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LEONARDO, Dayanne Lei A.


BA 198 - WFW
January 29, 2016

Activity 1: Qualities a Good Leader Should Have According to Jesse Robredo

Through the article, the late DILG Secretary Jesse Robredo was able to let the readers
know more about him as well as how he is as a leader. He demonstrated the kind of person and
servant leader he was: someone who is simple, transparent and determined to do his job the right
way despite of the temptations and hardships that surround him and that which come with his
position. He was focused on and was driven by a single goal which is centered on bettering the
country and not his pocket. He was a genuinely good and honest person and that translated in
how he answered the questions thrown his way during the interview and how he dealt with the
criticisms in every day that he held on to his position in the government.
Jesse Robredo made me realize how lacking most of our current leaders are. While he
was keen on changing the countrys flawed and unfair system of governance, most of the
politicians around him chose to look the other way and join the bandwagon. While he fought for
what is honest and good, the people in the same position as him stole and cheated from the
citizens they vowed to serve and protect. While people have gotten used to the typical corrupt
and greedy politician, Robredo continues to represent the small number who could be still be
trusted to actually lead this country to progress and development.
Through the article, I was able to conjure an image of how a good leader should be. A
good leader should, as UP upholds, strive for honor and excellence. They should possess the
values that would inspire people to either follow in their footsteps or do much better than them.
A good leader should be transparent, unpretentious or honest. They should not be afraid or
ashamed for people to know what they do in their jobs or behind closed doors if they are not
hiding anything and if they are truly doing what they are meant to do. A good leader should also
be courageous and strong in the face of all the challenges that the country might face. This could
also apply to how they should stand for what they believe is right and just despite being
persuaded otherwise. Furthermore, a good leader should be selfless. He should be ready to
dedicate all his time and effort on the things that he promised the people who voted or believed
in him. He should remain faithful to them and not be enticed by the riches that may be presented
to him. Lastly, a good leader should be visionary. He should have a clear idea of where to take
his followers and focus and work hard towards achieving them for the benefit of the greater
good. He should take not only himself but also everyone behind him towards excellence.
In just a few minutes of reading, I developed an admiration for Robredo and the people
like him who actually do their jobs and who genuinely care for the people and this country. He
proved that leaders should be and can be good if they held on to their ideals and never gave in to
the pressures and privileges that come from being in such a high position over a huge number of
people. Robredo represents the kind of person we should all aspire to be, someone who stayed
simple and true to himself despite all the success and criticisms that come with his postion.