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Vattel and the American Dream: An Inquiry into the

Reception of the Law of Nations in the United States |
by Vincent Chetail Graduate Institute of
International and Development Studies (HEI) P.O.
Box 136, Geneva, CH-1211, Switzerland
[ Or as I would put it: The man of the enlightenment period whose writings greatly influenced and helped the American
Revolutionaries and the Founders & Framers and thus changed the world - Emer de Vattel - via his legal treatise and
discussions in Volume 1 about the formation of a nation using principles of Natural Law which would be governed by a
written Constitution and the natural law nature of who are the members of that society and the method by which it
perpetuates itself The Law of Nations or Principles of Natural Law, Vol.1 Chap.19 -- CDR Kerchner (Ret) ]

Abstract: No other book on international law has been more widely read and cited than The Law of Nations
by Vattel. The present article identifies and analyses the various reasons that explain Vattels authority in the
United States. It first retraces his influence on the Founding Fathers, on the subsequent diplomatic and judicial
practice, and on the legal doctrine in the United States. The article then examines his conception of national
sovereignty as the most decisive reason explaining Vattels influence in the United States and the overall impact
of his work.
Number of Pages in PDF File: 50
Keywords: Vattel, history of international law, law of nations, founding fathers, sovereignty, state equality,
independence, right of resistance, legal philosophy, natural law, positive law
Read and download a copy of this important paper about Vattel and his legal treatise The Law of Nations
or Principles of Natural Law influence on the American Colonies and the founders of our nation at this
Vattels preeminent legal treatise The Law of Nations or Principles of Natural Law of the founding period
defines who is a natural born Citizen of a country:
Read more about Vattels influence on American common law and the founders of our nation and the
framers of our founding documents by Article II constitutional expert Atty Mario Apuzzo: and for many more legal
essays about our founding documents and constitutional terms therein written by Atty Apuzzo and the
importance of such on current political events see:
CDR Charles Kerchner, P.E. (Retired)
Lehigh Valley PA USA


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