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Singapore 129808
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Americas Zone
Diagomar Plus Laboratory
Zona Procesadora de Exportacion Albrook
Building No. 6, Ancon Panama,
Republic of Panama City
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Diagomar Plus Laboratory
Intertek OCA
Building T52-8, No. 1201 Gui Qiao Road,
Jinqiao Development Area,
Pudong New District, Shanghai
210206 PRC.
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Diagomar Plus Materials

Europ, Africa, India, Russia Zone
Diagomar Plus Laboratory
Leerlooierstraat 135
3194 AB Hoogvliet RT
The Netherlands
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New address sticker HOW TO SEND THE SAMPLES? To be affixed on the sample bottle To be kept for recording To be sent by Express Mail to speed up the process Analysis carried out in 2 working days 2 Diagomar Plus Materials .

HOW TOshould FILL THE LABEL?be filled with ENGLISH Label Vessel Name Owner Name Type of Equipment Date of Sample Type of Oil in service Navitech Number of Vessel IMO Number of Vessel 3 Diagomar Plus Materials Oil hours .

DRAIN OIL ANALYSIS LABELING METHOD • Drain oil analysis should be apply from Lubmarine first & send with correct label method Type & grade of oil in use SHOULD BE WRITTEN as “Drain Oil” Fill up the Sample point ID No. Please write down the Navitech Number Plus the cylinder indication “CA” For example: Navitech Number of vessel : 16747 (5 digit) The whole sampling point ID as below: “LM016747CA” indicate Cylinder #1 4 Diagomar Plus Materials The cylinder indication as below: LM016747CA : Drain Oil Cylinder #1 LM016747CB : Drain Oil Cylinder #2 LM016747CC : Drain Oil Cylinder #3 LM016747CD : Drain Oil Cylinder #4 LM016747CE : Drain Oil Cylinder #5 LM016747CF : Drain Oil Cylinder #6 ………. .

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