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which are terms most market participants have never heard of. egress. BARRY BRUNER Trading Using Planetary Movements Ingress. Copyright © Technical Analysis Inc. we naturally think of it as meaning a place to enter. and conjunction. www. In this article. declination. On one .Traders. In the field of planetary science. F timing tool. I will keep it simple and only show the examples that have to do with ingress. Stocks & Commodities V. Here’s an easy financial astrology tool you can use to judge for yourself. it is worshipped by some traders as an accurate Since there are a lot of vocabularies in the field of financial astrology like retrograde. On the other hand. but only if you know how to use it properly. or market timing by planetary movements. is a topic that gives traders complex and mixed feelings. or regress? by Khit Wong inancial astrology. but let’s give it the benefit of the doubt. When we think of the term ingress. I would like to share one of the easiest financial astrology tools that any trader can try to implement for the sake of seeing whether there is any correlation between astrology and the financial markets. it is viewed as a difficult topic to comprehend and perceived as something that has nothing to do with what goes on in the markets. 32:13 (42–44): Trading Using Planetary Movements by Khit Wong A Different Perspective Is it possible to achieve market timing via planetary movement? Our first inclination would be that it wouldn’t be possible.

The Uranus ingress of Pisces on March 11. Figure 2: a bull market base. which means it’s possible there is a correlation between the markets and planetary . it is interestAnd it’s not just a one-time incident. That’s quite a coincidence! I know most of you reading this will think yes. Now. 2010 served as a base for the market to advance over time. An ephemeris is an astrological calendar that describes where the planets are at any given Uranus ingress Pisces time.Traders. movements. you’ll notice that the Uranus ingress market of 2003–07. 2010 is the date for the Uranus. according to some cultures’ beliefs (less so in others). For example. in which zodiac sign) when you were born. 32:13 (42–44): Trading Using Planetary Movements by Khit Wong TRADING TECHNIQUES Uranus ingress Aries 2010-05-28 Netdania. Each zodiak sign takes 1/12 of the heaven in equal space. Uranus ingressed Pisces on March 11. but stick with me. it is called an ingress. The Uranus ingress date of May 28. But the zodiac signs go beyond influencing our personal lives. each time a planet steps into a new zodiac region. While your personality is greatly shaped according to this zodiac sign. if you look at the chart of the let’s look to see what the DJIA did at that time (Figure 2). financial crisis. Now Uranus ingress of Aries. you can start to look up the ingress dates. Let’s trace back to an earlier ingress date of But in fact. In contemporary astrology studies. With an online ephemeris. While the planets keep circling in the sky. it is widely 2003-03-11 available on the Internet. www. Studies have shown that stocks and forex pairs also have a subtle interaction with these zodiac signs. but I am not going to wait seven years to place one trade. Stocks & Commodities V. I know what you’re thinking — it’s hard to believe. the same theory applies to other faster-moving Copyright © Technical Analysis Inc. Fortunately. Figure 1: dow jones industrial average. and it worked nicely with the 2008–09 served as a base for the market to advance as time went by. When does the ingress happen? Before getting to the examples. We Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) in Figure 1 and check can see that this ingress of Pisces served as a base for the bull its movement on that day. so is your life. the heaven is divided into 12 equal regions. May it refers to when a planet starts moving into a new regime. An Internet search on the term “today’s aspect” will turn up several websites with this information. 2003 served as a base for the bull market in 2003–07. 2003. It also mysteriously served as another support at the same price level. which are the 12 signs of the zodiac — something we are all familiar with. Your personal horoscope actually originates from where the sun was located (that is. you need to have an astrology ephemeris so you can locate when the ingress times are.

Let’s look at another example. reveals any interesting movements in the markets. It tends to euro in May 2013. The Mercury ingress of Gemini on May 15. I have traded using this strategy for about six months now and have found it to work well. Stocks & Commodities V. Studies have shown that stocks and While you may view with skepticism the idea of achieving perfect market timing via planetary movements. Copyright © Technical Analysis Inc. act as a support or resistance level. 32:13 (42–44): Trading Using Planetary Movements by Khit Wong TRADING TECHNIQUES planets like FIGURE 4: INGRESS POINT AS SUPPORT & RESISTANCE. Faraday said. www. On the chart of the EURUSD in Figure 3 you see that where Mercury ingresses Gemini serves as an obvious bottom in the euro in May 2013. I prefer Mercury ingress Gemini to use moon ingresses to trade 2013-05-15 with a tight stop-loss of around 25 pips on volatile markets such as the yen. And on that note. ‘There is nothing in the Universe but mathematical points of force. because mathematical principles of the highest order are at the foundation of all things. you can see that the market usually stays near the ingress point and moves don’t exceed FIGURE 3: A BOTTOM IN THE EURO. euro.Traders. Gann Khit Wong has been trading the financial markets for more than 10 years. But once it exceeded more than 25 pips below the ingress. You may be surprised with what you find. Notice how the euro stayed close to the ingress level. you are likely to see a significant . He may be reached via http:// trineaspect. I would like to end with my favorite quote: Moon ingress Capricorn 2013-05-26 There is no chance in nature. I encourage forex pairs also have a subtle intereveryone to try what I’ve described on a chart and see if it action with these zodiac signs.’—W. ‡Netdania. For intraday trading. there was a significant drop. but when these levels are further tested and secured.D. and British pound markets. From the chart in Figure 4. He has had an interest in studying the relationship between astrology and the markets for more than seven years and uses methods to apply this relationship to his trading. 2013 served as an obvious bottom in the more than 25 pips. which gives you the opportunity to reap profits with little drawdown.

. but lower costs do not guarantee that your investment will be profitable. Inc. Interactive Brokers Interactive Brokers Commissions are: Financing Rates are: 64-89% 78% 1 1 lower than lower than • Charles Schwab • TDAmeritrade • ETrade • Charles Schwab • TDAmeritrade • ETrade For 100 to 1000 shares and 1 to 10 option contracts For a margin loan of $50. FINRA. 05-IB14-756CH747 . Services vary by firm.IS YOUR BROKER TAKING MORE THAN HIS FAIR SHARE? Keep more of what’s yours with our low cost platform for professional traders. Commissions and Margin Rates as of March 3.000. 2014.interactivebrokers. [1] For additional information on our commissions and margin rates and execution quality. see www. * Based on independent measurements.000 to $1. the Transaction Auditing Group. (TAG).000 Interactive Brokers Executions1 are: Stocks: 23¢ better than the industry per 100 shares Options: 20¢ better than the industry per contract Second Half 2013* Interactive Brokers LOWER YOUR COSTS TO MAXIMIZE YOUR RETURN stocks • options • futures • forex • bonds — on over 100 markets worldwide from one account Interactive Brokers is a member of NYSE. Supporting documentation for any claims and statistical information will be provided upon request. SIPC – Lower investment costs will increase your overall return on investors and institutions.

” — Voicemail left by Customer ” ® “I’ve been here on and off for 15 years. Smoking fast.4 WATCHLISTS | CHARTING | INSTANT REAL-TIME SCANS AND SORTS ALERTS | NOTES. San Francisco. TX BRAND NEW VERSION 12.” — Dave V..” — Martha S.5:00pm ET. the product gets better every year. Our goal at Worden is to turn “too much” information into manageable chunks..Worden. Bonnie A. Customize your own layout windows with automatically maintained watchlists. Everything about TC2000 is made for speed. TC2000 is designed for ease of use. So easy to read and adjust. • PO Box 1139 • Wilmington.” — Ms. simply awesome. Thanks. faster scans. consolidated news feeds and the industry’s most vibrant charts.. No one beats your candles. Monte C..2:00pm ET • 800-776-4940 • 919-408-0542 • www. North Carolina 28402 Mon-Fri 9:00am .Incredibly Pleasingly The FAST EASY Fast installation. fastest . well thought out. GA “I have been browsing through the video tutorials and want to say that I clearly see why your product has been voted best for so Today! Worden Brothers. CA “…you guys are the best. Sat 10:00am . Inc. It’s the only software that can scan any indicator in real-time with no programming required. Encino. Lawrenceville. “ BEST Voted BEST 21 years straight Best Stock Software Under $500 1993-2013 “Awesome gents. & CHAT | MARKET DATA | SECTORS Compatible with FREE 14-Day Trial Visit TC2000. I am a long time user and you have the best charts. CA “Your charts are a visual dream.” — Platinum subscriber. Galveston. It is amazing and I wish I’d discovered it sooner. NEWS.

— more than 17. explanations of charts. Advantage™.com/STOCKSandCOMMODITIES Online: www. Complete Digital Archive. The premier magazine for technical analysis. and entirety as PDFs for you to either download or read directly interviews with money people that will help you trade and in your browser. Shipping extra for foreign addresses. Optimized Follow us on Twitter @STOCKSandCOMM . 2. Search for a certain access and the ability to read a PDF)! symbol or company or build your own portfolio. is yours free✝ with your order for the Professional Traders’ Starter Kit. ALSO RECEIVE A FREE✝ BOOK WITH YOUR PTSK ORDER! Charting The Stock Market: The Wyckoff Method. money management. Download or copy & paste code presented in past issues of Stocks & Commodities — no need to type it 3. currencies. Recent complete issues available in their markets. indicators. new techniques. edited by Jack K. Articles added several times a Toll free: 1-800-832-4642 206-938-0570 • Fax: 206-938-1307 Email: Circ@Traders. The complete archives as PDFs out manually. You’ll get five years — 65 issues — including our annual Bonus Issues with our Readers’ Choice Awards. The optimized indicator values can be articles can be read in your browser or download to your used as starting points when trying to decide what values computer (or any device with Internet to input into your charting software.99. premium website content delivering real-world technical analysis to you! You’ll get five years of charts. The 7 . the Investors’ Magazine online. Working Money™.Take Control of Your Trading with the Professional Traders’ Starter Kit  ™ *Based on the 5-year subscription rate of $299. Traders. No more waiting for the mail to deliver your invest wisely. Hutson. near-term opportunities. stocks. ✝ Shipping and handling charges apply for foreign orders.TRADERS. You’ll get five years of market observations. Article Code. and commodities. Posted in real-time with an archive of thousands of articles. and market sectors. 4. Technical Analysis of Stocks & Commodities. magazine! You will still receive the printed magazine unless you opt for a digital-only subscription. 6. Join us on Facebook at www. the Traders’ Magazine™. price movement.facebook. S&C Digital Edition. The Foremost Collection For Traders This massive collection packages the best tools for trading and investing in any market! 1. and “how-to” advice for specific markets.000 pages — from Technical Analysis of Stocks & Commodities from 1982 through the present.