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If you keep saying well its down to fraud and Corruption and keep saying

that you will never get to the bottom of the problem.

The Line of Process(es)
The Proposition of Fraud
What do people see as fraud and what they are actually doing and
attempting to do?
When applying the Line of Process(es) one must think about this. It is
always based on communication and what is accessible. I said this with
paedophiles and you have to think in terms of social marketing and
selling. If I do it even how professional as I am the hits that I achieve is
only a small percentage. So if you apply this to paedophiles and people
committing fraud in this sense of social marketing and selling then the
percentage rate of someone contacting the Police is very high. So how are
these people doing social marketing and sales and totally beating the
odds. The failure rate has turned in to the winning rate.
How do you approach people when performing fraud? What is the action
plan that has been paid out?
How do you get the correct persons or parties details which maybe e-mail
and phone and address?
Is there a middle man that introduces you on a soft selling approach?
How direct are we talking about?
We now talk about the Critical Point
Who holds what?
Who has all the details to hand to be able to give them to a source
whether that be a good source or a rogue source? Why would you request
such details as from HR or Payroll and would this request be a normal
request? Again think in terms of Pilot/Co-Pilot!
Surely it is obvious who has overridden the matter concerned. Why does
this stop the true actions from taking place? Why? I dont quite
understand whats stopping the truth from winning here?
I call it trace through or trace back.
Have a think about this and where we need to go. Think more strategy
then action and maybe this will win the day for all people and parties