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GERM THEORY 198 wmegcon Bugging Out THE LATEST BEAUTY CRAZE? BE) 'EFICIAL BACTERIA. JOANNE CHEN EXPLORES GETTING PRETTY WITH PROBIOTICS. FOR DECADES, THE PURSUIT OF BEAUTY HAS INVOLVED AN epic battle agains the microorganisms on our skin. Dull com- plexion? Scrub away she det (and the ll critters ving therein) with antibacterial sap. Shiny T-2one? Seip off che oil (and the bugs tha thrive on if) with antsepic cleansers and tones. But ow, beauty chemists ate trying 2 reversal of tactics, Instead of ‘ant, theyre embracing pro—probiti, tobe precise. Rather than ‘vsceratng all bacteria, theyre singling out the beneficial varet- Jesand figuring out how to harnes thei power. you hear the word “probiotic” and think of Jamie Lee Curtis hawking yogur, youre not to fa-off. Probiotic prod ‘ets, whether ingestible or topical, contain bacteria friendly cur digestive systems, Yogurt, pickles, ombucha,saueskrautand ‘other fermented foods naturally contain probiotica—lve strains ‘that are able to sil through the acidic stomach environment and enter the gut, where they proliferate. Their presence can kill Inarmfil bacterin, enhance the immune system and strengthen the intestinal lining. ‘So what docs this have to do with skin? Alot, it turns out ‘There's convincing evidence now that bacteria in your gut inter act with your immune stem to produce changes in your skin" sys Whitney Bowe, a New York dermatologist who has writen extensively on che topic. Harmful bacteria she explains, injure the stomach ining, making i more permeable. This not only al lows iritating substances to float into the bloodstream instead of | being excreted, but it also sets of alarm bells in che immune sy tem, A a rent, inflammatory chemicals—eausing sensitivity, redness and itching—get released throughout the bod includ ing the kin, says Raphael Kellman, a holistically focused internist and the author of The Microbiome Diet. Te makes sense then that people who eat or drink probiotics regularly to enhance their insides often start looking better on the outside too. “You ean tll Iongtime kombucha drinkers by their clear skin,” swears Daina Trout, a nutritionist who loves the Kingly-tasting fermented drink so much, she now sells her ows, brand, called Health-Ade “The evidence is more than jst anecdotal. Ina 2013 paper by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology titled "Probiotic Bac teria Induce a'Glow of Health,” the authors noticed that female smice had shinier far and thicker skin within seven days of eating yogurt. They theorized that probiotics somehow prolonged the fvowth phate ofthe har and intuenced the iramune sytem.» Maio by ZEBEDES M GERM THEORY Needles to say ody probiotics are an active area of reeearch for beauty brands a wel 1 for supplement manu facture, In 2014, LOreal researchers published a paper reporting that an in [ested Form of lactoacilus paracase Improved skin sensitivity in patients ‘bysamong other things, reducing wat lose from the skin's surface. An eat- lier study found thatthe same stain, when ingested, tamed dandeuff. Hum, 2 company with the motto “Besuey starts fom within,” abes its probiotic packed Gut Instincr capsules "friendly bacteria chat benefit your skin, heath, and beauty.” Sonya Dakar promote ite ‘Acidophilus Flora supplement with a lise of benefits thar include “healthy skin and “optimal digestion.” But billons of bactena also lve dirty fon the epidermis, nd, according to Julie Seggeya genetic and skin biologist who x decoding the genome ‘of skin bacteria at the National Insists of Health the habits of those bugs affect the way our skin looks, fel, and even smells, (Certain ntlammatory skin disorders she says have been associated with an imbalance ofthese bacteria, andthe chemical they pro duce can shift the workings of the immune system. For instance, ‘Panes, che bacteria that causes ane, is genetically coded to ro1gh "up the lining of your pores or stick to and block them, which can ulimately lad to pimples. Seapbylcacus aren (known a staph’) appears to lease ataxic chemical that signals the immune sy ‘tem to proce graniles that ease eccmaysaye Gabriel Nut, & professor of pathology a the University of Michigan, who wrote Shout hie finding ina recent sue of Nature ‘As i the gut, the rogue strains on top of the skin can be halted or slowed when averwhelmed with legions of friendly bacteria. These microbial aid workers—which,reseaecher ss pect include the fascias and bifdas strains —"actally keep tin cells from detecting the presence of the bad bacteria and prevent an inflammatory response," Bowe sys. They also assist tall sorts of skin-enhancing activities, euch as building coll gen, strengthening the protective bari and retaining moisture She advises pat osace, and tee to eat probiotie-heavy foods and apply a mask weeldy nade with that old health-food-store recipe fall ft yogurt and honey. Sy Ferment Nation Th pew stn pods are ae ores Yoghurt Neishig Fu el Face Sunsceen SPF 30(535, ‘SKA id Day Essence 80 Stam Nui at promote on of nay backers cn be ound ts ght mostrar $510 ta alo sets mau. esc aio ys Roig Eaten S36, bso a: Myre rebate Gohan at ice sk St ard spe er Ree! Biomimetic Pel Pade ($7045 pac vers can) [Mace iene, muscu emant hap exe the sin ‘hangs Bigs Hue Rich Crear (385, pachaniycam- Tipo omens ge da ss i best create. ‘Arla Refine Polish Miele Bain ($08 alas cam: Miki dried acta ep sabe hrs ata cece ‘system ar onenrages ely San JANE LARKWORTHY aS “Many say they see improvements within a matter of wecks.” says Bowe, who i also a clinica assistant profesor of derma ‘logy at the Icahn School of Medicine at Moune Sinai Medicat Center in New York. Unlike Bowe’ yoguet mask, many off-the-shelf topical vasi- ties, including the pistoenteologist-