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Experimental Design
1. We need to know how different genres of music affect heart rate
2. If we listen to different genres of music, then our heart rate will increase or
decrease based on the music. It will increase when we listen to our favorite song
and will decrease when we listen to piano music.
3. IV: GenreDV: heart rate
4. Procedure:
i) One person will hold on to the probes to record the resting heart rate
ii) Choose one genre
iii) One person at a time listens to a song for 30 sec. while holding onto the
iv) The others will be monitoring the heart rate
v) Record the maximum BPM
vi) Switch people
vii) Repeat steps 2-5 until you have gone through your 3 songs.
5. Our results turned out as we planned them to.

Chart and Table

Discussion Paragraph
When we began our lab we predicted that our heart rate would
increase when we listened to our favorite song, decrease when we listen
to piano music, and stay about the same as normal when we listened to
pop music. We began by taking each of our participants resting heart rate.
Then we had them listen to their favorite song while we took their heart
rate. As we expected their bpm rose. Next we had them listen to calm
piano music, we predicted that their bpm would drop and it did. Finally we
had them listen to a pop song (Sorry.) We expected their heart rate to
stay about the same as their resting heart rate. This was the case in some
of our participants, but not all of them.