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101 Danziger Way

Herts WD6 5DG
Right Honourable David Cameron
10 Downing Street
29 February 2016

Dear Mr Cameron
I have always been a keen supporter of you and the Conservative party and have
been especially grateful in these days of rising anti-Semitism for your
unwavering support of Israel. However your recent comments about Jerusalem
have filled me with dismay.
You referred to ‘Occupied East Jerusalem’. Far be it from me to give an
Eton/Oxford educated prime-minister a history lesson but I feel that you are
unaware of some basic historical facts. Jerusalem under the UN 1947 Partition
Plan was declared an international city. Jews had lived in the Old City for
centuries and indeed were the majority there. In 1948 they were ethnically
cleansed from the area by Jordanian forces led by the British general, Glub
Pasha. There is a wonderful book called ‘One Last Day’ by John Phillips, a British
photographer embedded with the Jordanian Army documenting the expulsion of
the Jews from the Old City, maybe one of your staff could source a copy. As an
aside, the synagogue where my son celebrated his bar mitzvah, still bears the
bullet holes of the fight for the Old City. Perhaps you would like to visit it next
time you are in Jerusalem and see it for yourself.
After 1948, synagogues were blown up, (King Hussein was planning to build a
park on the now vacant plots), a wall was built dividing new and old Jerusalem
(again you can still see the remnants of that wall) and Jews were excluded from
the Old City and forbidden to pray at their holy places including the Western
Wall. Gravestones from the ancient Mount of Olives were uprooted and used as
urinals and paving stones. Jews were also banned from The Mount of Olives, the
Hadassah Hospital and the Mount Scopus campus of the Hebrew University. Is
that the ‘before’ you wish to return to? Jerusalem has never been the capital city
of any Islamic nation, it was never the capital city of a Muslim Palestinian state
which has never existed. It has always been the eternal capital of the Jewish
people so to call a city that was unilaterally annexed by Jordan in defiance of a
UN resolution, is an insult.
I look forward to your comments.
Yours sincerely

(Mrs) Ruth Leveson