Introduction to


The study of the basic
structures of reality.
 Examples: Being and
Nothingness, Time and
Eternity, Freedom and
Determination, Thinghood
and Personhood, Space and
Time, Supreme Being…

Importance of
Questions of Metaphysics form
the base of many philosophical
questions. It is a “Pillar of
 Can’t ask questions about
morality before asking about
freedom to choose.

Approach to Metaphysics
Basic question is: What is Reality?
 Question leads to Many others.
 Metaphysicians believe they must
answer important questions about
reality because science has been
proven wrong. Use reason rather
than senses which can be

What is Reality?

Brown Lady of Raynham Hall, a
claimed ghost photograph by
Captain Hubert C. Provand. First
published in Country Life magazine,

The Tulip Staircase
By: Canadian Minister in 1966
National Maritime Museum England

????? Hmmm…..I took these on a
Ghost Tour…