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When you will become a teacher, list five (5) things to do make assessment increase
learners motivation and five(5) things you should never do to make assessment nonthreatening.
Five things to do make assessment increase learners motivation
1. If I will become a teacher someday I will teach my students the positive outlook of life.
2. I will treat my students fair and no favoritism.
3. I will help them to be efficient.
4. I will encourage and support them by explaining to them the positive output when they take
the assessment like quizzes, exams and many more.
5. I will make the quizzes and exams easy for them to understand and also interesting just like
being creative in making the materials needed to do in an assessment.
Five things that should never do to make assessment non-threatening:
1. I will not discourage them.
2. I will not punish them if they got a low grade in the assessment.
3. I will not show negative emotions.
4. I will not make quizzes that are not appropriate for their level of understanding.
5. I will not let them fail.

5. Draw a poster predicting the differences of learning and instruction


4. Compose a song or a poem about a highly motivating teachers.

5. Design a classroom that is conducive for learning. Indicate color of paint,

arrangement of desks/ chairs, teachers table, and other fixtures.