f the Jihad 0 f Iraq? There is no s c op e to write or say anything ab out it. Allah is Omnis cient and Supreme and He do es whatever He wishes. Who knew till yesterday how great dis grac e, humiliation and shame America would have to fac e in Afghanistan? My Lord caus ed her vanity and pride to be reduc ed to a mis erable extent. Now, when the magic of her awe and terror is breaking away and her ec onomy is at the verge 0 f bankruptcy, she has tried to restore her awe by attacking Iraq and 0 c cupying the treasures 0 foil. Her estimations are proving fals e and she is facing a heavenly storm and "Fedai" assailants. What will happen tomorrow? We do not know. However the continuation of Jihad is the symbol of Allah being pleas ed. When Jihad comes, it brings with it honour, grandeur and auspiciousnes s. Tho s e who survive, are named the conqueror s while the martyr s enj 0 y the sp e cial h 0 sp ita lit y with Allah. All the Iraqi children, young men and the old are in the battlefield. They know that martyrdom is better than the life 0 f irrehgiousnes s and humiliation. Iraqi sisters have als 0


happ ened on the 11 th of Septemb er. The planes were destroyed, the buildings were bum t to ashes, a large numb er 0 f people were killed and the tale ended but the plot started.

You ask which plot? Pleas e read on. This story has only three big headline s : ( 1) The war broke out before time. (2) The snake cast 0 ff ist slough (3) The scale of trial was p laced in the field 0 f action. These headlines are not riddles but very bitter facts.

Secret preparations were taking plac e to start a great war against the Muslims, but the fact is that this war could no t be hidden. The intellectuals perc eived it. The sagacious people had apprehended it, but what one could do? America, Britain, I srae1 and India were busy in chalking out a crucial plan for this final and fateful war. The plan was very strong and obviously very c onfi dential and secret.

In short, the whole world was to be made Spain; the oil 0 f the Muslim world was to be usurp ed and I slam was to be paralys ed and thrown aside. The plan c ompris ed more conspiracy than an op en fight. Afghanistan, Kashmir, Iraq, Egypt and Saudi Arabia were underlin ed with red while a c ir c1 e wa s drawn aro un d Paki stan. The pr oj ec twas to b e fulfilled by 20 1 O.

11 th S eptemb er drew the cat out 0 f bag and unleash ed this secret fight out into the open before time. That is why; this war seems raw, immat ure, ta stele s sand dis or ganiz ed. The powers who wante d to win without fighting any battles or sp ending even a penny had to come to the batt1efi e1d . Tho s e who were to be pinioned and be killed were suddenly




F our aeroplanes were hijacked. How many were the hijackers? It has been settled that they were nineteen. It is said that out 0 f them, sixteen young men b elonged to Saudi Arabia, two to the UAE and one to Egypt. All the four planes were hijacked on the same day and at the same time. Two of them collided with the "Wor1d Trade Centre"; the third fell on the American defence centre "Pentagon"; and the fourth was flying to its target when the Americans shot it down in the des erts 0 f P ennsal vaina. All this


Its eems that the nation has b ec ome enslave d from head to fo ot like the sons 0 f I srael and the whip 0 f Pharaoh 0 f the pres ent day can lash the back 0 f anyo ne he likes. In actual fact it is not so. Never! Not at all! By the Lord 0 f the Holy Kaaba, never at all!

I f the Tali ban had been helples s. p owerles s and res ourc eles s like the sons 0 f I srael, and the Pharaoh 0 f the time; the real Pharaoh or the real Dajjal (Great deceiver), the Taliban movement wound have met its end long ago. IvIr Karzai would have been moving ab out freely and ruling supreme over Afghanistan safe and sound (While at pres ent his regime is limited only to Kab ul).

Mulla Muhammad Umar Mujahid (May Allah protect him) would have b ec ome part 0 f a forgotten tale; not to sp eak 0 f the very being 0 f Sheikh U sama, even his name would have been eras ed and wip ed out. The Jihad 0 f Chechnya would have breathed its last. The Kashmir movement would have b ec ome part 0 f the old fairy tales. The religious s cho ols would have b ec ome extinct and religious organizatio ns would have b ec ome long ago forgotten tales.

Epic s in prais e 0 f General Garner would have been ins crib ed on each and every stone 0 f Iraq and the White would have been welc omed from Umm - e- Qasr to Kurdi stan. Inturn there ris e only flames 0 f hatred and scorn from all comers of the streets and deserts of Iraq.

Medi tate and p onder pleas e, you will find that Kufr is reverting to defeat and I slam is pro c eeding to triumph all over the world. Inspite 0 f all their app ar en t mi gh t an d power, the ku ffar (infidels) m ov e ev en to the


untied and let 100 s e. The whole world became the battlefield and an arena for the II big powers II . The enemy who had covered hims elf with the skin 0 f education, s cienc e, development, human rights and civilization, shed 0 ff its skin and b egan to roar and thunder, his s and growl.

The claimants 0 f I slam who were in maj ority, were b egan to be tried in the alembic of war. Now, the scale of trial has been put in the field of action. Henc e, there will be a clear distinction between the liar and the truthful, the real Muslims will be sorted and screened out. The filth and dirt of the Islamic society will come forward in the shap e 0 f foam. Only this foam will be visible on the surfac e in the beginning. Later, it will dis solve and the genuine gold will begin to glitter.

Dis app ointm en tis the mo st dan gerou s dis eas e that ever befalls man. It is the door of atheism and the ladder of slavery. It converts man into a fox. Millions 0 f memb ers 0 f a disapp ointed nation are dis grac ed like sheep and goats and crushed like carrots by a few people. Disapp ointm ent crushes even the power 0 f action and makes the whole nation into "Qawaals II (Musician and singers). Yes! The slavery- stricken and dis ap point ed nation s b ec 0 me exp ert in talking an d b ab bling, but the s e utteranc es are totally devoid 0 f go 0 d character and us eful actions.

o my resp ected mothers and sisters! Now efforts are being made to inno culate us (the Muslims) with p ois onous inj ections 0 f disapp ointment and depres sion. Are you not hearing the hue and cry 0 f II Hi! Hi! II? The voic es "What will happ en now? What will be done? II Are dis organising and shattering the whole nation.



the law is to be tightened up on them. Have a 10 ok around yours elves and see that the people who were the aspirants 0 f military action till yesterday; are to day b caring the torches 0 f disruption among the organizations. They have completely forgotten the courageous actions and are harping on the string 0 f separation and peace. Be vigilant! There is no strong and deep -ro oted disruption in the organizations as is being propagat ed or as is being told to our sisters who love Jihad etc. There is nothing 0 f this sort, all this is an effort to dis courage the Muslims and a conspiracy to defame the individuals whom Allah has made a s ourc e for the revival 0 f D een and Jihad all over the world.

This is the time 0 f trial, this is the time 0 f total trust. The people, who were not mundane in good times, have also not sold out now. Allah be ev er thank e d und er unc 0 ng enial cir cum stanc e s. M1 goo d thin g s an d c ongenia1 circumstanc es are pres ent even to day but the grim shad ows 0 f propaganda do not let the Muslims see them. I t is the duty 0 f the Daughters of hsha;" to take over the charge in the practical field remaining within Shariah limits and make ames s 0 f the movement being run against the Mu jahi de en. Th e only sour ceo f pr ot ec ti on for the or ganiza ti on is to nourish loyalty with the Markaz (HQ) otherwis e there can neither come unity; nor disruption be controlled.

Allah be thanked many times! Your brothers have not shown any disloyalty to D een and Jihad. I f you cannot dis c ern clearly in the storm 0 f negative propaganda, clean your eyes by shedding tears in the la st hours 0 f the night. You will then feel that the real time for practical work has started

weakest Muslim under fear and fright; they call to a numb er 0 f help ers and still their mis sion meets a humiliating and crushing defeat. Now, they have only two targets:-

1. To dis courage the Muslims after frightening and haras sing them.

2. To get the Muslims to draw daggers against each other.

Disapp ointment and fear are us ed as a to 01 to caus e the Muslims to fight with one another.

o my great sisters! Do not let disapp ointment and fear enter your hearts. Only that P ers on may be disapp ointed who has no Lord and only thos e should feel fear who is not to meet the Lord after death. The Muslim is always victorious whether he live s or dies. The only condition is that the b eli ever should remain sine erely attached to I slam and Jihad and should not yield to the kuffar due to fear and disapp ointment. Op en the Holy Quran at part four and recite the vers es from 143 to 148. Read their interpretation (Tafseer) in the Tafseer Usmaani or any other authentic Tafseer. M1 of your fear will vanish. Disapp ointment will flee away hiding its fac e meekly and humbly. The fact will dawn upon you that under the uncongenia1ity of circumstanc es, the Muslim do es not pro strate before the enemy but bows only before one Allah.

B esi des us ing oth er tactic s to spread disa pp 0 intmen t am ong the Muslims, the religious and Jihad organizations are being pushed to dis rup tio nand dis 0 rganization. In the be ginnin g, a few indivi duals ar e entic ed an d ind uc edt 0 heino us mi s deed s. Then th ey are haras sed and blackmailed to create disruption in the organizations otherwis e the clamp 0 f



while we are wasting thes e precious moments in weeping and wailing in disapp ointment and depres sion. 0 Allahl Guide us all. 0 Allahl Guide the Daughters 0 f hsha;". Ameen.

~, <lI~ '_, -tn_, ~ t.~ -tib. ~ ~ ~L.:i .un ~ _,




N ow the need for this fact has certainly increas ed that our sist ers should take over some responsibilities in an organised v;.;ray. Fighting in the v;.;ray 0 f Allah is 0 ne 0 f the mo st important obligatio ns 0 f I slam. I slam cannot be complete without this duty. The Holy Quran is replete with the vers es bearing the mes sage 0 f this obligation. The opp 0 sition 0 f Jihad is the opp 0 sition 0 f I slam and the Holy Quran wereas the extinction 0 f Jihad mean s the worst humiliation, torment and dis grac e to the Muslim Ummah. N ow if all the Muslim men and women in our country do not safeguard this holy duty, no one will escape Allah's torment. It is the duty of every



tongues 0 f the c o untrym en only to win the go 0 d- will 0 f the forei gn tyrants (America). The plans to s ell divine injunctions like J iliad for a few dollars

Muslim to defend Islam and the Holy Quran. T his protection can be po s sible only when such firm sinc erity and loyalty to J iliad is shown as was

are under pro c es s. Pill this would have licked the dust and met humiliation if the Muslims had only a slight sinc ere and cons cious relation with J iliad. Would that I had the weap ons with which I might have killed the word

shown by the early men and women among the great companions 0 f the Holy Prophet ~. Torment due to dis carding J iliad is inevitable, but mo st

of our houses are wretchedly wrapt in this same torment. Quarrels,

II suspiciousnes s ! II This dirt 0 f suspiciousnes s is thrown only at J iliad and

disputes, charms, sp ells, the flo 0 d 0 f immo desty and irre1igiousnes s, fis cal pro blems, s ens eles snes s, clas s -distinction and what not els e! The snakes 0 f

the Mujahideen; II Such and such lady has grown distrustful 0 f Jihad. Such

and such sis ter has grown sus pi cio us 0 f Muj ahi deen. The Daughter s 0 f PUs ha ;r, 0 f such and such area have develop ed mis giving 0 f the organisation. Suspiciousnes s, distrustfulnes s and mis giving .... II 0 f what typ e is all this

dis eas e, anxiety and worry wriggle every where. There is p eac e neither at

oddity! Whereas you know that the whole 0 f Kufr and hyp 0 crisy is against

the home nor in the graves. We fors 0 ok Allah and were humiliated so greatly that there is no one in the world who may inquire after us. The Holy Prophet ~ has said clearly, II I f you do not revert to J iliad, this humiliation will remain imp 0 s ed up on you". His ~ saying is inevitable and ever true.

the Mujahideen, b oth the S elf and the devil are attacking the Mujahideen.

On the other hand, the Mujahideen have not remained in a po sition to

Lo ok around yours elves and your surroundings with op en

des crib e all the proc eedings 0 f their doings. Moreover, the news

eyes. "What do you see exc ept restles snes s and dis grac e. How heinous

c onc erning Mujahideen has to be c ens ored and not allowed to be brought to the public vi evil.

sinful actions are being nourished in such beautiful ho mes! How horrible dis eas es are roaring in so grand ho spitals! How beastly hearts are

In this situation, th e sis ters sh ould have thro wn a way the word

suppres sing the pure and artles s fac es and how guile 10 oks are crushing the guileles s 10 oks! Would that someone may think! Would that someone may understand!

II suspiciousnes s II like nasty carrion and should have remained attached to

the work firmly and strongly. No doubt, some 0 f the Mujahideen have als 0 fallen a prey to the machinations of the S elf and the devil and are withdrawing from the organization through overweaning pride, but what

My esteemed and loved sisters! Our protection and security lies only in reverting to D een and J iliad. So long as women do not lend an active helping hand in this job ~ it can not gain firm grounds on this earth.

busines s do thes e sisters have with it? The Markaz which had wakened and

attached them with this sacred task is, by the grac e 0 f Allah, safe and s ound. This Markaz has not played treachery with I slam or Jihad rather it

The int ellig enc e s ervic es are onc e again ac tiv e to put out th e candle 0 f

J iliad. Preparations are in full swing to strangle the throats and bridle the



till yesterday. Then it can also be inquired of them if all these evils and vic es ar e pr es en t in th e M arkaz an d the or ganizatio n, why they talk 0 f rec on ciliation with th e or ganizatio n and demand that if suc hand su ch p ers ons are invited back, they will be satis fied and work happily for Jihad. The sane people who have bothered to inquire ab out thes e things from the people who hold "power 0 f the pen ", have bec ome safe from their wickednes s. On the other hand, a group without having taken a thought, was taken in by their slick tongue s and are now harming thems elves. May Allah sh ow th em th e right path and als 0 grant us with p ers everanc e to remain firm on the ri ght path. Th e sis t er s s h oul d tak eon them the following resp onsibihties in an organized way:

6.). Lo oking after the familie s 0 f the rrartyrs.

Q.i). Financial co - op eration for the releas e 0 f the pris oners and looking after their families.

Q.ii). Delivering and distributing the cas s ettes and books which b ear the mes sage 0 f Jihad.

~). Active advertis ement and circulation 0 f the weekly II Shamsheer" and monthly "Banaat- e- Aisha ~I to widen the circle 0 f its readers.

tv). Lo oking after the families 0 f the memb ers 0 f the organization in cas e of their arrest and making efforts to keep the pas sion for Jihad alive among the Muslim Ummah.

Thes e five tasks are very easy and us eful and beneficial on the day of judgement and als 0 worthy 0 f earning honour for I slam in this world. We have set the task before you and have conveyed the mes sage. Don ot

continued this positive task even in the fac e 0 f all dangers. I f all 0 f our sisters are detached from the Markaz due to a signed statement, what go 0 d will they do? What kind 0 f religious s ervic e have thes e people who have offered the writing, rendered to thes e sisters? When have they provided them any religious guidanc e? The only bitter asp ect is that this writing has mad e uns uc c es s ful efforts to di s c 0 ntinu e the all owanc e pro vid ed to th e familie s 0 f martyrs. By Allah, tak e ho 1d 0 f your ta sk and per ci ev e it s greatnes s instead 0 f wasting your time. Advanc e this task with all your will and lab our, Every deed which is done on the basis 0 f sinc erity for the sake of Allah, is opp 0 s ed and suppres sed. Efforts are made to stop and crush it, but sinc e the beginning, no one has been able to put out the light 0 f Allah with their nefarious blows. Moreover, our duty always requires sacrific e. Henc e, whatever is 10 st in it; is not 10 st but is ac c epted by Allah.

The workers remain busy with their work all the time, they have no spare time to 0 ffer justifications or to wash away mis givings. On the other hand, the mischief-mongers and propagandists are always free. They have no duty either to provide sustenanc e to the families 0 f martyrs or to 10 ok after the pris oners, or have the tension to invite people to Jihad or danger 0 f the ma chination s 0 f the en emy. They ar e always bent up on mischief-mongering, telling lies and creating suspiciousness against Jihad among the people; and consequently, the credulous, immature and weak -minded people are dup ed by their slick tongues.

Thes e people should be asked if all thes e defects really existed in the Markaz and the organization, why all 0 f them remained attached with it



hesitate to p erfonn thes e five duties remaining within the limits 0 f Shariah, avoiding prohibitions, unveiling yours elves and mixing with ghayr -mehram (from whom parda (veil) is compulsory). If you require any suggestion in this respect, do write a letter. If you have some useful proposal in this regard, do inform us please through a messenger or write a letter. IvIay Allah grant you with such strength through His sp ecial bles sings!



During thirteen months I detention, the pro c es s 0 f recieving letters and dispatching answers was nearly hamp ered. I probably replied to only a few letters and then.... after my releas e, this pro c es s could not be restored on the in stan t. Now, Allah b e thank ed, a numb er 0 f lett ers have been rec eived in the last two months and their replies have als 0 been despatched.

The mail rec eived by me c ompris es numerous kinds 0 f letters:

(l) Letters Written by the Prisoners: This is, Allah be thanked, a very important and sacred task, may this pro ces s continue so long as these companions are not releas ed! One copy 0 f the letters which we rec eive is despatched to the families 0 f tho s e pris oners. I f it is imp 0 s sible to s end the



religious love and their liking and blis s c onc erning books, cas s ettes and many other referenc es.

~) Letters of Criticism: Some people write letters to criticis e me through different angles and expres s their wrath. I read thes e letters very carefully and try to analys e whether this criticism is fair or foul. As thes e people do not write their name and epistolary addres s, I am unable to 0 ffer thanks to thes e people. After my release from India, when the framing of this organization was declared, a numb er 0 f pinching and admonishing letters were rec eived. Now, a few anonymous letters are rec eived with referenc e to the pres ent situation.

(7) Inq uisi tive Le tters: IvIany la di es an d gentlemen writ e different questions c onc erning D een and Jihad. Some p eop le ask for a suggestion on the books they should read. IvIany people inquire 0 f different is sues and prop 0 sitions. A numb er 0 f people s end letters asking the interpretations 0 f their dreams IvIany people seek advic e ab out their life and future career or demand some benediction and incantation for the solution of their problems.

(8) Invitation Letters: Some people write letters to invite me to participate in pro c es sions or meetings, wedding cards als 0 include them. The heirs 0 f the martyrs als 0 write letters to visit their hous e s or their 3re3.S.

After reading thes e kinds 0 f letters, you must have estimated how vast the mailing field is and in this age 0 f fast electronic media, how many c onc erns are done through letters. I never consider the letters any burden on me rather it is auspiciousnes s and go 0 d luck and a s ourc e 0 f link with my

copy of the letter, the original one is sent. As a number 0 f duties are required in thes e letters, this department consisting 0 f two individuals do all thes e job s. Dis clo sing more details in this regard is not appropriate at the moment. All the readers are requested to make it their permanent routine to pray for thes e great p ers ons who are impris oned for the caus e 0 f Allah.

(2) Corrective Letters: The ladies and gentlemen who have pledged an oath 0 f allegianc e for their correction and training, write letters to des crib e their daily routine work. This pro c es s is als 0 very us eful. Allah be thanked, a numb er 0 f Muslims have benefited from it.

(3) Organizational Letters: IvIany people s end us suggestions in connection with the working 0 f the organization. Some people applaud its performanc e while in many other letters, the shortc omings 0 f the or ganiza ti on are al sop 0 in te d out. Su ch letters ar every care fully and minutely read and sorted out. I f there is a complaint against someone, this let ter is sent to the department 0 f the Imp erativ es for Goo dn es s 0 r the responsible members of the concerned department for inquiry. On the other hand, the letters b earing ac c eptable and imp ortant suggestions are put in the meeting of the governing body.

(4) Letters Pertaining to War Letters: The sisters and brothers who nourish a pas sion for Jihad and yearning for martyrdom als 0 write letters to expres s such pas sions and the determination to 0 ffer thems elves for every kind 0 f sacrific e for I slam. There is always an abundanc e 0 f such letters in the mail. Which is a very go 0 d thing!

(5) Eulogizing Letters: S evera1 Muslims write letters to expres s their



gained only by writing letters and many dis e3.S es are automatically cured. Henc e, do not susp end writing letters waiting for a reply 0 f some previous

Muslim brothers and sisters. However, every thing has some manners and etiquettes. A numb er 0 f requests c onc erning mail have already been made.

letter, rather you should write the letter whether you rec eive a reply or not.

Sometimes, the reply is not made intentionally, so you should not be

Now, keeping a numb er 0 f irregularities in view, I again feel the need to expres s a few things.

involved in any anxiety or worry.

The letter should be brief and precis e as much as po s sible. Reading


S end only one letter in one envelop e. I feel easy in replying to such

detailed letters is its elf a very difficult job and as both the brothers have to sp end their time in it, such letters should be avoided. It will not be po s sible

letters. Some companions s end a numb er 0 f letters in an envelop e making it

very difficult for me to keep them safe and replying them.

to reply the lengthy letters in future. Ap 010 gizing to you in anticipation as a

(V i i). Do not write Quranic vers es in the letter exc ept in cas e 0 f dire exigency, it may caus e dishonor and dis grac e to the Holy Quran. I f you

go 0 d writing is always free 0 f extravaganc es.


A warm welc ome to the letters which the heirs 0 f the martyrs write

write some request or commendation, do not set strict terms and conditions.

for financial supp ort and co-op eration. It will be more us eful and

F or example, it is written in some letters II The instant you read my letter, do get up, 0 ffer sup erero gatory prayers and ask benediction for my

appropriate if firstly they write direct to the c onc erned department and then to me if they wish to 10 dge any complaint.

sake II I 0 ften happ ened to read such a letter in the car during the

journey. It is the Sunnah of the Holy Prophet ~ to request others for b enedi ction, but strict conditions should not be imp 0 s ed. It is my regular


The offices of the weekly II Shamsheer" and monthly

"Banaat- e- Ais ha II are in Kara chi. The lett ers for pub li catio n s ho uld b e written directly to thes e 0 ffic es.

routine that as soon as I read the letter requiring benedictions, I invoke Allah's blessings on the Holy Prophet ~ and then pray for that person.

(V iii). General religious problems can be dis cus s ed through letters. I f you require a F atwa (legal opinion), pleas e res ort to an 0 ffic e that is sues legal o pinio ns affiliated to an authentic religious institution.

~v). Dos end a reply envelop e and als 0 write down your addres s on it.

Allah be thanked, mo st 0 f the letters c ontain the reply envelop e but th os e without reply envelopes are also no less in number. I have replied to these letters in the past, but no promis e in this regard exists in future. Dos end a

stamped and self-addressed envelope if you require a reply to your letter.


I f you write a letter 0 f complaint on the non -rec eipt 0 f the reply, do


Thos e who write letters for their correction should keep in mind

write the date of the posting of that letter.

I t is hop ed that you will keep thes e requests in mind and c ontin ue

that the monthly letter from them is an es s entia! part 0 f their reformatory c ours e. Als 0 keep in mind that anum b er 0 f s piri tual benefic enc es ar e



writing the letters. the postal a ddres s is ~ Muhammad Mas 0 0 d Azhar,

House # 1260/1 08-6B,

Mo del T own B,

Kousar Colony,

Eahawalpur, Pakistan.


Pill prais e to Allah, a numb er 0 f books have been brought out till now and they have been published time and again. As thes e books are very c omprehensib le, not only brothers but our sisters have als 0 utilized them. A numb er 0 f institutions have published them in the past, dep en ding on the circumstanc es, but now, Maktaba Hasan has taken it on their publication. This Maktaba which is dedicated to our Teacher and Guide Maulana Wah Hasan T onky, by the grac e 0 f Allah publi shed nearly forty books. Rec ently, this institution has published abo ok on the topic 0 f Allah I S sacred names titled "Tohfa-e-Saadat". This is the blessing of the holy names of Allah that



(vitt) Retentive power of the memory. ~x) Treatment 0 f dis eas es.

rrany editions have been brought out Vi1ithin a year. The Muslim ladies have given it sp ecial appreciation in particular. Many 0 f our sisters have

(x) Safety from the machinations 0 f the enemy. (xi) Rescue from awe and fear.

(xi i) Bles sing and safety from nature. (xiii) Prayer for dream serving as augury.

(xiv) Safety from the machinations 0 f corrupt rulers.

written very strange and novel letters with regard to this book and their own

(xv) Useful recitals of Allah's Names for officers and responsible ones.

condition. A brief summary 0 f tho s e letters is that Allah has bles s ed them Vi1ith a numb er 0 f religious, spiritual and moral benefits through this book. Rec ently, many true lovers 0 f the Holy Names 0 f Allah have purchas ed hundreds 0 f its volumes and distributed them among the Muslims. The Muslims have a natural love and attachment with this book b ecaus e Allah

(xv i) Beneficial and us eful recitals particularly on Thurs days. (xv i i) Useful recitals on Fridays

Hims elf has taught thes e names and has ordered us to beg 0 f Him through the invo cation 0 f thes e names. Every injunction 0 f the Sage is always full

Moreover, the metho ds to read the s e sacred names and the metho ds

of philo sophy and benefit. Hence, the people who have develop ed understanding 0 f thes e names are earning benefits 0 f both this world and the Hereafter due to the bles sings 0 f thes e names. This book contains Allah

to find Allah's characteristic name according to one's own name are also

written in it. I intend to ins ert a few pages more in it as soon as I find time.

May Allah grant me Vi1ith the strength to do so! The fact is that as soon as I

Almighty's ninety nine sacred names, their translation, their numb ers, their

come to know that a Muslim has started recital 0 f the se holy names and is es caping sinful actions due to its bles sing s or his problems are being solved,

efficacy and peculiarity while at the end 0 f the book, proved incantations 0 f these holy names for the solution 0 f the problems have als 0 been penned

I feel real happines s and p eac e 0 f mind. 0 Allahl Make all 0 f us ones who


beg only 0 f You and make Your holy names the daily routine 0 f our sayings

~) Reformation 0 f the S elf and exoneration from sinful actions.

and actions. Ameen.

~i) The heart's light and spirituality.

A very short time before this book, a pocket-sized useful and

~ii) Security of ones own children and other members of the family. ~v) Safety and releas e from impris onment.

rY) Search for the 10 st

rY i) Ac quisition 0 f children from Allah. rY i i) Bles sings in livehho 0 d.

co mp rehens i ve boo k "E emaani Hums a far" (religio us travel 0 gue) was

published from Maktaba Hasan. As its name indicates, this book is no

dou bt really a r eli gio ns tra velo gue for every Mus lim. D iff erent Sunnah ( tradi ti 0 n 0 f th e Pr oph et 3 ) r ec itals meant for th e mo ming s and the



J iliad after reading this book. Pill the asp ects from the obligation 0 f J iliad to

Complete dis cus sion with referenc es on the justification 0 f II F edai attack"

evenin gs, di fferen t incantati ons fo r different si tua tio ns and timin gs and Sunnah recitals for J iliad with their referenc es have been enumerated.

Exc ellenc es of benediction to the Holy Prophet 3 and their five

its excellenc es and commandments have been discus sed in the bo ok.

and detailed lectures for the reformation 0 f the Mujahideen is a part 0 f the book. The memoirs 0 f ventures ome youngm en 0 f the Muslim Ummah, details 0 f battles the Holy Prophet 3 carried out against the infidels. Incidents 0 f J iliad which caus e the eyes to shed tears are penned down in it.

traditional metho ds have als 0 been given. Moreover, the daily routine 0 f the Mujahid and a questionnaire for self-assessment have also been added. Forty Ahadith (sayings 0 f the Prophet 3 ) from Sahih B ukhari and Sahih

Muslim on the subj ect 0 f J iliad with text and translation have been written

The blessings of bravery and boldness, condemnation of cowardice and

entitle d II Fort y Genuine P earls II. "Prayer 0 f th e Hanafit es II c om pletely ac cording to the sayings 0 f the Holy Prophet 3 inel udin g Forty Ahadith with the title IIF orty Flowers II have been narrated. At the end 0 f the book, commandments ab out trave11ing in brief have been enumerated so that the

metho ds 0 f its remedy are als 0 mentioned. Generally, this book is on the whole a great gift for the Muslims but the mention 0 f the strate gies 0 f war

at the end of the book is its speciality. If you want to swim in the sea of

J iliad, pleas e read this book for a few cays, by the grac e 0 f Allah, the pas sion for J iliad will begin to sprout not only in the heart but als 0 in the

The book written by such a practical minded writer is really a masterpiec e for the Islamic Library. The precis and explanation of this same book has

traveller may be able to perform prayers, oblations and dry oblation ac cording to Shariah. This pocket book comprising 134 pages is the basic need 0 f every Muslim man and woman. Pill prais e to Allah the Almighty, a large numb er 0 f Muslims have benefited from this book. Henc e, it has been published many a time and is being published again and again.

One 0 f the boo ks , pu bli she d at Maktaba Has an, whi ch r ec eiv ed

blood. Allah the Almighty bles s ed the writer 0 f the book Hazrat Allama Ibn - al-Aeas Abu Zakaria Ahma d Bin Ibrahim Bin Muhammad Damas can

(may Allah shower His bles sing s up on him) with martyrdom in 814 A. H.

been pr e sent ed with th e titl e II Fa dhaai1- e -J ihad II. Mo re over, ana1y si s

mo st appreciation, is IIF adhaail- e-J iliad Kaamil. II F romerly it was published only in Urdu, but now its Pushto edition has als 0 been publi shed and is at pres ent being translated into English and Sindhi. The Urdu edition 0 f the book has been published many times; the demand is so much we have to

ac cording to the pres ent times has als 0 been 0 ffered. Henc e, this book has b ec ome the call 0 f the pres ent like the past.

Allah blessed the bo ok 'Forty Diseases of the J ews" with great popularity. The following things have been mentioned in this book.

pu blis hit every thir d or fo urth mo nth. This book was writ ten in K ot


Detailed list 0 f the vers es revealed in the Holy Quran ab out the

Bhalwal pris on in the Jammu area 0 f Kashmir and enj oys sp ecials bles sings of Allah. Cons equently, hundreds 0 f Muslims have taken part in practical


end of every chapter. Allah has blessed numerous Muslims v;Jith spiritual benefits through this book. A numb er 0 f editions 0 f the book have been published and are being brought out regularly. Besides these four books, the

~i) ~ii) ~v) (V)

following are other books published at Maktaba Has an:

"Zaad- e - Muj ahid " (Pr ovis io ns for th e Mu jahi d) : A d etaile d

dis cus sion on the system 0 f Jihad organizations, reform 0 f the M ujahideen, and dis ci plin e and organizatio n 0 f differ en t departm en ts 0 f J iha d. An


Jews .

What is the differenc e between J ewdaism and Hebraism.

Have Jews ( Allah forbid) b ec ome unc onquerable? How do es Hebraism penetrate into the Muslims?

How did the nation upon whom "Mann-o-Salwa" descended from

the skies b ec ome the mo st ac curs ed?


english version 0 f the book has als 0 been published. At the end 0 f the

VVhy did the nation among whom thousands 0 f Prophets (LV ~

were born, fall into the deep trenches 0 f humiliation and backwardnes s.

(V i i) Struggle against Hebraism; and Jihad against the Jews.

(V iii) The forty dis eas es 0 f the Jews 0 f which the Muslims should avoid

and keep away.

the forefathers 0 f the Jews and the great companions 0 f the Holy Prophet # , (such an analysis as may create love for the companions 0 f the Prophet # and hatred against the Jews).

book, tho s equalities 0 f the Mujahideen have been mentioned who s e revival is es s ential. An imp ortant topic 0 f the book is the mental preparation for the ac c eptanc e 0 f the cons equenc es 0 f Jihad. Satis factory answers to the

o bj ections 0 f the pres ent times can als 0 be seen in this book written years



"Independence Complete or Partial": Are we completely

indep endent? Searching the answer to this question, the followin g topic s have been dis cus s ed in detail:

A beautiful and religious pas sions -provoking c omparis on between

(x) Panac ea alchemies for the reformation 0 f the II S elf' .

~) The causes of the British' quitting India.

~ i). Three snakes imp 0 s ed up on the Muslims by the British. ~ i i). Reli gi 0 us sectarianism.

~v). System 0 f Bri tis h education.

(V ). Feudalism bas ed on territory and language.

(xi) The origin of religious bargaining and hiding the reality.

(xi i) Detailed commentary on atheism.

(xi i t) Mis chief 0 f the pres ent times and their ruinations.

(xtv) Condemnation 0 f lies and the best metho ds to safeguard against it.

(xv) How great trouble niggardhnes s is and how protection against it is

(V i). Opp 0 sition 0 f the religious scholars against the division 0 f India and


do gmatic arguments from both the sides. (V i I). Three sects 0 f the scholars.

(xv t) Hundreds 0 f Quranic vers es, authentic Ahadith and moral lectures .

Besides the ab ove mentioned things, there is a call to religion at the


has been published. The list 0 f all the vers es c onc eming Jihad has als 0 been ins erted at the end 0 f the book. It is a unique Jihad gift containing more than a hundred questions and answers. Pill english version 0 f the book has been published and a numb er 0 f its editions have been brought out.


, 'Maaerka' : It is a collection 0 f seventy five es says which us ed to be published in Dharb-i-Mumin under the title "Maaerka".

"Be hind. the Bars of I mp lis onme nt " : Th e s e are th e arti cl es which were written during impris onment and were publish ed in different journal s from time to time.

"Journals of Jihad": A comprehensive collection 0 f ab out twelve booklets and articles.

All prais e to Allah! Maktab a Hasan is always active in imparting complete call for D een to the Muslims and has published a numb er 0 f other books besides the ab ove mentioned ones. This sacred task 0 f publishing us eful books still continue s, more than five books are under the pro c es s 0 f preparation as I write. We have 0 ffered a brief intro duction to some 0 f the books so that the Muslims may have easy ac c es s to them. Thousands 0 f thes e books have been brought out without any advertising campai gn and now the English versions 0 f many of thes e books are available on the Internet and some 0 f them are for sale on the web site s. Particularly, the English version of "Fundamentalism", "J ihad , a Blessing or Anarchy", II Independence; Complete or Partial", "I also Have a Question", "Ah! Babri Masjid", "F adhaail- e-J ihad" were published but they are rare thes e days.

(V i ii). Who are the real suc c es s ors 0 f our forefathers?

~x). Three arrangements 0 f the scholars against the three snakes imp 0 sed up on the Muslims by the British.

(X). Religious institutions and three troubles fac ed by them. (xi) Shrine system and the dangers befalling it.

(xi i). Tab1eeghi (mis sionary) clas s and the dangers fac ed by it.

(xi i i). A true and just c omparis on between s cho ols, colleges and religious institu tions.

(xiv) Need for the political platfrom etc.

"Lessons of Jihad": It is a collection 0 f es says which may fill the heart with pas sion for Jihad. In thes e es says, Jihad has been dis cus s ed from the very beginning to the end. It is a small sized book which inculcates the pas sion for Jihad in the mind and the heart.

"Smiling Injuries" (Muskaratay Zakham): This is an ac count 0 f the first six months 0 f six years I impris onment. Why had I to go to India? When, where and h ow was I arrested? The heart-rending details 0 f the Indian torture cells, Indian soldiers I names as they thems elves are and much more. .. a smiling, simp ering, weeping and vexing writing.

"Addresses of Jihad": Thirty six comprehensible and detailed sp eeches on Jihad... ... which are made even more authentic and us eful after revision. Now it has been published in two volumes after the addition of latest addres s es.

"Teachings of Jihad": The first volume comprising three portions after correction and revision with complete authentic referenc es



The Muslim sisters are requested to pray earnestly for the publication and safety 0 f thes e books. .All thes e books are a religious as s et and a hum bl e r eligi ou s s ervic e. May .Allah grant this s ervic e with His ac c eptanc e and make it us eful for the Muslim Ummah. As the se books have proved us eful for sisters besides our brothers, we did not feel any need for the separate and sp ecial publication 0 f any book for our sisters. Lately, the institution has set high aims 0 f publishing separate bo oks on a permanent basis for the ladies and the start 0 f this sacred task is being made with the publication 0 f the editorials 0 f "Monthly Banaat- e- Aisha ~ II and some other articles. .All can op en1y see the popularity which .Allah las granted to the "Monthly Banaat-e-Aisha ~II. .Allah has made good efforts of the Mujahideen a source of a number of women's religious reformation and spiritual elevation. This magazine bas b eeen publi shed for the last three years regularly. .Allah granted me with the strength to write the editorials of its first twelve volumes. During my detention, this chain was interrupted, but onc e again, .Allah be thanked, I am lucky enough to write the editorials. Abo ok going to be published under the little II 0 Muslim Sister! II c ompris es all thes e edi to rials an d s om e oth er arti cle s. Makta ba Has an enj 0 ys the auspiciousnes s to render this s ervic e to the Muslim sisters, may this book prove us eful to them. Pray to .Allah for Hi s sp ecial favours and that .Allah makes it a sp ecial s ourc e 0 f the c ompiler' s salvation!

_f-~J"iJr~JJr:!i I,...J ,~rJ,,::-rJjrJJ,,~~rJ.JT ~lt. J.,)...;.,~ ~~ j~ ~~JIAJ~r~iJ J

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