Amul, a pioneer in the dairy products created a
wave of revolution at the time of its inception in
It is India’s largest and most trusted dairy brand
and is world’s largest pouched milk brand. With its
wide range of quality product segments Amul is
today synonymous with ‘Taste of India’, with a
strong presence in 40 other countries across the

“Creating the missing Kool Element
for Amul Kool Milkshake”
Amul’s milk based drink Amul Kool which is
targeted towards the youth required a revamp as it
failed to build a strong connect with the
youngsters. It did not influence the youth as the
‘cool’ factor was completely missing.

The challenge was to get the youth associated with
the brand and create a visually appealing product
design which drives in fun, liveliness and the cool

The brand targeted the youth who are socially active, love
adventure and communicate in a cool lingo.

The cool quotient that reflects the life of the youth and the vibrancy, fun
and liveliness was missing in the existing design.

The brand imagery and graphic on the pack lacked the cool
quotient and could not build a strong connect with the ever
evolving youth.

The product descriptor ‘Shaake’ required a change which sounds cool
along with a trendy and aspirational visual architecture to match the
cool quotient

“ Decoding the Kool Quotient

Key Communication Visual
The objective of this project is to create a Key Communication Visual which will depict the brand personality i.e. the core of the brand and
communicate the revamp of AMUL KOOL milkshakes. The visual will be used across all retail elements

Elevator Branding