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Please accept my greetings which regards safety for all Muslim Ummah

First, before going on my speaking lets thanks to Allah SWT. Who has
given us mercy and blessing untill we can meet together in this place.
Secondly, peace and salutation may always send to our prophet
Muhammad SAW. Who has brought us from the darkness to the lightness.
And I dont forget to say thanks to Mr. Chairman who has given me a little
time to speak in front of you all by the tittle :
Allah says in the Qur'an:
Laqod kaana lakum fii rosulillahi uswatun hasanatu liman kaana yarjullaha
walyaumil akhiri wa dzakarallaha katsira (al-ahzab: 21)
There has been a good example for you / role model in the Messenger of God for
those who hope in God and the Last Day, and the people who remember Allah
much. (Al-Ahzab: 21)
My brothers in faith..
In commemoration of the Prophet's mawlid or the birth of Prophet warning
us, not just a meaningless warning. That we must understand each memorial is
held or every 12 Robi'ul awwal in which the Prophet Muhammad was born is the
moment that we can follow his footsteps. The beauty of his morality that we know
from the Qur'an and hadith is not just an example of what we should see, and we
watch it, but the morality of mandatory imitated and followed him to every person
who claims that he is Rosululloh Ummah.
All Muslim rohimakumullah
Rosulullah said:
Innama bu'istu li utammima makaarimal akhlaq (alhadist)
Meaning: I actually sent to my people to perfect noble morality.

From the hadith we know that Rosululloh sent by God in order to enhance
human morality. If we claim to be followers of the prophet Muhammad then let us
set an example for the people around us. Do not expect others follow our example
if we do not do what we talked about.
May be enough here my speech thank you very much for your attention
and I back your pordon for more or less.
Billahi hidayah wattaufiiq