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Polson, NRS470B, Week 4 homework

5 Model Components and Forces of Magnetism


Transformational Leadership
= is a leader who leads people to where they need to be in order to meet their
- Visionary, influential, has clinical knowledge and has a strong expertise on
nursing practice
- Involves atypical approaches to solving problems
* Quality of Nursing Leadership (Force #1)
* Management Style (Force #3)

2. Structural Empowerment
= involves structure and processes developed by influential leaders who provide
an innovative environment where professional practice flourishes and
the vision, mission and values come into platy to achieve the
overall outcomes that
are believed to be important to the organization.
- Furthers and develops strong relationships and partnerships with community
organizations to improve patient outcomes and community health in
* Organizational Structure (Force #2)
* Personnel Policies and Programs (Force #4)
* Community and the Healthcare Organization (Force #10)
* Image of Nursing (Force #12)
* Professional Development (Force #14)

Exemplary Professional Practice

= comprehensive view and understanding of the role of nursing (professional
practice can achieve overall)
+ role with patients, families, communities, and the interdisciplinary team
+ application of knowledge and evidence
* Professional Models of Care (Force #5)
* Consultation and Resources (Force #8)
* Autonomy (Force #9)
* Nurses as Teachers (Force #11)
* Interdisciplinary Relationships (Force #13)


New Knowledge, Innovation, and Improvements

= organization have an ethical and professional responsibility to contribute to
patient care, the organization, and the profession in terms on knowledge,
innovation, and improvements
- Includes: new models of care, application of existing evidence, new evidence,
and visible contributions to the science of nursing
* Quality Improvement (Force #7)


Empirical Quality Results

= focuses on structure and processes

Polson, NRS470B, Week 4 homework

- Area where greatest change needs to occur

- Outcomes need to be categorizes in terms of clinical outcome related to
nursing; workforce outcomes; patient and consumer outcomes; and
organizational outcomes.
- Represents the report card of an organizations way of demonstrating
* Quality of Care (Force #6)