Michael J.

Cleary VI
PO Box 96
Lincolndale, New York
Springfield College, Springfield, MA
Bachelor of Science in Movement and Sport Studies
License: Physical Education Pre K-8, 5-12

December 2015

Teaching Experience
Chicopee High School, Chicopee, MA.
Fall 2015
 Completed 7 weeks of student teaching experience working with high school students
 Created and implemented units of cooperative games, aquatics, fitness, and racquet sports
Soule Road School, Wilbraham, MA
Fall 2015
 Completed 7 weeks of student teaching experience working with 4th and 5th grade students
 Created and implemented units such as fitness, rock wall, and introductory games
 Taught a full health curriculum to students in both 4th and 5th grade
East Longmeadow High School, East Longmeadow, MA.
Fall 2014
 Worked with students in the 9th and 11th grade
 Created and implemented 18 lesson plans ranging from cooperative games and team building to traditional
team sports
 Implemented Sport Education unit plan for the 11th grade students
 Taught aquatic lessons to 9th grade students
Alfred M. Glickman, Springfield, MA.
 Created and prepared 12 student specific lessons for students with special needs
 Worked with students individually and in small groups
 Performed evaluations to help set both long term and short term goals for the
students throughout lessons

Fall 2014

Agawam High School, Agawam, MA.
 Taught 6 physical education lessons to students in 9th/10th grade
 Wrote lessons and plans and taught lessons in floor hockey and volleyball
 Provided assessments in psychomotor, cognitive and affective domain

Spring 2013

East Street School, Ludlow, MA.
Spring 2013
 Prepared and implemented lessons that included locomotor and manipulative skills
 Worked with students in both Kindergarten and the 1st grade

Birchland Park Middle School, East Longmeadow, MA.
Fall 2012
 Wrote and taught lessons in flag football and fitness for 7 grade students
 Developed rubrics to assess students in the psychomotor, cognitive, and affective domains
Teaching Experience Continued
Trinity Pre-School, Springfield, MA.
Spring 2012
 Evaluated one on one students locomotor, manipulative and non-manipulative skills
 Wrote and taught lessons on kicking, throwing, and catching to one student
Zanetti Montessori School, Springfield, MA.
 Helped the 4th and 5th grade class with literacy and mathematic skills
 Served as a mentor and positive figure to the students
 Increase college awareness throughout the class

Spring 2015

Athletics/Coaching Experience
Dematteo Football Academy, Somers High School, Somers, NY
Summer 2011-Present
Head Counselor
 Coordinated games, activities, and warm ups for children ages 6-13.
 Taught fundamental skills of football to large and small groups of players
Age 6-13
Block and Tackle Youth Football Camp, Lincolndale, NY
June 2010 - 2014
 Served as a counselor and game coordinator for Kindergarten-8 grade football camp
 Taught basic and fundamental understanding and technique of football to both large and
small groups
Division III Football, Springfield College, Springfield, MA.

Fall 2011- Fall 2012

Professional Development/ Co-curricular Involvement
 Member of the Massachusetts Association for Health, Physical Education,
Recreation & Dance


Scholars in Action Day, Springfield College, Springfield, MA.
Spring 2014/15
 Tested and assessed athletic performance and compared results to a pre-determined
hypothesis for a research study (2014)
 Examined similarities and differences of Sports Related Hazing between high school
and college athletics for an investigative study (2015)
Humanics in Action, Springfield College, Springfield, MA.
 Participated in campus wide day of service and learning throughout the
surrounding community

Fall 2012