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Class of 2004 Spring 2010 Correspondence

Class of 2004 Spring 2010 Correspondence

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Published by: AlumniRelations on Apr 19, 2010
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April, 2010 Dear Classmates, I know it has been awhile since my last letter ± and I hope this finds

you well. I recently took a trip to WC to play in an Alumni soccer game, and I am excited to write you with updates from our favorite place on the Eastern Shore! First, I have to say the campus looks amazing ± if it has been awhile since you last visited I would strongly encourage you to spend an afternoon at the college. As you may have read online, or in the magazine, some major renovations have happened over the six years following our graduation! The Hodson Hall Dining Complex, Roy Kirby, Jr. Stadium (³the Kib´), Athey Baseball Complex, and Gibson Center all received major facelifts and a few more residence halls sprung up. Although some of the buildings look a bit different, and the students appear to be getting younger (of course we¶re not getting any older!)±I am sure that memories from your undergraduate days will immediately resonate when you arrive on campus. If you¶re considering a trip this spring, note that all alumni are welcome to attend the annual reunion weekend. This year¶s reunion will be held May 14-16. Festivities will begin on Friday and continue on Saturday with an all campus picnic, a beer tasting during the Preakness, an all alumni dinner and performing arts show followed by an alumni band showcase where bands from each decade will perform. If you cannot make a trip to Chestertown this year, check to see if you can attend a Spring/Summer local alumni chapter event, such as this year¶s WC sponsored infield tailgate at the Wilmington (Winterthur) Point-to-Point race. Remember that it is never too late to re-connect with the college, and in the era of social networking it is very easy to do so! All alumni now have a class website, you can check out our class website: http://2004.washcoll.edu/ and submit a bio of your own. Of course, the longstanding tradition of submitting Class Notes is alive and well ± and you can submit your notes online by emailing them directly to: classnotes@washcoll.edu (note that because of space limitations WC cannot publish every photo, but you can improve your chances if your digital photos are high quality and at least 300 dpi at a canvas size of 3x5). Other exciting changes are around the corner with the selection of a new college President and development of the college¶s recent 5.4 acre waterfront property acquisition adjacent to the existing boathouse. In closing I want to encourage you to stay connected and contribute to the future success of the college in any way that you can. Whether you donate your time or²if you¶re able to do so² available funds. The college¶s advancement site states that: ³one of the factors that determine if a college can obtain government grants is not only how much money it raises, but how many donors contribute.´ Donations of any amount are graciously accepted and can be directed to the Washington Fund or more specifically to an area/program of the college that you wish to support.

Kind Regards, Allison LaMarca Class of 2004 Representative

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