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Evaluation Activity 3

What kind of media institution might distribute
your media product?
What does a production company do?
A production company plays an essential role in the
organisation had distribution of a film. They are
directly responsible for finding a suitable director and
handling the talent within the film. The production
company also assists in:


Order of opening credits:
Traditionally, the main credits are shown at the
beginning of the film. The usual order follows:
 Produced by
 Music by
 Screenplay and story
 Cinematography by
 Writer(s)
 Director
During the opening credits of a film, the names of the
main actors are usually shown.
Distributor of my film:
The distributor of a film is a company that is
responsible for advertising a media product to the
public. This is an essential part of post-production. The
company, which distributes your film, is responsible for
the marketing and promotion of the film. The distributor
decides how many copies of the film will be made, then
show it to prospective buyers e.g. cinema owners. It
could be said that a distributor directly influences the
success of a film. To distribute my film, I will need a
company that are based in the UK, who distribute lower
budget, horror films. These two are good examples of
these types of production companies. Film 4 released A
Field In England, which is one of my inspirations for
making my sequence.

These are example of production companies that only take
big budget films and projects, which isn’t good for me,
plus they’re American and my film isn’t targeted for US

Possible Distributors for my production:
Film4 (as pictured above)
Working Title (as pictured above)
Both of these companies could possible be suitable to
distribute my project, since they do business with
smaller more independent films based in the UK. They both
also have experience in the horror genre as well which
helps tremendously.

Film 4 -
The Film 4 website has links which you can click to see
the films that they have made and are in the process of
making. They also back short films and support ‘emerging
talent’. This means that they would be an appropriate
choice for distributing my film, as they are a British
company which backs lower budget films and who are
experienced in the horror genre.

Examples of horror films that have made are ‘Kill List’,
directed by Ben Wheatley, who also made ‘A Field In
I would also like to distribute my film under Film 4,
because they are well known and successful for what they
do, which are independent horror films that don’t cost a
lot to make. Kill List was nominated for six British
Independent Film Awards and won an Empire Award for ‘Best
These factors prove that Film 4 would make a perfect
distributor for my film. They are based in Britain,
distribute independent films and are experienced in the
horror genre.

Working Title –
Working Title productions is a great British film company
that was set up in 1983. It also does TV and stage
productions, but I would use it to distribute my film as
they are a longstanding company with a good reputation.
They’ve released horror films such as Shaun of the Dead
and The World’s End. Even though these are larger budget
films they are still considered low budget in the world
of film.
However, I feel that my film would not be bought from
Working Title as they work more internationally, so they
may not pay much attention to independent, low budget
films such as mine. However, I do want to work under this
production company if I was offered, as they would be a
perfect platform to advertise and distribute my film.
Global or International:
As my media product is a low budget horror film, I may
only have the opportunity to distribute my film

nationally. Therefore, as distribution company such as
Film 4 would be ideal as they can cross media promote on
other UK networks such as: Channel 4 and E4. E4 is a
channel targeted at young adults, therefore would be
appropriate when advertising my media product. In
addition, if I were to have the opportunity to distribute
globally, Film 4 would be the ideal distributor in this
situation. This is because they are widely known for
working with major US companies such as Fox Searchlight
to distribute successful films as a global level (such as
Slumdog millionaire).