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Course Code: MAT

Version No.
Course Prerequisites

Title: Probability and Statistics


MAT101 Multivariable calculus and Differential Equations
To provide the mathematical support by way of probabilistic
models and statistical methodology to tackle problems
encountered in Science and Engineering applications.

Expected Outcome

Understand basic notions of probability arising in a variety
of uncertain situations which are nontraditional in areas of
science and engineering.
Knowing the basic tools of statistical methods
Emphasize the study of data analysis leading to
probabilistic models
Unit Nos.
Unit Title
Number of hours (per Unit)
Unit 1
Random variables
9+3 hours
Random variables- distribution and density functions-random vectors-joint
distribution and joint density functions- conditional distribution and density
functions-co-variance-correlation - mathematical expectation - moment generating
function – characteristic function.
Unit 2
Binomial and Poisson distributions – normal distribution – gamma and exponential
distributions – Weilbull distribution - regression and correlation – partial and
multiple correlation- multiple regression.
Unit 3
Testing of
9+3 Hours
Large sample tests- procedure of testing hypothesis- small sample tests- Student’s
t-test - F-test- chi-square test- independence of attributes and goodness of fit.
Unit 4
Design of
9+3 hours
Analysis of variance – one and two way classifications - CRD- RBD- LSD.
Unit 5

9+3 hours
Non-parametric tests-sign test-signed-rank test-rank-sum test- Kruskal-Wallis testruns test- tolerance limits-rank correlation coefficient.
Text Book
R.E.Walpole, R.H.Mayers, S.L.Mayers and K.Ye, Probability
Statistics for engineers and scientists, 8th Edition,
Pearson Education (2007). Topics in the chapters 3,-12 and
Reference Books

1. J.L.Devore, Probability and Statistics, 5th Edition,
Thomsun (2000).
2. R.A.Johnson, Miller & Freund’s Probability and

Statistics for Engineers. Pearson Education. Mode of Evaluation . Recommended by the Board of Studies on 12-05-2012 . Delhi (2008). seventh edition.