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Tbank you ror' inquiring abou.t :pubUshmg your book with XUbris~ YOll may be publishin,g a memOli", a 'CoOUectiCiD, of'sbmt stoties or like Ole (I S years, ago)" the 'Ult~mate science fiction :no¥el ever written ill the b~story of the wond., Writers ourselves we understand Ithat each book ,tens, a different story- and every author has hisJ or her own, reason for wanting to publish.,

I stmed Xlibris over teu years ago when self~pubiishm:g d prLnt-on .. demand :had. a negative connotation in the publishing worlct 'but now book reviewers are increasin:g1y wriu__ng abou~ mele ruche-published WOM, and ,hundreds of au~hors 'tlIat well "tim p~bfished through print-<ul~emand have 'been picked up, by 'major houses. In additLoDt braft.d-name authors. with aut-ar~pri:nt tines are turning to the new t-eehno!Dgy to. keep their worb ira print. Bes.t~seUing mn'tuy author Piers, An~omy, ',fillY examplec cummtly has 16 of'bis baddist ti.,des,

in prmt through Xlihris.

About tw'o-thi(lds '0.,( the new tides published last year came '110m 'f'l1ajor publishing heuses, Witbln die next few y'~ars,

til . number of'books puhUsbed outside of waditional publishing is. expected to sweep pas the majtu's. This is nothing short 'of a reo oiunon 'that is goring tOfesb'ape the pubLishing landscape fote'er. The abiUty to 'publish is being deUve:re.d to the general public-. and it is no longer just an 'unach'ievahie dream.

There is 00 old proverb that says a journey of a thousand miles 'begi- s with ope step .. FOl" writers embarking on the s~tf~p.ubUsb__ing adventure, (b'at i-~one step'" sometimes feels like a leap across, :3, cClocodiie-llnfestcd: river. It is our goal 10' make 'the publishing process as effortless and enjoy-able for you 'as, possible., Md you have the added seeuri'Uy of knowing that you are Jcntided t~ 'R 100'% (lsfwld :a~ any time 'tbto~O'ut the pt-oduction process.

I wish y(n~ the best of luck in aU your endeavors,

Publication is a right, not a privileqe,

In the pa ~t ialutihors lbeUeved 1th ~It: they shcu,lIlld never h~ve to pay to publiish the{i r wo~k_. BUIlt the' face of IPIlJ bllishingl has chaJrli,ged. ,~~ is beoornh19 m!liJ.:rea's~ og I!y d'tfficUilt to, get noticed by tr.adit'h)l1Ial~ publi':shillilg houses, an d ,a s a r'~sullit/., many com pel! ~ngl :s,torl:es have beam ~eft untold.

lhe self-pubUshi ng ilifldustry thea's revohutionized th e wcml!d of publishing ,~r1I d opeH'iI}edl up a whole new ana)" of opllh)n~ for wri~er.!S. VOllll no ~ornger have to w~li~ '~O be rooog n ilj!!,ed Iby a pu blisber 0'$" alii! agen~ to see your worik in print ~ou Inow have 'the power to' becom e a pu bllshed author \i'"~th a finishedr pr,ofessioniJil booJIlt, av.alilalb!l\e to )t·Ol! r readers- 11 0' matter who they inl,er no marner where bill the· world th e.y II ive~, a nd no matt:eir 'wlheill they ()roe(f.

Publ~(at~Of!! ii'S, no IOfil:g>er ]:tI~~ fo r the. 'few., It is now an e~oitfi n9 gooa~ that e.venrOrlie cen aHalin. Sell,f1)'ubHsh'iifiiQ' has placed tllile' lpower to publish in you r han.ds.,

Why Se f-Publish?

G,one are the days; whefil self-pu bli:shing was vi ~tu~IUy' .synonymou s wi'th s,e~f~e~e,atl ng.

3';. .t(1i~ 011 righ'ts, I As a self-pu bU:sherr, 'Yo U awo a~ II righit:s to you r book, If you use a 'traJdition~1 pubHs,Ih~'r1!g heuse, tth~y wi II own alII I'll 9 ins. If they lose int~re$t ~'iIl your book~ y"'OlIJ \i\iiilil not be ab~e to prt nt addiitlicHfla~ copies LJ rlIl!ess, you pu rc hase those rights back.

4~ 'J;'-es.ting' the' mQ.rk~t [Because yo~~' book m~y fll II a niche th~rt has not been met, yO!J ca n test the rna rrlket lb·)! self-publ iis hi IIIg. f~ nd 'O,U1 how wen you r book wi II sell a nd how su cc:essful it' willi be.

5 .. A Ilm,r'teti market I YOM If book: m ~y a ppejj!l:1 to a ~ lim itle.d market a nd, th erefore, may not he of iinte[Est to ~ larg>e pUI blishing house,

Many ~at!9lel' boo k publ~"slhe rs now scour the- shelve.s a nd the Intefrile't fa r :\je~f~pu bllish ed books that cou Id ftt th ~ir pu blishill1g pro-g raIT'll. M~rlrY emazi [1g authors halve Ch05t= n to self-pu bllish ,at sorn e time ~ mI thei r cBllreers: R!LIdy,~;ud Kii pli ngJ Erne:5t Herni IilgWHy" M.a rgilret AtwnQd~ Stephen ~hllg, Ca ul Sa me bu ~glJ' James RJedfieij,r.11 .M~rk Twaii'rl! ~ ilia. Wall't Whltman.dust to name a few+ 'lOll! wOll!~d ella we~11 to be amongl th~'s honoood group.

sr)( good rea sons to self-pu bUsh

1'0' f;m\i! r lir.ta,c ltlon a ~ pu blishi 119 ta kes tOG longl; m ost work en an ~ 8- month prod IJIc1Lion cyde. Choose 'to serrf'"'~m blish and you r book could be. ready for the market wiH~~" two rn onths,

16.. Leg,a",1 Each of us has, a unlque Ilife story '10 'telll~ complete Wlft~ lo,mi nal'Y incld,eliltsj. moments of b~i! Ili;iu'llce; tragedy :a nd humor .. Your book is an expn~s;s~on of yo lJlrs,e~f an dI a 9 lfeat iegaJcy to h:!!a,ve beh,ind.

2'., YDU'#" Iloo," - rhe way .ytllU want It I ,A, b oak is QI reflectlollil of the· aufhor .. :Se~r-PlJJbllishin91 9liv,es you (oIT'llple,te control on 'the din~ctl1cn o.f you.r book.The detllsj'or1l:S i3lre e,x'c~ !LIsively' your.s, and not Iii rn iit€!d by'thIrd pa rties with ~nrteli'lltions ,HI rile ilnb:!'Irest:s dilfferent from you r OWI11.

,A, ILL GOOD RIEASONS! W'h~teve r your Ire~150:ns for !5ellf"p!U'b Ilish ~ngll. rna ke sure you enloy the process by dhoosii;filg people to work with who sb a Ire' you !I' vision for you r book

XUbris is 'one of the plcneers lof dl@' P rint-on-demend pub I ish If'ligjl services Industry • .a nd stllill leads the way '~odl(jy. Q VE! 11" the' ')tte,ars w! are proud to [have IheJllped more thaml 18,000 ,alumors, ptlb~ is,h marJe tham n 10,000 tiitll,@s, to d~.,

One Olf eu r fo'u.ndi Il1g pr:lin dIP'~e~, diarthlg back '~O 'Wlne·tJ1 we were newly [n[c.:,o~~!Q~~,arted and malki!l19 books eut of a basement office! ls that auii:ho,rs :s!l:1ould have cent r,ol over wo,rlk. This princ'flple stti~ ~ stands ~od.ay' as 'we help, hundredlls . .of i3il!llttion. [ev.e.ry month [pub I ish 'the'~f work in the manner a rid fon1lfll that '~hey @irrlvisioil.

Grving :a1lJ~hi(~HfS (:-on~rQ~ is wh¥ we dorrt: take rig ht~ ~f'I)d1 wh¥ we're liio~n~chLt5i\i'e. This m,e,a ns dH!it: you C8I1'ii1 aebieve pub liication wi~h us .a nd offer your 'WOrk to' pll.lbnshi@fS and age'lilu., A!I1d If you Zilre one ,of th Ii! fortu nat,~ mw~ you can ffim rned iattel(y' '9'[0 w'[th your new publ~ slnelr with no stl'1il1lgs attach.edl. Xlib~is is here to provide services. trhaJI: hellp you SUlcmedi ,~$, a wn1;M 11'"

Why Xllbris?

)(l-ibrus, has been pubHshiirilQ books fer more, than a d>e;cade wirth the same CEO ,211' the helm, With ove'r 20}O~O tltll,es, now In priint: fur tOVet ~ 8~Om) ,a uthors, ''to!1J call'il count ()till Xli brts' extensive expEl rhi:l'Il1Ge to provide dependalble,~ II' onq-term, ii nJd irllidualized s,u p po rt thlrough til e. publi 5hi ng process, a nd ~ D'lI the yealf5 that follow.

When ,ou ,,, uldish with Jtlibri5~

~ ~C!U Ireta'lin a II the rights, to your book

t You (0 mp I ete~y control the be ok design

~ ~ou ca ~ pu bllish i~ ~ih:lldy'

~ '~o U ca ifIi pm\i~ the value fif yo,ut work

~ V:o IJ ca WQ have paperback a nd hal!',dba ek ~vai la O-iUty ~ ~(HJ ca mI d ~s,tribute your bOQ,1k iiVQ'rldwide'

~ X-ibn!;.' reFIl.!f!di poliq is appiJilt'able- pr.~vid'ed you slJbm~t your mal'e!'ti!~5; ror pu blis.tiirllij] within 12 rrI!DJ'ltns. from w!'len you sig ill up..

Each writer ha s theilr' own story behi nd the :story. Xli brt:s. aU/than haj I from ai r 'walks of life and Ihave u n 'f~ue ta res, to tell about tine ImalCil tihey 'Uav,eled to publashi"9 success. No matrer what your- pitJn [5. Xnbr'is Cinl help ¥ou aio:ng thewa,y.

Peet, musician aDd, wedding pbumert Ange11.o,pn knows sam@-'thing about dreams. ;and the chaJl!eng,e of 'teaching !for ,oneRs go,als.

tn h'er irst published book lind 'introduction to. the 6'ter.y woddi Wm,p f/",n Ange.l~ a 'co'Irlec:no.n ,0'[ poetry:~ Lo.g;an, reaclles out to inspire others to believe in themselves and p'1.U"Sue their dre.am'S. "'M want :my w,rds to much m, reader-s '1D. a level that enables them to reiate and say m themselves 'WGW~ 'am not ,alone and

I am sucoeed.~"

Angel 'felt overwhelmed by' the thought 01' plJblismng ·tb~gb the traclltiomaID route. Rejection leiters 'were many~ ;aa,d CMnC@8 tor success were ·few. She knew ·ftlat this did :lot ~dfect upon her bdent or skit as a writer ad. r,efursed, to be disoou.r.aged.

i"f had never heard of seH-pubIiShLngj burt mter a. ~d. told me abo.ut ,nbri~; m knew 'tllat it would he ,3 great ,option" It was.:my drea. 'to, Mite and p'lib1ish a book., With XBbris , I was confident that I would bav;e alb~oblte ,colD·trolj, :md tba was· iimporbtlt to me. I am aow a s'lratu!flcb su.pporrer of 's€I1lubU,shing~ aRd, at we~·Y oPPQ!VtumilYt .m share my 'ex.perience wiltlu otbe:r writers. ""

Angel Logan is actively promoting Wings Q/tln A~ by scheduling i,nte:_rviews; and sendmg ,out press releases and 'review l'l.""__ co~€S. She has been :wterliiewed, and -reviewed. m pmlt1 ramo. :and 1V and 1S wo~ 'to'wiv.d the [completion of' bet fi:rst novel.

Bern and ni.se:d ~'IlII1 the 'hl'Stor~ca~ tOWR of lleodwoM, Sl)~ llilk,olllS ane of twelve (hl\dltll Ifl 8 poor family, 'NOi'if>!! gllli1u,;led fIofR

high school. IIlluriecl ~1I)i (as yGllcflllll'lm2 'S()!;) and. .. ill> her buSbam.\

1l'1!;eC.\ twO boyS. tier om« fortY yEiOl$ \'Jere.pent ~ .:a""9 for "lid abo~ otIiffiS. otMr thaflwlit<ng II feW 'k!\U!fS to !he e;l"otor" an(j same pOl!!I}f, she

never hall d>e diauce to ~rt ~e~ sl1e oIwiIYS knew She oouIdwrite.

F1l1llly. 0'1 the age of 63. 'i'\tOfIM detided .!'tat ·t ...,a~ lime. AfW a year 01 .r.rn\i1\9. she sent~s 01 Sin to 15li;ted pub'i~'" ~ l<ept her dangling

for abmlt II year ami then said no; o)theIS didn't ~o i;otIu!r to reply.·\ tealO onlal3'lQ of wn"lfrs e'ler gill pIIblisluld"w:! ~'1zeIl whaUn upklllllattle II INllIliId be.1 ",1lBled""" N)'j(!111I a boDlt. e'IIlP If It ..,a!; only fol my family to

h~v~ ~n generations to rome.'"

She p!ulrdled p,;~maild pIIblisllelS aIlel foUnd 1I1Iblis "'~ is.tn]iDO,.,ttfi,.~. an(llcatSlllle. ")(!lbris was illililahle bY boll!

""'''' ..... ''''' ..... r • .t!!oand C!-ltIail to wI>Ie my p~ and ~ me WL"W i'rTi!f;-l.!iJilIoil\,., I was iI ,..,w WliW" and Meded, III th2 help I llOuld

!jjIJ1'1i; ..... nl~.'I; Sie\f~pub~i5n~o-g' wou\o stlU be 'flou


PlIJlbllishing a beck Gain be' a dau.I!lntij ~g prospect .. At Xnlb~~is" we m~ke 'YOlIJI~' p:ub'j ishmng a,divefl1ture I~~s,y becau se W@ ar,~ avai ~aJbh~' e'VetJy step of tth~ way:, O~U· knowledgeable staff are I~:espon:$hfe' to your needs - we reaillize that your success is our success, and 'view the IpiJjlbl~ication process as a oo!lliJJbora~i\iie effort that IlfequilrfE!is your par~iCiJp~tJr:on", This ultil1iTI8h~ly 111ea,d]s, to ii) fuIIfi~ lilng eJ<lperfl',e.f11 ('e' a nd ensu res that we p(~n~!Ul.Qe 'tt~,e best bOQIk. po~i bile.

Setting Your IPublish~ng Goals

IGoall~settiRg is ,Ii 'rundfllmellital aspect 0" achievilng success in any ende~\(:or~ a nd pub! ildlifillig it book is no exception. You slm ply ca 111 not 9"0 '~orlfH~where if}lOu do Ino~ know where ']fGll w~nlt to go. W~:tlh goa~S;, y,o~ can 'cWteate the futu re itln adv,a nee, Wuth goalS,. you can Iitell"a'Uy' ereete

'!imur ","",I&U'l; ,.-IIlEiiil!t- fi n'iJ!' 1~'" vnrl!ill·liJlr~~ ·~~I!II'

Try as!~h,g )tnurself q ue,sttions !lIke:

~ 'WIiJ'.21t ls '~he vision II have foll' my book.? c.ommsr'C]la ~ s,!Uoc,ess,?

Perrsu:nal sat:usfacttion? Pro;m'Ssi(n1Ht~ roc,og'I1I'utccUlIl!'

,~ Do, ~ have iaJriJy. spe(;m(; req 1lJ~'r~ml1elr1~S; Oir ~1Jrict fO':JmU1] fig ml'i!;~~rUJctior1!(~'? 'i (01,0 101 my tm~nl!l15cr!Jpt ber'iu~'fit '~orn ed it~(~iall, ,5-e;u\l'11~e~J'

'i Wh\at ~':5 the best war to ma rlk:ett ,aJ!!!d promote mlf' 'work? .. Who W'OlI! ~dl be' interested in buying my bool?

" How !many coples do I hope to sel~?

With the goals ytlllli esta bltsh from answering these q1uestions, you QUlI betmr custoliTIii'ze your pu blishilng experient-e and choose '~he Xliiibr~s, :!Serv'i;~es t'ha~ best fit your v;i:~[.(lin of SU~:c-e-5S.

Getting Started

Now thM: you know more i bout, Xnbr'~s, and ~h e. setf:'pu bUshing a~ternilitirrV:e, tlherf! ins notihi rig 00, ,$,t,op 'YO'i!j frC'frl talking dne flir5~ s~ep dcwriI '~he road te rea Ilhd n9 you r ~ ulbHsn ~Iii 91 drealms.

The extensive range ef produds ,aJl'i!.o ,5e~kes tlhatt 'we offer ~'$ outlined 'lin the rest ,of this gIILdd,e. 0 ur pubU'shi'ii19 CCHl15Ultali'llts can answer a'n~1' questlons you may tUly,e and are :arvaill:a ble fo r free censu ~tatton from 9~OD a .m, te ~ 0.:00 p.m. Eastetn 'ttime., Motlday thl~f(mgn F'riday. 'Can 1-819-715-42,"4 to speak wuth your personal ecnsultant todaYI or e-mai II L!lS, at publishrodav@xU bri:s.oom.


.'.,' '';;



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" .

. ,~

cdi;~"" Xlibris· provided me with 'the tJi'mely - ill·.... alll'C'J profe~sional a~~sta 1i"1r'!:::e I needed

I to ~et my' fi~tt novel ~Ubli~hedL ,!he' entire ~niOcess 'wE-liIt wllhout a hn,c~ I recofVrm@,fllaany n@>W Of continuing aHJJilhor' WI:sIe 'their ~eN~ees,

I 6:u)l' [L~ Iliiifil'd~ ... 1'l:Ie (ut:h{7m Otm"k.~$

WhateVler your p'l!JbJI is.h'~!lg' needs Imay be~, Xnbwis oiJers, a wk~Je va ~iet~' of high-q'l1laHrty p'Ub~ istfll!ii 91 packa'ges to :5Uit: ')iiOIlJ, Our packages offer varleus (Om bin~&ons of publ ~s;h~'ng. editorial and malrl1te,tillflQ Sif!rvic-e's, 'for a tJruilly customized seU .. publ~'slhi iflg expEMieifloe.

Advantage 52!)!)

Professional $8,'9

Premium $.t I "g

The PllemUUI!fiI1 ,$:i!rvtce is, fa f,1lJ U .. .seNioo package 'that eJila,b~es YOWlI te deliver ~ first-dJ1iSS book to t~ e rT1~lr~t-' P~~Qe: al1d provides 'you wUth the' t'OOI5 you need toatnract you ~ 'target miuiket.

Basile $4g9

Custom $'r~Sg9

The! Mv~ nt:agi! :s:erviC'i!l!' is a stream- 1:1 ned aJnd l~nacttca'll ser~Ge' fow boob, with :si mnp~e d~S:tgn Ilfequir-mentts.

'line Bil s;'i'c. :s!fVke is, an ec:oll1C1m'r.ea~ !lie(~ia!'~ w~rm provides mu~tiple optfAlIn!5 for' c'Over ,and

'_ •. ..11 •

Ull ~ii'lor !I;J;~$lgn.

'line ProFessional S'ervke aUows you ev.en more s()p:rnl:S,1lroC~ted design choices 2IJi"hd ~[jJdudes 3 hard back ~,i~&Ollll.

The' Cuswm seMOi!' ~5 an ~'d@al,~uie:kag@' for the' ,author who, has. a dea~ arrtistllc vi_stanl of the way 'th~if beck snQIlJ ltil be pJli!serl'ted.

Wh icln Package i~s; l~iglh'tt: 'for you?' II II II II
~(jiNttk ~mvr.CEpmCE $299 $4~9 $eoo' $l.Si9~ !$Z99'9' 55.,99'9 $]2.999
I ~ iACfuc!ed fn ii»Cklge,_e: i Papeifiba;::k • • • • • •
OJ A\\dt~I~ ~,'~Il! ,"d-op lQir ~mI ii!d'dIHtJft.!!J f-ee Ham'mvEr D D • • •
* ~ i1!11 elemi!;!FlI~,i;iI~r' boo'k'$ 1i'l~rliO(j" 9 riip11 les ~nrl Thb'le~, 0 D ,25 ~o *
d'clil!i1fi1 kI' '~Jiu'.d'!.i I !eft l'evcl po'.Sii I:ito i eil~ 1'(; ! If!ii::e Ii 0 ~ Ttlii:fiIi.p! a!i;e~, • • • • • •
Prm€:!llllin.ool rrn:@ll'iIor l!Zim:p~~Si • • • •
CUiSroM~e 'e!eome-t!lts iO~ iif!~erioF t:e!illpl!1!!~e:$ ., • *
Cij]l1!ililtta~iomi with Xlibris Il1lter]of desagn.ell' D D ID • .. *
Ai;J~l\or P'I\eI!:O ~nd Ca\tE!~ An • • • •
Ba~it; (:over Tellllp'laft~ • • • • • •
~ Pmf'E!:5iSinn:a1 C:CI~iI' Teiiftplates, • • •
CoI1SI!.!!b'alioJ!! ",iitn Xlibris Covef designer D D ID •
Supply your O'Wfi'II (O\.l'eii' • • • • .1
Gover'lm::iges. 1 1 ~ !S
~ #i;l;.!lltll;l!F at~~a!iio~5: D CJ [l D
;::J [leL~roflk gall@1:8 • .' • •
s p.aPE!~ 'Galfeys Cl CI D o .1 •
FREE. iWlhiif ~
fiape~Ib_:!I~k ,!Ii '10 ~O 20 ,",S! ,25li)
Hardback s s 251 2S
~ li!ath~l' il3ULi rid eMk~, 50
XJI~b(is Paperbac~ lrlitle '. '~ 1
P,I!!~baitk '. '~ '.
H~rQl;iad:. 'j Ii i
~ ISeN.& Boob in ~~IM RegriS'~ratro!1
Dj$tfiby~ot'! willi! on!ilile re~~leF$ Ll .' •
ot! UDfary of CO:IlQIJe5S & U:S.Copyrigln fiegi's~ratfQn D D D D • •
! Au~r fil4!iMI~ P'~e< ,andl bo~1i: p~ge' • • •
Exec1utlv1e Platinum Onl1ne sales andl roya'lty a~~olll!~ti'ng • • .' • • •
;;:, Co n-no I or- e:tiotNpts. & E-:f'll'i2iil roM>2il'dl'rug S,i:!MOe • • • • •
,$59&),9 $12.,,999 ~ D,ata Emry '5@~ 0 D 10 0 • •
,,-11-' -
Co,Il:'~Mltl'ftg s,,[!rva()Q; D D D D
The Executive service The Plati'nJu,nlill ::i.erv[c'e. is, for I Fooino!li!l!\. ~j\dIlllOM·.,cl~illtiOIils. &; Im1~;:il!!lg D D ID D •
pr(fvid~ full cu~~~~· the, author who oll'l¥ WdlrJ!tS: CDA~ni~ 0 CI. CI 0 • .1
ni!:i~Mi@~ ~d\d~~oo~1 til - b--t En· -, 'an ~1f1I ~, 1'If:Ir- S~t Your Own Prioe D D' 10 0 0 •
.. I! __ @o.5 . _ !,IO,Y _. _ ,_ .CO. . eoo~rore re~yr.i~bil ity D D to 0 D 1::1
mil rll;)eting milierials, ,parable ass,ortmeClt of Book Review Cam pa i'gln Ll bI lid ri Pro Pro ~ro
and ,1:1 writab1e bl!Jfii\et Ipubli5hing (Jjnd marketing f!~~ R~IM~ (aifi"lpai~lil D D ID D 100 500 1.000
,of pullll15n 1 n 91 optIons :5ervilces, that wm cater'tiO Opt-In E-Wlalll ILampiiliigini D Cl 10 CJ ~iK 11M SiIll!:l~'nMi
'that ls Su.i Ire to whet your eve.r~' needl ~ Web D£!~jilgn 0 D D :S~ikrt:ef' :Sli!lm~ R!!9b1I~f' Ad 'i',a IK!ed
't<)I!J~ a PPif!'tii'te. Elus.ifle!SS Cardis D :so 00 ,§Q ~ ,~o ~
Ma.re em page M i eookma!!"~_$ 0 ~i) ~ ~ ~ sa ~
MOI{thOlJl,~:ge 22 Pm t1mrils. D D D m S1lI SCO 300
p.gs~e{:.ii D D, s s s s 30
N@w:wllll£!' 0 [d lid bI n n
New York fjj:~i'ew' Ocf 80i!Jks D D ID D D ILl A s~realmni1l;ed :SE!iNiGe that e nablles, 'YOtl 'to, pl.!iJblish ,ail q!UaUtj paperback. book. a~ an ,arIlordable p rice_. Adivanta,ge ~'s, ,inl especiii3ll1y' good dloiGe rOt tJhose suthors who W,i\Un to publ~',s!h ,131 book for tJhe~'r friew.ds sind famiiy er 'wno s,TiMlply W,!allilrt the s~ltH:5fa(t'~on of navill19 !;Ii printedl version 'of their wonk.

Advantage, $299

~, Avana binty, O'f ')iC'il.ltr book mn pa perback form"iiilJt ;; One pape;!!b~~lk. ,all.lltilQr re'VieVil' OO$}Y'

~ Clhoi'Ge of th ree colVer a nd two 'uliirte,ric~{I" tern plams (see, 'tmemplate ins~it)

t Alk~w,~ n~e 'of 'c:over af~ '~ll1dl a uthQr IphQ~O (~uppUed by arutthor)

~ AS:SignrmE!llf'rtt ,m Ilrrtei'rliationall $'tialnd'a m Boo\k N ulmbe~ (IS,~[NJ} .. QUif!Irte:rl1y foyalty' p~l}i'ime;nts


l\{y Journal

Why AFe We Diffl!fent?

XI/b,;, has 1>""0 .'ound for OVer a decade, a pioneer in thG Print·on.Oemaod Publishing revolution, we still le~d the WilY tod~y. We "Nst 1I1E mosr extensive (ange of Publish;,jg and marketing services to hf'lp )'Ow nor only pUbli;h your manUScript, but PromClte it as w.;oU.

BIlsi'c $499

ii :NYe ~ perback wples; (d@MW[li!d afi'er proalLilctilon is cDmpleted)

~ A ,wmplimentitry pa perback b@Qkofyour choice from tne Xlibris Boobtorre ~ A7I.i'ai~bmty o.f"your' boor,: in paperback fOrmat

~ One. pta perback author ~evlew copy

~ 50 be okm a ric;,

~ 50 busiru~-s:'$ card~,

~ (ho!JCe of eight 'OO!!l@:r a nd fr\.i'~' iM'!lliiof temp!~tes (see template '11f1<Slert) ~ Allow~nQe< of rover art and auther photo (SWl ppUed by' alU!thor,)

~ Wouldwide dls,t~ibuti@n

~ lR~fi~lr,atj@ns wUh 'online' b@okselieTs ~hro!.ll9'rnl na:t11ona'l disitilil b~.aou ~ :R'egll$tfa'tion with Boob ln PfJ'~M database

~ Assignment ,of Int:emational.5'tandard Book NulYl ber ~ISBf'.O

~ Abj~ittyto,tra(k book PrOO'i(lilL,t)i:OFt! pf(!gl~~~ t~IIfOU,.gI~ QUil"websit,~,

~I'!; uiO&.or rc - If''!.I!i''-'C; ri ... ~r.c.,..e.:.n+a"i', ~ 'WJ]o- ,- viA ~ c-u:- ,: 0+ threuc h-, II- th -, tIIb: U .... a,..;: -n ' -~,"-:--

,!"IIL!!.H __ ,.;;I@,I, _~ f!,-'I;::r:ho;-~ •• ,-II,,~ , _ pro.,!<.11€.::ij:5 _,pPQ'~!!' ~ _, ... ug OLh, ~ ,@ P _ u ,"" _ I!.!! 0 , pro(~5S

~ :Book and auther w~b:page5, in the ,Xlibris 'online: boobtOf'e! ,_ yO!J c'iilntrol the wntent

~ Online book sales, ,and royaJ~' accourning

~ QU!arlleriy r,oya~ty' ~,aymelin5

This e.cor'ilom~"il self'VTce provide,s ml!J.iltfi'ple' optli'ons and inollud,e"s ill dn,e emem'!nt.s reqlLli red to tum youlr m!i!iI n !JJso~iIPt i lino a q ual11ity papemack ,oook" VOllll' book w~ n be 'Ilisted i Iil the i IildilJstry.s.leadi Iilg distri buticn f1I etvU'oi'"lk a ad ®vai ~a.ble,

to "",-~I""r 11',-, more t-h' , ""n .... ~ .nOi"li ....",+C"" ".11 ..." llJiIf -1 .... '1-'.,,' 'wof'ilrl"1 Ar"·"·;...d,.;,. '1','1'" "'1,1 .d"u ""g ,illm, "''''''''''111 .... ern IO'~ m' : esa ... ..Ii ~Io"bl"'" """"'M- D,... rders ...--n.'....-. I~._ 'YI~.~{~ ~~ll _l_ :..:. _' f;II __ .~;JilV. _.!WII~'~ l~ ~ _" I~ ~ _~ _ ~ _iJlIW!lU~ _I~I~ ~.:. _~~. M _g~~l_ I!!"__~l II ~ __ :._~l;l;iIl~~Y,~"-l __ :.:. ~~~y t_ ,r. t}-V-Il.:.. ~. ~"'~',~~hll~1

and the. XlilDru:s, anli ne boc,~store~,

IJ --

~ .tt\AK

· lFiEAUn

The Professioniil seNi'ce, ,combines cur most IPolP ulalli' pu blishing ~eartm"(es hun a more robust packaQJe. It in(JllIde:~, a III the s@iI'viGes; tC>f the Ba~i'. package plus m,ore' books, mo,re lmarketiilrllg m atetial:s" more d~igll1 'DptJiions and hard back ava lil~bill ity. AurthOf5 usingl the' PU!'Ofe!S~iQn~1 .~rv'u~e' mi1!¥ ,~ustomize e~'emenrt:s ,of the inrteric:r tem plates ~o create an illfltt'erior that is tiruly u n'~CJLII:e.

Profession.11 $899

~ Ten paperback c·npie's (delivered after production 'ns c·ompl~eled)

~ A ,rnmplim-entary pa perback book. of you r choice tom th;e Xlibris Bookstorre • A\I'aHi:I!~ilill' ,of your bool;: ii'll paperback, ;alfJ''I,d ~a rdbacil: f.ormatr

~ On~ p~p~rb~(k. ~ nidi one h(iH'dbacl( ~utlh~:r fflVj'.~W ,oo'py


~ 50 business cards, ~ 5 PO:it@r.i,

~ Chor,c:e of eighteen cever and nille' in~erloll' tennp!ates (see template tlfl&i!m ~ Ab3nty oo"c!JI(Stomize certain element:s, of the Tn!terior'template'5

~ Alh:rwanu~e ,~f cover art and author photo ~iij pplEed by aUithor)

~ Wo~ldwide d:istFJita.Ui(m

~ IR:egH:rtratioIl5 with 'onlhl:Ii!l' bQo~~II~ts tiltrough 1ii!itb1ora~~ di~m b~rt'o~ ~ IR:egns.1r,ation with 8oo~ iii'!! PIf~~1 dlat~base

~ Assignment ef Inmmational.5tandi1lrdl Book Num tler mI:SB'N)

~ AbJnty to, track: Ibol'lk p;rod'uc'tikr.riI progress 'tt1h1lO1ll.9h OUiI' websille!'

~ Author Sefl'\(ioe Repre£entative who provides :SUppolft 'throughout: 'the pub'llcatflon process ~ IBook ,and author webpages, in the Xlibris, ,online' bookstore·- you control 'the' OOrJiterU:

~ Online book. ssles ,and my!8I~~ accounting

~ Q,u~rt'~ny r'oya~' Prayrniu~nYtS

~'I Sin'JoCK

The Gustc(m :se;r'vice br'eiiks tnto ugh the bo undaries of the Adva ntag:e", Basic and ijl)roFess'lonal SE'Nlilces and p;~eS!el1lrts an ~:dl,e,a,l padkage' for the author whQ has a dear arrtistic 'vision of tlne 'way' tlheiJr book. should be pr@'~~,fited. A.s a custo I1TI aU!l;no~ you oomr'i!i'u.lIliilicate }t'Ota r idea~ dil~ectlly to, 0 1!.Il!i' de.$iglne~ '~O CJeitte ~O'!lTu~thilng trruly ~x~eptiQn~I. E,njoy a n orr the ~ervice5 offered in tbe Pirofe,ssionaJl service "h,lIls, five ha rdbaol!t books and mere· marketIng lma~erials a,nd services.,

Custom $1,599

~ Ten paperback. cll1pie:s (deliwred after production ~5 Gompl!eted) ~ ~ve ham Mdk ooph~:5i (de liv.e rsd afte~ 1P~u;cttf.OITh is. oompl~1ed) ~ A ,complimentary pi! perback book. o~ y.QklI r choice tom

the, .xlibris, BookS'tiO~e

~ AvaHabUity ,of' your boo~ in paperback. .alnd tria rdbacik '~cnm.aJt ~ One piI,perba;(k and one ha~dba(k, Q,i.,:rthor l~iew CQPY

~ 50 bCQkJmark,s,

~ SO b'll!sin@'s~ cards ~ 5 PO!ill!fS

j Web Destgn = Starter'

~ (UJ s-'tomi:mttolll of cover 3lri1C interr'f,orr'

~ ColnfSl!J l:ta1ion with Xlibris, Interior and oove~' designer

~ AJloMnu~e ef rover art and author photo, (siu pplted byai.iJthor) ~ Wo~ldwid~ d i$t~ibuti~n

~ IRegi~r.ati@n5 with ,online' bQoks~lIm tih roug'hl niilib1gti!~'I. dh::1br1 bI!JJtQ~ ~ !R'eg]iitf,atkm with Books; ln PFUrFlll dl.atab~se

'I A:!rri~91n~iIU!iUlIt of ~ntematiofila'il Standard Book NIUlmber (ISBN)

'. Ability' 'to tlrratOK book preducnen pmgrS'SSI '~hrougt"n our websIte

' •. Ih.lrtnou' $ervt'Ce lRe-jpIiESe;ntlJrlw.e who IProvtdes, :5Upp~r1: 'dU"oug~out 'tJhe puJblli)C~tio'lil' prooess,

". Book a nd ill UltinOr webpage5 ij'WlJ 'the Xlii b~i5 o;!'iIlli~@ bookstore - you Cc:ontrro1 the cornf!nt

,·"On~un;e book ~'leSi ~nd royalty aowulrilt2i'rn,Q1

' •. 'QI!.l~l'it'euty lroyalty paymen~,

'C~a:p'~N VII. ~I~iiom 'Ii'

I just wa rrted to S<filY than k you for your awesome e;(penrS.~. YOu called me '(his morning .a nd tallkedl wJth me on the telephone a bOLJ E the vlslo nih ad fa r my cover fa r alU of five rninu'tes;tnen in lass than two hours. ~ft ".. checking my e-mall, I found a mas awesome cover. You are a genius.

Or • .Jacqueiine bawllen[s. TfJp5e;,rer

Premium M~·rv'ice. Pr.em~um value.lhlis, lPaclltage IPtovTdes, all the, ellemerus ,o,f Custom, pius ,e:ve<a')'thiIl1Q yOIUl need to, crreate til 'b estseller .. 1t ~s, ttne pe rfect choke for auth orS. whO' want to, delTve<u a fuilly custnmlzsd, fiir5t~d2l,s:s boekje a vast

rnarketel ""Cl"'" lin 1'..,...,,11""'1;/' ... c .... m neHit" .··e publ 'l'o::'b."1""'9 enfv'I'lr ..... nme .... 'ii" ,job."", ~lrem' 'Iulm' .,',er ·I.,....", p' rovid "",." "" uth Q"'C '''''Iil-a,. '''"I 1....,. , .. ""' .... ~ li'"

I!J ~J ~ 1[11. 'I:""~ JU'liUllrJI,Z :!i I. U I,..,. lLll Il'~l., : .. U .:l~1 I~ .. I _!WI l ' •• '~I rL,IJ~~ r-' I, _. _ 13 , L'C .. u'~ .:: 'Iii::~~ a . u .. IJ;.:II ~-y.' Ill~ l~.ll~ I~~~J~I

til ey need' to design, custe m~:re~ dli $,tribute~, and market' til ei r ma,ri! uscri pt,

~ Tw.ent~l paperback c,op,ie:s,

(del ivered afte r p roc uctlo n ls ,completed]

~ Flive halrd back copr~:5 (de~iM~red after IPrOOl!!1ctti'DIilI is oomp~eted} ~ At oo.rnplilTJ.l?1ntary p,a pffi!riJt.ack. book o,f you r choioo

from tlh IE! )(libr1~, Booil.:s:t,m,e

~ )\lV,aliillability 'o~ your book ~lrlI pa~n"back .a n Ollila rdback f.mmarn ~ One p~ perb~iCk ,~nd QrH~ n~lrdb?ick ,gI uthQIi" re-'i,!'i~w copy

~.50 bookm~rk.5,r50 business cardsand ,50 postcards

~ S pOSite!r.i,

~ Pre;s;5, Rel!i!'a<S'e Cam pat91n - 1 00 outilet'S, ~ Book Rlevi~w CallmpaTg n - Pm

~ E'-mail M3(ke'ting (ann P8J[g1nl - 200.000 ~,eciipieiilt5, ~ Web, DeSirgln = S'larmr

• 'lJi birary of rlHl1gre~~

~ U,.$., Copyright R~g~:5,"tr~ld o !ill • Dala Emry Seriice!'

~ Copy.editing SeNioo ~ I ndie)!dngi SeNi c::e

.. Gons.llI'IMJt~olflJ W[tn Xllilbris i t1Jt~rior ~nd oover d@s~grul:lr " AIIO'wcU1C'~ 'of COYe.J ~rt and auther photo

,tsupp,liiedl,Oy aruthc rl

.. CD ,ArchhJ@

" Worl1dwide distil bUllion

" IR~ ist~,atiQns with o~1 jin,e book:~ellers thlrolJ gl~ IFililtiQn.all, d~str!bul'Or

" ~e;g i'~tr,atian with Soo~ In P1ri'nrr£ oat1joase .. Assignrn ent 01' Intern i1!!lional Standard 8oo1Jc Number (ItSBN)

" Ability to track book prod !.JIcnloJ'1l progreSi!j th~Qu,gl~ O'UlI!" web5rte'

.. Author Se,rvioo R'epre{Senit1Jtiv-e' who pravides support 1!h~olJ glmo~Jl1!hi! Prllblicail~Oril p~lOc;:e,5i5

" ~!Ook. ~nd aJUithar web,pag1es ~1ll1l:h e Xlibris, 'ollliline bodkswl!e-

you 00 ntrol <tlh@ content

" Onli!1~ book sales and ~'()Y4IW .a«(jo~,mting " Quanerly.' royalty p~yment~

;;- . -

I • It .;


,~ 'Ii

[Enjoy a II the benefits, of our Prem iuml package p~ US 1II P to 12:5 books. Th as; V~ P package glive$ )!Iou even mote ma ffi:eting to 0 I s and mitillterrua'l's to he.lp' give, you Ii' book thel mill<imu rn exposu Ii'e it deserves, Set 'yullJ Ii' own book pl'\j',Q~ enjoy UIIi'III Amli~led

['I, .·IO"it-o ...... lzat '110 n options ........ '1"""'''..,.11 e" lb..". II,;;; IlJ "",..,1.. ""'iIi:'U .... IIJI ... b ......... ~· w'.+b. ""'n "" A~J'''''nF''''''..II ·£'eb""'''IflI'e ....iI'e.,:·I'IflIIFIi aad ""n , ......... :eIJ1.,'·I···"'" m' "" ..Ile- ''''ln9' .!I..I~IL.· IllJl L.J~. '1 u·· ILljUIII~;~'~.y IJI~~~.:_ <.Ilh:~: ~ ...:_!j.~I~ 'Y'r ;-~l...:!l -_: ~~~ _ .. ·.~~~I (]I '~!JI1'lff;ll_ ~U ~~' __ '': F-~~I'- c.,.:_~I:dIll!j g!!II:.._ DI _ ~,':.__ ~ '¥~ _gVII\ '_I~ -.

bundle' a I ~ dlesigned to g'lrve your book, the com.pet~th/e ed}ge itt' needs 00' take the matket by srowm.

Ex,ec1utive! $51999

~ 7S p~,pi!rb~ck c:oples (di!lil.i'@M arflter' production ij\5 eo~pletEi!d) ~ 2S hard oodk oo,fll.es (or' e\I(IC~a rnge fur so Ipaperbaclk oo,pr,es)

~ 1 leather bound edrrtiorll (The Consul,editllofil)

~ A. complimentary pa,perhack book. of you r choice

'~()m 1m e 'Xliilns, B()oks'to~

~ Av,[[Ij~I\ability o'f"your boolk in paperback and llila rdbac~ ~ormait ~ Olne- pta perback ,and olne ~l9l~dback. a;lJitho~' review c-opy

• 50 booklmarb, and SO pcv$t(a!rdl~

• 250 b~~ilfL~5$ ,~~diS

~ .5 ~os;lers,

~ Pre~.'5, Rele-i! s.-e! Cam patgn - 500 ol!rdehi, ~ BOllik Review CanrnpaTg Ii'II = p~o

~ E~m9il Mark-e:ting Campaf,gn = ] A 00,.0 00' r,ecipiefilts ~ Web Des;[grl - l'egtn~r

~ l.Ji bralfy' of (.ong~li

• U.s. Copyriglh~ Regis-oralHolfIj 0; Data EntU'Y S~m1(@

;; Copyediling SSNiO! ~ I nd'exurligl Servlc:e

.. Cust:omizalion of oovew' alrtd ~'I'r!r@rk!lr

;; 'Gonsultation with XlibTl~ int:sr'torr and cever d~grtu!r'

lII' ,Allowamc:e of c:over art amd a Lll'ttnorr photo (supplied by author) ii, (]) Ar:c:n;~\!'e

II' ,Set Your 'Own Plric-e

to' Worldwi'cl~ diitribut!lOirn

cII, R~gistTatT(tft!s w~th onlil1e booksellers

through national diitritn.ll00ir

,0, Rtginf~~iQ1i!, w~~h Books ~n IPrint dataoo~

,~ ~lg nmem of I ~temi~i'oni!11 St-ii! mldlaJd IBooIk NUl!TIbE!'r (I~[r )

.. A1biJl iI~ 10 tlrack b@@k I~nodudion pro~r;e!iS, through au rr W>E!bsioo .. AI!J~nor Servlc:e Re~resentatirve who [provld\es ~~pportt

throughout 'the pu~lka~ion preeess

ii' Book am~ au~har 'webpage's in the XUilbri':§: online bee 'y.Qu.u central the' 'con'ttent

'0' Omlll j'rrie !book sales !a!W!lG m)JIalty acceunt'drrlg lj, 'Ql!Ja:n:eF~ ro~lty p'ayments

~e publishing proce .-

W(lu!d be SO difflwl .. !5S, which I belmd

<h~.n ks to the Xlibr'i~~:: bee" OJ pleasure I §till must say- word .. Though ~ w~il,e[·

gra:telr'. _'I' 'I~ . [5 eannet I _. . . - - -I ru I am ID be I Ih. !!I!Pre5i!i how

profe.s,:5~onals. n e haJfild~ of such

.... " ••• , "",:0._- 'l ...

~i:.011 ·.,..,~ .. ""~....,~

piI~ IotI~~IlIio.'II"""";;II

.- ..,....._--~-

~ .... ...-..,.uI;!'I<!lIIIlf lalIl

_'-" No o!I- __ ....... ,~ .1!lAo....-i!

~ ...

....... • ~~j!iooP""'","",-

y.i!!IO!;o< ~~ .. liIIo!1'" _ ~ 'jjIioiri ~1iI

jiiII'i"""a-.~"""kioiIf ~ . '110' ID'>

_ .~"'" __ '" iIilIili ..,tIi.~.m!J

__ -~ _ ,_..", rI*'l;;il-

..... ~_~ .......... ~.,.- ... t.oIII!!! .....

D1!!J~ !ioo!I_._ .... !:IO<-...)<iiI ... ~

;;!oiiia;ij.;I~-II!i,.... _~t.llII""'l~

1iiI!!!!-"'~ ~1IilUi~

~, ..... jiiirl .. II!!'.... . oIIi; !i'" (IoI,.r1i<!!ii

,.....III .. IIIlIiIII~ _OiiOl ""'-iI,"' -""'""J..iIiI;

... ~ , ... ;!OO-~- ,iIiiI..:..... ... iII· (Ji!i:iil_~!!I'''''.-iOI!I--~''''''' ... !iIo ....... "''''''''''''II''f''--I!'-~j;;i;:It.Ii~ 1:!ofIi . ....-.iI!!!ioli!l. _·Iot~_'_~Ii;l

~ .... """'~ ~_I'.,-jiI,",·:~·

'1""'~.!I!iIlO< __ '''",,;;ltL~'P''''1!!i<1!i"



~1PiII~"'''''''' i>!IIJ,* _ ...

X~'iibris S'pociah.y Publ is hii Dilg Packagi€FS a fe designed speciflca Ily fef wmiters who ,EI lie after 11! book publl sh~ mig serui'ce Sipedfi c to their 'g'~rn reo Here at >m b~l$,~ we !I.!l ndersta nd thaft each kind of book has unique needs, a rild 'want to rna ke sure that you f' book publ'i ~:h~ ~9 ,expef11 ence is cuseo m maJd~ an ell the best pessJ ble fit to your pu bUshing dreem,

WiIth full contro I over the text lay,olllJt a custom oover ,k·,sJiig!ll ~ndl an u !iI,llim'!ired ~Iutmber ,of inirerli'o~' im~gesd the .xU'br'i's, Poetry PUlblh;lhing Pac~"aQe' g'irve,$, you free' iCf1~,altil'w re'vn. Fulll support th rouglh,o;l!.n the, i~f1I,'II1:re' prcducticn POOC:@!5S all1d 'free 00 nsultaifitHil 'wIith a c'ow r a'lild intt,e:r'h)r d~-signlrs, miin s that yOU! r E!'XfH::t vusk)m1 1io~ YOUi' wo'rk can be created ,aln d shared with the wOC'llld! in beallrtifullbooksttol"e' q ilJa~Trt:Y IPIii[peribacik format

PLJlb~1 ish ~n 9 a book ha s neVier been more reward un 91 thiJJili with X~ilbtis ta ller made :specialty publlshl [)g packages.


4t Service inc! ud eli :in package price

·0 A ... ·a.iI.lbli£!.1!. an add-on for an additional f.e-e * CIJl:;.tQm ize al! elements of yot! r bock's

d a·sigl'll to [he fi..JI[~5t ~evel po!;s.i'bl:e-

lh,e only pu b~ish ing package on the rna rket tod ay' 'that helps you reach 'CHit tal fe'lllow en ristians. to 'te'lll them more abo ut "10 UIf' boo~" and! dlilr·ec.l uheml te bookstores wher~ UU:!Y' CB n serure ,11!1 ,copy of thei Ii' ,owriJ.

Choose between two great packs gr~s, i Iil th e ~lovTce· a nd the SuperiorJ' and hal'ife' th e opport unity to .S p'~e;pjd your wrlfltte n 'wo~d tn the' C hlris:U~in WQ~ld and bevond

Ci'~l ...


Wihich Pa,dkalge is riglhit fo r yo u? PAC~AG!E PRICE,



'f,fjtE!rio:r glFa phia

1B~~r:oc: l'IiIt'@rior 'U!mlP'lait'!!~

Pfm~5SiQrtal irrreriior tem,plates, C!u.sKlimi~ eleme-rl'ts of 'il'!t,e:rto!' 't~mp~a~~ !L6nSiJlltaCl'lOri with .iliiil Xlibrl~ d@sl~ii'rIer AlI.!thorr photo, &: IDV!er art

,B,a$ic (ove~ '~IiT'Ip.1ate-s

Prof~S'sfAJ;~1 eever l:empl!!llt~ iO!Jt500m-d'e5ligned oover

(on~~I~~gli! wi~1rn ~!i'i Xilibris de~igflil~r Supp]y '!({lI!JIf 01.i'I!1liI mwli'

CovE" i!fll!!i;u_;re:,,;

Elee~FOfI;~ q~II~.~

P,ZiPff gall~f1YS

P~~el'\bad iHI!lJdhadl:. lL:ea~E:lrbound

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ISiBN a$S[9!fii~erU ,atidl ~,c bar,oode iBookill, irm IP'rl'rot Irogl!!tlriitLon

A¥ailabi litty iM~ ,o~li'ne books-ellers thru Ingram llibl,~ry Qf, (Q!"Ig~~ if.!' l.t,S. Cop~Ti9 nt 'regi~~ratlFon ]i;ljJtnoli' lilIoM@pa,g;e'alfild Ibook IP!!lg@

Orrdinf: sales ,iilmJ lfQYalty ,~C;CiOllJ!rliti'l1-g

Coi1'i!f'D~ of e\i/wBFpi:s,

Emi!lln 'f-QlIWuding

W9frdwi'd,E!' dr:SJllributi'9!l! ~nd 'onli'irLe' iP!1tingl Data Ei1'~_ify


Authorr ,at~rra~~oJiis

(i~Mill)~,· r'ii:lotillQ~e< ai"ld ,~dlno~ CD .A rcili'il€l'

Se-t You!' Own PriQe [SYOPl i8Mkilltor~ F:elu rnl!lbl I~t.v


E!u:si'm::5:'S Cardls p.o~ltcard5. 8ookii'illffrks

Cnu~1 e!lliletiliil ~n~t~ De~gn TellTf!p1at~ CI'i~s,Uarm IFl'o.s't:· iB@sts@III!2r's. U<!it (hrij~t~P11IP'o6t' _. Plre5:-~ Fle!!l:\i:':!5'e'

Poetry $i'9~ •



# . '

• .' ,


'" "

'. .'

Il.!!p '1l'O ,$

" 10


ChrIstian ~ Novice

$6'99 ft o 25

*' ..

" ()



.' " •


IUp te 5

.' o



Chrii'stian ~ Superior

$'1.6119 ..


.. .,


.; #1

• '. '*


ulP to 5




5- ,0'


1 #

'.' • ,C/


• ,

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" ,0


,0 o (' .fj

100 100 'W0

5 .,


O~@at~I1~1 a manuSiCriptt (an 'ta ke menths and, more ofiz.en than not, years, Pu.!:paring a me rllUsclI'ilPiI:' 'fur ntt'~ralrry' publij catioliil (an be a t'iresom@"itas1k. XU'brits has 'ulilr-hou se speciaJli:su who can liLelp, Y''Ou uarnsrorm you r work, intto pub~ication-mady matl!riat. x Ilibris ,offiers alii fhe Ed ito:riall s€1rvkes you iii eed to present a prcAessiol1al book to the m;a:rke~plac:e. Remember tJhatt m!2llny' of 'the Item s listed Ibehlw' are a iready hlduded I n our pu blishing se.nih::e packages. Be sure to, check. tlne p!JJlb Ilish irtgl seM'ces (Offilpi3lflrSOn ohart ,01'11 page 't I for derails.

Data Entry :$ 2.5,0 per pa s e

To, publ~sJn 'yo I[Jr boo1k'r. 'we need '~() In'eooirve yol.ll r m~r!Jt!!r5crliipt as a word~prore.$sil!1g file~ If )!'O~ only' h~V'e' a ':typew~ihen paJp!!r manuSlc:ript er scann~d imillgJ~s of a main usoi'pt, the !Ditta !Entry service is a weMab~e~ faS'~ and '~n e'J(1p8'llsi'w' service to, Gonver~ 'y<l'ur" 'wolk into :all wordp;~ocessiiitilg fHe. DUilr precess ~llf(J\"~des i3I hig h dt:!QIIi\@@ of accuracy fo'r an inoomparab~e price, Cost its based on ,~ ,~tand~rd fon~ ~;i~e (] 2: ptl~, double-s,~c.ed m a n'Us~jf:iIPt'"

,A lta rati,a ns

,Making ,editor'j',a ~ Q:r GOf1lbN"~ cha nge'-S, ,a,d',d~, both 'time' and men ey to 'the p!J!lblilC~t1:0~ precess, f.or th is reasen, we' encourage YOIJ to halv@, your boo k IPHfofesskmall¥ @d1i~ed befure su bm I,$sion. if 'YOLI have not had you if book pli'messio;nailly ed~d, 'We recc\ifI1mell1d '~he XI'ubris Co,pyeditn'ng :seiMQe (see page .29).

I nteriOr Author Alteratjo,ns: $23 [base fee} 'P~LU s $2 per ,!fJjI~eration. Adldi~ioni3J1 rounds wi! ~ inCJ~r ,a nether base, fee, p~ us Sl Iper ~!i1ew '!;!II~eration.

Cover Auth or AI~erations~ $ 25

lper rou nd of COIl1'!~cti'c~,ns '00' 'you r cover.

Copyediting Service

Writi rig w()rth publ ~s,hii:r1Ig lis, wOrtln a c.allf1eful ted ut. YCU.illf Imess:ag@ deS@Pi.@Si it" 8Jl1Id, so do your readers. Irs what: d BUli nguiiSlhes a pmfes~.'i'onalll book from an am a,telur' one. C-o~d~ti'ng oorrec~~ and dari~'e5' the oo'mlplf,etea text 'Wordi !by' W'Ord~ before' the t~ans~:til'o,~ to, published form, .xl~ibr'is ,eopyeditin91 rnakes YOlUr wrrb]ng more' concise, dear~ and ,aJpp~alhag to your readers,

M.I am 100% satisfied ...

Se'sicies catching m:a nliy grammatical errors., 1line serv;lce

po'i I'iIMd OI!J:t ~me' structural

!AI - • lb-.'f]I- ,-fth-

uaM, In Hi! __ ow 0 Ii!

rnanuseept., Few' authers can produce a flaw;ie5'5 mliimJSC~~pt.'T~ e author itS perhaps tuo dese :to hls work to see U~e obv~'O~~~ The WIllYed~ling SleNiice provides an ohj:ec£riJe saJ~ iO'f ~ine manU$C~8pt: that looks for e~Ii'On:; ill WIUiliJI@ iliSSlI!t'to haw ....

a!Ur seaoo ned ledit,ors catch Igramm,u m'nstakes an dl spelling E! rrICHfS before ')tour book. gee-s, '~O press, Ad henl1l!g to ,;3 strict: edu'torial pt()c,e~~r..xn bf~S~ ,cop'yedli~(HfS review' your' manuscript cia r\efu Ii y, !Qo~eaD rag e:fIr\Of5 in spellllin9.r 9 rirTlirr'il.a r~, rP iJJna!JJa~ian~ and :S,ynhx. In additiQn, they' willi ve:f1if:y erQ'!is--re1\er~lilce~ and impo~ indu~tlrY'-,sta ndalfid s:tyllJe conslderetlens ... And ~s always wiU~1 XJ ibris,r you retsl ~ 'fldlli OOll1tro~' af your w-o\~k beceuse you all"€' fr-ee to accept ow' reiect the dhanges that 'we :5uggrest.,

-IMlh Wal!l:1!it,. Authcr.af Afpha M,,!e

The pwice of the Copyed icing service val~~f!s dependmruig on the I@ng~h of your main Ill .. s CJllipt::

Word GO!il nt

'1 01,,000 _, 00,000 words

6-0, nl'l;l iI "0 nnoc , .. ..:II

!I,,!!,v.'I;;I' _, II ~l!1"io,'I"i!y. WO~'Ii.I!l5,

Prr.ce per Worn $OJO] 2 $OJOll $0,010

120.00 W + words,

IEdI'lior'S N'ot:e: XI]bris'~C--Opyedfilijng SiNV;Iil:@ ~s bas@.a OJ~ 'th~ g!!ltdel[il'E!~ pr~1!M En th~ C~ Ma-~1 of'Stylfl; Sp~lIIn.g hi, based on ~r(~mm'Wefui'fitr,DlLlih.n~ry.


__ L WAlIIi

"1'd I~camm~fid (OPYEd it:ing fur all writets ~oout ito beoome Ii! Lrt!ho~s" lit Ie'-ad~ ito a lfinuch mine, polished~ pmfu.ss~oMllboo'k ana J~fll!(t!i w@~1 on tni!' author. ,As; 'your l!eade~ beeemes mesmer'Rz:eciJ by)Nl!lll r s'mry~ you' dOfil~r want that brnketll or clricSt~,ad!d by' ~Qor

gr,am mar or punctuation. At, good S-lOry 't!; Just mat a a good s.torr-y rml a~~ asped:$,"

~ Nar'dl id'eillm, .Pwthm' of: KIIilw.amzm

Formatth'lg ,i1lind design ail',e key el ements to the success of your book. Thl!(~ ~e:adimgl reason why iC:Of1l~$llU''IIlErS pick up a book, ~':5 because it has an attraCtli.ve oo\l\er.lhe ~rus:&dI!e rormattinrl:Q' is equalilly imporraliil~ ,a 5, w,sad\abiHlty [5, Crt,u:;]i.a l, The :Xli bns design 'Malml (,ollaborates ,dosely w1frth you to ch:!~erm'~f'iue] your un~'q ue reql!i iremerns to ensu if! a (~Idi:d ~itty product. Just as each author 'ils cUfferent:, SiD ls each book. At Xlilbris you can Clusto;mize your [p'IJb~ i~h1Jrngl package with the optiona,l servi(~5, I~',~~ed be.low to, m,eet Y.QUlif specill1ic rreqlUillfelllru~l'1t5. ~Iea$.e noile tlnat SOm;e of tine items: showllIl hei'\e Irnwy al'lfeady be indul'g!e.d iiin our publ~;~hing servic--e pack~,gle5~

Additiorrel lnterior lmaqes - $10 pelrimage Additlonal Tables - $20 per table

Paper Gal ~ey &, Cover Proof - ,$60

F'or ea(Jl pu bli~hilng $e;rvi(ie~, Xlii bris sends an ,e.lectronic gli1!llliey and cover proofs (~ll!! rtli!g the prod liJ('tf;o~ process wor authers to review as PDF files. If you are liili!'t:!')(perri€nilC,~d w'irth )Iou r com p!Jt'e~; dOIil"'r. have onHIiI e access, or p:r.'efef worild~g with a pen and paper, xn brls cam pf,ov~de pa per versio;ns of you r arllterio,r and! cover p'wof:s.

Indexing Service

i1ihere' aI',@] two methods "or indudi'11i"i9 an index in )!Iou r book

,~ ,Auflltlilr-5Ii1pplied In,dex - is 10'0 I Ei~h,er 'YC'II.iit" origiliilai man iJJ:scj~ilPt: file may' oonitalin a wo;~d-p lfOc::eSS:UIlI;!J1 prcgll',am mea indeti( 'when you SUI brn [t it to us OJ Y'QiU t~~e the inde~ indllJd'~ng fin~1 Ipage' Iru,.Imber!i), as a separate text "fi'lle and su bmTIt it 'Olii a PC~'ror!matt-oo dii~5k, to .xU bris ,i;1\er tlIhe' eeereenens stage,

~ Xlib,ii\rPlf\Ovhfed Index si@lI'Vice (!price viuO:i;es,]1 lOur indexers wm read your m~m uscdipt and tag ,!3JpprolP\~iat,e words te create. a dynamic 'inde.x. Tilis meaf1lt$, '~hait any cha'riges to youlr Ii"You~~ pag'~f'illalti'orn wm a iJJt,omaticallly' lI',efte.c~ in the' :urtd.ex.r a nd you get to ~ it witth ev,ery inteniO'.if gi3Jn~y YOIJ receive fr()~m XII lbrls,

6~~OOl = 1201_000 woJl'ds 120~,OO ~I + words

SO.O'~i 1 SO.O~O

Cltatio n S (Ch a ptE r Endnot"e!i ~n d Footnote.s)

Ch(J.pte~ Endhot-e.s -Base 'tee of' '$,75 'for more 'tha!ll 50 dtations, foofrr,olt;e.s - Bas'e' 'ree of' $100 for mere 'than SO ,dtadon s~

plus ,SO,e per 'foo~nQIt:e.

'he (-05·t of tlne' I ndexil!l1g ~er'!lice Viilir'ues depe.nding 'On 'the le:ngd~l of YOUlr manUls(Jip~~

Word Count

l'~J.~OOO - 6CM]OO words,

Prke per Word som 2

U,.S. Copy~"i'g'ht Office Re,giistrati'on = $249

To ensu re' (:fiml~l!ete pl"OrtedJi:on of y'Our bodk undet U.S ... copyright law, XI~ibrius, w~ III I~egister your book wi~h '~Iu~ United State~, CG;~right OlfUoe. Once IJegisrere(t your boeks ooPyr:~9Ihlt is '~ui ~y protected -fOr your U'fetllime. plus SO yearS,. Weill :submit the I"@\qlu'~rOO copies of )!IOU r book iii 11 dl cd ~ tJli1e necessa1ry paperwo'rk. 'rN)otike ,of c,opylfiglh~ 'Is; sent to you w1ne\il1 we f;ec:e~:ve' It, .a pp~lim}a,tIE!!~Y six. monttins to lone year after completion of '~he pl!llbliG~ron prcu::ess ..

lwbrary of Congress [Number' - '$99

Tho L·.Ib' .. 5Ii 19!1 ~~ (' n I9Ilr';:H"e' c' 'n"''' .. nlllo.''' .. mber '.e 1111E';D,.,I bf!il ,j,Ib.;eo Un·.;ii,o....ll :S·;j;.5Ii"'a~1

__ ..... _ !U~I,,,,,I, :;.' 'QII _ ' ,~~ ",'.,;!i;';' ' ....... I!J'!!I' .... _ !:~I!!.II IIY~ _ ~ .... '!.II ...... u _ '$' ,1!11... . - __ 1!l,' ..... !i.iII ': I!ir;ilJ~ .... .,;!i

c·c:uil~ra~ Ii brary '~O 'tradk submiissucms ror tbe l'iibrawy~$ pelim:anen~ oolll~ct~OI'1i. 'W;ellill $ilLlbmit ill copy ;of you r book 'to' 'the lib'Ji'ary of CQlI1grr,ess .and i3llirnng,i! for fa card catilog AU m ber 1,0 be .as,sig ned to youw book

EXiped'itled Sem-vi'c,e - $ 349

The average r.:aubl'ucatiofi!1 takes '~hr~ ·tlQ 'four months from ~ubmi:5sicml '00' c:,om:ple,~ed publh:ation. If you need your book lQo'm;FJh~red quickJ'yi 'we ca n Ihe;IIp.. The IExp@dited s~rvice caliii' el1J:sure copies of your boo:k on your doorstep ~Niith ln 'two months from youw oomp~\e:te $,!!.lbmb;siofill. Pl!lys-e contact a Publh;hing Co;nsulta rat: a~ TII..a88-79,5-4;27·~ to d~ scuss your project and thl;,!:! frame need's;.

CD ,Archive ~ $99

This Ci:HROM lConrtai ns itt l(OPY 'of the finall ·text ,of lfOU r book ~ n ·WQlI'\dl·Jl:f\oc,es5~:ng "orilma~ ~u'IJd 11',o<w ~esQ:llutl1o;n Adobe' A.t;rQb~t

PDf ..... #. ..ill· - '"

__ S VI your CW-e;Ij',aJlit~ Irner~OIl'";,

*Nil)~e: AadjtlQfJ~ll ~hipP;]lllgl cl1~rg!il'SiiI:p'pty·f« int~miilti:all!al,tlll5itomell"5.

Pllea~ (;ill 1 ~88~7'!5~27'4 f,or dmlls.



Why A re We DiWe,:ent7

X I~bri;~ (:!ffen~ a n @!):ten5iv~ I i&t of marketing and pLllbl i:city reels '11;0 support aur >C! IJlnou-Si toW!iI rd the ultim~rte go", I ,of s.ellj ng bocks, Please oorutact you r pers~:mal rna rketiwqg cons.u trant' today at 1 ~888-795--4274' 'fOr you r free ronC!)L1I~ tatliorrJ or e-ffii3iul market[ooc.on~1Jj litanu@~libfl5.oom.

_ IIiP aJ~e li'ng At

Glolry House

"'I couldn"t improve' on your marketill'llg m~~s(llge for my book. You drd a glre.at' jobi!'1'bcrn'ks so much foryoUlr time~ interest .. and 't:a~enit'. Irlm very. p.teasedl wrt~ y-our 'W'Ork'il

Wrill~",Allen Jiii'me:SGO ,unlf{ilvejjlilg Of G'Of.Y House

Life as a Book

The Pulbllishi .. p .-.- .

ng f'OC,·!lIII!\1l!! UII !!II IN-' -

...:""'"' m!i;.l! .. LIItshl1!U

c..o~rIG:I-e. ~OUy , .. tn'lu~pt



... ...






-- - ....


.f r




. ,I'


Publishinq Timelins

lheentllire pu blishing plitoc:ess, takes ,alfij arverra,ge ,O'f three to 'rolJ!lr months once W! receive you'r oomp~ete submiss;f en,

Submissiolll GLI idel hi es

IPnl!!iP~lI'e ycuJlr book tfOr dirs k_-lDased slilJbm~:$sion I Subrrl'ut 'yoiUlr rna nliJjscript' as a :si ngll,e dii:g ita ~ iWiJle' in either Mii:cro-soll: Word (.aloe) o,r Rilch 'Text Format: (,rtU. ~if YQu h~l'Ife' a ,typ;e.d malnlU~ript please talk..e' ~dva'li1t~Jg;e 'of OfUlr' IData Entry service. ~ef'p-oge 18),

Su bmlsslon] X~ib~is wm r,el/leW YOl!Jjr order and oontact you 'wiidlrnn two to da Me busines:s, diYS from the In me you sign IdI p .. Once, 'we w1ece;irve your (dompllete materials, please ,a,llow two, 'tiO tJnr"lee bus~ne$;S day:s for us ,to review them to make :SJI;Jrle they a~e ready' 'fur prodUlrnQ:n.

Writ~ your book and eu thor summa liTes I :s,IlJIPiP~Y a dig~tal filE' 'W·~th the text lor' your book. a'illd auttM)r su.mmaries to appear c'n ,the book's badit colVer and thel webp-a9~e.

Initia~ IP~odllJH:tion I VO'Li ,can ,ej(ip6ct tlr.e book mr!!lteiliior a nd cover fermattlillg and de:.dg'n wi~hin ten bIJ slness days from the '~imi!! y:Olllll" book ,ernite;rs produd~·la\n.,

Sav,e youii' materials on ,e disk I Save all )lou,r materialS on a CO-ROM" I[)VD"R.oMt Memory Stick.. Zl~p disk cW' 3,S~i"(h Happy d ~5!l

Auth!Cl r mview' of p roofs I YOu wi n reGeive proofs of your books cov;er a rid interior fow YOl.!llr ~e'iliew before, we p:roceed wirth p IlJb~ uc.a~ion. "he falS,ter you retufl'lll the proot, the "faster 'Y.OUIU' book wi~ I be oomplleted.,

IFm out :and s'~gn 'the Author' A.greernent ,alfild the' Ord~r Form I, CompletE' the requested ~nro\n'matt:~ol1 lelds indlicating yotlW' se~\llc,e cho~T,c,e~, form of Pi3i.}!ilMeii1tt and aliti3,ch your S:~gril.at.ure,.

('orw,ect~o:ns I lieu. may mate any corrections (see' pa,,€',2'B). YOli!1 nk@' to tllhe glalleys. '¥ou 'Win! recelve a second set of proOi5 to confirm these corll"E!ctltoras. 111 us. Iprocess takes r,oug h~¥ t.en business da,ys per se~ o,f ,correctirOrls.

IPack_, ~ a bel and send your 'liTIat,eruails to XII i1bris I X~ ibris rE!c::(:t.ffilme;nds that, you use a traceab~e ma~il :~e!rVJ~e ~UP'S\I' fedlEx~, certified rna ii, ,et-eJ to €ltJ1Sl!!I!"e s~fe arr~;val of your ~ackage"

AuHn,Q n' ()C)PY' prtu:::ess I A priifilted, bound Author R:e-vll:ew Copy wilill !be produced so that you ca ~ ver~;1Y that your book is ~in its 'Rna ~ form at a r&d is; ready for sale', This stelP' ge'!l1ernUy takes, two' t'D tl~u,ee weeks,

-!tf1e'Me ~tar:n ,oopie-s of'the fliliteriils yo!.!! :sem, lif Clf19TnaI' rnaite'lilait;s are sen .... Xlibri& is, net If@~nsibl~ f'Ol! Ibn m .stoOl'@l1I antidlr!s..

X libri S Corporation ~1111te-mMioi1l'a II P\laza 1111, Suite ,4110 PhUade~phia" PA ~,91 ] :3


To, 'fadll!ta~e the smooth flow af the su bmlsslons al!1d pu blishing p:r,'OC~S$,~ p~@Ci'!!s,e 'try to (,om,ply 'wIrth '~he ~OIlOWlililg' 'fo!imatting f!e,q]U lrerneres for your malnllsc:rip,t:

~ Submit: th e. text ,aJS a single word-processing fjj!e.r preferably Mlicmsoft Wom.I~' you use' another wa:l1id prQ'Oes:5or;.. please save your' fill e in a Ridh Text Fc:rm~rt (,1m).

~ Wriibe the fumlowi ng sum maries using your wDrd-prooos:sillJlg p:r,og.ram and saw tth ~ml Z! s a single' ml~ Slepalra~! fro m you r' maiin book file but on the :sam@' ~jlo ppy d[sk:

o Authors (,ove~ Biography:' 1001 words max. ,A short one-

Ipta r,a,g raph desclrilPrtion of 'If,grilJlr~lf ,thalt willi ,a ppear o:n the back cover' ,of your book

Q A~thor B'l'ogl~aphy; ,2,000 word ~ ma')(. A.!o:fJlgew· de~uiptiQn ,of you rseUf ow a m,es:sa91e te YOLll r lueadleu", It wi~ I ,appear on the suth or b~'oglr,alplii¥ page' thM readers v~'e.w' when tllhey d idk on you r name 'wlrthffin me X~ibil'is Web :Slite.,

o Dedi!:c:atiorii[: <1 00 words mla(;i('., Wi n :appeaw,art the' begmlli n'~!lt91 of yo ur book.

o Book. SIJJ m mary;, 1001 we ~ds max. Ai. short o'lIl~paJragra ph description of y"O:tJw book: thatt ap;peii~s on the baC!1it cover e,f W"lI - . b ....... ~', and .. ":loFt:.. vt"Ii- rbo ..... k I''''''''' - iI":ii .... i"iI ·t'k.c. vll·L., .. ·~ 'UiJ~!... ~'''''' '1"'""'!l.U .. r6iiL!1:( u·· . 'WutJi,.;;.lII· uuu. 1:';'ldn;:., 'UoIII lr irr;;- I'i.! I~~ 1;;';!f¥IG'U ,jJIILC'.

-0 BiOOk Des(;rU ptii:OI!1: 4,000 words m'a}t A long:er de!ll{iiiptiol1l of 'YO'IlJII" book th~t :a~;",ea'li"S en your [book's p-~ge on 1Ju~ Xlil~l~i~ 'web ,s'irte.,

,~ If the t'S)(t ms 1'00 large to 'fit' on ,iI dlisk~, spl[rt the ~1I!! i nto two pa rts ind send two d~SI~ d@arly labell!edL 1!Please Ulse a PC-foO ~mQ'ttE!d CI)"lR.oMj, DrviD-ROMJ MemC(if),' ~i'~iolk ... lip dTsJkl or 3,.5-;irnch floppy' disk.

';0 Lalb.el U~e disk wiUru your rlI8,me:, '~eh~1plnone numlber, a rid the, 'title ofr your boo,1t P\~e~se pack your d flslb lnslde prote~tiv-e wu:a pping or a disk mel ler to ensu re that they 'wm arr~ve in !Jlsabll e. c::ondittion .. end please Md!ke SUf1~ you reraln a 00 c k'J1JJ [PI OO]W of you Iii' miJIiliUsori'pT.,

V,bu may SU brnjt hard copy I oll"igi nal ~:mages or digital i mages. X.~ib:ris supports SOu pplied haJrd (oPY ima g,es: UIP to 12'" x: 17~ inc~ ud'lirn'Q 'Ol'1iig il'1l'all i mage,s; on pape~' (ofi~Qlinal illr1 such as water~olor~ line art usi ng in ~ e®c.') ,alfH11 plu,tl)glrapihs.llif you litre :5lubmittingl digitlJl i mages,r p!ea~e Il'\e~dl the f(l.llloWlI og fOnnattilog requ irements;

• I mages ,are :saved as elitlltlE1~' 11 F F or JPEiG filll,e$~

ill To ansu rei quaU'ty reproductlon, 081111 gralphTcs ,it nd/olr" imagies :should have a I~Sio~lJIrt:ioifi of ~t le!lst 300 dlPjj a rid be in ~Jc,tuii!lll size,.

• Save i! n i'mage' files is, separate' files. Pleas!!' do not em bed 'or paste '~m'ages tn you r manu scnlpt,

" Plea5e indicate, d~ rectlly in your malli1lUSi~ript 'Wnelre' ~h;e ilm~ges ~ffilOUlld be: ~~~ ced ('e',g, text text <1~1'II se lit' image 1 here'>.' text texU. PWea se make SlII re ~DU IIJse '~he r~glht 'r1llenaJm e for easy re1felmn(~.

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Books.tore qu,a II !tty !printing. >:J~bris sets the stan d a rd to r' q lUa~'!Jty in the, PIiTrrlt..Q rI-DErf1lliUld ilndusuy:.


Xlilb [US papedltIJoks a we co mparr.j1! ole to a lily you mig ht fi nd on jJ be 0 kstore $h elf. They aile. pe rf~tly Ibound~ and ;alii CO'lllers are Iialm inated fur diu rab 1 ~itty a lila p.ro~e.c1ion.


:Xli.b ~U:$ pmchJces II ibra ry..q uaHqr h a niback vol urnes. Ea ch rnardb~cjk, ii 5 perfectly bou rile an d ComES with a gllo'ssy diu 5t jiBJ[lk.et.r printed 0'111 the hig neist-qualnty lPape r stnck and 11~lm in~ted for d U lIabi.l ity and sh elf [I itfe. The title and autho r~ FtI~U"U;' ialre ernlbossed Ol"lit'O th'e ,t:la~\d ba,ckls, Spi'FU;' in al classlc typeface a ~d bu mi:shed i!11 gold for :31 profession a II presentatien,

Leather Bound Edltlon

lhe-s.e' ~x£ lu s.iw' Iliib;ra ry ed ltlons 'Glf your book ,f!'[@ ava ijlab~e in eith er The Consul, Th e. IDitp!o mat Or Til e Amba ssador fermat. All .it ~e exq Ilii slte I'y hand-crafted, custern-made !fIjndi predsely stitched and bound '~C) ~~ st a ~ lifetime. (~III your pu b~ish ing 'cQnslIJltant at '1·~18= 791,5=4274 fa r detalih,;-

'With ,each ,of (H!.I~' publishing SlenttC€!' padtag!!!s ~!e:xcept Ad!Valtltage)~ we ma1k:e 'yol!.llr book ava~ ~alble' tor sal!!!, 'through tlhe 111f'ilg ram Dils.tribudorn rletiNo~k. The Ingra m l!Distribution nE!'1!WOrk provides wnr~dwhjJ e distr~butfoJi1 ar:u:W reg lsters your book with reta~ ~er,s, such as Amazolfl.com". Bomers.Gomi Balii'r'liesa nd rNJo:bh!.'c,om~ SUiI ell n'tOrE!' tha n 2.r5@O e,ther onilline book&eJ leu.

lin ~dd itioft!\I' we 'w:iill ,a[s$ign your book a n IS!BN Unt-ernation~11 Standalrd B'OQk INJ u m!ber) ~rnd reg'~~,ter lit with Books ln Pr~'nt~ enabHng any retai.l!er ~m,ou nd the' ooJun~ry 1'0 ,orde\r 'Y<ruw' book from LlI $.

t. '1.Ary .0- i ~ .. ;I!"in"'" ii.-. ........ k ..-."....Ji""'r-'" li.-"""iI" -1·1111- B

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I! Xliiibr~s O;ni III"! e Bo;O!kswre

ii E-lmailll ~Man


''f,OI!.lIr book is ,131150 avaUable d'!rE!cttly d\'u',ough XII ibris. Orders uSiuallliY 1ZaJloe. b~tw@en 'l j},'l:5 days, for palperback iltal '15-20 day,s fur' h a rdoov-er plus shirp,p'ingl tiflm e. We. accept boo!k orders viii! au r:

R,eta i ~I P rl ces

The retai~ prj,,! ~;s the pfJice thait an end .. c:onl$ilJmer' willi pay when tlhey' bUll" ')tUUlf' book, A book's retailll pric-f!' is ca ~(lUla1ied to c-ol!J\er alII the costs needed to main IUfaetu re' the boo~ to m,,a'lk_e iil av,a ilabte feef S'~ ~e in ,the db:tribuft~on chan nell 'W[ take orders a nd denver i~ t-o, 'OU r QUSOO'll'nelrS,

ID i 51(0 U nts

WidTh ,a uthor d is:c,ou nts ranging 'f\r[om ,3J~% - 60%, reselll,er d 1$;Goun!S of IJI P to 4&% and discounts avan h31blei on dir@ct orde\~ we malke' it ,i3IS e:asy ,~s pO\5~ible ~or yol.ll( your customers alnd loook. ~eta~ ler,s, to p'ur1(hal~e ceples of 'yo IIJtr' book

Set You r Own P rl ce

This service 'i!rNalbles 'you to control tlne' retail pri~ce of' your booJk and '~h,e ,i3Jm'O'!lJIlil~ ,of ro,y.a ~tces you earn on each GOpy sold.'Cflili you r p ubHshi ng [c.or'liSJ!JJ~tan~ at t ,438'8 .. 7'1.5",,4274 for detalils", or 'visit' wwwd:libil'1iis.com/c.,lculailOr.,


.xu bns !pay,s royalties en a qUirteriliY basis. AlolnQ 'w;rrth you it' roY,illy chec~ YO!l.l 'wm r[ec:e~Ve a sta~em[ent deti3JiliurnQI a hisOO:ry ,of youlr earnings a i11d a newslEfwer ootrta ining importa'lfit u pdat:es and specialll offt!'i"S. ~Olli can '~llso check 'yo ur rG~~ ities in ~ ~ tCiin,e vi~ 01.11 f web.s;irte.,

B ooksto re Returnabil'ity

The inabilHty to ac'cep,t book return 5, has [000111' a major stu mblling block ln the s.'E:lf~pu bUshing ,ijireillal 'tr[om the begi nn[ng, but Xlilbri's' new lBooksMlI',e RetluWfI!abliky pr,og ram has leveled the playingl field lb~ making books r[etu mabie thfO ugh I ngl~1llm. When YOUI [choose to enro!l in th is progl[am~ you nlN~ k'e 'youw w,orik more attlJactiw' to bookseUers everywi&le;re .a ad hlcre'ase til1' .. ;, m1il! rik.et av;a,ilabllit~t of' !IO'Uf' IOOQk. ylll 'lfOIlJI~ JlUbn5lh~ 119 oo~:5ul~alfilIt a~ 1"'11="9.5~4274 row' de:~ ils.

R~t~111 Pri'(e 0% $1,51o~ $U9'.99 $23.00'
Ch~~Ui!@11 [j)1i~OOur1!t 48%, ;$-8 .. 3,1 $UO\39 :$'1J 2'A? 35% :$]6.24· :$;-J9A-9 $22.74-
R~s~IlI@~ Di$OO Ullrnt 40%, $19.5,9' $H.99 S·11.tt39 R~5@ller DiSOOlJ nt 20% :n9.'9'91 $2;.9~ '$27.'99
DJIr'@i:1! S;;li~~S RQy~lty 2.5,% $4JOO1 $5.00 $6.00 Oii r'@ct .5~I~s· Rg.y~ Ity 25% $6.25 $7.501 $~L{5
•• I . _
Indiroclt Sa I~$ IR:oya11ty :10% $·~.'6.01 $"~.oo $ lAO Indi~.t s.all'~$ Roy~~ty .10% $2.S'O saoe $~.SlO
AJuHu:~~'lDi$:OO'Ulrrnt A!U'tnQ~ Di:;;co'Unt
1 9 . 30% $'1'1.19' $~3.99 :$'116.79' ~ - 9('Qpi~~, 30% :$1704·'9' $2Q.99 ~24.A9
~ _ ..... OOpt~~ ..
,~ 10,- 24 copi'~~ 3,5~, $'1.0.39' $~2.99 :$115.59 .. ~ 'f:) ,_ ,24 e'Qpi~~, 35% :$]15.24 :$n9A·9 '$22.74,
~ 25 - 49 coph~~~ 40% $19.5<9' $n.99 :$'114d,9' " 25 ,_ 4,9 e,opies, 40% '$'11.tiI.'OO' $'1 ]'.99 ,$2G:OO
- j -
,~ :S'l) - 991 ~Qph~s 45%, $~l91 $~i199 :$1,i.~9 " 50 _ 99 e,opies 45% :$U.74, $16.49 $19\024,
~ 100 - 248' ,mpr,e~ 5'0%, $aOOI $~OIj)O $U:'oo1 II U 00 - 2.4·9 c.opies, 50% :$ ~ :il~5(l1 $15.00 '$17,5'0
.. 250 - 4991 oop&e~ S:S,iM! $7.201 $91.00 $110.BO II 250 - 499 c;opie:s 55% ,$~'~15 $13.50 ,$15.7.9
~ ~~HJO _. '1 ,499 c~pce15 '60~, $&.,~(li $aoo $'9.100 "500- 114'99 coples 50% $~'o.ool $'1,:itOO ,$1,<1.100
~ 1,5,00+· OOpl:e5 File-:as!! ~~iUe:5il: Iii C!l.is.tOiil"l offfsel ~liote!! 113 U ,500+ copies, ,FilIN!5iE! I\eitlU-E!!:5l't.,a 1i:\.iS'!lOm [J.flie~ q,i.I"JOte
u , Book, IPrh:~ng'*

'When YOiJJ publish widll Xnbrisj you obtalin [permanentt pl.!lJbUca!l1[Qn - you r book w.ilil nev,er go out lof print = ,and we wilill alwaI)fS be beee fo!Ji YOllll, Here ere :som e oithe [benefits, :you wi n enjoy as ~art o,f, 'the Xliiibr'is author oo:mmunity.

MY' Xllbrls

This webslto@ is yO/Uf' inleractlrv'@ portal to ,all mmfbn~nadon a OO'IJ~ yowl" book. Once pub~ lshed, )!IOIU ca n~ ,j; Checllt YOllJlv book sales and! roya'~Ues d,e'illy

Ii Malk€! changes 'to' you II" book's page Cilil ,the Xltbr'~s websitlE! 'il PlIII1!C~ orders ,art y'QU r di:$c-QlUnt-edi ~n~~l;!'

~ Lea~n about spe()~alls avallalo:l:e ,only to X! ubris authors

IDlj 9 ita I 'F~exi bill ity

BecauSie your book e:xists eil\ectrorn~:c~ny~, you cen dhang@ or IJ pd1are you r rornent even a~ r it has bee(rI published. So' if rIi,ew inrormation comes, to, Ug ht or a:eta'iils cha rlge~ you can make s.ure 'U~!iU your 'work 'lis Ikerpt up-t'O-da~~. Xlilbris offers ,ptOS~-publkati@n mvi:sioJll servlees for $,l49'.

IRefe'r=A= Frh~rnd Prog ram

Oll! r IRewe{Ii:-A...(Friend Pn)glram awa~dls yOilJlI $. ] 00' when yOUI ref~r a new' autho'r to .xli bri s and !he' orr she deddles to, pu bUsh withl l!JJS~,'fib refer i 'fr'lenlt'visitt www.Xliflbr·us.eo·m and cl tek on the. ~IRef!r'·A~~lFriendili n'!1I~_;, $iJmrply. ifIm out ~he' 'Ofililine fo(rm with the names and e-malil ,~d:dlres~es ,of up' to ten autbors wh!l) could ben,efitt ~~,nml 'QU r serviGes., You'll rE!Ge.iv,e :S 1 00 for each refel'lred author who pubUshes a book 'wJitlh us once yQ'LU' referlli,al'is boo!1{ is completed.

Xlilbris has a well~trai ned stan ,of IPulolllish ing :as50c'ialte's who speda ~ize' 'hiil aJll a reas related to' pubUshE!d books. They work with authors who ha~e 'CIll.il:est~'oiIilS ilbout' the 'fo II 0 W'ir'IQI topl'cs:

~, Malriteting and O'istrribution ~, :R.oya~t11',es,

t, S:pe:[ia~ Book Omen,

t, C-o;pyright ,;;lInd other beek r~ ~~tIr,alti':c"n~ !I' Q.lUaUty Assurance

~! Other 'to]ph::s re.(l!M:ed to publish@d books

For i1i"DU nd~the-dcck cu stomer supporr, calli 11 ",888-,195-421,4.

(ritic~ Choice

It is aJlways r@win'ding '~'O see your efforts reco9,n[\Z,~dl. Wih€rl you r boo!1It has sold more tha n '~ JOOO' e,opi&s,!' ~'t is eligible' 'for 'I!va'lluation by our ,eJ(ecutlive 'pi! net If your eook is dlose.n ~'Qr our I(ritic-s Choice A:walr,d~ we wn ~ give] YOUI a oomp~'um,er'ilrt.ary' !Book Revi'ew it nd IPre.ss IRe~ea:se' Campaign 'whiiile 'reatu ri ng 'YOUIIt boo~ as piJ,1tt 'Of our (lI'itic~$, CtnoliQe $ie~tion on fne Xlilbri~ book5~ore,.

Best Seller Progr,am

Your suceess is our :success. 0 !loU urn i:qulf! Best :5'eller PiI',og ram is an

..... np ......... u .... ;ru for X: :1'11!...,..,j'~ t.... ~ ....... n i'iI i"l',\i:ii ... ;t!;'llli!iibr!5ltii5i ~i'!I.J1 ~,~ i non. ......... ilrJ.r-- ,":luiu,· I"d!ll;;r' lUi '. LPU~l;J. ~ I·~li.v~lll,ll'~ !!.~ij~· ," "g. ~i '~I'lflU ~U:~I~:Y;IJ!L

Au thor's Lou n 9'e

A great: fowl!! m to post recent new's and information about Y'O'lIJ r beck, feature 'fOur SOO(ry;, lor hE!iUI'1I from the experlemoo,s, ,of e,ther au~hors. it also gtV&S you iI,c'cess te a ns~ o,f Upoomlti119 evefilil'S and r,elev;afilit irt'cd,es, about pubns!hhlg and mi3lrike,ting y,OiJjl~ '\!Vod"

a uthors who h(f\ll12 acht~ve,dl wrirt'ufiI,gl and :s,e;llling success, If you ~eU 5,000 c:1t mCiIfoel ceplas, we wi~ ~ feature you r book in the New York R'e\fii:ew of Books,~ I~rrovidle ~ou with our Bookstore R:e.tll[Jrnr~ a bm'ty prQgra m and a wealth of pTlilnted materi~ds to loo:ll5,t,'er you r malrket eXpOSUlfe'. If 'YO]U ,aJlreaiCl¥ have 'these reatur€'sJ them, YOJu (an cU:$t,om·Kz·~ a manketillilg campa,ign of ,equaJl o:r ~~sse.r vallJJ~ and we'U gi've it t'O you on dle house.

AuthHr SpotHght

We ~'iolVe to l!recognize your a(lh~\e.wments, If yo'u have won an awal~'d.r made an alPlP@alralil'ce '~1iI1 the media 'or 'if' youlr book cili~ie.$, a sp~dalll messag'~f you hav·! 'the chence te be part ,of ou r Author SpotHght ~t:liiIe09ram.

Xltilbris is a place ,created by autlnorsl for a Ullholl's. We' fuCIUI$ on ~he. needs. .of cr,eative people alrnd how te.crnnolo.:gy alnd new a ppmiiiches ca I'iI be applied to. rna I{e t~,e lives of wriite~$ more prod LUctilve (Blfild satl:s'f)1ing.

Thrl5 guide is an intlroductlio to Xlib IS,' Publishing s.ervices. but we affer more tm'lliI"IJ j ust a set of service's - we al~ your cemmu iiliity. We. i,lr,o.-vtde. a :s.up:portive envircnment where you :are Iftespected forr y(lJ!Jj r craft: a'liId whee you ,oo'nt:rol l{@urown publishing des~ijIfilY~

We wek'ome YQur questio!'1ls and feedt~ck PI~<Se contact us.

X, ibris Corporation

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