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March 2016

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VBS Training to be held April 2

The KNCSB Vacation Bible School Jumpstart Clinic will be held
Saturday, April 2, at Webster Conference Center, Salina, Kan. Training will be offered in both English and Spanish on “Submerged,” the
2016 VSB curriculum from LifeWay Christian Resources.
Monday, March 21, is the registration deadline. Find more information at

Week of Prayer for North American Missions:
March 6-13
Annie Armstrong Offering National Goal:
$70 million
Find resources to promote the offering:
n Annie Armstrong Web site at
n North American Mission Board Web site at http://www.


The Thought Occurred to Me
By Bob Mills

KNCSB Executive Director

Is it just me… or are some of you sensing the
same heaviness that seems to be resting on our
country and even our denomination. It seems as if
something is desperately wrong. We as a people are
in desperate need of hope and restoration.
What is that something that is desperately wrong?
At the least, I think there is a need on the part of
many us in our denomination to repent before God
for our lack of being light and salt in the world. We
have lost our focus on the Great Commission mandate of making disciples. We are guilty of the sin
of becoming more concerned with what the world
might do to us than what we might do in being a

spiritual transformation
catalyst in the world.
Perhaps it is best said
in Psalm 85:4, “Restore us
again, O God our Savior,
and put away your displeasure toward us.”
Before restoration comes
repentance. Are we a
prideful people, thinking
we have the answers for
our future? Is there some
program that holds the
Bob Mills
answer for today?
Friends, we know the answer…it means liv-

The Cross Eyed Life

By Andy Addis

Senior Pastor, CrossPoint, Hutchinson, KS

MARCH 2016

I was just kicked back and relaxing on the deck of a
cruise ship skimming the waters of the Caribbean last
January... suffering for Jesus.
Well, that’s all true, except the last part. There was
absolutely no suffering involved.
Back to the story. My sunbathing, relaxing and
reading was interrupted by a compulsion to overhear
the conversation of a group of older folks about two
chairs down from me. Some may call it eavesdropping, but that just sounds so judgmental, right?
All attention was focused
on one man who began
with the statement, “My
brother was such a cheat.
He tricked me every chance
he could.”
Well, that juicy tidbit
requires any listener to
tune in whether you know
this family or not. I mean
this guy is performing
in public. It’s only out of
respect that I give him my
Andy Addis
He continued to tell of
the ways that his brother
had done him wrong, robbed him blind and taken
him for granted. But, the most memorable moment
was his climactic conclusion.
“In fact, I can remember the very first time he got
me. After a little persuading, he got me to exchange
my dime for his nickel.”
The small crowd cackled with laughter.
“I mean it’s bigger, so it must be worth more,
It was an amusing anecdote, but as I went back to
my reading I could not shake the importance of that
statement. I started to ask myself, “Do I trade my
dimes for nickels?”


I must admit there is a temptation to give away
what you have for what’s new, near, exciting, or
We know the story of treasure hidden in a field. A
man finds it, hides it, goes away and sells everything
he has so he might buy that field. He knows what it’s
Unfortunately, I think we are doing the opposite in
the church today.
We are the ones burying our treasure in the field,
and then selling it for a fraction of what it’s worth.
The Kingdom of God, the Gospel of Jesus, the
Good News to all mankind… these are the things of
greatest value! But, I think we’re often guilty of selling those treasures for what’s new, near, exciting or
Pastors and leaders, don’t sell out and cut the gospel short to make certain families happy. Don’t prioritize ministries of convenience and entitlement over
programs for evangelism and discipleship. Don’t let
your calling to shepherd the flock be diminished to
petting the sheep.
You’re a pastor; you are not a waiter taking orders
in a banquet hall and refilling glasses of iced tea for
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ing like Jesus every moment of every day. Think
on this very simplistic statement, because herein
resides the truth.
Several years ago our current president ran on a
platform of hope. The American people so longed
for hope that he was elected. Hope is not found in
a political system or a political party. The only hope
is found in the Son of God, Jesus Christ.
Let’s together and individually before God, ask
for forgiveness, repent and turn from a life driven
by our agenda to a life driven by His agenda.

The world asks: “What
does a person own?” God
asks, “How does a person
use what he or she has
been given?”
all the club members.
You’re a veteran officer running ammo to foxholes,
keeping our soldiers in the fight.
Church member, don’t let your church become a
resort for self-absorbed Christians, but make sure it’s
an incubator for world-defying, Jesus-loving, hellrebuking, heaven-storming believers! Do not let worship style become more important than worship. Do
not let difficult relationships overshadow the need
for unity in the body of Christ. Do not exchange the
Great Commission for mediocre decisions made in
most parking lot meetings.
Do not trade your dimes for nickels!
It’s so easy to let our preferences get in the way. It’s
become cliche to find ourselves distracted and miss
the vision. It’s far too common that a church today
will trade what Jesus wants for what they want.
Don’t trade those dimes for nickels… hold on to
what’s valuable.
And, get off the cruise ship. I did.

INFORM -- Regularly share information about ongoing
training, curriculum, events, support and personnel.
RESOURCE -- Serve as a resource pool for practical
ideas about what is working in KS-NE congregations
and how it relates to all sizes of churches.
GENERATIONAL -- Cast .the widest net, providing stories and information that will appeal to all generations
of Southern Baptists in NE-KS.
FAMILY-FRIENDLY -- Be family-friendly with stories,
regular columns and helps for families and leaders who
work with families.
AGE DIVERSE -- Publish s. tories that address the
diversity of age, ethnicity, and geographical regions of
MISSION-ORIENTED -- Publish stories about people
and congregations involved in missions and regularly
publicize ministry opportunities.
PART OF WIDER MISSION - Help congregations
discover that they are part of the larger work of the
Kingdom of God through their ministries.

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Robert T. Mills, D. Min.

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Sharing & Strengthening

God’s Plan for Sharing
By Jon Sapp

KNCSB State Director of Evangelism

Spring has come and with it several
events planned for our churches. First,
make sure you have the Normative
Church Leadership event on your calendar. Dr. Chuck Lawless will be with us.
This annual event will be at Webster
Conference Center, April 22-23. We are
trusting these two days to be filled with
learning and the challenge of growing
the leadership capacity of our churches.
Our Chaplains have just finished
a Chaplaincy Refresher and a “Boot
Camp” to discover the opportunities
in serving the community with witness
and care. The future is bright with a
number of individuals exploring where
they can reach out, serve and invest in
their local community. I look forward
to watching our KNCSB Chaplaincy

ministries continue to grow.
Finally, the collegiate ministries are
all deeply involved in the spring semester. In just a few weeks, students will
be enjoying their Spring Break with
a retreat or serving on a mission trip.
Recently Dr. Chuck Lawless in his blog
shared his perspective on collegiate
ministry. He realizes that students tend
to be transitive and often bring fewer
dollars to a church, but it’s imperative
that our churches reach them. Lawless
explained the importance of working
on the college and university campus.
Here are some reasons that he identified:
1. There are a lot of them. More than
18 million students are in colleges and
universities in the United States. That’s
a “people group” unto themselves – a
mission field often within a short dis-

Normative Church Conference
Webster Conference Center
Salina, Kansas

April 22-23, 2016
For leaders in churches running under 150 in worship

Theme: Developing Spiritual Leaders
We would like to invite you to attend a conference for “Normative” churches.
This includes churches that have fewer than 150 in attendance. It is designed for
pastors, key leaders and spouses. The conference begins Friday evening, April 22,
and ends Saturday afternoon.
Cost is $50 per adult or $75 per couple. This includes one night’s lodging at
Webster Conference Center and two meals. We have also blocked motel rooms in
Salina should you prefer those accommodations.
More information will be sent the first of the year. Please mark your calendar
now and plan to attend.

Our guest speaker is Chuck Lawless. He is Vice-President of
Graduate Studies and Ministry Centers at Southeastern
Seminary in Wake Forest, where he also serves as
Professor of Evangelism and Missions.

Chuck and his wife, Pam, have been married for more than
20 years, and live in Wake Forest, NC.

If you have any questions, contact Jana Gifford (
or call 1/800/984-9092 (Ext. 840).

Southview Baptist Church,
Lincoln, Neb., will celebrate
the 25th anniversary of its
Easter pageant, ‘This Day of
Resurrection,’ in March.

The pageant is a powerful depiction of Christ’s death and resurrection. It is an excellent evangelism
Admission is free and free childcare is provided for children ages 6
and under. Refreshments are offered
after every performance with a
chance to meet the cast.
Pastor Aaron Householder invites
Kansas-Nebraska Southern Baptists
to pray for and plan to attend one of
the pageant performances:
* Wednesday, March 16, at 7 p.m
* Friday, March 18, at 7 p.m.
* Saturday, March 19, at 3 p.m. and
7 p.m.
* Sunday, March 20, at 7 p.m.

The Cooperative Program and
KNCSB: Reaching Out to Nebraska and Kansas as well as the
Whole World.

MARCH 2016

Chuck is a conference leader and author of several books,
including Discipled Warriors, Putting on the Armor, Mentor,
and Nobodies for Jesus. He has a strong interest in discipleship and mentoring. He was pastor of two churches in Ohio.

tance of our
2. They
are in a critical stage of
life. They
are inquisitive, open,
questioning. They’re
exposed to
theories and
Jon Sapp
other than
Christian. If
we can reach them now while they’re
open, the rest of their life will be transformed.
3. God has often begun awakenings
with college students. In the Second
Great Awakening, God moved at places
like Hampden-Sydney College and
Williams College (where the “Haystack
Meeting” occurred). The 1970 revival
that began at Asbury College in
Kentucky spread to multiple campuses
in the U.S. Perhaps He will start an
awakening again through college students your church reaches.
4. They often have immediate access
to the nations. More than 1 million international students attend colleges and
universities in the U.S. Many are open
to talking about religious matters, and
some will have their first exposure to
the gospel on their university campus.

5. When they follow the Lord, they
do so with great passion. My faith
is challenged when I hang out with
students who are willing to give their
lives to take the gospel to the nations.
When they truly know the Lord, they
dig into His Word and fight for holiness. We need them in our churches.
6. They want to do social ministry.
The world has obvious needs, and
college students are ready to help
meet those needs. They want to get
their hands dirty in ministry. You
won’t have to convince them to get
7. They need – and deeply want
– mentors. Give them just a few minutes, and they’ll flock to you. They
want cross-generational relationships
that help them navigate life. The local
church wins when Christian mentors
and mentees connect.
8. They’re interested in church planting. If your church is committed to
reproducing churches, get some college
students involved. They’re ready.
9. They are the leaders of today and
tomorrow. I know that sentence sounds
cliché, but it’s right. We have an opportunity to influence their lives today for
the sake of the gospel tomorrow. Don’t
miss it!
As the spring approaches, get
involved with training opportunities.
Please, join me in giving thanks for our
collegiate ministries that are impacting
the 18 campuses across Nebraska and
Kansas. And let’s keep our focus on
being what God wants us to be as we
live out God’s Plan for Sharing.



Week of Prayer for North American Missions t March 6-13
Fast Facts about the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering:
What is the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering® (AAEO)?

The Annie Armstrong Easter Offering® gives major support for reaching lost people in the United States and Canada. It
provides nearly half of the North America Misson Board’s income. The offering was named for Annie Armstrong (18501938). She led women to unite in mission endeavors that ultimately led to forming Woman’s Missionary Union. She was
the first national WMU corresponding secretary.
The reason we give to AAEO:
To support the efforts of the North American Mission Board’s Send North America strategy as missionaries and church
planters push back lostness in the United States and Canada.
Amount of AAEO used to support missionaries and their work:
100 percent
2016 national goal for the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering


$70 million


easter offering 2016

Offering Supports Work in Post-Katrina New Orleans

By Jim Burton

Rice once despised the church.
Then he found love.
Growing up in greater New
Orleans, an aunt read the Bible
to him. Rice found the stories
about Jesus fascinating.
“I was the kid who raised
his hand to answer every Bible
question,” Rice said of his early
exposure to Sunday School and
Vacation Bible School.
When he turned 8 years
old, his mother married a man
who was an abuser and drug
user. As a child just discovering the Bible, he learned about
the dark side of life, and he
asked a big question for a child,
“Where is God?”
In middle school, his mother
dragged him to church.
“I remember sitting there
and thinking, ‘This is the worst
thing ever. I hate church. I
hate the people here.’ That was
coming from a lot of hurt,” Rice
That hurt remained as he
grew to become a popular and
handsome athlete who was the
high school student council
president. On the outside,
Rice appeared to have his life
“From every aspect of my
life, I was empty on the inside,”
Rice said. “I was just broken.”
Then he met Seané Smooth
and her father, Andrew
Honore. On the first day of
his freshman year at Dillard
University in New Orleans, he

saw Smooth and knew she was
special. Smooth began praying
for him.
Rice met Honore when
he visited Smooth’s home in
nearby Slidell and attended
church with her family.
Honore led his future sonin-law to Christ during Rice’s
sophomore year.
“I knew a couple of months
after I came to faith in Christ
that God was calling me to
preach,” Rice said. “I didn’t
know what that meant. I had no
clue. What does it mean to be
A Jonah experience
After college, Rice and
Smooth married, and he began
a career in insurance. They
were living in Baton Rouge
— just 90 miles north of New
Orleans. Through prayer, he
understood God to be directing
him to serve in the children’s
ministry at church.
“The ministry had been
praying for more guys to serve
with the children,” Rice said.
The pastor began discipling
him, which furthered his understanding of God’s call in his life.
“It started with me being obedient to serve in my
church,” Rice said.
But as he sensed a call to
plant a church in his Algiers
childhood neighborhood on
New Orleans’s West Bank, he
still battled God.
“I can totally relate to Jonah,” Rice said. “I had this call,
even desire, but I didn’t want

to go. It was a reluctant kind of
Rice didn’t go to the Tarshish of old. Instead, He went
to Michigan to interview with
a church needing a children’s
During the interview a pastor randomly asked him this
question, “When are you going
to church plant?”
Then Rice knew he had to go
home to his Nineveh.
“God has given us the green
light of the gospel to go to a
place that is without hope and
in need of hope. I’m sold. I
said yes,” Rice said. “One day I
had no desire to move to New
Orleans or Algiers. Then one
day I did.”
Life Church New Orleans
The Rices soon found
themselves in post-Katrina
Algiers with no place to live.
An apartment complex owned
by a Christian company invited
them to live and minister there.
At the first outreach event, they
gave away 110 book bags with

school supplies.
“The people we connected
with were so hungry for something more,” Rice said. “They
were hungry for truth.”
Rice found that the people
in his community were at the
same place he had been as a
“People were a lot like me
when I was in the churchy
world,” Rice said. “They know
things about God and call
themselves spiritual.”
After months of cultivation, Life Church New Orleans
launched in September 2014. By
January, weekly services began.
Most attendees are people
they met prayerwalking in
An Easter outreach also connected them to scores of prospects — many of whom had
some type of experience with
church but had never made a
profession of faith in Christ.
The Easter outreach hit another
nerve with Algiers residents.
“Anything that is free and is
the church blows people away,”

Rice said.
Already, they are seeing
some dramatic events. Rice met
a military couple with two kids
at the Easter outreach. She was
raised Southern Baptist; he was
an animist.
One night during Bible
study, the wife said, “I’m not a
Christian. This is the first time
that I’m realizing that I’m not
born again.”
Rice led her to Christ, and
the husband soon made the
same decision.
Istrouma Baptist Church in
Baton Rouge wanted to find
a way to be engaged in New
Orleans. As soon as they met
the Rices, they knew the couple
was right for the job.
“After our meeting with
Ryan we immediately said,
‘That’s the guy,’” said Istrouma
missions pastor Dwayne Pitre.
“We chose to support Ryan
because we believe in what God
is doing through him.”
Read this entire story
at http://www.namb.

MARCH 2016

Find resources to promote the offering:
n Annie Armstrong Web site at http://anniearmstrong.
n North American Mission Board Web site at

Ryan and Seané Rice are leading a church plant in New Orleans with their children Ryan
Jr., 6, Brayden, 4 and Reagen, 2. The Rices are North American Mission Board 2016 Week
of Prayer missionaries. Week of Prayer for North American Missions will be held March
6-13. The Annie Armstrong Easter Offering for North American Missions is traditionally
collected during this time. The goal for the 2016 Annie Armstrong Easter Offering is $70
million. (NAMB photo by James Bates)


kncsb on mission

Campers on Mission Share
Christ in a Variety of Places

MARCH 2016

Residents of an RV park in
Yuma, Ariz., are learning about
Christ’s love through a KansasNebraska Campers on Mission
Tom and Joyce Huffman
from Nebraska are reaching
out to residents of the RV park
in Yuma, where they spend the
winters. The Huffmans serve as
chaplains for the RV park. They
also have served as work campers in the park office.
While working in the park
office “we met so many more
people and developed relationships that we are praying will
lead to sharing Christ,” Joyce
Huffman wrote in an e-mail.
RV park ministry is only one
part of ministries performed by
Kansas-Nebraska Campers on
Mission in the past year.
Along with serving in
warmer climates in the winter,
Kansas-Nebraska COM has a
regular rotation of work projects. These include:
n Alpha Christian Children’s Home, Perry, Kan.
n Webster Conference Center, Salina, Kan.
n Weir Baptist Camp, 12
miles southwest of Pittsburg,
COM members have served
at Alpha Christian Children’s
Home, Perry, Kan., since 1998.
One of the major tasks
during the August 2015 work
project was constructing a pole
barn that will store tools and


Money from product labels
is an important source of
income for the children’s home.
People from around the world
send thousands of labels there.
One of the COM ladies’ projects every year is cutting and
sorting the labels. These include

Campbell’s Soup labels, General
Mills box tops (redeemed at
10 cents each) and Best Choice
labels (redeemed for 3 cents
Money redeemed from
labels is used to buy curriculum
materials, books and computers.
Weir Baptist Camp, 12 miles
southwest of Pittsburg, Kan.,
is the site of the COM fall rally
every year.
The group held a work project at New Life Baptist Church,
Independence, Kan., before
going to Weir Baptist Camp for
the fall rally. They held a work

project at the camp after the
The COM men continued
working on renovating the
camp kitchen. The women
painted the new dock at the
fishing lake on the west side of
the camp property. These were
only two of the projects that
COM members worked on at
the camp.
After leaving Weir Baptist
Camp, several COM members
worked at Webster Conference
Center, Salina, Kan., on the new
dining-hall addition.
The group gathered for a
Christmas party on Saturday,
Dec. 5, at the Baptist Building,
Topeka, Kan. They celebrated
how God used them to perform
more than 5,000 hours of volunteer labor in 2015.
Upcoming events include:
n April 29-May 1 — Spring
rally at Webster Conference
Center, Salina, Kan. A work
week at WCC will follow the
rally. Several people also are
planning to work the week
before the rally.
n June 8-10 — National
COM National Rally at the
Ozark Empire Fairgrounds,
Springfield, Mo. Find more
information at
For more information about
Kansas-Nebraska Campers on
Mission, contact Don Smith,
COM president, at

Members of Kansas-Nebraska Campers on Mission have
been staging a work project every year at Alpha Christian
Children’s Home, Perry, Kan., since 1998. One of the major
projects during the August 2015 project was constructing
a new pole barn that will be used to store tools and equipment. (Below) Money from product labels is an important
source of income for the children’s home. People from
around the world send thousands of labels there. KansasNebraska COM ladies cut and sort the labels during the
annual work project there.

The Challenge — A Retreat for Teen Guys
The Challenge, a retreat for young men in grades 7-12, will be held May 6-7 at Webster Conference Center, Salina, Kan. April 4 is the registration deadline. Find more
information at

Kansas-Nebraska Campers on Mission also stage work
projects every year at Weir Baptist Camp 12 miles southwest of Pittsburg, Kan. Here, some of the COM men work
on building picnic tables during one of the 2015 work
projects at the camp.
Hey Pastor’s Wife!
You Busy?
That’s the question of the
hour! As a minister’s wife,
you are always busy. You
barely have time to read
this message! But hang with
me a minute, and see if this
may help.
Someone called recently
about some activity I might
like to be a part of, and
my anxiety level immediately soared. They
caught me on a day when my energy level, my
over-commitment, and my stress were running
neck and neck! I try to hang onto verses like
Ecclesiastes 3:1-8, reminding me that everything
has a season. For some reason, I just thought my
seasons would be slowing down some, instead
of running into each other!
I came across the name of a new book called
Breaking Busy by Alli Worthington.
She listed four areas that let us know when
“busy” is about to get us into trouble. I thought
these were worth sharing with you:
Inability to control your emotions- (anxiety
level, depression) Lack of self-care- (diet, exercise, health) Neglecting important relationships(friends, family) Neglecting God- (skipping
church, prayer).
I’ve always been a stickler for routine so, often
I need some sort of jolt to interrupt me in order
for me to clearly see when a change needs to be
made. If you have this same tendency, take a
minute to look at yourself, pray and ask God to
help you make the needed changes. This, by no
means, gives you a license to sit and color all
day, every day in your new adult coloring book!
But check your calendar for this month. If it’s
already cluttered so much your head is spinning,
step back, take another look, and make some
wise choices. Enjoy life, and leave some room
for God’s little interruptions!
Psalm 90:12 - Teach us to number our days that
we may gain a heart of wisdom.

Annie Armstrong

As I take a break to write this, we are working on an old house: patching plaster and sanding walls smooth – close to impossible.
As Easter approaches, I think of another lady who worked long with hands cramping to do a much more important task. At least in
God’s work it was.
Without the aid of Facebook, e-mail, a computer, printer or even a typewriter, Annie Armstrong wrote and addressed by hand letters to all the state central committees and to as many of the 1,206 missionary societies as the states requested.
Hour after hour she wrote until her fingers ached and she had to loosen their hold on the pen. Her right hand
bothered her the rest of her life. And why all that work? To begin two lifelines for international missionaries:
the Week of Prayer for Foreign Missions and the Christmas offering for foreign missions.
But Annie did more than write letters. She ministered to immigrants in Baltimore, missionaries heading to
foreign fields, Native Americans and African-Americans, those living in Baltimore’s poorhouse, and missionaries on the frontier. She visited missionaries on the frontier, usually arriving on horseback. She led the
project to help build a church in Cuba. In her honor, we collect the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering for North
American Missions. Her tombstone reads: “She hath done what she could.” Have we? And, in God’s work, is
what we are doing important?
Beverly Hilton

Only Two Ingredients Needed

Cutting down on calories is hard, so when I
saw this ice cream recipe online I was immediately ready to try it. I love bananas and I love
peanut butter, how could it be nasty! It was
so good, and the texture similar enough to ice
cream, that I felt my world become right again!
No more denying myself ice cream!
In life, two other ingredients right your world,
God and you. It’s as simple as this ice cream
recipe: trust God, don’t try to figure things out
on your own, let God be God in all things, and
He will make your steps right. Proverbs 3:5&6
Two Ingredient ice cream: 4 very ripe bananas
& 2 T peanut butter. Slice bananas in ½ slices,
place flat on cookie sheet and freeze for 1-2
hours. Then put frozen banana slices in a blender and pulse until very creamy. Add peanut butter and blend. Freeze leftovers, if you have any!


The KNCSB hosts several retreats throughout the year for adults, teens and
children. GLOW is the retreat designed for girls in grades 1-6 and their
mothers. This year GLOW will be held April 8-9 at Webster Conference
Center. Each year GLOW introduces girls to missions and bible study
through a weekend of worship and breakout sessions designed especially for
The 2016 theme for GLOW is “Love in Action.” This year GLOW is
introducing girls to the efforts of Disaster Relief. Throughout the weekend
girls will hear from Disaster Relief volunteers and see first-hand the difference DR volunteers make in the lives of individuals in the midst of disaster.
In addition to learning about Disaster Relief, girls will be encouraged to
identify ways that they can use everyday items and activities to show
Christ’s love to the people around them. The weekend will include worship,
devotions, mission activities, bible study and crafts all designed to help girls
connect with the theme and Jesus’ message in Matthew 25:35-40.
I encourage you to do three things as GLOW approaches: Pray, Promote
and Participate. Pray for the girls and their mothers attending. Pray for the
volunteers teaching, serving and organizing. Promote
this event throughout your church and your community,
contact your church office for registration information.
Participate in GLOW. You can participate by volunteering to attend as an adult sponsor with your church group
for girls who may not have a mother available to attend.
You can also participate by giving financially to make
attending possible for a child you know in your church
or community. Your efforts to Pray, Promote and Participate will help make GLOW a weekend to remember.
Cynthia Magruder


It’s spring!! Get up and do something! Smile and keep smiling, help and keep helping, work and keep working, love and keep loving! Work in the garden, physically and
spiritually by cultivating endurance. You therefore must endure hardship as a good soldier of Jesus Christ” 2 Timothy 2:3. Dig down deep and see what you’re made of,
endeavor to persevere! “Perseverance must finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything.” James 1:4 so “that you may walk worthy of
the Lord, fully pleasing Him, being fruitful in every good work and increasing in the knowledge of God” Colossians 1:10
Let’s finish strong!
Debbie Eble

March 2016

It has taken some time, but I am beginning to embrace my current stage of life. I really don’t feel old but I do find myself identifying with a “more mature” crowd. I seem to spend more
time than I want to admit reminiscing about “the good old days” and I struggle to keep informed on new technology and current trends in my chosen field of health and fitness. Fortunately,
I have a stubborn streak. But knowing that stubbornness is not on any list of qualities that God desires, (see 1 Samuel 15:23 “....stubbornness is as iniquity and idolatry.”) we will more
rightly call this perseverance or endurance. In fitness, and in Webster’s dictionary, these two words are quite similar. It is a continued effort to do or achieve something despite difficulties.
Endurance contributes to your overall health providing you with energy, improved heart function and increased metabolism. And although, this definition sounds quite grueling, the good
news is anyone no matter what age or stage you are in life can train for this! The key here is “continued effort”. God designed our bodies to move and keep moving. He created Adam and
Eve, and placed them in the garden to tend it. Work was an important part of His plan, and gardening is a great picture of how we are to move. Gardeners squat down, get on all fours,
stretch and reach, get back up again, walk, pull, push, all in a variety of ways! And to maintain a garden means that you will do some form of this every day. The more
muscles you can get working, the more it will challenge not only your heart, but all of the systems in your body.



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Available to churches cooperating with KNCSB by contacting library@kncsb.
org or calling either 785/228-6800 or 800/984-9092. Ask for Barbara Spicer

The Battle Plan for Prayer (DVD) by Stephen & Alex Kendrick
This DVD series equips believers to develop their own prayer strategy
and be specific and strategic in prayer. The study features teaching on the
topics of what prayer and is and is not, why God wants us to pray, specific
areas of prayer, specific strategies for prayer, and more.
Includes Bible study book, two DVDs with eight teaching sessions.
#1 Devoted to Prayer
#2 Scheduled and Spontaneous Prayer
#3 Types of Prayer
#4 Locks and Keys of Prayer
#5 Spiritual Warfare
#6 Praying in Faith
#7 Praying Specifically and Strategically
#8 Prayer Strategies

If we belong to Christ, it’s logical that everything
we have truly belongs to Him. Be a cheerful Giver!



n FOUR NEW BOARD MEMBERS began serving on the WCC at the February
WCC Board Meeting. Carolyn Cone (Sandhills), Nikki Riley (Heartland Church
Network), Greg Savage (Smoky Hill) and Cynthia Schmidt (Oregon Trail)
n MATCHING CHALLENGE GRANT: A dollar-for-dollar matching grant has
been given to WCC for $75,000 to repave the entry road from just inside the front
gate to the Dining Hall.
n BIDS HAVE BEEN RECEIVED: Three Bids have been received to repave the
entire entry road at WCC. After further evaluation, the best bid will be selected
and the project will begin when the money becomes available.
n DINING HALL: Work progresses on the Dining Hall Expansion. The goal is
to have this project completed by the beginning of the summer camp season in late
May. Volunteers are needed for both indoor and outdoor projects on this building.
Call Bill Cooke toll free at 1-877-WCC-RESV if you or a small group would like to
work for a day or two.
n WCC RECOGNIZED: WCC has been recognized as a state licensed lodging
facility in the state of Kansas.
n WCC SUNDAY is April 10, 2016. Watch for more details coming soon.
Sign up for free monthly WCC E-Newsletters by going to http://www.webstercc.

“Thank you” for your continued support of this mission facility as we
continue to reach people for Christ and train believers for the work of
the ministry! The WCC Staff


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