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February 2016
Our fourth meeting took place on January 19th, 2016. We discussed issues concerning networking and how we as ladies should not
lean toward our own understanding, as to contemplating on negative mind sets. In Proverbs Chapter 3:5, God advises us to trust the
Lord with your heart and do not depend on your own understanding (e.g., not your mind). The context that involves this verse brings
forth a great significance concerning you finding favor and good character in the sight of God and man (Bible Hub, 2015). Sometimes
obedience can bring forth pain before pleasure as to what your heart leads you to as to completing tasks that may involve how you
interact with others. For example, you may not want to exercise but you like the outward physical approach of some of your peers,
which means your heart guides you to doing things that can aid you in being healthier to gain that outward physical appearance that
you have been looking for. Or, you want to be able to lead and guide a group, thus, you’re scared due to lack of experience.
Therefore, your heart is leading you to interact with professionals to aid in bringing forth courage to stand to be a leader. With this in
mind, consider the source--if you think negative thoughts, you will bring forth bad results, however, if you remain optimistic and
remain focused, good things come to those that wait patiently, hypothetically speaking.
῀Meeting Overview ῀
Interpersonal skills. Assessing one’s own abilities can be hard, but it can aid in building your strengths and weaknesses before you
improve your networking skills. Below is a list of interpersonal skills that can aid you in becoming an effective networker. Score
yourself on how you think you do on each front. Before moving forward with the assessment, I do not want you to take each of the
following statements to the extreme, as the overriding skill is to act appropriately in the situation that you have in mind for yourself.
Interpersonal skills
Self-rating: between 1 (low) and 10 (high)
Active listener
Good Conversationalist
Problem solver
Willingness to engage/share
Can read others and respond accordingly
Good observational skills
If you scored low on certain characteristics, those are the features you need to work on and where you scored high, go out and practice
those skills with others. If everything stakes up, do more of what is working for you. People buy into people they like and trust first.
In effect, they are buying trust, professionalism and like-mindedness.
Kellie Bortner, was a humble host as she understands what it is going to take as to building relationships to achieve personal
opportunities. Yet, she has made a commitment to aid in providing much effort administratively in building “Ladies of Bristol” and
supporting our first outreach children’s program (Reading Literacy that Works). Taking into account that this will be a big
commitment and she will be giving up some of her time to implement strategies to reinforce ideas to help our children be motivated to
want to be readers. Knowledge is power and for that the group is thankful for all of her future efforts.
We had a guest speaker at our January meeting. Ms. Jacqueline Gathers, a motivational speaker, joined us during our meeting to
discuss ways to develop our networking skills.
Ms. Gathers brought forth useful information to scrutinize the truth that is in the palms of our hands that we sometimes cannot
recognize, when it comes to building relationships and taking care of ourselves emotionally and physically as to figuring out ways to
satisfy some of our emotional setbacks that can set us up to prosper. This is a great way to build onto networking skills by interacting
with professionals to build up our interpersonal skills.

῀Agenda & Events῀
Monthly Meeting
Friday, 02/19/2016
Jen Lovell, 319
Lakemont Drive @

Discussion Topic
Motivational skill

Future Events
Self-defense class &
Pot luck 02/12/16 @
7:30 PM
58 Mystery Hill

Current Events
Adolescent bible
study Tuesday
evenings @ 4:00pm
Dunkin D. call J.
Lovell for details

Community Easter
Celebration &
Barbeque 03/2016

Girl Scout cookies
are being sold at 58
Mystery Hill court
call P. Jefferys for
Works outs Monday,
Wed. Saturday 6:30
58 Mystery Hill

Reading lit. program

New Members
Jennifer Lovell,
she will also be
handling our
Welcome Jen!

LOB Yard Sale to be
Once again I thank everyone for their continued support.
Don’t forget to check out our website and sign up for the
self-defense class and potluck.

Motivational Speaker Jacqueline Gathers 1/19/2016