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Communication is the life stream of modern business.

It is a two-way channel of
transmitting ideas, plans, commands, reports, and suggestions, that the successful conduct
of business is positively determined by presence of an efficient and economical
communication system. It is said that the success of business depends on the adequacy of

Objectives of business communication

1. Information:

2. Motivation:

3. Rising Morals

4. Order and Instruction:

5. Education and Training:

6. Order

Importance of business communication

1. Management control

2. Complicated business activities

3. Need for competitive information

4. Improves public relations

5. Improves business systems

6. Communicate with external

Forms And Functions of business communication

1. Internal Communication
Communication within the organization

2. External Communication
Communication with outside the organization

Internal Communication
Internal Communication are of two types
1. Vertical Communication:
a)Downward communication
When the flow of communication is from top level management to
bottom level employees

b) Upward Communication
When the flow of communication is from bottom level employee to top
level management

2. Horizontal Communication
When there is communication between same level of employee

External Communication