Basketball 6 weeks

Curriculum Aims:
(Specific the purpose of Physical
education and the which of the 4
aims this unit supports)

competence to
excel in a broad
range of physical

are physically
active for sustained
periods of time

 engage in
competitive sports
and activities

lead healthy, active

Year/Class: 7 mixed

Resources: (Specific to the challenges – reference to equipment, teaching and learning resources (e..g
task cards), and ICT equipment)

Basketball court, basketball hoops, bag of basketballs, set of cones, set of
bibs, iPads, information on basketball clubs, whiteboard, whiteboard pens


(first statement links aims to ‘End of Key stage Statement’; second statement links to specific elements that pupils should be taught
using the language of the end of key stage statement; final statement links to specific skills whole school curriculum aims and numeracy and maths / literacy
and language to be developed)

Through involvement in this basketball unit as an invasion game, students will work both individually and in a
team on challenges and games that will develop their physical and tactical skills. They will further develop the skills
embedded from KS1 & 2 and previous KS3 years becoming more confident and competent in the various skills
needed in basketball and invasion games.
1. Refine and expand pre-existing knowledge with new ideas and techniques
2. Use a range tactics and strategies to overcome opponents in direct competition through team and
individual games.
3. Analyze their performances compared to previous ones demonstrating improvement to achieve their
personal best.
4. Apply newly developed techniques and knowledge to improve performance in a game situation
Through the unit student will develop skills in the following ways: Students will analyze and develop their
technique in ball control, dribbling, passing, catching, lay ups and shooting. They will develop and apply their
knowledge of the rules and laws of basketball. Students will become more tactically aware and develop the ability to
respond to various situations.
Aims from Whole School Curriculum: Students will develop their numeracy skills by keeping count of the points
scored from shooting or passing in individual and team games. Their literacy will be targeted using correctly spelled
basketball terminology and they will have to follow instructions and communicate with others through speaking and
listening skills. Science (biology) will be the other main cross-curricular subject targeted in this unit of work, students
will be questioned on the muscles and bones as well as understanding the health and skill related fitness aspects
key to basketball

Health & Safety: (link to 3
categories of risk management must be
accompanied by a full risk assessment
People: Teachers and/or

Inclusion Strategies: (Link to National curriculum inclusion statement categories specific to unit)

Setting suitable learning challenges:
Core tasks will allow all students the opportunities to experience success in learning, as will further differentiated challenges that
can cater for the less able as well as gifted and talented students. Other roles including coaching and officiating will give a
chance for students to widen their knowledge of basketball.

teaching assistants have
relevant qualifications and
knowledge of class. Ensure
appropriate clothing and
footwear is worn.
Context: Build on prior
learning. Risk assessment on
environment completed. Visual
check on environment prior to
Organisation: Ensure
equipment has been arranged
and ready to use and basketball
hoops have either been lowered
or pulled out. Make sure that
the challenges planned are
appropriate for learners’ level.
Have resources available for
any adaptations.

Responding to pupils’ needs and overcoming potential barriers for individuals and groups of pupils:
Having an effective learning environment and a range of assessment strategies will enable all needs to be met. The aims and
objectives of the lesson will be made clear and targeted to the various levels so students know how to progress, also various
resources will be available to communicate to the different learning styles and overcome any barriers.

Outcome/Process: (Specific

Core tasks: Weeks 1-3

learning outcomes aligned to specific
aspects being taught in the unit aims
and objectives using the language of
the end of key stage statement)

(specific learning challenges that students will complete to achieve the learning outcome of that
phase of the unit)

Students will be working for
long periods of time (aims)
building on prior knowledge to
expand their techniques (1) and
analyze and improve their
performance to achieve their
personal best (3). Students will
also build on their terminology
linked with the game (L&L)

Example of activities we will use to meet our aims:
Ball Familiarization & Dribbling
Mirror Drills
Mirroring the teacher drills, these drills include; ball taps,
corkscrew, bouncing ball on each hand, crossover, bar arm,
changing levels, through the legs, figure of 8 dribbling and ball
Truck & Trailer
Students will pair up with one being the truck and the other the
trailer. The truck dribbles the ball avoiding anyone else and
staying in the zone whilst the trailer (with no ball) follows around
10 feet behind, which is a distance they must try to maintain.
Once the teacher blows the whistle the truck must stop landing
on both feet, pivot on a selected foot, pass 3 times with the trailer
who then becomes the truck and the truck becomes the trailer.
All learners will be inside the half court, each with their own ball.
Here they will dribble inside the area whilst trying to knock out
the ball of the other players. Players who are knocked out will
have to perform a dribbling task in order to go back in. If the
game is a knock-out game, the teacher will make the dribbling
areas smaller as people are knocked out and students who are
out will dribble with the ball whilst observing the rest of the game
to keep them familiar with the ball and learn to keep their head
Pair work drilling
Students will get into pairs and face each other on a selected line
around 10-15 meters apart. Students will practice 1 of the 3
passes e.g. bounce pass before going into a competitive 30
second race seeing which pair can make the most bounce passes

Compelling / irresistible
learning: (What environments,
teaching styles, interactive
opportunities, Out of hours learning,
extension / enrichment , themes will
be used to make this unit motivating
and exciting for the learners?)

Create resources prior to
lessons ready to use including
work sheets and internet links.
Add an element of competition
to most of the activities to
motivate learners.
Guided learning style so
students can be decisive in
their own learning.
Use of ICT to engage and
excite students.
Delayed video app installed on
the ipads ready for use and

in that time. Students will then move on to practicing and
competing with other passes
Round the clock
Students pass the ball in and out of the circle
whilst it moves around the clock. Teams can race
against each other to see whose ball gets round
the quickest or try and beat their own personal

Netball with basketball and end zones
Students play a game of netball with the basketball and end
zones to score, students will look to utilize all 3 types of passing
in this activity. Dribbling will then be added to the game as a
BEEF Shooting
Ipads will be set up facing various hoops and recording on a delayed
video timer app. Students will shoot the basketball using the BEEF
acronym (balance, eyes, elbow, flick), they will then go to the iPad to
view their performance and compare it to the acronym. Students will
work in groups on this activity with the non-shooter giving constructive
Shoot/Rebound Circuit
In a group at a basketball hoop, students will form 2 lines on each side,
one line is for feeders and the other for shooters. Shooters will run to
the middle (near free throw line), receive the ball from the feeder and
shoot the ball. They then rebound the ball and throw it to the next
person in the feeder line and join the back of it. After feeding the ball,
the student will go behind the shooting line.
Students get into groups and each group lines up at their own hoop,
with the front 2 having the ball. When the first person shoots the ball, if
they score they go to the back of the line, passing the ball to the next

person. If they miss, they must keep rebounding the ball until they get
it in, however once they miss their first shot, the next person waiting
can come in and shoot the ball. If the second person scores a bucket
before the first, then they have knocked them out.

Outcome/Process cont.

Core tasks: Weeks 4-6

(Specific learning outcomes showing
progression from weeks 1-3, linked to
the specific aspects being taught
outlined in the unit aims and objectives
using the language of the end of key
stage statement)

(specific learning challenges that students will complete to achieve the learning outcome of that
phase of the unit, should show progression from the previous phase)

Students will continue to
develop their skills (1) and apply
them in competitive game
situations (4) both individually
and in groups where they will
need to communicate effectively
(L&L). Here they will need to
use tactics and strategies to
outwit opponents (2).

Lay Ups
Progressive Lay Up Drills/Relays
Students will progressively build their lay up shot starting with a
standing one handed shot all the way up to a running lay up. After each
progression is practiced the groups will compete in a relay race with
each other for the first team to reach 10 points.
4 Corner Lay Up Drill
Students will be in the corners of the half or full court where they
dribble and pass the ball around leading to the 3 rd corner performing
the lay up and 4th corner rebounding the ball. Students will move round
to all of the corners developing their dribbling, passing, lay up and
rebounding skills.

There are 2 teams in their own zone, each of
the players in the teams is given a number.
The teams pass the ball amongst themselves.
When the teacher calls out a number(s), that
person will go to the other team’s area and
try and intercept or knock the ball out of play, team to intercept
or knock ball out first, wins.
The Gauntlet
Students pair up (can be done in 3s or 4s)
and a gauntlet is set up with 3 zones (can
use netball thirds. 3 pairs are going to be
defenders, 1 in each zone whilst the other
pairs queue at the bottom. Each attacking
pair must try and get through the gauntlet without being
intercepted or have the ball knocked out of play.
Game Play
3 on 3

Playing 3 on 3 style matches is good for each student to become

Compelling /
irresistible learning
Reward groups for their
teamwork so it motivates
them to help and
encourage each other.
High paced games and
activities to both challenge
and engage the learners.
Have both differentiated
and mixed ability teams for
the different competitive
games so the students can
play with and against
students of different ability

more influential on a game and have more ball time than in a 5
on 5. This can be easily differentiated with using a king of the
court style system where the better teams will play each other in
the top court and the less able teams having equal games in the
bottom court.
Counter the Defense
This game consists of 3 teams each attacking each other, a team
defends and attack from 1 team, then attacks the defense of
another and then rests before having to defend again. This
activity is great for teams to think about what defensive and
attacking strategy they want to apply each time they are