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Bondurant-Farrar Community Schools Artifact

Artifact Title: Observation Forms

Portfolio Author: Dohmen

Date: February 2016

Iowa Teaching Standard #4 Uses strategies to deliver instruction that meets the multiple learning needs of students.

Aligns classroom instruction with local standards and district curriculum.

Uses research-based instructional strategies that address the full range of cognitive levels.
Demonstrates flexibility and responsiveness in adjusting instruction to meet student needs.
Engages students in varied experiences that meet diverse needs and promote social, emotional, and academic
e. Connects students prior knowledge, life experiences, and interests in instructional process.
f. Uses available resources, including technologies, in the delivery of instruction.

I chose this artifact to show:

__X__ growth in this standard
_____ strength and competency in this standard
Evidence to support attainment of this standard:
Description of artifact and how the artifact meets the standard:
I use strategies to deliver instruction that meets the multiple learning needs of my students. I am willing to be flexible
and responsive in adjusting instruction in order to properly fit the needs of my students. When planning and organizing
a lessons procedure, I am always thinking of the students learning goals along with selecting the best way to deliver the
instruction. I consider my students background knowledge, experiences, and misconceptions when preparing for a
lesson. My artifact is my pre-observation and post-observation forms during my scheduled evaluation. This artifact
demonstrates flexibility and responsiveness in adjusting instruction to help my students succeed within and after the
Reflection on artifact (what went right, what went wrong, how to make better)
During the evaluation process, I meet with my principal before my observation and after my observation. During my
pre-observation meeting, we discuss how I adjust in my instruction to fit the needs of my students during whole group
and small group. We review the learning goals, engagement of students, difficulties to expect, resources, and
assessments. This demonstrates how prepared I am for the instruction that is to be taught during the specific lesson.
During my post-observation meeting, we take this time to reflect on my teaching ability. We discuss what went well and
areas I need to improve. I am able to give my input on my own critiques, and my principal is also able to provide
feedback to help me become a better teacher. We discuss student engagement, meeting the learning goals, flexibility and
responsiveness in instruction, and examples of student work. These meetings are such a great resource to have in order
to gain feedback and experience.