Form a group consisting of 5-6 members. Since in the real working world
you will most likely end-up working with people who are very much
different from you, I suggest that you consider forming a group comprising
of people with dissimilar background vis-a-vis.
Choose one product or service. There are no restrictions, the product or
service can be either a local or global made product/service. Then, write a
report explaining the marketing channels on your choosen product or
service. As a simple guideline, there are several questions thay you might
want to address in your report: (1) What type of channel does your chosen
product or service currently using? (2) How many parties involved in order
for the product to reach from manufacturer to consumer? (3) What are the
roles of these intermediaries? (4) What are the (dis)advantages of the
channels? (5) What are the challenges? (6) Is it possible to improve the
marketing channels? Yes, how? No, why?
Try to make your analysis as realistic as possible. The depth of your
research and a well-written report will influence your marks.
Your group will be evaluated on:
1. Originality + Plan Layout/Format
2. Analysis
3. Practicality
4. Well-written report
1. Front page
2. Table of Content
3. Brief Introduction
a. Objectives
4. Marketing Channels
a. By addressing the above-mentioned questions
b. SWOT analysis (optional)
5. Conclusion
6. References
7. Appendices
Please use the following font size and type:
Size 12
1.0 spacing
Not exceeding 10 pages (excluding the front cover, references, and

DUE DATE: 16/10 Tuesday Week 6 before 5pm .

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