1. Briefly point put the key issues at Celeritas.

 From the outside, company`s CAGR had dropped quite significantly as compared to
other players in the market. Also, Celeritas was the last to implement cloud computing

technologies that added to negative outlook
More centralized/ authoritative decision making as Boyer mentioned “he is the only one

with whole picture”
Executive management team members did not trust each other, as they were from

different backgrounds they didn`t understand the diverse areas that they all worked upon.
Lack of coordination and communication within departments, division didn`t knew what
other divisions are working upon and never coordinated with each other until and unless

they were told to do so.
No clarity on long term goals and strategy, as SVPs mentioned they didn`t had the

direction in which they should work upon
Inconsistent decision making
Failure to articulate reason to change, VPs backlashed the idea of off-site team building
as they were not able to sense urge to change

2. Outline the points in organization development effort.

3. How was the team building effort, strength and weakness?

4. What could be your suggestion (as a consultant) to address the issue, (also looking for

alternatives you think)?

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