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Master of Business Administration - MBA Semester 4
MU0016-Performance Management and Appraisal
(Book ID: B1868)
Assignment (60 Marks)
Note: Answer all questions must be written within 300 to 400 words each.
Each Question carries 10 marks 6 X 10=60.
Q1. Discuss the principles and dimensions of Performance Management.
Answer. Principles of Performance Management:
1. Be honest and open good performance management relies on a good relationship.
2. Keep it simple keep the emphasis on development and performance, and keep the
paper work and process simple.
3. Keep in touch use mini-reviews to build towards a performance review.
4. Make goals interesting, challenging and engaging this is what really motivates
people to achieve.
5. Pull together align individuals goals with team and organizational goals.

Q2. What are the key contents of a Performance Agreement? Explain.

Answer. Performance Agreements Lead to Improved Organizational Results
General Accounting Office (GAO) report released, found results-oriented performance
agreements between agency leaders and senior political and career executives led to
improved organizational results. The report, Emerging Benefits from Selected
Agencies' Use of Performance Agreements, centred on the implementation of
performance agreements in three agenciesVeterans Health Administration, the
Department of Transportation, and the Office of Student Financial Assistance within
the Department of Education.

Q3. Assume that you have joined as an HR in an organization. The first task
assigned to you is to conduct the Performance Appraisal Process. What

according to you is its purpose? Describe the entire Performance Appraisal

Answer. Organization uses performance appraisals for Evaluation and Developmental
purposes to improve the human resources of an organization by human resources of
an organization.
The purpose of performance appraisal:
1. Evaluation:
To let employees know where they stand relative to performance objectives and
standards. An effective entails the following:
Establishes performance standards that are measurable performance standards.

Q4. Discuss the skills that a line manager requires for effective Performance
Answer. Some managers inspire, some motivate, and others fail miserably to engage
their employees. The entertainment industry seems to have created the ultimate
formula for the bad manager character, so why cant real managers understand how
to be effective? When employees choose to leave a position, its often because of their
manager or relationships with people in their working environment.
5 skills that your line managers must have:

Q5 Define the term Ethics. Discuss the key factors involved in ensuring
Ethics in Performance Management.
Answer. Importance of ethics in PM
When it comes to project management, ethics are extremely important in gaining the
support of the project team. Ethics are defined as the moral values, beliefs, and rules
that one upholds in their life on the job and personally to ensure right from wrong.
Ethical Issues
There are a number of different components of managing a project. While conducting
project management, profit and staff motivation are often paramount. However, a
project manager must also remember his obligation to be an ethical, responsible
employer, employee and corporate citizen. Some of

Q6. Write short notes on the following:

(a) MBO
(b) Behaviorally Anchored Rating Scales Method (BARS)
Answer. a. Management by Objectives (MBO) is the most widely accepted
philosophy of management today. It is a demanding and rewarding style of
management. It concentrates attention on the accomplishment of objectives through

participation of all concerned persons, i.e., through team spirit. MBO is based on the
assumption that people perform better when they know what is expected of them and
can relate their personal goals to organizational objectives. Superior subordinate
participation, joint goal setting and support and encouragement from superior to
subordinates are the basic features of MBO.

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