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Examination Guide Instrument Rating

A pass in the exam code IREX is one of the requirements for the issue of an Australian instrument
rating. The examination is a single paper presented in a multiple-choice question format.
Total Marks:


% Pass Mark:


Time Allowed:

3.5 hours

The examination tests the Aeronautical Knowledge requirements specified in CASR Part 61 MOS,
Schedule 3.
IREX INFORMATION Instrument approach procedures for an aerodrome may be presented in the
DAP chart as: e.g. 1 - ILS RWY 18 or in some cases RWY 18 ILS e.g. 2 - NDB-A and VOR-A or in
some cases NDB and VOR Candidates are to ignore these insignificant differences. Preparation of
examination papers requires extensive lead time, and therefore it is not possible to take into account
information from unscheduled documents, such as NOTAM. However, if a candidate feels that a
question has been affected by NOTAM this should be noted in the scribble pad and reported to the
supervisor on completion of the examination.
The AIP SUP is an integral component of the AIP complete and is issued in accordance with a
published schedule. Therefore it may be examined.


PIC - pilot in command

AICUS - acting in command under supervision

CIR - Command Instrument Rating

OBS - Omni bearing selector/selection

OBI - Omni bearing indicator

CDI - Course deviation indicator/indication

EXAMINATION INFORMATION Unless otherwise stated or configured, the following information

applies to the examination questions
Form 1357 IREX Exam Aircraft Data Sheet VH-OZY
Company fuel policy is based on CAAP 234-1(0)

All fuel calculations will be in minutes.

Do not separately plan climbs and descents

Assume holding consumption equals cruise consumption

Do not add any time allowance for taxi, instrument approaches and overshoots

Exam Application
An IREX examination may be booked on the ASL website For further information,
contact ASL on 02 6262 8820.