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Unichem Labs posted a bumper set of numbers for Q3FY16. Its net profit soared almost 10 times to Rs.

20 crore and this was on the back of super topli

Its net sales for the quarter was up 15% (YoY) at Rs.306 crore.
Revenue from domestic formulations rose 19% while that from international formulations business came in 23% down. Revenue from API formulatio
excluding captive consumption was actually down 25%. EBITDA for the quarter was up 4.25 times at Rs.34 crore.
The companys cumulative filings of ANDAs stood at 35 of which 20 have been approved. Cumulative filings of DMFs stands at 43. Its USA subsidiary showed a robust 39
growth for 9MFY16. It continues to retain the market leadership status for Losar group.
The good news its 9M numbers for current fiscal at Rs.72 crore has already surpassed that of entire FY16 at Rs.64 crore.

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