PME  800  Self  Regulated  Learning:  Monitoring  of  Progress  

Original  Goal:  The  proximal  goal  I  have  set  for  this  inquiry  project  is  to  deepen  my  understanding  of  the  Forest  and  Nature  School  
curricular  approach.  I  then  wish  to  create  a  proposal  to  present  to  my  school  to  incorporate  FNS  into  our  kindergarten  curriculum  on  
a  trial  basis.  
Revised  Goal:  My  new  goal  is  focused  around  an  inquiry  question  I  have  developed.  I  want  to  know  how  can  Forest  and  Nature  
School  curricular  approach  can  support  and  promote  student  motivation,  community  involvement  and  culture  in  my  Kindergarten  
classroom  at  Nakoda  Elementary  School.  I  will  create  a  presentation,  highlighting  the  benefits  of  FNS  for  our  Kindergarten  students.  I  
will  be  creating  this  presentation  to  present  to  my  colleagues  (fellow  Kindergarten  teachers)  and  my  administration,  in  hopes  to  try  
this  approach  out  with  our  students  next  year.  
Flexible Use  of  
Seeking  Help
Self  Monitoring

Flexible  Use  of  Strategies  
I  have  been  using  different  strategies  to  advance  my  learning  and  work  through  my  project  
•   Used  daily/weekly  to  do  lists  
•   Created  presentation  outlines  
•   Used  graphic  organizers  to  organize  my  thoughts  and  information  
•   Research-­‐  Peer  reviewed  articles  -­‐  with  note  taking  
•   Spoke  with  members  of  my  community  to  gain  more  insight  about  Traditional  Indigenous  Education  
•   Spent  some  time  away  to  clear  my  head-­‐  study  breaks,  snack  breaks...etc.  
Seeking  Help  
•   Emailed  Michelle  to  seek  clarification,  guidance  and  advice  
•   Spent  time  developing  a  communication  plan  with  group  members  to  discuss  our  work  and  the  process  
•   Created  a  GoogleDoc  to  share  comments  and  ideas  
Self  Monitoring  
•   Updated  my  blog-­‐  reflecting  on  the  process  
•   Comparing  my  progress  against  my  goal  
•   Reviewing  To  Do  Lists-­‐  making  sure  I  am  on  track  
Identifying  area  of  focus  
I have had a really hard time setting a goal for this
Understanding  dimensions  and  properties  of  goal  setting   project. I found myself struggling to narrow my ideas to
Review  course  readings-­‐  note  take  
fit within the parameters of this assignment. I also
Febuary  5   Discussion  post  
struggled developing a goal that would be specific and
proximal for this course, and one that I would use SRL to
Set  Goal-­‐  Proximal/  Distal  
monitor my performance.
-   Emailed  Michelle  to  talk  to  her  about  the  difficulty  I  
was  having.    

Develop  a  resource  for  showcasing  my  Final  Project  

Feb  8-­‐  22  

-­‐Inquiry  Focus:  review  articles  to  help  in  SRL  process  
-­‐Develop  a  list  of  resources  to  meet  my  goal  
-­‐Review  and  examine  resources  

-   Sought  clarification  for  the  assignment  
-   Asked  for  advice  to  narrow  my  ideas  
Taking  through  my  ideas  really  helped  me  
-­‐I  created  a  website  for  another  one  of  PME  courses  
I  have  been  working  on  website  to  use  an  on  online  digital  
portfolio  to  document  my  learning  through  this  program  
-­‐Decided  this  would  be  a  great,  user  friendly  way  to  display  
my  learning  process,  monitor  my  engagement  in  the  SRL  
process  and  finally  display  the  final  product.  
-­‐  I decided to create a detailed Prezi to show case my

final project. Prezi is a presentation software that you
can present anytime and anywhere. Press allows you
to present a document remotely. Viewers are able to
comment and leave feedback which will be helpful to
me as I progress through the inquiry project
process. I think this will be the most appropriate
media to present my proposal  

-­‐I  found  the  research  aspect  of  this  inquiry  project  to  be  
fairly  easy.    
-­‐I  had  never  heard  of  the  FNS  curricular  framework  before  I  
was  introduced  to  it  in  another  class-­‐  but  was  surprised  to  
find  that  there  was  a  lot  of  information  available.  
-­‐Finding  more  information  and  resources  was  easy    
-­‐  I  then  had  to  narrow  down  the  information  I  had  to  figure  
out  what  was  useful  for  the  scope  of  this  activity.  

Feb  22-­‐
March  10  

Blog  Creation/Blogging  
-   Begin  Blogging  (once  a  week)  
-   Documenting  the  process  
Continue  Research  and  working  on  Final  Project  


Monitor  Inquiry  Progress-­‐  Small  Group  Discussion  



-­‐I  found  this  to  be  the  most  challenging  aspect  within  this  
inquiry  project.  I  have  never  really  spent  time  writing  about  
my  learning  in  this  way.    
-­‐I  fell  short  on  my  goal  to  blog  once  a  week.    
-­‐I  was  working  on  my  project  and  working  on  my  final  
product  but  kept  forgetting  to  update  my  blog  
-­‐Created  a  presentation  outline  
-­‐Developed  a  graphic  organizer  to  manage  ideas  and  
-­‐Updated  these  to  my  blog  
-­‐I  found  this  to  be  a  challenging  aspect  
-­‐My  group  started  talking  and  sharing  immediately  
-­‐I  tried  to  make  a  D2L  chat  group,  but  it  did  not  seem  to  work  
-­‐We  discussed  different  methods  of  communicating  outside  
of  the  D2L  discussion  postings  
-­‐Group  members  exchanged  emails  and  phone  numbers  
-­‐We  struggled  finding  a  good  time  to  all  connect  at  the  same  
time  due  to  times  and  locations  of  group  members  
-­‐I  was  sick  for  a  few  days  and  missed  out  on  a  group  
conversation  that  took  place  
-­‐I  decided  to  create  a  GoogleDoc  to  share  with  the  group-­‐  an  
easily  accessible  document  that  we  could  comment  in  and  
share  ideas.  It  can  be  accessed  at  any  time  and  from  any  


Share  Portfolio  
Reflect  on  Work  
Final  Presentation  (March  15)