By: Kassandra Lucero

What is B.A.N.D. ???


Why is this product important ??
There are many fitness products on the market for
example, the fitbit, the heart rate monitor, and the blood
pressure gauge. However, there is one thing missing, a
product for people with disabilities and health concerns!
With B.A.N.D. it will not only help people with life
obstacles face their difficulties, but with my product they will
enjoy taking care of their health as well.

How does it work?:)
Each B.A.N.D. will be exclusive for each person depending on their unique health need. Here are some examples our
B.A.N.D. products:
Alzheimer's B.A.N.D. : Photos and voices of the patients family members and friends will be uploaded on the B.A.N.D. so
the patient can remember people they might have forgotten. 1 in 9 people who are 65 and older develop Alzheimer’s so this
will help a lot of people.
Autism B.A.N.D. : People with Autism tend to prefer routines. If that routine is broken they can sometimes become
stressed. The B.A.N.D. will sense when a person's anxiety level has risen and a voice activation system will give them tips
and talk them through the situation which will help lower their stress and anxiety level. This will help 1 in 68 children.
Dyslexic B.A.N.D. : This B.A.N.D can scan any written and/or typed material. If something is is hard to read the person can
push a button on the B.A.N.D. and the voice activator will say the correct word. This B.A.N.D. will help the 1 in 10 people
that struggle with Dyslexia.
Asthma B.A.N.D. : 1 in 12 people suffer from asthma. When wearing the Asthma B.A.N.D., the patient will be alerted when
the outside air quality might cause them breathing difficulties. The B.A.N.D. will be important to wear during any state's
prime allergy season. Here in Texas the allergy season is February through April and July - August.

Rewards System...
To encourage patients to wear the B.A.N.D. We have developed a reward system.
As you wear the B.A.N.D. you earn points to redeem rewards. To start redeeming the
rewards you first have to go to the doctor to set the B.A.N.D. and the reward system up.
The rewards can only be redeemed at the doctor's office. This system will encourage
wearers to go to the doctor to get their checkups.
It’s as simple as no checkup = no reward.
Rewards will vary from person to person, for example an adult with Alzheimer's would
receive a tax right off, while a child with dyslexia can download a favorite song to their
B.A.N.D. There are many rewards to choose from and they can be chosen at the time of

What this product will look like
( Sensors shown below are located inside the B.A.N.D.)

Heart Rate
Monitor and

Word Scanner
and Photo

Air Quality

Changes Over Time
“Roads? Where we’re going we don’t need …… roads”-Dr.Emmett Brown

was invented

baby monitor
was made

rate monitor
was invented

fitbit was


How I thought of this...
When I was born I was diagnosed with an arachnoid cyst. Doctors told my
parents that it would get worse and affect my quality of life. Then I saw this movie
with this amazing quote in it, “I remember daddy told me, fairy tales come true, but
you gotta make it happen, it all depends on you”
This quote is from “The Princess and the Frog”. I was 5 at the time and
thinking I can make it happen. I can walk without a limp, or open a door with my
right hand. Then I thought ANYONE could achieve their goal. They just need to
believe and have someone to push them to do their dream.
Then I thought of the B.A.N.D. and how it would be able to help and motivate
people to reach their goals. All they need to do is believe.

My companies promise...
We promise you this: With the help of our B.A.N.D people with health
impairments and disabilities will be able to achieve their goals.
When I had my surgery the doctors said my quality of life would be
worse.Then I remembered anything is possible with a little bit of work. I challenged
myself and I am like any other kid. I want this to be the same for others whether
they are 5 or 55. I want for them to enjoy their lives and my product will help them
get there.
Kassandra Lucero

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