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Binds 1-2
File: 4L30-E
Date: 3/24/06

Binds 1-2
Research by Jeff Parlee, International Technical Consultant
An improperly installed or spun center support bushing could cause a bind on the 1-2 shift.
The bushing feeds oil to the 3rd clutch and overdrive lube. It has one large hole and 180
degrees away there are two small holes. The bushing must be installed with the large hole
facing the 6 oclock position or toward the valve body. If the bushing were to be installed with
the two small holes at the 6 oclock position, overdrive lube oil will cross leak and apply the 3rd
clutch. With the 3rd clutch applied the unit will still start in 1st gear, but bind on the 1-2 shift.
It is always a good idea to carefully inspect the exact location and positioning of any
bushing before removing it for replacement.

12 oclock
# 6 = overdrive lube
# 24 = 3rd clutch feed



6 oclock (Pan Side)

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