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Alexandra Mejia
February 29, 2016
English 113B
Professor Lawson
Same Gender schools? Would you go?
If you had the choice, would you consider enrolling in a same gender school? In
America, it is very common to see many schools that value single sex education. What is single
sex education you ask? It is the education system, where schools are built for same gender.
Students who attend these schools are separated into different classes. Many say it is very
beneficial helping bring out a student’s natural talents and ability. Single sex education has
become more popular in the efforts of making a students learning experience the best it could be
for there future.

Usually coed schools have the same amount of students from each gender. Coed schools
focus on combining there learning as a whole valuing the equal way to learn in a school. It is
hard to track down same sex schools, to see if they differ from coed. During 1993, there was
research done by professors from American University. They produced three key events that they
saw consistently during the experiment for three years. They found out that in fact, boys were
treated differently then girls. The first event, was that boys were aloud to shout out answers,
while girls were constantly reminded to raise their hand until called on. Second, boys were
encouraged to engage more in class then the girls. Usually when girls participated, the teachers
responded with short answers. Lastly, during group work, boys where challenged to problem
solve on there own, while girls got tutoring from the actual teacher. The research was able to

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show that different genders were treated differently. After this experiment, it brought up
awareness of what students are dealing with in the class room. It brought up the awareness that
same gender schools could be a potential other option for students.

The most common places you’ll see same gender schools are private or religious ones.
Usually to get into these schools, you would have to pay large amounts of money. This separated
same gender schools from regular public schools. However, it Is said that as the years passed
more then 400 public schools are becoming same gender. This has become a trending way, due to
the belief that it helps students be more comfortable. Many researchers believe that coed schools
underline gender stereotypes due to there diversity in the classroom. On the other hand,
educators say coed schools try to stay away from these patterns. “For example, girls are free of 
the pressure to compete with boys in male­dominated subjects such as math and science. Boys, 
on the other hand, can more easily pursue traditionally “feminine” interests such as music and 
poetry”. (Stanberry 1) It enhances students to not be judged or afraid to pursue something out of
the ordinary. Single sex education promotes for students to want to go beyond their measures.
The role of Nature vs. Nurture plays a big part in a students learning experience. Nature is
your physical ability and the intelligence one has. Nurture is the way you grow up. This means
that the social class, culture and other background ideas have a big impact. This shapes out the
way students grow up and how they learn to react based on the schools they attend. They don’t
want any distractions to go along with there school. According to Leonard Sax, founder of the 
National Association for Single­Sex Public Education, “whenever girls and boys are together, 
their behavior inevitably reflects the larger society in which they live.” Influences like these 
make students learn profile and preference instead of having an open mind from the start. Based 

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on nature and nurture, you see that the variety in students make in impact when going to coed 
schools. While on the other hand, its saying that single sex schools help bring out ways of 
thinking so that gender isn’t a factor in their education.
       Since the No child left behind act was passed in 2002, it made it much easier to create 
innovated programs specifically for same gender schools. It followed the guidelines to let 
schools practice their ways prioritizing their students. “What we’re doing right now —
pretending that gender doesn’t matter — is not working,” Director Leonard Sax, MD, PhD, a
psychologist and family physician says. “We are losing ground.” Leonard is trying to say we do
see a difference in coed schools. In addition, saying that coed schools versus single sex schools
tend to focus on different aspects in the way they teach. It is not a hundred percent guaranteed
that same gender schools are better, but their practices specify in focusing on there student’s
strengths. Same sex schools want to show that they make a significant impact based on there
tactics of teaching.

Many people have good things to say about why single sex education is beneficial. It can
help build good skills and dominant roles. In addition, they say that it gives them a sense of relief
knowing that they are working with woman or men similar to them. It helps release distractions
from others and gives the opportunity for people to grow. Others say that same gender schools
are not a good idea, because it lacks the ability for kids to be social with each other. It takes away
that power to build communication skills. In addition, they wont have the chance to create good
bonds and skills. Many researchers have made studies to see if these different schools make an
actual impact. They do many different sampling to see the ideal reason why people chose these
different schools. People are starting to get in this trend, because studies have shown some

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evidence that it helps. Although it is not a hundred percent proven theory that single sex
education is better, it could be explained why it might be a good fit. This is a controversial issue
popular to the public. It affects America in a big way. The U.S school system is always
compared to other countries that tend to have all girl or boy schools. It also has a lot to do it
culture and education. It is singling out a specific gender for a cause. It is whether it should be
allowed, or is it singling out students for no reason. Much research has shown that both
predictions are true. It is up to people to decide what they think is best for the schooling
education system. They still have a choice to pick their own schools. They are just becoming
more public and popular.

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