Kevin Cabano Mr.

Damaso Honors English 2, Period 2 18 April 2010 SRP Emulation Poem ³Embrace´ by Billy Collins You know the parlor trick. wrap your arms around your own body and from the back it looks like someone is embracing you her hands grasping your shirt her fingernails teasing your neck from the front it is another story you never looked so alone your crossed elbows and screwy grin you could be waiting for a tailor to fit you with a straight jacket one that would hold you really tight. ³Cell Phone´ by Kevin Cabano After Billy Collins I¶ve done it, and I¶m sure you have too If you¶re being ignored you take your cell And pretend to text, making it look like You are popular, conversing with someone Your faces displays emotions, that aren¶t true That are in response to these fake messages Maybe you pretend to speak To someone who isn¶t really there And you might think you look fine But inside you know there is emptiness But if you are in the wrong place, someone notices And can see that you are just a sad lie Alone and with no one to care for you Waiting on the day that never comes