RandomBlack Girl


Michael Kooman


ryp '




I'msome-thingofa sore-thumb

['m dtart-ingta think thatI'm dif rent




lKnow nowcome

morein tempo circaJ:?5


Mycom-plex-ionstandsout andmy voicedoesaswell


andin-caseyouhaven'L no-ticed

ofev'ry newmu si.cal It's the A n- J:l13 Driving ran-dom black girl sing.iti ffib"-4"' Ev' ry showmusthave anen-sem-ble r .Ifs an o-blig-a-to-ry part fmblackashell.

with sut* And ev'-rycrowdneedsatleastone per.y time ev- verhave . And girl ls u - s u -a l-lv me >.rr> just fil-ling a qus-ta an .son itthingswould-n't be whodoes-nt ha- pen to bewhite.

And I'll squinchupmy eyes I con ductwithmyhands '11o .ni-fi-cant role* sing-in'thesoul.penmymouthunrbe.liev'ab-ly wide- .yes'mandyes'sirandnosa' rand-om blackgirl whenit comesto the plot I play no sig .

my orpur ple 'steadof the .end ofthe songwhenits timeto let go:- I'llgive'em adoseof Whycould-n't I becastfor apart inthe col- ran-dom black girl sing-in' the soul.

hesaid.r F E-p o nrlle_ or when it c.My a-gent gavonead-vice Thosewords -gEt.omesto myBroad-way sta But Iguessthingsal wayscouldbeworse not cursed . "Don't thinkyilu'll e * ver be cast F.

or don't knowmv .en ough tohavebeenboma. Di-rect .a pole- stuckinMissSai-gon 'steadof the ran-domblackgirl The des-ing-erscan't sing-in'thesoul.slan_ dan-cin'on.

andthemake-up thatwe art.ist-thinks all wear the S--- andMis stage man-ag-er thinks I cos-tu-merdon'tknowwhatta do-with mv sot toomuch sat# 7 andthe .

niiy-be I shd'uldau-di-tionfor A .in' the Sowhatdoesthissonschanee .mer-i-can they love the rand-om blackgirl sing.

ta re-fe-ren tial- ran-domblackgirl sing.causeba-by . don'tstopme know.damn that Sis .in' the.10 well not but you got-ta be think-in' tayourself Ddn'tyouhateitwhereongsare so self "God...

re phraseout of molto rit- (improvisedcadenza) lr# Causel'm a Sing-in' ==T=h= .- Imon a rclL- I'm iust a ran-dornblaclqgirlsing..in' the..11 molto rit. Ican make anen-ti .

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