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February 15, 2016

You scholars have enjoyed their first language
classroom experience. I can tell because they are
so excited each week when I come to their
classroom! It is a real pleasure for me to see such
You child should be able to greet and introduce
themselves in Spanish. Hola, Me llamo_________.
Your Child should be able to say what he/she likes
in Spanish. Me gusta________________.
Your Child should be able to tell you the following
sounds in Spanish. A,E, I,O,U, J, ll, ñ, H
Your Child should be able to sing to you the days
of the week in Spanish. Lunes, martes, miércoles,
jueves, viernes, sábado y domingo.
Your child should be able to tell you what he/she
wants to be when they grow up. Yo quiero ser…
What’s coming up for the rest of the year?
Scholars will learn words for family members and
be able to describe their family. Students will learn
words associated with nature and the earth.
Students will learn names of farm animals, ocean
animals, and animals that live in the rain forest.
Students will continue to “travel” and learn about
all the Spanish speaking countries in our world.
Please feel free to contact me via email if you have
concerns or ideas! Please visit my website for more
details regarding the curriculum and examples of
student work. Many of the songs that we sing are
available on my website.

Bonjour à tous!
We had a fabulous few months before Christmas
and have had a great start to the year. Some of
the highlights of our first and second nine weeks
were learning basic phrases, playing games,
learning songs, performing short plays, and
learning about the school day (and school
lunches) in France.
This year we have been adding to our
conversational phrases, have explored the
French origins and Cajun culture of New Orleans,
read Cinderella in French, and learned new
vocabulary and used it to make our own ‘loto’
boards to play classroom bingo. We’ll soon be
exploring cultural maps of various Frenchspeaking countries and writing about them, and
learning Disney songs in French! After spring
break, we’ll pay a virtual visit to the Eiffel Tower,
perform a French fairy tale, and learn about
Please feel free to contact me if you have any
questions. You can also check out my website at
À bientôt,
Lorella Loftus

Hallo alle! Can you believe we are already more
than half way through the school year? I know I
find it hard to believe. We have been doing so
much and having so much fun with German that
the time is just flying by. So far we have learned
about holiday celebrations including a few we do
not celebrate in the USA.

The students seemed to really enjoy making crafts
for the German holiday of St. Martin’s day way
back in November. But since then we have been
busy with learning our German numbers,
practicing our math skills, and telling time. The
students are really getting a hang of their numbers
and are learning them in useful context!
Most recently we chose activities that we enjoy
and expressed them in pictures complete with
new German vocabulary words. Some of these are
hung around the schools for everyone to see and
enjoy. We have also been focusing on parts of the
body, singing Kopf, Schulter, Knie und Fuß (Head,
Shoulders, Knees and Toes), and playing some
very heated games of Simon sagt! (Simon says).
We are learning German and having fun. I would
like to wish you and our students a great Spring!
Mit freundlichen Grüßen,
Greg Rohde

Student work from Davis Elementary

大家好!dà jiā hǎo! Hello, everyone!
My name is Hanyu Wu, you can call me Ms. Wu or
Wu Laoshi, which means teacher in Chinese. I will
meet your kids 30 minutes once a week to explore
the charm of Chinese language and culture. At the
same time, we will have a lot of fun activities, such
paper-cutting, paper-folding, chopsticks games,
making mask of Beijing Opera.
In the last fall semester, we learned Chinese four
tones, which is a unique characteristic in Chinese
pronunciation. Starting from simple greetings such
as 你好(nǐ hǎo, Hello.)谢谢(xièxiè,Thank
you.), we learned numbers 1-100, days of week,
dates and family members. Besides the language,
we made mask of Beijing Opera, crafts like lantern,
twisted number snakes. Not only we learn the
language, but also we have fun time. In this spring
semester, let’s continue to explore and experience
Chinese together!
Xi’an, China

Salvete discipuli et parentes,
Hello students and parents,
I hope you and your children have had a
wonderful start to the year! I have certainly
enjoyed meeting and interacting with your 5th
graders. Their enthusiasm for Latin class is
inspiring and makes class even more exciting!
So far we have explored some exciting topics
including basic conversational Latin, colors,
parts of the body, and more recently even the
Greek alphabet! After the spring break,
students should look forward to delving into
more language, and especially more culture
and mythology. I hope students will be able to
not only enjoy learning about ancient culture
but also learn to make connections between
Ancient Rome and our modern world. Thank
you to those who practiced with your child or
even just took the time to ask how Latin class
went! Your support while learning another
language is incredibly helpful. I look forward
to another great half of the year!
Valeatis (Be well),
Magistra Casarez

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