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CITY OF MOUNT VERNON POLICE DEPARTMENT DETECTIVE DIVISION INCIDENT =: 97-38672 DETECTIVE DIVISION CASE =: 701-16 PROST. / 09/06/97 - 2139 HRS / CASE CLOSED BY ARREST DATE REPORTED: 09/06/97 TIME REPORTED: 2139 HRS_ TI. SCENE - GENERAL AL Roadway 1. Classification of location Kesidential ecific Area Corner Vista Place / W lat st rea lit by street lighting A III. SCENE - CRIME A. scene i. Corner of Vista Place / W ist street B. crim 1, Patronizing prostiture A. All Persons on Scene 1. Law Enforcement Personnel Det. L. Palmer, £36, Narcotics Div., submitted Mvel 97~38672 / and Db= 701-16 b. Det. Sct. M. Hackett, supervis. no report required ©. POG. Ossippo, CAD, no report required. Sot. T. Raynor. supervisor, Narcotics 2. other Agency versonr 8 Uidercver 11 Posed as StItUTe and was proposirioned via defendant , Nare: tice, B. pefendant owe. Aneosne / w/e Ml yrs / oor a. Address /Telephone 1) Res: 2) Res arrested at: Vista Pl / W ist st Arrested by: Det. Palmer, 236 Time 2139 Hrs Advised of rights Immediately upon arrest by pet. Palmer, #36 charge 30.30 P.L Trai sported to: MVPD-booka 9 area V. ADDITIONAL INPORMATTON In conjunction with nvs was observed approaching and offering undercover officer. currency to perform sexual act/s. Upon defendant believing he was going to encage in a sexual act, officere placed same under arrest. adv MVP 4 of rights and then was tran 230.30 PL ported and booked on the charge bet. L. Palmer, 236 DATE SUBMITTED: 09/07/97 SY hips